The foolhardy fool that looks like a lookalike’s interpretation of the 10 Commandments: as sum of 10 can be calculated by various means i.e. 5+5=10, 6+4=10. etc. thus various interpretations may be permissible
Hey, it’s ok to meet your Moses:
· When alluding to, “Worship no God but me, that does not refer to worshipping on mere technicality that ground cyberspace fanatics and frantics walk on.
· What on earth is imagery in virtual reality if no images are to be made?
· Someone better tell the producers of Idols to recall it so as not to bow down to idols, conversely this could also imply idols participants shouldn’t take a bow on stage (pr bow & arrow off stage for that matter).
· Although no-one’s to work on the seventh day, could someone tell that to networks and even eBay?
· It’s hard to detect any parental respect.
· It’s ok to murder, ‘cause people die anyway.
· It’s ok to commit adultery, ‘cause Solomon and others had more than one wife & concubines were the in thing at the time.
· It’s ok to steal, ‘cause sharing is caring.
· It’s ok to accuse falsely, ‘cause if you don’t someone else will anyway.
· It’s ok to desire another man’s attire, after all who can keep up with the Joneses quite like to Joneses?
· Shocking or not? Maybe so, but some bigots, idiots, fagots & forgetmenots as well as women opposed to pots do herald these observations & hallucinations.