Moving on and moving around for those go getters who like to get around

As you may or may not have noticed by now, google only displays one
page of information at a time, no you cannot tile it or even dial it,
sure, go back to google a couple times and then you can use your
windows skills to tile or use other methods for displaying info
simultaneously, but for the avid researcher this options’s not viable
as being obtainable directly from google, this may be an added feature
well worth considering to accommodate researchers and reocurring
searchers as well. As it is important to move around in documents, an
option of retaining previously utilised windows as a type of mini
history or favourites within google may be of some help for those
trying to keep records of searches conducted regarding certain topics
and should be optionally grouped within files. Of course there are
many different methods for moving around within searched sites, which
may include an intragoogle for also optionally searching for documents
on pc as well to save time and minimising of windows and opening of
documents where google could accomodate certain programs running
simultaneously much like the not-so-recently renamed multitaksing.
This would provide for greater efficiency in moving around in
different types of documents. For instance moving around is at first
glance pretty easy as google appears deceptively simply, but let’s say
in one case scenario you have finally completed the fun task of
putting your very own website online, so now you want to search for it
and search for it and seacrh for it, well the odds are searching for
it may take even longer than the original webdesign did, let’s just
work this out here for one minute, your topic serach shows up a
million options, or you want to send a simple greeting but you’re so
shy you don’t know to say hello, decide to call up your tried and
trusted old friend google and find Results 1 – 10 of about 115,000,000
for hallo. (0.30 seconds, amazing, isn’t it, but realistically if you
have 10 pages displayed at a time each with 10 options, and you need a
minute to read summary and possibly explore one or two viable options
at a modest conservate estimate, well then 115,000,000/100=1,150,000
minutes so it there’s 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day,
please correct me if I’m wrong here, that means there’s 1440 minutes
in a day and for a year times 365 assuming it’s not a leap year, now
I’m going to let you calculate this, how long will such a search
effectively take place in theory, but if you want to try it
practically, plaease feel free to come back to me in a couple months
or so, hey, I’ve got time, in fact I acquired most of my patience
browsing around search engines, yeah, strange, but true, considerably
more than the 0.30 seconds it takes your humble pc to do it, yeah but
it’s a machine you ask yourself, how can a machine be better than
me ,well ,search me, if not, search google. Yeah, moving around in a
single web page is pretty easy as is finding words in a document or
clicking view source code, copying it and impressing your site
visitors with your own modified search engine using tried and trusted
method of stealing souce code and editing it to suit your own purposes
by possibly incorporating tips above to improve but not disprove, heck
no, please, only constructive criticism and not destructive criticism,
after all, just think how many times google directed you to their best
customers and don’t worry about the other millions of hopefuls who
designed websites that will eventually fade into obscurity for want of
sufficient visitors, much like lesser known but no less notorious
celebrities. However, displaying page 911 in a 2008 optional search
could be just a tad more challenging, which is a euphmism for you
being downright flabbergasted, aghast, so you found the end of this
post at last, without even requiring a letter opener.