Conservation: Sources well worth consulting
• Engen & oil companies
• National plan for nature conservation P333.72OWEN
• A policy and strategy for environmental conservation in SA P333.72POLI
• A SA perspective on conservaton P333.720968504T
• State of the environment in SA 333.7STAT
• Umbilo river conservation area PAM/639.9
• Westville ph. 203 7050/Prov. Lib. 701 1234
Umbilo River cons. Area (wooded) BRN 700574
Get numbers & get names – organizations
Write from all books
• Bluff Headland Heritage Park B. Kearney Situational Analysis (Assisted by Makewicz & English)
• Biology and conservation of SA vanishing waters DON333.91DAVI
• Biotic diversity in SA DON 574.5 BIOT
• Calling all farmers DON631.45VING
Careers in enviro. Cons. 331.702CARE, 331.702CARR
Coastal conservation in Natal Pamphlet Box 15 BRN700448
Coastal ecosystem an. 551.46CLAR
Conservation & man. Of. Afr. Wildlife. DON719.36RINE
Cons. In Africa DON333.72CONS
Cons. In S. Africa (Articles) – BRN459827
Cons. In S. Africa P333.7CONS
Cons. In Cape (Newsp. Art. BRN459829
Cons. Of culture DON306.0968SOUT
Con. Of bldgs. In Dbn. P720.288CONS
58. Cons. Of. Nat. res. 333.72CONS,333.72DUP
60. Cons. Of our heritage 333.72CONS
62. Cons. Of SA rivers DON333.916CONS, 333.9116CONS
63. Cons. Of Table Mountain J333.784CONS
65. Cons. Of the sea J333.916COST
67. Cons. Of threatened nat. habitats DON333.72HALL
68. Cons. Of veg. in Afr. DON581.96ASSO
70. Cons. Of wild life & natural habitats in centr. & East Afr. DON719.36HUXL
71. Cons. Priorities in the dune area between R.Bay & Mfolozi P581.9683WEIS
72. The cons. Project FOLIOJ333.72THOM
74. Cons. Sourcebook 708.041CONS
75. Cons. Status 598.10968VAN
79. Cons. S a heritage DON720.96875CONF
80. Crocodiles 598.14GUGG
83. The cycald col. BRN10504199
86. Dir. Of cult. Cons. GP720.288COET
87. Dir. Of SA cons. Areas DON333.720968DIRE
89. The story of a cons. Farmer DON631.4968451SCOT
94. The ecology & cons. Of large Afr. Mammals DON599.096ELTR
95. Economics in urban conservation 711.4LICH
97. Energy efficiency & cons. 333.79ENER
98. Energy efficiency & cons. 621.042PATR
101. Environment & nat. cons. J331.702ENVI
102. Environment, res. & cons. 333.7OWEN
103. Environment cons. 333.72DASM
104. The environment revolution 333.72PHIL
105. Falconry: cary, captive breeding & con. 799.232PARR
106. The fauna & flora of SA & their cons. 639.90968HEYD
112. Grahamstown – a pliat (pilot) study DON720.968757GRAH
113. Grasse grains J633MUND
114. Greater St. Lucia P333.71MATH
116. Guidelines for cons. J333.72GUID
117. Guidelines for enviro. Cons. GP711.409684HASW
118. An hist. townscapes cons. Scheme DON711.409684HASW
119. The hist. & cons. Of Zanzibar stone town DON967.81HIG
120. The impact of enviro. Cons. 5340.05ACTA
121. improving local support for Afr. Cons. Areas P333.72INFI
122. Industr. Energy cons. 621.4REAY
123. International show -+- do cons. Project kit 333.72076INTE
124. An inventory & ass. Of cons. Value of Muuze Swamp G574.52STOR
125. Investigating pollution & cons. 363.73CORN
127. The land renewed. J631.45VAND
128. Landscape cons. 333.72HACK
129. Leopard cons. (Broch. BRN70054)
130. Let’s learn about soil cons. 631.4ELWE
134. Living butterflies of SA BRN503984
135. Living earth. BRN724710
136. Man. Of large mammals. DON639.93MANA
137. Man. Of SA’s coastal res. GP333.784MANA
138. Maputuland’s cond. & removals P333.7MAPU
139. Marine & Antarctic cons. In SA P333.91MARI
140. The meas. & assessment of occ. Noise BRN466202
142. Natal Parks Board cons. Areas DON 266.00968MISS
143. National plan for Nature cons. P333.72NATI
144. Natural resource cons. 333.72OWEN
147. Nature cons. A practical handbook 333.7BARO
149. Nature cons. Manual for schools BRN779941
150. Nature cons. Handbook G574.968HEY
151. Nature cons. In Cape P719.36NATU
152. Nature cons. In Prov. Of Cape of Good Hope P719.36NATU
153. Nature cons. In Transvaal. P719.36BIGA
154. Nature reserves. 333.95SHAF
155. A new philosophy for nature cons. P333.72HANK
156. Ngorongoro Cons. Area 591.96782STUA
158. Oil & gas resources 333.7OILA
159. On wildlife cons. 639.9THOM
160. One hundered years of rhino con. VC639.97ONEH
161. Our threatened heritage DON720.968PRET
163. Plant genetic res. 639.99FORD
164. A policy of strategy for env. Cons in SA P333.72POLI
165. Pollution & cons. 363.73 PENN
166. The position of natural con. In SA DON719.36VAND
168. The practice of soil conservation DON631.45TEMP
169. A primer of cons. Boil. 333.72PRIM
170. A primer on soil cons. 631.45PRIM
171. Proceedings of int. symposium DON333.72INTE
172. Projects in cons. J333.72WILL
173. Protecting our world J333.72BROO
174. The rainforest of West Africa 333.75MART
175. Rational cons. (Pamphlet box 15 BRN700463)
176. Rational cons. In agriculture (” ” 70046)
(SA Nature Foundation) – Macmillan – World Wildl. Fund
177. The relationship between agriculture & enviro. Cons.
178. Renewable energy resources 333.7RENE
179. Report on cons. Of the Kaaimans River Valley GRP38/1999SOUT
180. ! Rewarding con. G720.288DURB
181. Rhodes: Towards cons. Of unique SA town BRN186630
182. River Engineering 627.12RIVE
183. report Fothergrill bridging a conservation area BRN910037523
184. Saving the animals FOLIO639.9STON
186. Sir Peter Scott. J920SCOT
187. Softbills. 636.686VINC
188. Soil cons. JE371.335SAOR, J631.4DEKO
189. Soil cons. BRN10229613
190. Soil cons. J631.4SOIL
191. Soil cons. 631.450968SOIL
192. Soil erosion 631.45MORG
193. SA PaperCons. Group S025.7SOUT
194. A SA Perspective on Cons. P333.720968SOUT
195. St Lucia J333.71SAIN
196. State of the enviro. In SA 333.7STAT
197. The status & cons. Of birds of prey in Transvaal DON598.91TARB
201. Threatened species. P591.9687GELD, FOLIOJ 591.042GELD
202. To the resque 639.9VAND
203. Towards a new cons. Policy P333.72UEB
204. Towards a new cons. Policy for conservation GP333.72TOWA
205. Umbilo river cons. Area PAM/639.9
206. Vanishing birds 598.2HALL
207. Wakkerstroom DON 720.9682 WAKK
208. Water cons. BRN486109
211. What use is nature cons. (Pamphlet B15.BRN700462)
212. White paper on cons. G PPWP SOUT BRN 426728)
213. Wildfight. 333.95WILL
214. Wildlife cons. 590.744WOOD
215. Wildlife cons. 639.95 WILD
216. Wildlife today J333.78WILID
217. Wildlife cons. 333.72PYES
218. World energy demans 333.7WORL
219. The world’s enviro. & cons. BRN365235
220. Zoos are news J590.744BRAC
3. All in good cause
6. Com. Of Enquiry
7. Creative fundraising
18. Events & fund-raisers
19. The fundraisers guide
20. Fund raisers that work
21. Fund raising (Chris Windell)
22. Fund raising
23. Fund raising
24. Fund raising
25. Fund raising
26. The Fund raising Handbook
Green Inheritance (CITY HALL) 581.61 HUXL
Hist. dict. (NOT AVAIL. – PROCESSED)
34. Int. Monetary Fund (NEXT DOOR – CENTRAL REF.)
41. Macmillan – World Wildlife Fund (KWA MASHU SECTION)
42. Meeting of subscribers (Not avail. – in process)
43. Protect our planet (Glensahley/Umbilo/Austerville)
Report of committee
Report od Afr. Exploration Fund. (in process)
60. Report of Aud. Gen.
72. Report of Aud. Gen.
73. Report of Aud. Gen.
74. Report of Aud. Gen.
83. Report of Aud. Gen.
86. Report of Aud. Gen.
87. Report of Aud. Gen.
95. Report of Aud. Gen.
99. * Saving the animals (City Hall)
100. Sir Peter Scott: founder of WWF (Austerville)
109. The wildlife Parks of Africa
114. The vulture fund
117. World Wide Fund for Nature
118. World Wildlife Fund