Religious-themed rhymes collection


Remember the ember of September, November & December



An ode to a virtual stranger


being a friend I haven’t met





Some nights could be eluded by sleep.


Instead insomnia and thoughts stay true,


The memory of what went wrong in the day we keep.


Tender as a crushed flower embraced by dew.




The fire


of what has been and gone


cooled to ember.


It’s been a while, I remember.


I can’t explain


why my heart is in pain.




Can you feel


what’s not real?


Dreamers can live a dream


no more than capture a sunbeam.




If only wishes were for real


to keep skies warm & bright.


Sleeping in illusion will feel


safe & protected throughout many a long, cold stormy night.




God has great things in store for you.


Just how I wish that all people in the world would be less cruel too.


Sometimes it’s the dark that overshadows everything we see.


May God guide you & bless you for all eternity.




Yet there are things in life


That would never cause regret.


God created you unique & divine.


So please don’t ever fret.




Even if we don’t live the life we want in this world,


Maybe one day everything will be  perfect in heaven.


Until such time may God’s angels guide you


And I hope sometimes God will be with you too.





Please don’t be bothered by miserable people and  weather that’s cold.


Let’s not reminisce on what could’ve been.


In case you haven’t been told,


God loves you. That’s what I mean.







Dreaming of the sky so blue


Is like drifting on a cloud.


Someday you will remember the blue heavens too


& say God’s name out loud.




Imagine walking hand in hand


In a faraway land.


Gazing upon embers of fire at night.


Let all your worries go out of sight.




Making a wish upon a star.


Having what you wish for near even though you may be far.





As much as numbers don’t end at nine,


So your blessings are uncountably fine.




God loves you.


That much is true.


God’s love inspires me


To write poetry.




Following a rainbow,


Reaching for a pot of gold.


A nightingale after sunset at morn,


Dreaming dreams to adorn.


Pursuing the trivial in this world


As destiny into full circle has curled.




The world harbours many a secret.


A warm nest away from the cruel world.


Whether you care for what you do a lot or just a bit,


You’re worth more to God than the most precious gold.




You’re the one that God will hold.


And so the tale unfurled.


As yet history before was told.


In the  image of God you mean the world.





Through God’s infinite power


Today, this very hour.


Oh, what would be a minute?


Not the same without faith in it.





Life is like a tasty tart that everyone else wants a bite of


Would you be willing to part with something under duress?




Even though people live close and far apart


Only the Holy Spirit has found a way right in to your heart.


To your heart God has the key,


Unlocked it & found faith eternally. 



Even if youu were ugly


God would still you as beautiful see.


God accepts you unconditionally.


God cares for you and me.




But, truely, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,


Thus is the cliché, but leave all to the Lord.


God has created the whole universe for you, ifyou please.


But just by your prayer you make God as happy as can be.




Your mind may be thinking in a fashion


& your emotions swinging like a random pendulum,

But God will grant you victory over your enemies,

Through time and space incontinuum. 





You know God loves you so.


And God will never ever let you go.


Even if we in hope indulge in flights of fantasy


I know God will guide us, in having to face up to reality.




Notwithstanding it is possible to wish upon a star


Even though that star may be far.


It is possible to yearn for the moon


Even at the height of noon.




It is possible to admire  a flower


That could blossom & wilt within an hour.


It is possible to cherish the air we breathe


That, though unseen, like God, is with us until this world we leave.




It is possible to communicate telepathically


When with our spirit we gaze & same horizons see.


As we pray to the unseen God above


So we can communicate thoughts to those we love.


Aspire higher


Aspire to be a true gentleman,

a knight in shining armor,

to be the best and win,

better at what you do that anyone before.


Remember, God is always there for you.

If only there were more people in this world like you,

what a beautiful place this world would be,

without u blue would be bl-e, so u’r special, u c.


Hindrances may sadden your heart, but God has a place in your heart.

Constantly pray to God for guidance and protection from arrival until you depart.


I honestly pray that the people you encounter will make your heart soar and not sore instead.

When people make you feel down, pray to God when the Bible you have read.

Say your prayers before you go to bed

and God will punish your enemies, to be said.


With prayer on earth do you manage all that bit

And gain the  victory over people who put you down

Whatever you need, please tell God in prayer, God will do it.

You will  be simply amazed, how God provides for you in need.