Leader feeder

From Howard G. Haas with Bob Tamarkin
The leader within:
Then there’s the emotional side, which includes trust, autonomy, initiative, industry, identity, intimacy, care and wisdom. These are the traits that give basic strengths such as hope , will, purpose, confidence and fidelity.

Money – The longer run belongs to Oscar Wilde, who is dead. The key macro and micro variables of our business are so dynamic that poker becomes more predictable than planning and reactivity more profitable the rumination.

Nothing endures but change.

Consultant Steingraber,
Leaders are the beacons. They chart the clear courses in the rough waters or through the foggy nights. They’re risk takers. They deal with the unknowns. They have to rely on instinct and not always analysis. Leaders have to articulate their institution’s values. Leaders understand the importance of innovation and not just imitation. They understand the difference between wealth creation and wealth dissipation. They know how to balance the short and the long term. Good leaders set stretch goals and they’re dedicated to continuous improvement.

Talent is the number one commodity in short supply – Wriston

Greenleaf’s servant as leader is based on a Herman Hesse book called Journey to the East in which a band of travelling men are accompanied by Leo, a servant. While Leo caters to their every whim, he also sustains them with his spirit and song. When Leo disappears the group falls into disarray and the journey ends. Clearly, they cannot continue without their servant. After years of wandering, Leo is found and taken into the religious order that sponsored the journey. Then reality strikes: Leo, who had been known as a servant, was in fact the titular head of the order, “its guiding spirit, a great and noble leader.” Thus the two roles of servant and leader, concludes Greenleaf can be fused into one. There’s another lesson in the Leo parable: that leaders go beyond themselves in showing others how to improve their circumstances.
Mary Kay,
A bumble bee has a body too big for its wings and should not be able to fly- but it does.

Star Wars, Ben Kenobi
Turn off your computer, turn off your machine and do it yourself, follow your feelings, trust your feeling.

It is not easy to recycle attitudes and philosophies. Some people actually learn to accept failure. ..Although it has been a very tough environment, I believe our managers would tell you that winning is a better option.

Arrogance is the illegitimate child of confidence and pride. Arrogance is the idea that not only can you never make a mistake but no one else can ever be right…Arrogant, dishonest executives can’t sustain long-term results.

There is no room for ego. It’s not what you think is best for the customer, it’s what the customer wants.