My response in reference to:






My attitude towards latitude






Contradictory directed directions at 1 of 101 ways of indicating deceptive


gratitude for latitude:




There must be as many inventive ways of explaining or justifying your


decentralised location as there are possible location derivations and


probable variations.




For instance, establishing the course of your whereabouts can be


considerably complicated by you leaving your  phone at home. Or for the


socially inept, how about your buddies taking your phone out while you


lounge around at home, thus creating the impression of a busy social life.




The possibilities are enormous.




Can you think of any more fun ways of foiling the system or of explaining


your late-attitude?




P.S. With no mention of longitude your stalker will be guessing where you


are going by only latitude for as long as it would be to conduct one google


page-by-page search ad infinitum (much like e-mail where you have to go page


by page instead of to a specific page number or date).




P.P.S. Great Scott! Now there’s one explorer that ought to be kept track of!


Good work, guys.