To google with love

I’ve searched my heart & found message just to say
Google, you’re sought after more with each new day.
Wherever I may go, whatever search you do,
My research will often be of you.
And as the hours logged on go passing by,
There’ll always be a google blogger and I.
There’s nothing quite as apt as searching flowers
To say you care in this worldwideweb of ours
Or better than the first click or miss
To show your true love just as it is.
Or the first surprise billed card
Accompanied by antiviral intrepid guard
As you move your cursor which will soon
Sweep the bowed website of one to festoon.
Would it be dotcom to make each day a happy one?
Would hotmail hence warm your heart like the sun?
By sharing in all the dear online searches you do
Would this day your most sought after wishes come true?
You are also so worthy of aj, gopher,yahoo or anazi as can be
But besmerched with research google means the world to me.