Take advantage of me and tell me what to do. At the end of the day I will still outsmart you.

The ball’s in my court,but right now I’m not playing.

They’ll be sorry when they realise what they did to me. – They all will. – They always do.

The dying dailin’ dialing in dual meaning is not less than the confusion between soldier and shoulder.

Pray for your friends, by all means, but even  more so pray for your enemies.

At this time (that was at the time) I thank God for manyfold blessings bestowed and  anticipated . May all that is latent come to fruition. May all expectations be fulfilled. May good come of everything. May God’s hands be in evr’ything and over us from this day onwards forever and ever. May God’s angels watch over those on earth and those dearly departed. May God’s plan in our lives become evident. May our transgressions be forgiven as we forgive those who trespass against us. May we have peace and prosperity in abundance henceforth and forever more that dreams be realised and wished for become real. May God be with us regardless of how we fell or feel.With all due praise to the good Lord above. Hallelujah. Amen.

What a word processor is used for in amount of uses portray characteristics of word processor and innate human capabilities.

Generalities are not specifically or particularly focused on how to do.


Encumbering questions such as what button to press become every day thought with the advent of modern technology.

Succumb to definite  no-no’s, such as don’t give beggars any money as they may buy alcohol – buy them alcohol instead!

What’s the difference between  hardware & hardcore? About  3 inches, actually one’s indispensable & doesn’t require insertion & the other requires  insertion, but  is a definite no-no to some. But Really now one  is surreptitious & the other is indispensable, such as the  hardcore cd by fictitious & hardware in internet dispenser.


Action is to satisfaction what tense is versus intense, tension and intention, that is exceptionally optional.

No notation  notification certification is noted other than singular innovation unsurpass’d by latest technology –  the lighthouse!

Virtual reality is a many splendid thing.


My strength is that I don’t let little things & petty things get me under.


Observance be it objective or subjective in in appearance to the  extent that it’s been the focus of countless artists’ loving depiction, all varied & poet’s rendition of all variety


Hella! Insist on equal rights – ask 4 unrd calls/mrd calls – not missed calls!


These feet are made for stalking



A palace is either scarlet or indigo in garrison when misgoverned by a Grosvenor.


Murano, montrose, diamonds, cromarly, paloma, kuleto and juniper are indicative of greatness.


An oyster in a folkstone woodland is as secluded as a railbroad regency.


A valentino that is in poly petalpink can be milked like a grape debonair.


The nile is no less a source of blueberry ink than a hunter is at liberty to convert wood  into parchment.


A worn worm is more versatile than an embassy regime.


Topaz candlelight deviation enlighten barley deviancy.


The rare occurrence of cinnamon in a buttercup triumphs burgundy ovations.




Once upon a summer’s day, a little world came outa play.

Idiocynchracy of synchronosity adds allure to demure.


I don’t blame you for getting tired of chatting to me, hey I get tired of talking to myself too sometimes when the sum is times two.



This time the answer is no – is that write in writing?


Beat for me now mortal heart; ache for  me  now  when   we’re apart; dream of me now in the moonlit night; come to me when the sun shines bright.


You are mine& I am thine through the grace of God divine.


Earth and sea keep  harm from me. Wind and fire bring my desire.

Glimpses of smooth whiteness with irredescent ( incandescent) rainbow gleam (sunbeam). A perfect  spring day; dewdrops  shone brighter; flowers smelled sweeter; the sky called.

Candle lit, candle bright, wishing you a sprightly morning after a weary night.

I say your name in wind to blow to a star to greet you and shine on you where(ever) you are.


Towards light, restore peace, grant good fortune.

 Let your passion burn only for me, as bright as can be.

I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish this  night that seven brightest stars in the sky, will light the flame hope held high.)

By  nightfall stars & dusk,by sunrise clouds & dust, by full waning & waxing moon, by sunset after and afore the noon, destiny accompanies us. 

You must respect  me as I respect you; remain may friend so I won’t feel blue; you are true & loyal to me the way any good friend should be.

You are my perfect friend. Our  friendship will never end.

Candlelight – beacon to bring friendship and love to me and  another person to be friends with me.

What was broken will be unbroken; what  was wounded will be healed; what was secret will no longer be concealed. The truth will be  realised by fair token.

 Be blessed in the name of God almighty who commands all sacred & secular beings, angelic & sentient beings, humans, animals & creatures.

May God’s will be done. 123so may  it be. 321 this will be done. So mote it be. Praise to God eternally.

As order in our life we restore, everything will come right once more with abundant blessings on you & me a thousand   score & three.

Shower God’s blessings on me and my loved ones that they may love me in return.

Whenever you  love me you break my heart in two, I don’t know what to  do.

I am thinking of you. If you were sad or down I send you  loving thoughts for sunnier days & instead of chaos, serenity & peace.

Like you by the break of the day, kiss you in  the noontide bay, embrace you by  the twilight grey, love you and keep you by night I pray.


Jesus Christ, please help when someone is ill and needs health, when finances are bad and money is needed, when someone is  having marital problems or love problems. Restore or regain what’s been lost.

As you lay tucked in bed, pillows fluffed below your head, E,S,W,N as I tell, with you all is well in black, white, red & grey I love you be it as it may.

He who loves God so God will love and manifest Himself in his endeavour and undertaking.


This is a conglomerate of Impossibilities: a drunk therapist, a naughty nurse, pietous people, in ironical or iconical contrast


 The amazing haze follows an amazing maze to the benign end of blocked blue.


Blossoming dimension makes for capable dabbling.


The centre peace of a complex sky creates culture overture.


Curl whirl of cutting corners leads to a darker light.


Depth in the midst is diagonally perpendicular.


Down pit or top end o’ spiral indicates an endless beginning.


An equestrian pedestrian crossing is floralit for whom the ball rolls.


Frosted florals further than imagination are closer than you think.


Global repression can be gone, one or won in a wink.


Greener on the other side points to halving a ball.

The hem of hemisphere surely has implicit implications.


Infused blues are no other than insiduous reprisal.


In instance of mundane stance an insistent ladybird turd could decisively be leaving early.


Less is more or less same.


Limitless boundary is litting rock bottom.


Marooned is mere materialistic annihilation.


Mentioning blossoms is Morecansee and Morecando.


Mundane excitement has exited.


Natural architecture nevertheless never lessens.


Obtaining obtuse ripples on far whim the role bawls.


Oval will wills an overt couture.


Pastel shadow replaces peculiar privy.


Pointlessly Pointillistic is pondering circular concequences.


Rainandbowedrow reigns over reclining reconciliation.


Read carpet greet meant provides threshold for a red sky.


Sea shell see & tell.


Seemingly insignificant splendour spurns sewn mushroom sewed.


Siding with the other green signifies singlehandedly ambidextrous.


Snow lotus squared ascquire.


Stained mirth spread to star awe struck.


Strange teapot subdued hues.


Submerged landscape is subject to the fault of parallax.


Three freeflight has trapped rainbow.


Twisted straight entwines two faced chandelier.


Varying degrees of interest is difference between a violent violet and a volcanic disruption.


Waving hallow was the whirhapsodhylpool.


All is all encompassingly all in its entirety

Combing  main & many is of primary importance.

Inverse idioms could be. if the shoe wears, fit it, but does or dies it really?

What is insidehideous other than  insideous & hideous.

My philatrophic nature has not quite got the  better of me in this subtropical climate.

Why do these new pc’s not have  MENus – like the old ones?

You can sell your body, but that does not  make you a prostitute; you can live on the street, but that does not  make you a hobo.


The even odds of the odds being even  are  finally viable to dd evenly even when against all odds gettin even .


In illusions and delusions I’ve tried ADN on yah hot SUM no go oh how I’ve tried.

Sentenially silent is the science of silence.

Coalesced convalescence contemplated complacency.


Heeling Feeling of intence intention makes for a patient patent.


Intentional  international interests tension on the in intinerary.


The temporary contemporary is beligerent in intention.


Pieously piteous is timeous oblique reference.


A incredulous expression is less wistful than a wasted wishful smile as reposite.