Long time no e.

Here’s a couple more stuff I wrote in case ur fed up with the real world.



Might pop out of computer.

This is SO embarrasing, at my age.

Trying to chat guys up – honestly.

It wasn’t my idea – it was … (joke, actually, NOT FUNNY) a network issue.

I pressed send before I knew what was happening (lame excuse).

If you’re not really interested please let me know.

Please let me know if your Dad is

as I was contemplating sending you sexy bikini pics too.

Don’t worry about the profile pic tho

Those are computer generated.

The real one’s I’ll send 2moro.

(Just wanted to see how u react 2 me.)

Don’t want u fallin’ in luv 2 quickly, after all.

But, PSE.

Do Pass This ON to an Older Brother, PERHAPS?

YOURS sincerely