How to round off sales


Rounding off salesmanship  


Rounding off

People are mimics

Regarding communication we must finally point out that man is an incorrigible mimic. People are inclined to imitate your enthusiasm, your earnestness and friendliness when they get in touch with you. By adopting certain attitudes yourself, the representative can therefore engender the same attitudes in the prospect. The prospect then unconsciously reacts positively and the matter is clinched favour


Each representative must realize one fact, namely that the prospect start summing you up and that you start making a certain impression on him the moment you
Phone him for an appointment
Visit him to make an appointment
Step into his office
Shake hands with him
He sums you up as you are summing him up.

Requirements for success

Practical hints for the representative during the interview

The representative’s actions must be correct in every respect.
He must be a complete diplomat.
He must be honest, sincere and genuine.
He must be control without being cocky or arrogant.
He must be humble without being toady.
Personal appearance is important and clothing should be as unobtrusive as possible.
Actions must be organized to gain sufficient faith to handle matters in orderly fashion.
Be business like, but friendly and a good listener without fawning.
Speak calmly and let the prospect complete what he wants to say before commencing talking, in other words, do not interrupt.

Stages in the interview

Determine the prospect’s circumstances and needs
Determine provisions already made
Expose, as yet, unfulfilled needs
Present a solution
Obtain a proposal
Round off the interview