alt newsgroups

Some interesting alt newsgroups of days yonder (1994 to be exact)
• Alt.1d One dimensional imaging and the thinking behind it
• Alt.2600 The magazine or the game system. You decide.
• Alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb The penultimate alt group
• Worshipping women you have to look up to
• Alt.ascii-art Pictures composed of ASCII characters
• alt.backrubs Lower…to the right..aaah!
• ` Good for what alles ya.
• It was a time of sorrow, it was a time of joy.
• Images from animated cartoons
• Alt.books.anne-rice The Vampire Thermostat
• Alt.brain Busboys Recovering After Intense Noogies
• Is that “us” as in “U.S.” , or do you just mean y’all?
• Alt.comics.superman No one know who it is also alt.clark.kent
• Alt.conspiracy Be paranoid – they’re out there to get you
• Alt.emulators. ibmpc.apple2 Making your paperweight behave like another
• Alt.society.anarchy Society without rulers
• Alt. whine Why me?