Stuff to do in the HOLIDAYS that could be profitable ventures




   – Enquire re.machine


   – Chains/ropes/engraving


   – Place to keep goods safely – pay deposit & sign invoice book


   – Baby sitting service at paddling pool


   – Approach Tourism Durban for sponsorship


   – Rent cubicle, etc.


   – Look for suitable closed premises


   – Issue disk, if lost issue penalty


   – Put in sealable bags with red tape on and number on


   – Clip in front of person to check everything still there & if happy sign


   – Keep record of all disks – help trace parent/ask announce


   – Check every item received


   – Cell phone cards


   – Keep proper books


   – Sim card insurance


   – Engraving/ can use name tags at home – school stationery


   – Disks on nylon cord


   – Name and ages for clothes


   – Chains with name tags


   – Selling watches, buy


   – Clothing Finance – buy clothes – Sunday to Monday,