Petition rendition


Petition- South Africa

in country advocating

equal rights – equal health

cr op shd b avail to all –

y shuld pr ppl hv to

w8 several hrs to be cn

to by a dr critically ill

hv to w8 for a bed in cases

where there are no beds

avail while more affluent

ppl pay hospitals

such as St Augustines R5000

B4 even bein cn 2 or

City Hosp R6000 admission fee

wt abt pr ppl in dire need

of health cr wn cnt afford to

If you agree with this and want to sign

put your name and e-mail below

Hercolena Oliver PO Box 3024 Durban 4000 South Africa Tel. +2731 332
1025 Cell +2783 662 2746 Fax 086 653 1297 Insist on drawing the line
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