ǝpıs dılɟ ǝɥʇ

In learning from sǝʞɐʇsıɯ, you progress to perfection.

Much as two thirds of the earth remains covered with water, so much God continues loving us when we don’t see him, so much so that God’s love for us remains deep, yet unseen.

Neither threaten, nor make demands, instead practice love. Love sʞoolɹǝʌo everything and conquers all.

Sweet dreams ɹǝʌo 7 seas & 6 continents.

You know right from ƃuoɹʍ.

It is not for us to tell the next person they made a ǝʞɐʇsıɯ, but for them to find out neither to tell them they are ƃuoɹʍ or to correct their sǝʞɐʇsıɯ for them.

Trust in God to do what is right.

The only time an incentive should be offered is when it has been earned.

If all goes right, it is better to be the second-best happiest person as it is better to place another person’s happiness first.

Do not be afraid to cry, it helps relieve the pain, because there wouldn’t be no flowers without a little rain.

Do not let sǝʞɐʇsıɯ you’ve  made  deter you. sɯǝlqoɹd are necessary, as, by analogy, plants need both sun and rain to grow, improve and become stronger.

May you ǝsıɐɹ every day with a bright and early blessing and may you rise along with then sun.

Be above those who resort to scheming and deceit for the purpose of acquisition.

Aspire to a princely personality, the stuff dreams are made of, history in writing, keenly absorbing centuries of knowledge and be the personification of all good.

Be diligent and organized within and without, improving day by day and constantly becoming more perfect, as source of healing energy.

Nothing should deter from the image of perfection wherein God created you.

Even if you’ve been ƃuoɹʍ all along in presumptions, you don’t have to heed others’ assumptions.

People change, but the basic story lines remain the same. Always.

Hope each and every day is blessed for you in each and every way.

I wish you power, prosperity and protection  now and always.

May the rest of your life be the best of your life.

And may God always be there for you, forever and a day.