Good day indeed, is a fun site for getting on square inch of land.

“It is every American’s dream to own become a own a place that you’ll be able to call your very own. “
But one inch, now really, this is way up there with buying acres of land on the moon ( : “Buy land on the Moon, Mars and Venus… simply a wise investment” – hey, I’m going, anyone coming with?-), etc.

Herewith only totally relevant details of small-land owner.
Hyphenated, so you won’t think it’s me that’s small.

Name: Hercolena Oliver

State: As stated (your place or mine)

c-mail: All letters required to be less than one inch in size to qualify for prize.
Miss Mous is very excited about her new house, but asked me to locate missing e, then she’ll be as happy as mice can be.

That’s all.(Now I can have a ball and won’t feel the pinch as I’m relaxing on my 1 inch.)
P.S. Thanks for being nice to mice. Some cheese, if you please.