Cell notes & mxit

Mxit gallery

Hooz dat

Swi bt neva mx ur drnks winsa no wen 2 quit mxit ja u ryt

Dis mst b a hit n d sack hey


Shm iv bn der tnk gudness iv ovacum al doze in fat u ate 1s

My dpst sympathy

It k

N I do mn dat frm d roc botm of my vag canal

Lol k den x

Im bord so shitls il read any hard luck n suck tale ryt nw



Il nye u

Hw gud r u atdustn cobwebs

E wk 4 massage

Jeez n I thot I hd a 1 trk mind

Ja b sarcastic

Sarcasm dzn suit u


Ru al tied up or jz wankn


Why I shockt

I put thad face cose u red I amze u

O no net hot u


Of cawz udu

Im still w8b 4 the ansa

U nt gna ansa mr so then I take it u are a sexwrkr

N hoe much u charge 4 a round?

Ur manners r as appaling as ur presumptiousness

Did u find a guy yet


I dig u and think ur superhot but u just wana paly games

Nw im perturbed

Wos thad

Dats my mxit mix up ca 2 da max

Love u

Dnt u want me enymore

Of cawz I duou

Kewl thanks. Wat u up2 2day?

Lib cya bb x

Where u off 2?

Nowhere. Story of my lf.

Dats gud x

Im psd t w out wl

She l b as nc 2 u as u mk he fl abt hrslf

N nly gud ppl lk u av d capacity 2c gdu un otrs

Tk km n holiday n lv hm bhind

Or do a trade in

Im tryn do 2 sm mar cncln

Hr best bet wd b ptn hm up 4 auction

Any bdy der?



How u my lv

In cs u 1drd no I dnt av a lf outsd mx k n u

Ws dat guy happy

cm bk proclaimn 2 fl brand new luks lk ders sum lf n d paintd ova ol flea bag yet she askd me f I av a bf n I sd no n she sd she hs several r u 1 of em stupid folks hey

N so livd 4eva afta daft n dafta devoid of xplicibly xplicit laughta

Im fln a bit uncomfortable by ur lack of reply 2 my mx cht n wd lk 2 enquire as 2wherther I may av inadvertently sd or dn anytn 2offend u apart frm referring 2 ur somewhat indiscriminatory selection of acquaintances

Wud ur xcuse 4nt replyin 2my lst msg st due consideration 2 d fact that u may b slpn b dat ur unsure as 2 whether anal retentive is hyphenalted or not b in referral 2ur more shallow yet ostentatiously or should I say ostensibly deeper uhm xcuz d pun contacts

Btw im thoroughly bored as u wdv not or not

Hi sry f I targt u wt msgs n my insomnia lol

Hw r u 2d

Wt b u gt n ur bonnet dat u nt replyin hey

Hi wnt 2w bt didn’t do any bkns rnt u int in me either

Do I trn u on n f so in wt fantasy case scenario or do u merely regard me as a cht buddy or a regal pain in d but

Snc u wr int in me may I ask whether u find chtn 2otrs more int or fkn otrs as more xciting cz f dats d case I wl cease frm leavn u any more offln msgs altogether

Personally I dnt lk chantel n heavn nly knws f uv cn hr priv snc u knw hr rl nm or hv bn chtn wt u n wl rathr cut u out of my lf altogether tho u may regret aftwds contemplatn wt u cdv hd wt me bt sm tns r ovr b4 they begun n f u wna stereotype me bcz of wr I am due 2circumstances thts ur loss in terms of an unmaterialised relationship wt me

Th fct tht u dnt reply wn I msg u gvs me sum indication tht u r negatively inclined 2wds me is tht correct

U cnt b happy wt a shallow persn n nd sm1 wt depth of character who s nt feeble n fickle bt has a strong personality n dsnt jst hv false airs n graces pt on bt wt substance

Ur a nc guy I hp u r enjoyn my offln msgs I snd 4u frm tm 2 tm n dat im nt stressing u out bbt dat t s an enjoyable diversion frm ur w schedule

Of course urn t obligated 2 reply bt I wd apr8 d occasional reply frm u

As 4 u coming 2 vis me at h ur welcome any tm u nly av2 gv me a call u av my number

Wateva ur preference cm rain ir shine u cn cht 2 me on or offline ts entirely up2u x

Hi me stl awake hvn a break frm deze ppl who behave lk animals nt 2 insult animals in doing so

Im lib contemplating tr shdnt b an inherent distinction btwn sinners n saints as tr is an equal capacity within 1 2 b th other

Nywayz hpu ava rl gud wknd uh n dnt so anytn I wnt do

May I ask y u dnt reply no alo or bye no panting or sigh or ill vu til I die no chocs or fry no msgs frm a sweet guy y y y


Im tryin sm reverse psychology ere so ps bear wt me thou shalt nt cht wt me n mx

Eres a thot f u dcid 2 av sx wt me n d sx s bad u cn alw say ts bad nt so bad nt worth a roll in d hay or downrite disappointn etc.

I knw wt u si lst ntjs kidn hp u ok misn ya chtz myways f u don b gud b gud at it

So r u gna cht me up or rnt u or vice versa

So do u digme n tnk im ahey

T surprises me dat ul kp a fuddy duddy lyk me n us con tact sh list wn u obviously found a worn out puss 2 fk f I knw u wr al dat hard up o may v fkd u dat tym instead of dat hot 22 yr ol bt u obviously nt dat desperate any mo 2 gt in d pants of 40 yr lo has bns sn u cn gt sm 1 els dats doggone ova da hill ag shameshudn u av a curfew or sumtn

BTW f u wna go out smwr wt me jz gime a ring bt nt a

Im 3 2nt n 2 1 nt x

Xur xcuz 4 nt msg dat u nt surf f anal retentive s hyphen8tit’

U av a habit of popping up pit pf d blue wt a msg in tms wn im down n I most need u x

Do u stl wnt 2 vis me sm tm ts mnth ts entirely up 2u

F chtn s nly a diversion 4u n urn t keen on meetn me fine f u keen on meetn me bt u dn wna gt involved in a rel fine f u wna get inv in a rel n wna liv hap ev aft fine wateve ur preference cm rain or shine il stl mt u online

Hi wt b u gt in ur bonnet dis tm

ru alw dz fwndly


nm u

nm eitha

so did ya ms me

av u got1 of em snazzy phs wer u cn go on n offln js lyk dat hey


rnt u a lucy mxer den

long tm no c

wl try sum ota tm k


ru tis inquisitve by nature or by profession f u im nt w at d mo


u tel mi


we cn mk a d8 m8

Thomas: mwah wish we could take a stroll along the beach

Thtz comfortn

Ceri n me nd 2 rlx ao i cn fl aslp

K so t wsnt lv at first sight bt ws t lv at first n mx site?

btw wt u so bzy wt dez days dat u don cht

wn u cm tr dat nt n din+ +alk 2me ws t cz u thot im deliber8tely snubn u or bcz im unapproachabl or cz im nt ur ketl o fish u c or b a

2reiter8 bt nt reirrit8 u c a or u be harie n i b harriet

I apr8 d fact dat u bzy bt conversely wud apr8 d occasional reply as well



If I ws nt ur preference initially u vis me may serve no purpose nw