Prospective patents and business ideas


Patents/business ideas




   – Identity disks for children

   – Make plastic/animated name tags for children with children’s

   particulars/key rings/engraving/necklace/armband

   – Printed name tags for moving furniture

   – Waterproof locket with name details on/chains with name tags

   – Cellphone cards







•         See internet Yellow Pages on ideas for websites, etc. i.e.





•         Small business development centres

Topics: Performance standards, business behaviour, products, specific  industry

information access, deficit reduction plans and private cost sharing


•         Association of small business development centres USA

Send message to list:


mail to: listserv@ferris.bitnet


•         US Patent & Trademark Off. Database


•         See internet Yellow Pages – contact companies re. export!


•         Kentucky Foreign Lang. Conf.:




Bus. Idea


•         Start car guard agency


•         Make & sell car guard jackets


•         Approach companies re. develop computer programs specifically to

aid/complement company training programme


•         Baby generic medicines to supermarkets and cosmetics

Medi-Baby for moody babies &

Baby-be-Clean for muddy babies


•         Kids: The Lunchbox Co.


•         Non-stationery stationary


•         Start vending chips, etc.


•         Patents/copyrights/trademarks/franchising,licensing


•         Market low cost housing & receive commission


•         Open phone shop


•         Car guard shops: CAR CARE CORPS


•         Blanket fleamarket – Winder Street/South Beach


•         Kids book (/activities/colouring/worksheet) club


•         Lotto outlets


•         Car boot & parking (R10 per day)


•         Driving school


•         Spark plugs- India


•         Cleaning – govt. depts. & schools


•         2nd hand & unwanted goods, cars, motorbikes


•         CAR BAZAAR – It’s all in the boot & all in the loot, to boot

(&anything & everything)


•         Blanket market – Try for another fleamarket – we’ve got it all

wrapped up – for you!


•         Start fleamarkets at all available trading sites – fleamarket –

branch out to all towns


•         Sell 2nd hand music instruments and speakers to Natal Music Centre

(see if organ still at Bay Terrace pawn shop)


•         ….ELECTRONICS



To gain access to property

please call__________________

During hrs.

Mo.-Sa. 8-5


•         Don Africana – see Export Fin. Handbook! & rest of Key People


•         ref Nedcor Community Development Fund – Fundraising for the new

millennium – Jill Ritchie


•         Legal structure for charity


a)      Charitable trust


b)      Unincorp.


c)       Unincorp. Comp.


d)      Collections tins


e)      Write out and put up notices at Tafta & old age homes


f)       Start internet services: provide funding to charitable

organisations, etc. & obtain commission or charge for access to web page –

supply names & contacts persons of organizations involved in funding under

different heading, i.e. education, etc. – enter listing – for every listing

entered – must pay


•         Pay internet cafes to compile various websites


•         Also listing of centres for drug rehabilitation on the internet


•         See library internet yellow pages for ideas


•         Fundraiser – reg. as NGO, Dir. Of Non-Profit org.


a)      Charity: Relief of poor/handicapped/aged


b)      Advancement of education


c)       Advancement of religion


d)      Other purposes beneficial to the community


•         Register with Charity Com. (High Court) – see dr. & procedure

(enq.- Rec. of Rev. – reg.)


•         Follow up –– business application


•         Follow up –– fleamarket application


•         Promote writing paper for sale at the post office


•         DTI – look- all ideas – what most feasible – do research i.e.

plastic manufacturer – bottle teats, disposable contact lenses, etc.


•         Manufacture periscopes, medical & optometric equipment

periscopes to navn (R45 million: 3)

Eloptro- training and development – target countries – obtain military aid

to offer low-cost solutions


•         Start Marketing System – market other product


•         Nelru /Natal Early Learning Resource Unit, Centenary

Foundation, establish school, Price Water House Coopers,

Education Minister,

Local Boarding & Pre-schools


•         Consult books – Anne McKinstry Micou & Key People in SA


•         Approach big mnfr. Co’s on funding – DTI – act as consultant


•         Start tracking service for arrears maintenance payers


•         Sell contact lenses to chain stores as designer eyes


•         Sell school clothes to Woolworths, Edgars, etc.


•         SATOUR – reg. tour guides

P/Bag X164 Pretoria 0001

(012) 3470600


•         Market kids’ counting charts/alphabet charts, etc. – see library

books for ideas


•         Organise events/competition – get sponsors i.e. Mini Miss Beach


•         Give names to sub-organisations for each of objectives


•         KDG – vehicles for export only


•         Export oil, petroleum, neg. BP, Shell, Petroleum


•         Devise loans to accommodate pensioners and below R1000


•         Multi Media


•         Start fast foods/fresh produce, etc. outlet where can buy on



•         Sell all schoolwear & sport brands to Edgars, Game & other chain



•         Invent computer programme – link companies automatically to

security companies and armed response


•         Business gifts


•         See Alice Street tender notice board


•         Establish own business


•         Buy & sell environmental products to organization


•         Approach at least one big co. re. DTI grant


•         Co. similar to Clientel – pose idea of IFA to other insurance



•         Write to DTI & criticize for programs sponsored – not products for

export, but export support & allied services – should shift focus to export



•         See Customs & Health re. produce dunped in the ocean


•         See Health re. start agensy – implement new smoking laws- get

comm.. on spot fines – must pay fines at post office- take article to say

police can’t enforce


•         Letter to Department Trade & Industry


•         Go to companies like Old Mutual – buy & sell old computers –

re-sell to African countries


•         Buy at fleamarkets and resell


•         Buy old phones and resell


•         List books –fleamarket


•         Sell rare books to Don Africana


•         Consultant – place jobmail ads


•         Approach big companies re. export


•         Get brochures and pamphlets


•         Edit Junkmail ads


•         Look up im-/export co. in Yel. Pgs.


•         Import computers/TVs & sell to furniture shops/banks/large

companies (with h/of.)


•         Enquire – Dept. Trade & Industry


•         Write books/worksheets, etc. in accordance with new syllabus (see

booksellers) – cnr. West


•         Name tags designed, ordered & delivered to schools!


•         Which suppliers for pool shop


•         Sell goods


•         Carguard –shopping centre


•         Have car guard jackets made and cards printed – hire out


•         Upgrade, update, personalize & custom make CV


•         Run adv. Svs. Of job interviews


•         Read library books and run advertising services on different



•         Kiddies book club


•         Buy toys –– sell & distribute


•         Look newspaper- ideas – business


•         Clean, domestic business


•         Provide svs to body corp/s


•         Clean. Serv. Etc.


•         Open e-mail adr. On each of website, i.e. yahoo,mweb,etc. – run

entire site/open


•         Internet


•         Chainletter


•         Spark plugs – India import


•         Metlife – liquor


•         Name tags


•         Start National Lottery outlet/sweet from arcade


•         Enq. Re. pre-schools – suitable prop.


•         Sell chips, etc. to schools!


•         Start school tuck shops at all schools


•         Start school puppet shows, lesson, extra-curricular, etc.


•         Go Winder St. – start crèche/fleamarket/s


•         Re-start est. ag., carpet clean, delicious del., get no.


•         Industrial cleaning for gvt. Depts..


•         Property building sites – enq. Housing board, Absa, Martin West,



•         Ideal – business


•         Aliwal Street


•         Receiver of Revenue


•         Metlife


•         Approach B&B/escort agencies – liq. Lic.


•         R200 – name off ITC – court/enq. Wit ITC – how get name off –

start service – charge only R100


•         Cr. Cards – First National


•         Schools – puppet shows


•         Schools – lessons


•         Home industry


•         Schools – special events i.e. pizza day, arrange for delivery and

make commission


•         Place ad – Junkmail – start own business – see paper – ideas


•         Read books on income tax and start business – give advice on

income tax


•         Send off letters/CV – job application


•         Teljoy


•         Gemini Huts


•         Import co.


•         Patents/liquour licence – ad – Junkmail


•         Print business cards


•         Company stamp = Workshop – for invoice book


•         Get more forms


•         Name tags


•         Winder Street – go back – fleamarket


•         Reply – fleamarket


•         Go to import/export co. close to Winder Street


•         Buy T-shirts, jackets, tickets (car guard, NPO)


•         Place car guards at S/B shopping cente


•         Req. CK, print business cards – 320


•         Buy & sell computers


•         Market proceeds to Clicks/Shoprite/Checkers/Game stores – see

sales position


•         (Telkom) Old Fort Road


•         Install chatter boxes


•         Karate/swimming lessons


•         Kiddy Kids Book Club


•         Approach banks re. fin. Rent/purchase/rent-to-own & plan