Exercises for alleviating flatulence

20 exercises to do when suffering from and to alleviate & relieve flatulence
1. Lie flat on the floor with stomach to floor and stretch to front, back and sides with limbs.
2. Lie on the side and stretch in all directions.
3. Roll over and do same on other side.
4. Lie on the back and life legs with thighs to stomach.
5. Lie on back and turn torso from one side to the other.
6. Lie on back leaving shoulders and feet down and life hips and thighs off ground.
7. Hold two hands together under breast bone and push upwards.
8. Put hands below back massaging back.
9. Lie with back flat on floor and knees bent to straighten back and then down.
10. Lie on sides stretching lower arm out as pillow – repeat for either side.
11. Massage stomach anti-clockwise to release negative energy.
12. Massage stomach clockwise to instill positive energy.
13. Sit crossed legged and reach up to the ceiling.
14. Sit up to release blocked energy then relax.
15. Roll up into fetal position.
16. Stand up and stretch to either site.
17. Stand up and stretch up to the ceiling.
18. Lie on stomach lifting head and feet backwards.
19. Sit with hands behind head and incline to either side.
20. Lie down, relax and breathe deeply, trying to pass winds upon exhaling.

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