Internet ideas




   – Start own mail outreach program

   – Start discussion group – conversation about conservation

   – Start schools web page – SA schools and info.

   – Start enviro & NPO – discussion group – yahoo, etc.

   – Send letter  to groups on all websites re. enviro, NPO, etc.

   – Start ListServ Wildlife discussion group

   – Start conservation discussion group

   – Start Joke Disc.

   – Start computer program linked to National Lotto scratchcards, etc.

   – Search enviro

   – Start festive season discussion group

   – Discuss to wish merry_________etc.

   – Webpage webdesign similar to with telkom phone 


   – Start discussion group re. spiders at webmail etc. etc. at ____________

   – Webpage – fast food delivery service

   – Discussion group – gardening, knitting & sewing – recipe exchange, etc.