To someone special:


If the dreams that are meant to transpire for me

equals my karmic score, I’ve had it.

Do you know the feeling?

If ever you feel any sadness,
hope thinking of me brings some gladness.

What went wrong?

What that lacks in virtue, it more than adequately compensates for in enthusiasm.
It’s always the ones you least expect it of, tut tut, just kidding, k.

I don’t care what’s wrong with you, in God’s eyes you can’t do anything wrong and you are always right. You’re right for God.

Is there anything anyone said or did that you don’t feel happy any more?

You probably can’t believe you were such a fool, knowing what you know now.

Do you plan on EVER being in a FAITHFUL relationship and, if so, WHEN?

God really loves you. Maybe you’ve had some major disappointments and many failed relationships. But you are different to God. That’s why God loves you.

Home Blessing:
Christus Mansionem Benedicat

I would advocate the way of you stating a problem, asking a question, offering a reward and ending up with something interesting.

The scoreboard is evened.
The scales are balanced.

Repetition is the prerequisite master of knowledge.

All You need is God. God has a lot of patience with you.

Sometimes you may feel so blue
as some things may never be,
but remember somewhere you
always have some friend in me.

A true friend would have wanted to console you, instead I shall console you online.

Obviously you are more to me that just a friend,
but a relationship based on friendship lasts longer & is stronger.


Thanks for reading!