Good day,

Herewith follows 3 limericks:

1. There once was a US and Czechoslovakian
who were debating on who was the champion
and while deliberating were participating
in savouring their favourite brew
to show who
was not a miser
but rich in control of Budweiser.

2. There once was a mighty big fellow
who fell in a bowl of jello
and said I may be a hippo, but thanks to WIPO
I have some consolation
that this jello with some contemplation
has been endorsed by World Intellectual Property Organisation.

3. There once was an avid entrepeneurial business man
who devised a new way of opening a can
and devised a plan
of granting of patents for business methods&the rest to ban
for of transcriptions and presciptions he also knew quite a span.

Hercolena Oliver