Everyone makes mistakes in life – allowing someone to make those mistakes is part of compromise.

Games and activities lead to experience.

Activities begin with readiness and develop as drilled.

Play games that are easy to play and challenge intellects that are tough to be challenged.

Interest in words develop word power.

Emminently and imminently are neither temporary nor permanently.

Word knowledge is built with understanding and not with vocabulary.

Activities assist in identification. Festivities attest to diversification.

Ideas are inasmuch primary motivation and analised active continuation.

Reinforce skills be recognizing development.

Collect sections and sect interrelation.

Presenting ideas fortuitously eventually control meanings.

Practical diagnosis corrects difficulties.

Revising understates the interstated, but oversees the interesting!

Lies go a long way – The truth further still.

I’m tryin’ some reverse psychology ‘ere! : thou shalt not chat with me.

Do u also feel you’ve had more heartbreak than you can possibly endure
that your heart is broken & you can’t find a cure.
Do you feel downtrodden when you’re already demure
Then you’ve been taken advantage of & underestimated that’s for sure.
What can you do now, but aspire for a love that is pure
focusing on bright’ning & heightening allure.

If I had to choose between a man and a computer I’d chz a comp. any day. y? A comp. dzn ask 4 sx A comp. dzn complain. A comp. get’s turned on;-)

They may condemn me as a sinner, but they don’t estrange me from God.They may make me out to be a fool, but I know within myself that I am better than others, for gold does not have to be excavated for its value to be proven.

Conserve energy – don’t work. Conserve stamina – don’t perform.

Refutable indisputable resolution: This week makes less weak than can be imagined.



Appropriate appreciation is familiarly similar.

Let light illuminate your begin-end path anew,
May God’s love inspire your every journey,
That Christ’s glory will open joyous doors for you
& The Holy Spirit accompany you to your destiny.
Wishing you peace, happiness and prosperity
not only for today & tomorrow, but all eternity.