Snow White has helpful dwarf aids;

3 little pigs are in jail as dairy maids.

Goldilocks is a les’rbein’ with peroxide;

Rumplestilskin smuggled-rugs&zzzdied.

Cinderella is beating up in play Bay

Watch Barbie, because Ken’s happy&LOL:gay;

he gave Tarzan blow_wave@hairdressing.job.

Now Heidi & Peter are posing as BeBob

involved in a happily eva afta Wonderland

syndicate & joined a rock rave band,

turfing the Smurfs 5pills carrot cake remix

in exchange 4 live s&mmm six.X

So Fairyland’s starts with f- &d’s 4duck.

Howr things withu,Prince Charming-any luck?