Present yourself


Here follows an example of presentation to local govt.


Ideas to present to Winder Street


1.       Proposal


2.       E-mail: Fund


3.       Respect & Protect: human rights


4.       Winder Street – get reg. no. & tax clearance certificate


5.       Proposal to embassies (non-profit)


Development Facilitation Department


Small Business Manager


Re. Project Ideas


Share thoughts on matter of creative project ideas with office.


Herewith follows ideas for possible major long term development projects

which are likely to support the growth of Durban’s economy.


Respond, interest in growth and development of our city.


Trust that will give consideration to proposal as, should be able to

implement these to benefit of Durban economy, it would be the very least I

could do as a loyal long-standing resident in Durban Metropolitan area.


All objectives are backed by a pledge to provide service of consistently

high quality. Trust will be so impressed to find ………..that echoes your

passion for quality, efficiency and professionalism that you will invest in

these ideals.


You can rely on the same standard of service excellence with the added

backing of a unique approach and expertise.


Thus I would sincerely appreciate your cooperation in this regard and value

a response, at your ealiest convenience.