Fun stuff for you to do


Fun stuff to do on the net
Get Organised @ home @home, 10001 (well, almost)Things to Do, 1001(getting there) Ideas for Home Entrepeneurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
List of things I’ve envisaged doing over a prolonged period of time, but that never materialized,
But that you may consider giving a go.
Howzit, how d’ya say P.T.O. on facebook?
Thought though for today:
Beautiful is the flower, but stale is the smell.
Appealing is the fruit, but bitter is the taste.
Every day rewrite from Things to Do to Diray/ Compile diary/itinerary
Get catalogue
Photostat & distribute pamphlets
Must think of ways to generate additional income
Enq. – open postal agent –Arrange rep. p/of svs to major shops/ h.of of paying acs.
Design promotional calendars
Put up pictures after put hooks & rope on
Overseas work – UK
Send chain letter
Write stories/books/handguides/bus. Ideas, etc.
Start magazine
Gym instructor/start gym
Adv. on the internet
Write books/poetry
Knit clowns
Antiques and upholstery
Write names on (school) items
Rep. & acc.
Get comp. catalogue & adapt & sell simplified version
Open rest./pub
Contract workers/find out re. work for elections/ICC
Metro housing
Market p/of. Payment services to co. h/of.
Enq. Re. renting repo. Flat – % of purchase price
Place ad. – Natal Newsp. – liq. Lic. – repo. Prop. Compr. Listing
Alice St. tender
Buy/mnfr. Colour c/lenses
Take photos
Start Club
Provide service such as legal svs./ unit trusts – affiliation with large co.’s
Refer: legal, etc. svs.
Fishing lic. Via internet
Buy & sell cell ph. Accessories, shop/
Wooden picture postcard frames
Apply for teach. Pos.
Start adult training/crèche/pvt. School
Enq. Re. Tekwini bus. Cntr. – dev. Bus. Cntr.
Ithala lic. @ Alice St. – enq. Re. govt. tender
Get computers – pawnshops
Start Junkmail/Jobmail/Property Ads/service provider adin. i/net agency such as Homenet – adv. For est. ag. & pay percentage of such price on prop.
Start est. ag. Bus. – employ est. ag. – also do so for reps. Of other products
Lease and sell VIP I/Net
Stand Blg. Cr. Svs. – pick up apls.
Sales agreements
Organize agreement to rent our flats
Organize arms lic. From CR Swart to arms shops (via Internet)
Sportsfield to bus. & res.
enq. Re. casual staff
look job – offer loans
Apply broker
Freight agents – get advice re. export
Manpower – enq. Re. present course – offer more courses
R85 – genuine safety leather boots– buy & sell
Approach h/of.s re. p./of. – service offered – pay accs.
R500 – design website – +/- R100 per month
Start similar scheme to Clientel
Makro kids spunges – make with pic
sell container space on vessel – export to USA/Australia (1 dollar = R7)
Import from Belgia (5 franks = R1)
Check exchange rate of countries to import/export to
Start empl. Agency, rent-a-maid
Place ad. – service provider
Patent board
Start clean. Svs. Co/shop
Koop ander kar – veiling
Make language-specific word processing programme with spell check not only based on American Language, but on specified or unspecified languages
Car guards – SOB, 2 ID photos, ID
Courses – manpower – unemployed
Contract companies to manpower and collect agency fees
Bricklaying, carpenting, plumbing, oper., plastering
Go to manpower – start training courses in English
Sell jackets to. shop
Ice cream to sell
Sell unwanted goods and clothes
Start p/of. Delivery service
Start service to attorneys – deliver summonses/legal letters
Apply vacant posts – Dbn. Electr. Etc.
Apply for housing loans with banks
Open business similar to
Durban electricity – vacant posts & query
Buy newspapers – look jobs
Jobs – recent
Manpower course
Gold buyers
Buy & make popcorn to sell
See pawnshops for bargains
Sell hi-fis & TVs
Look – old coins
short term insurance & – household insurance
Sell chips, etc. to schools
Open tuckshops – schools, factories, tech.
Deliver sandwiches, rolls, etc.
Enq. Re. rent shop
Look – suitable premises – postal agent
Re. copy CV- (personnel)
old books to bookseller
f/up tenders
buy & sell ice cream
enquire re. water purifier – resell to health shops
sell –farm. Market
Auction –Fleamarket – weekends – 11+2
re. bookdealers
tile out new flats & built-in cupboards, etc.
Car guard
Market loans every day
Meg Ram
GIC Hard drive
What windows
Hi-fi (newer type)
Liq. Board
Papers to Housing
Big comps. From shop
Post office – place “free copies” – pamphlets – fundraising organisation
Reg. – Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Stanger St.
Follow up – fleamarket application
Buy & sell – hi-fis, TVs, etc.
Ask re. prices pd. For computer components
Adv. – BOX-IT, boxing & sealing & labeling service for movers – so if you’re on the move, we’ll box them for you!
Enq. – work –– phone
Apply vacancy –Contracting, Add.
– trade & industry – promote – export
3.7 -> 3.9 Employment Equity Act Dept. Labour – refer
Buy & sell cell phones
Old age homes & pawn shops – notices – medals, stamps & coins
Go to old age homes and pawn shops – buy & sell
Buy ice cream & coldrink & re-sell
Open 24 (23+) tearoom tearoom
Replace/edit Junkmail ads
See– cash aid for poor
Rep. car repairs
Offer typing svs. To UNISA students
Back to Revenue –re. assistance – queries
Enq.. Cash Relief for Poor – see Don Afr!
Find out when next property auction.
Sell outlet
Pawn – laybye comp., cell ph.
Buy old lounge siutes– re-upholster and re-sell
Take CV & ID copy – apply agent – personal loans
Buy from pawnshops & resell cameras, etc.
Phone Junkmail –– computer, software, woven carpet
Enq. – 8th floor – Shell House – Unicity – letter to mayor – Flagship Fund
Manpower – UIF – apply work
Culture & Recreation
Reclaim money from– small claims court
give e-mags adv.
Discuss franchise with pie shop
Work as franchise agent
shop– liq. Lic. – check govt. gazette & franchise
Obtain inc. tax. Exemption certificate & sect. 18 – NPO & tenders – tax clearance certificate
Enq. – banking relay
Market medals to Comrades
Collect comics & records
Car boot & fleamarket – look for medals
buy gold –per gram
Renew Feds. Ins. & then sell
Stamps – enq. If/ph. If demans
Place more J/mail ads
Start gold buying at /gram (or more) to Rand Refineries
Moneywise pamphlets
ice-cream – buy & sell & chips & sweets
Re-apply p/of. Book, Telebank, Bob
Apply – Ithala
New onutrients
Car guard business
Start craft market business
Buy & sell toys, chips – beachfront
Buy & sell overalls
Compile 20 x business plans
Rotary & Round Table & Community Chests – 101F Cert. from Rec. of Revenue – non-profit – feed street children – no levies
Apply funding
Taxi services
Sell & Cash Converters
Buy & sell acc. To supply-demand
Buy prams & sell to Mail ad
Buy cot & sell
Sell sweets & chips
Sell books to bookshops
Buy old coins
Preserve old buildings
Read up – N3 Enviro Plan
Animal – F.R. org. – reg.
Buy keyboards, etc. to sell to Cash Converters
F/up tenders, etc.
Gold Shop– buy & sell gold
Afr. Club –p.a.
Sell nappies via internet
Sell medals via internet
Prams, etc. to hand-me-Downs
proposals – medals
Ask Braby’s – T-shirts, bus. Gifts, calendars to sponsors
Go to scrapmetal dealers – look items/caterware to sell, i.e. ice machines, etc. as spares
Ask Educ. Dept. which union to join- get reg. cert. – Federale Onderwysersraad
Apply bank – start school – get welfare/state/dept. educ. Subsidy
Get bazaar table – start street vending
Start co. such as Keep Fit Int. & Express Gifts & Glomail, etc. re, TV ads
Mnfr. Comp. soft- & hardware
Mnfr. TVs, etc. /import
Start kiosk/s at govt. depts..
Vending machine
Water coolers/dispensers – hospitals, old age homes, etc.
Get all papers in order – first preliminary – then thorough!
Re-open Friendly Grocer
p/of. Agent
Buy J/Mail
M/West Housing
Ad. – J/Mail – cellph./liq. Lic., etc.
buy for order
find our what order
Get table (from Bazaar) – employ
Cater for meals
Photocopy funding books
Write out letters and send off to rest on adr. List
Try e-mail co.’s – letters received back from as R.T.S.
Apply directly to court to have Micro Coll. Judgement rescinded – establish procedure – start own co. rescinding judgements
Query – Arts Grant
Rec. of Revenue
Council – Flagship Funding Scheme
Start prov. & pens. Fund
Take CV – look for employment/offer training
Enquire re. Flagship Fund – faxed to Mayor’s office – await reply
With letter to Customs & Excise & Health re. food dumped in harbour
Place ad. On internet/go to
Antique shop sell etc.
Query customs/ Dept. Health
SA – mint
First Nat. Factoring
repo. Flat sell
Rent. Off.
Rec. of Rev. (Tax clear. Cert. & tenders) – apply add. Cert. cust clearings, etc. – post to Receiver of Rev.
Ask Kwa Muhle Musem if buy antique furniture
Antique shop
F/up whole life assurance
Cash values can be cashed in should policy holder choose
Collect & sell books
New cell phone – internet
Respond to replies to J/Mail
See shop re. franchise
Collect TV
See car repairs. re. rep.
Sell comp./printer
Send all Dept. office – pay. & penalty
C/loans R10-1000
W. mines
fasithalmic eyedrops & glasses
Start aftercare service at school where demand – apply to start aftercare
Contact Ind. Dev. Corp.
Enq. MTN sales
!!! INTERNET: e-mail, opvolg – briewe terugstuur,hele dokument aan nuwe addresse, aansoek aan lys, fondsinsameling, konstusie, brief & bus. Plan aan alle address
Start website for submission of Afrikaans slang words based on urban dict. And start similar Afrikaans local sites based on successful ideas – moer baie!
KZN Arts & Culture
Chief Dir. Dr E. Khanyile
Tel. (035) 8743422
Nat. Lotto outlet
Sell badges- sell to schools, colleges, etc.
h/af. – enq. Why no driv. Lic. In ID
comp. & port. Repaired TV from shop
buy & sell cell ph. Accessories
Winder St. plans
Respond to response to J/Mail ads
Junkmail items for sale
F/up. cyber achievers
Fish from harbour & resell
Check pawnshops, shops for old medals and coins
Internet – fundraising
Liq. Lic.
Idea similar to Clientel – get back up from insurance co.
Coins & Stamps- Arcade –– sell coll. Stamps – counter 2- collect old stamps/coins/books & resell
Coll. –remove name from ITC/ go to court, do self & start similar service
Sell ice-creams
E-mail co.s re. loans
f/up u/tr
M/pwr = new adr – UIF – workseeker
Offer deployment & other empl. Svs. To Dept. M/pwr
Med screen fees
Council fee for: Marital problems, depress, dom. Viol. ,substance, aids supp.
Enq. –cash loan
business/home loans
Re-open Niteclub & other defunct bus., i.e. Rest.
Buy fish from harnour & re-sell @ market
Place more Junkmail ads.
Apply broker –. loan co.
See Sect. of Inc. Tax Act/ munic. By-laws = reclaim prop. Tax. Inc. tax/rates & taxes
Reclaim expenses – DTI
F/up – Council letter – Flagship
• Parcel hanger
• Sell idea – sell magnetic safety pins, jewellery
• Approach manufacturers with ideas
You want to look younger?
Get it on the net.
You want to act smarter?
Get it on the net.
You want to be wiser?
Get it on the net.
You want to have a better figure?
Get it on the net.
You want to be richer?
Get it on the net.
You want a fish?
Get it on the net.
You want not to wait for bait?
Get it on the net.
You want a big catch?
Get it on the net.
You want a pretty butterfly?
Get it on the net.
You want to go back to a perfect ten?
Get it on the net.
(With ho hum fiddlesticks traditional rhythm accompaniment)
And…More Ideas to do
e-mail European Union
inspect – new ruling – domestics
smoking, plastic bags, etc.
Inspired inspector
Enq. Platinum Circle Association
Form association – members registration
re. ideas – patent (combined)
Rep. car repairs to breakdown co’s etc.
Enq. Re. DTI grant
Place ads c/loans, assist with afford. Hsing., best prices in repo. Props., liquor lic.
Contact specialists & pre-schools – extra-curricular
Ph. & enq. Which schools req. aftercare
See Ye. Pgs, for ideas
p/of. Writing paper printing
Turn knit pattern graphics to ASCII or text graphics
Loan – Development Bank of SA: 1 perm. & 40 temp. jobs per R1 million spent – job creation
Advice on day-to-day living
Support groups for sufferers and families
Print. Spons.
Depro. Spons.
Compile & sell charitable diary – get sponsors
Sell comp. keyboards & monitors, assemble computers & CD rom & internet * resell
Help domestics get money due/refer to CCMA – charge com.
Enq.Telkon subscription tel. service
Send SARS appl. & letter (req. IT10?)
Start TV rental co. – central Durban – get copy- rental contract
Sell writ. Paper to p.of
Contact Dept. Water Affairs and Forestry
Dept. Agriculture
Sell comp., cash reg., gar. Door, pool table
Jacket – leather. – buy & sell
c/boot market clothes and sell
Rep. chocolate parcels – offices/appoint Agents
Junkmail, etc. – place ads
Get printer
Ithala Regional – Unit 19, Site V1317
17 Isilo Dve. Umlazi 4066
State of Rivers Report – Umgeni Water, Univ. of Natal, CSIR Environment, Water Research Com.
Sell cups at Workshop Fleamarket
Enq. Re. DTI incentive package– govt. fund – initial capital expense for new business – incl. tourism, bus. Svs., info. & com. Tech., high-value incentive & agro-processing, recycling bio-tech aqua-cult.,cult. Ind.
Tuition Hse. – MVA, DTI
See co’s. related to ideas – sell ideas/patents
Absa/Comrades medals – Absa bus. Relay – approach – sell medals
See Beautone at MTN beach umbrellas
Rep. caskets
Afr. Bank – loophole – say cannot grant personal loan if int. rate as for Housing (purpose for loan)
Enq – Feds. Ins.
Cut out pictures, papers & paste
New listing – get for lease & take for sale to public works
Tafta notices – coins and notes, medals – write out and put notices at Tafta re. coins & stamps
Rep. Avon
New boot disk – comp.
F.up Telkom public phone query
Enq. Re. reg. as importer
When have money_________________
Get ph. No. – report – pay tender doc. – ask if pay for info.
Don Africana – read all books by Ann McKinstry Micou – get adr.
Car guard
Upgrade, updt., personalize and custom make CV
Ph./em re. DTI & Fish River
Enq. Re. schools/pre-schools
Get originals – certificates
Apply – arts grant
Suggest– pens. Discount – arrange re. soup kitchen
Place ad – comp. software
Take comp. & printer to comp. shop – have keyboard attachment and printer fixed
Adult amusement
Enq. Re Sowetan art. – suggest R100 min. grant
made little cards like “God Bless our Home”
Inc. tax- lease deduct against taxable income – donation excd. R5000
Enq. – extractor – rest. – smoking laws
Car guard
Sell excess items – Junk Mail etc.
Apply vacancy
Place m/pwr notice – maids
Resell flats and buy again
Place tenants in flats
DTI appl
Loans –brokers req.
Car guard/waitr. – evenings
Deliver eggs & deliver to tearoom
Photocopy DTI apl.
Start café
Rent/buy comp/s.
Bus. 24-hr fax service
Desktop publishing service
Internet service
Cell share call
Liq. Lic. Board
celljoy contract, Vodacom
Disp. Nappies ad
Temp. acom. day rent
Rent office
office – enq. To let. For sale
Night waitressing
Sell food, etc. to Checkers, Hub, Game, etc.
Write notices: Tafta coins, flats for sale
pawn shop
Sell cash reg.
Buy and resell
Compile –rare book list
Open franchise – trade in 2nd hand phones – import & buy on auction
Query if can use import cert. for export also
Sell residential block owners list
DTI apls. & complete originals
Look at books on pat. In library under 8 dif. Headings for ideas to incl. bus. Plan
Apply – start aftercare @ College/tearoom/canteen/tuckshop
m/pwr course
Dept. Justice
get letter – grant permission to enter store
Publ. works – get p.out – reg. confirm – on database, grass cutting service
Stanger St. & main post office – query redirection
Pie shop – franshises
Start multilevel Internet employment/empowerment/advertising agency
Apply fleamarket – other areas
Reg. – bookdealer – list to DON AFRICANA
Loans: 3x places per day – design leaflets to p.out on comp.
Get part time sales job
Try get one (more) person to apply for loan & notify – new adr.
Enq. Re. amt. sole proprietorships can be owned by 1 person – get copy- law
Contract from m/pwr.
Rep. car repairs – write to AA
Afr. Life
F. up – Rec. of Rev.
Complete & send DTI apl.
ph. App.– get list
email co’s. re. loans
Mnfr. Bank cards
Start I/net e-mail adr. List. Dir. – log on & pay to place name on dir.
Ph.– see what ads to place
Enq. – reg. co’s – 75 Winder St.
Apply grass cutting – public works
Ask people in Absa queues if int. in Absa loan
All repo. Lists – land to property developers, bldgs. To residential
Works Union
Import x7 – 35 x2 – sell for dbl. buy price
Export x5 – profit
Rent post boxes –. for mail order/chain letter
Start co.
Buy/pawn cell phs. & resell
Buy & sell
Short term ins.
Time schedule
Make small juices, freeze and re-sell
Sweets, etc. to school children
budgeting, sales techniques, positive thinking and confidence
Rep. adv. –, shower doors
Apply new passport
Set up export agency abroad to operate from
Research – cost of machinery, mnfr. Eq., premises – consult Ithala – apply DTI
Adv. Dept. – clothing co.’s
College – school
Modeling – enq. All stores – adv. Departments
Metrop. – enq. Re. tender
Enq. Re. Fedlife policy
Start own security co.
Ad. – Natal Newspapers
Truro House
Stanger St. (teach)
Get paper – look jobs
Martin West – janitor
N./paper – deliver daily
Start Central Durban Boarding school
National Lottery
Delicious Deliveries
Carpet Care
La Lucia Rest. – waitr.
Photocopy & send out chain letter
Get boarder/put up notices for day care centre
Do detailed damage report/assist in compiling
Organize service as live-in daycare for kids/boarding school/live-in babysitter
Put up notices for daycare and boarder
Get waitr. Job – enq.
ask if need casual workers
Place ad: J./Mail – piano/day care
Natal Free Ads: see what else can sell
I/net application forms – (com.) -> DTI, etc.
Put up notices
Provide extra-curricular act. To schools, pre-schools
Garden & other services
Start service taking children to & collecting from schools by mini-buses
Liq. Lic. From R2000 – also self
shoes- buy & sell
Apply Christian pre-school – start at churches
Distribute pamphlets: svs. Print & disrt.
Piano lessons – J/Mail
Daycare – photocopy and put up
Photocopy & distribute chain letter
Buy/sell damaged Lactogen & other tins, etc.
Fire extinguishers
Waitr.foods – sell to Shoprite, etc.
Buy for min. & resell etc.
Kids’ Competitions – enter and organize
Apply rep. job
Interview prospective boarders
income tax letter – means – transport – public
Photocopy and put up notices for daycare
Enq. Re council crèche site/fleamarket
Make & sell jams
Sell things @ fleamarket
put up notoices – daycare & boarded
Afr./piano lessons/Open College/treanslation
Ph. Re. Telkom part time
Get calendar/airtime for ph./ph. Book
Back – est. agent
Christian pre-school
Top 10 Shares (Invest!) See d/care vacancies
Letter– await repo. Offer/
Place D/News ads. – service – J/Mail
Telkom sales
Library – see bursaries book and n/paper
Enq. Re. sign up club members – clothes co.
Est. Ag. – see if still reg. at Winder St.
Pay council levies
Buy & sell cell ph. Accessories
Enq. c/loans
Buy cheap things from pawnshops and resell
Trophies, books, name badges, ice-cream to tuck shops for schools
Medals to Comrades organizers & sports clubs – fax proposals
Import & export
Buy old jackets *Pawn, etc. & sell to. shop
Buy prams and sell to pram shop
Fishing rod – buy and sell to fishing shop
Buy organ and re-sell
Buy & sell hi-fis and TVs
Buy & sell coins and gold, stamps – Salisbury, Broadwalk, Southern, Albany, O/Mut. (x3), Field – buy & sell gold
Buy & sell i/cr.
i/cream carts
Reserve Bank – old coins
Gold – buy & sell
Libr, Tribune – jobs
Apply teach pos./aftercare
Alter J. Mail prop. Ad.
Place ad. – n/paper, etc. (Delicious Deliveries/Carpet Care)
Deliver bread/milk
Superette (bread)
Get cooler box, car guard jacket, sell old books
Dbn. Archives work appl.
Don Afr – more book – A MC
Subsidized school and transport services
Earn with cell oh.
Contract findr. Org. – help school funds/groceries
See Don Afr draft reports re. DTI – mnfr
f/up & do more tenders – Prestasi/Liberty
I/net – start tender listing – Dbn. Electricity
Write to SARS Preetoria – use form (10.1F cert. – non-profit)
Start i/net website on bursaries/funding/feeding schemes/list of Inst. For Drugs/ Alcohol Abuse, etc. – see libr. For ideas (see I’Net Y Y.pgs. for ideas to improvise on) (must pay to access info.)
Human Resource/Publ. REl.
Start bulk posting service – cheaper than postage stamp
Start cell ph. Answering service – can retrieve msgs./people with no cell ph. Can retrieve via comp./Telkom ph. shop
Gt ph. No. – educ. Dept. to Brail sch.
10.1F Cert. Rec. of Rev. – non-profit – write request
Bank & fin. DON 347.055
Credit Agr. Act 75 of 1980 DON 349.68
Don Africana: P342.26808ABOL – Abolition of inc. tax & usury party
Tables for discounted cash flows… Central ref. mending 511.8 LAWS
South Africa (Republic). Bureau for Information Usury Act, no. 73 of 1968. Durban: Butterworth DON 346.073 SOUT
Credit agreements Act 75 of 1980. DON 349.68 BUTT
Diemony, MA The Hire-Purchase Amendment Act DON 346.074
Selected Acts with Regulations DON 348.02
Tax handbook – 343.6804TAXH (VAY)
See lists of mnfr. Cos. To approach as DTI consultant
Sandra Haye. 345.68 SOUT (Also authors: Parkhurst, Craighall)
Direct access to key people in SA – Cathy Coldwell – 06 – res. – 2601637, F2601638
SA Foreign Trade Organisation – SAFTO – Assist firms in foreign trade – membership – Box 287206 Sandton 2146 Chairman Isaac J. Lessing Ph. (011) 883 3737, F (011)8836569
Independent Development Trust Box 16614 Vlaeberg 8018 Chairperson Dr M Ramphele Ph. (024) 238030, F (021) 234512 (Projects: Health, educ, urabn & rural & micro-enterprise development) e-mail lin
Mnfr. Cos. Libr. O. Mut. I/net
Revenue educ.
Approach co. re. mnfr. Grant
Dept. Agriculture – enq. Re. farming land available – land commissions act
Est. Ag. – promote low cost & subsidy
F/up Telkom – deliver personally – phone number
medals – await response – Comrades
Distribute pamphlets
Holiday Club telesales
Get bank approval and buy flat (on auction)
V: Research
Health Centre
Re-open defunct business
Museums – enq. If buy antique furniture
Enq. Re, sales for MTN/other sales positions
Sell cell ph. Accessories/cellph/airtime/contract
manpower course – fix comp./appl./c/reg/TVs
Cleaning service/security/legal svs
127 Alice St – tender documents!
Books/CPS, comp programs, etc.,order via Internet
Change adr. – offer svs. + move : labels/labeled boxes -> market to p.of & writ paper
Take out books – bldg. blocks
Low cost housing, educ. Toys, market, adv. Svs.,
Tender: 127 Alice Street
Contract – clean co.
Keyrings – buy and sell
Look for alternative site for opening fleamarket (see Berea Rd.)
Invest – market shares – stock market
Invest – text mess. (cell ohs.) – ph. Contract
Buy & sell – foreign exchange
Invest abroad
Look for suistable site and start fleamarket
Apply teach pos./aftercare Col.
F-up Bazaar
See scrapdealers – re-usable ice machine/catering equipment, tables, etc.
Approach frnachise h/of. Re. buying software equipment
China paint on flower pots & re-sell to companies i.e. Pots & Gardens/ start own garden co./export or int. dec.
Start babysitting service (similar to Rent-a-Maid)
Place ads
start bus. Doing loans
Start school
Re-reg./get old reg. no. for business – Est. Estates
Resources – look for suitable site– briewe aflewer (verwys deur Lourens) – take CV & get another sales job also – 2000 sites x 20 000 subs. = R40 000 000
Funds for d/ord.
Start cash loans
Empl. Agency – maids – Plan!
Collect money to fund council
J-mail ad
Print bus. Cards
P/out at p/shop /320 for pamphlets for c/loans & p/copies
housing – dev.
Organize training for school, etc. & charge nominal fee
Get funding
Pack lunch – school:700 every day
Offer service to school – extra-mural and after-care
Extra-mural activities – pre-schools, swimming, art, excursions, development, play, language developments, ballet, baking, music, gymnastics, computers, modelling, speech and drama
Programme with qualified tenders
After school care to grade ________ with supervised homework. Best in early childhood education with loving, dedicated teacher
Service – take photo for estate agent
Buy & sell disp. Nappies
Day mothers for bookings
Open pre-school, play cntr., day & after care
Adv. lessons
Housing Board
Dept. Labour Work seek/course – TV course – start co.
Carpet, del., a.h. tel. bus. Prop.
Sell contracts to banks – sell airtime via ATMs
M-Tel agreement with
Enq. Re. sweets from
Franchise H/of.
Sell medals to Organisers
Dept. Tr. & Ind. Fun. Scheme
Make & sell car guard jackets & shirts
Market car guard accessories, i.e. batons, whistles
Start car guard shop – sell bus. Cards, windscreen notices, items for carguards to sell to driver, i.e. loose cig, lighters, key rings, reflectors, etc.
Market AA membership
Ind – Tuition
Bank – bus. Loans
small bus. Dev. Corp.
Lunch box fillers
Reg. – Est. Ag. Board
Buy 2nd hand phones for R100 & resell R1500/rent on rent-to-buy terms (R50 pm x 24 mnth = R1200) (see N. Paper/J. Mail)
Place more J.mail ads.
Computers – upgrade and sell
See newsp./magazines/other programs for ideas for products to promote via Inet
Reports – last yrs. & possible outcomes typed: JSE, forecast, exchange, weather, medical aid
Directory of all types via I/net
Book club/toys/games via I/net
Start TV rental co!
Buy & sell foreign currency
Buy & sell unit trusts
Look alt. venue – beer garden/fleamarket
Buy old UNISA, etc. lib. Books and sell to munic. Libr. Etc.
Look alt. idea – f/park market
Buy & sell to
Import baby food, powder, prod., etc.
Buy 2nd hnd.-cellphones & rent out on hire-to-purchase basis
Ask MTN/Vodacom, etc. If can buy old phones returned that were rented out
Ask about tuckshop, extra-curricular, swimming & athletics
Tafta-travels re. broker
Ph. Casket Manufacturers re. marketing
Start security co.
Start school/shop where parents can buy on acc.
Start tearoom/convenience store where parents can buy on account
Start shop at petrol station where can use Petrol Card or credit card to buy with incl commodities such as cig
Sell i/creams
Market lotto keyring
Ask re. local MSC – provide eq. for home-based care
Enq. Re. svs. Offered by Dept. Health – NPO
Enq. Re. free premises for NPO
Enq. Re. Council Conservation Awards
Get posters and pamphlets
reg. as workseekfer/for loan
Proposal, ad
Get inc/exp book
Write 1001 Things to do if you’re REALLY bored; 10001 Things to do if your CHILDREN are really bored!!!!!!!!! (and mail me when ya finished – I’ll b waitn!)
I/net: Start tour bus/B & B
Fund. Let. & bus. Plan
Try again – empl.
Req. VAT/co. reg. no. for po box for any other co.
ask if want to do loans
Avon sales get sub-agents
Buy & sell chips, etc. – sidewalks/shops
Bread – sell to shops – buy
Books : 1001 Savings Tips!!!!!!!!!! (yeah, you can get started writing on that one right away!)
Or ya can Write a Book: The novice’s handbook to untried, but foolproof methods of making money!!!!!!!!
Res. –p/kantoor – briewe aflewer]
work out route – different areas
Start Beer Garden, hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, etc.
Add. Hotdogs, cupcakes, sandwiches, etc.
Or ya can Write: The softcover book for hardcore proposals to work undercover (whatever that may be.)!!!!!!!!!
Or copy me and Write: Harriet’s Handy Book of Tried and Mistrusted Recipes – no Hank Panky!!!!!!!!!!!!
But if ya wanna n original Write: Sneaky Secrets for the Would-be Entrepeneur!!!!!!!!!
Buy & sell lighters, toothpicks, earbuds, etc
Association Educ. Int.
support clean environment
Manpower training
Low cost housing plans
Name badges/keyrings
Enquire Teddyton – donate teddies at sporting events/Comrades
SARS Income Tax exemption & approval – Section 18
Charity Fun Run/Long Walk/concert
Beat records – Guinness Book of Records
Trolleys for Charity
Kingdom of Zulu
Durban Africa
Give gift vouchers and gratuities
Lion’s cakes
Econ. Af. & Tourism
National Treasury
Follow up, compile reports, summary, case studies, given expenses, in cash or in kind
Freepost & postnet
Prop. – request percentage of booking fees
Petty cash box
Reconcile amounts received with amounts as written
Chain letter etc. for fundraising and e-mail
Letter to PRO – donate – percentage – booking fees – fund
Proposals – trolleys for charity – regional office
Organize special events day similar to Red Nose Day/Casual Day
Compile daily reports
National Treasury Dir. Gen.
Pretoria 0001
Tel. 3155111
Min Church Sq.
Vermeulen Street
Chief Dir. Land Reform & Support Svs.
Dept. Land Affairs
Dept. of Enviro. Affairs & Tourism
P./Bag X447 Pretoria 0001
CSIR – Water, Enviro & Forest Tech.
PO Box 395 Pretoria 0001
National State of Enviro. Report
Inst. For soil, climate & water
Nat. Bot. Inst.
Inst. For Coastal Resources, UDE
Human Sciences Resource Council
Bureau for Economic & Policy Analysis – University Pretoria
Internet complete complite polite complie compile
Compile totally nonsensical texts with book & rhyming words & combined search engine web page
Compile multiple choice
Re-do multiple choice
Wavy MySpace Scroller
Photobucket – share – c with what sites
Reg. – (yup, that’s moi), create websites & refer names assigned via email x3
Nude Photos to B&W (ok, curnt resist that one)
Nude Photos to Word Perfect: Outline
With msgs to photobucket to dating msg site
design new FONTS
C. google: Make text appear as html
Gigantic PopUp (convention) website
C. how to install server on comp.
Do 3D-animation
QBasic in Wind. Instal. Disk OR download via google – c. tons of sample programs & compile into bigger programs!
C. Programming languages such as pascal via google
Start site – list & sell pip props & 4 rental etc. similar to prop24
Start website where can add links to site
Combined proposed website name with proposed website contents
DVDs kissing – crop & edit – c. how to
Reg. worldsworst
Wpr prof pic -> gif with animation maker
Def. amination – amicable animation
Reg. with Vox
Check all email – all msgs
Def. speech – diminutive speech
Speech recognition: _aw.htm
Compete complete
Reg. @last, @least
Reg. clickorama or clickoscope kaleidoscope
Reg. twiheavyzone brouhaha
Reg. IT site

IN online
Reg. sodo
Reg. absolutely list over 25000 free books on net
Resell self by listing on own website
My fun card
Del & tidy up ems
Yah options
Send sms fr em to mobile by typing country cd & ph no followed by :
00 + coutry cd +
Reg. tailo2cities
Reg. site 4 upload & selling
Photos: flutterby
Cr. Wingding & things site
Cr. _ _ +
Cr. Cyan +
Improve on Mark Shuttleworth
Beonce CD or Betwice?
Free in prog. http://www.takeHYPERLINK “
Make blog on Afrikaans translations for popular social network sites: Se dit soos dir is: gesigsboek, myruimte, etc.

Develop sites using ideas from internet books – request donation to promote upkeep
Software lic. Meth. Incl. copyleft – uses copyright laws against themselves to prohibit those using copy left-covered software fr charging others for it & freeware – (like shareware) – bt. Does not req. payment fr. User to reg. software copy
enq. Public dom. – no owners – no copyright necessary – copyrighted work will not go into public domain unless owner expressly dedicate to public domain (wt. abt. C. works – not ded to publ domain?)
Publ. dom. Incl. older works – precede copyright system, works once copyrighted whose exclusive rights pers. Has run out
Site for each:
Publ. dom. : also. Incl. factual materials such as 1. tel dirs. Described above, 2. hist. facts, 3. scientific facts, 4. news
Unprotedted publ. dom. Works like Bible (careful with annotations and translations)
(careful ind. Specific ph. Dic. – adds various co. data at each listing) [Ph book -> invited add info & listings)
(c. p. 1082-3)
Also develop sites for music, software & video d.load wt. no copyright (c. p. 1084)
Start network/online services
Lsearch – view source
also reg. to send free int. sms
Reg. with mysite ->

Angelfire -> design website with macromedia dreamweaver
Own drawing and more pics to fbook com. brd
Enq. Webcrawler – get pd. For submit nude pics
Freeware, shareware
Ask how to fwd hotm ems to more than 1 recipient
Photos from phone to comp. fairy pics to virb & retry/retake photos
Approve w. pr. Com. + 2 other Yah. Users
Download music to c/d ph.
F.up on Nom Dom. Names
F. up on Nom Dom Faxed
O if no listed in latest tel. dir.
How to reduce pic to emoticon
Advise sites where can get cute profile msgs. : name
Compare dif. Ph. Upload sites
Auth. Software: Free Expl. : Front Page Express, Netscape Composer
Reg. typos like .co/.cm/.coom/.comm
Personalize em:
Offer greeting cards, screen savers – ringtones – c. yahoo, etc. – ideas
Complete htm online form
Place ads on website –
Start webcam
See is game/ reserved
Start website – offer select pop. Svs. Re. cr. Crds. For B&B hotels, cars, cells, etc. – income via com./affiliates -> redirect
Set up Thank U mail -> Redir. -> Th U cards on various sites
Em etc. etc.
Ring tones
C. also (R4.99 a day subscription)
Reg. c. all websites – fun & games
Combine: google, txt, hotmail, tickle = lifescript partners, puzzle games & create own websites, pict, poetry, arts & kids, funnies, sudoku, photos, recipes, beauty freebies, IQ, quiz, music, video (youtube)
Def. Sukodu – looking for you – german social networking at its best, puzzling as it may be
C. hustler & pl. sites
Go to: forum for canadianfreestuff
From freesamples: CD:
CFS menu/
Freebies.html (fr. Turbo)
• Get webdesign software/download featuring
• Compile petitions onto sites

Send self-created pics
Devise foothold mouse & pointing devise
Add add ons to geocities sites and add contents
Also add more content to freewebs (free online courses) to holiday
How set up Dreamweaver site –

Reg. CalQL8
Read IChin – oracles
Devise search engine where don’t have to go back to startpg 2 searhc another subjects
Create textered congratulation blessing, etc. !! Many different designs
Submit to zangygraphics/own site/blog et. Fr. Photobucket/Imageshare
Also BUY
Also c for logo examples
C. gallery for plug ins
Make Beonce CD for security
Reg. newbloom
Reg. simplthing moster morestar etc.
Ho to be is needed e
Patent: remote controlled computer mouse (similar to those used in presentations for use with pcs)
Sliding block puzzles –
Search eng. – puzzles
Paint Shop Pro: Convert TIFF file to GIF/JPEG
Pg. hosted free courtesy of
http://images search
Digital – – make persfot etc. – chatbox
Update freewebs with lpage – incl.
Develop freewebs pages
C. profile angels fetish pics to missemous
In 2day
Reg. .co
Dep FNB x3 incl EE
Design 1 on 1 IM chat (c. WIN TALK p .371)
Good News – dom. Reg.

Devise chat with automatic replies such as fine thq. Answ. To how r .u q. etc.
Call Clon – rec. i1 hotm inv
Combine free translation service – into 1 linked web page
Search engine with syllables
Reg. humor website
Reg. wtilike
Devise Everyman’s Search Engine for lesser known free sites
C. (Poems)
CREATE Reg. / signup 4 pet 4 em with reasons & recommendat.
Reg. recommendat. (with link)
Management (Miss Mang. (WOM. Lib.)
Create Best Freebies Links Webpage
Read Northern Light & Kama Sutra -> affiliate program
Add link to – (become affiliate) on own site
C. (for funny pics)
Ebay advertising

C. alicein1 123r f em re. ref. link
C. affil. Progr.
WRITING (ho@myw)
Search eng. :
Publisher to geocities
Design widget – sit with/on ur fav celebrity that super imposes uploaded pic of person over/next to celebrity/lookalike (using source code from morf (metmorphosis/for img transforming program) to person/celecbrity
C. source code for all discontinued domain names
Shareware – Time O Chaos Shareware – Billy Bob Johnson’s Desk Calendar – devise similar wallpaper/screensaver that looks like real desk calendar
C. how to uncompress gmail file in unknown format (with extension for winzip)
Make toolbar where type h & full http appears then
Sell. Dom. N. – transfer dom. Nm. To buyer – transfer

design many more letters font styles
des. Pr. 4 et up mail servers
set up site for converting wr to html – share fav. Places on own map 4 free
create site – soc. Netw. Add ons to enhance profiles, msgs, etc.
search (with ecards, wallpapers, skins, cursors)
Design 1 on 1 IM chat (c. WIN TALK p .371)
Good News – dom. Reg.

Devise chat with automatic replies such as fine thq. Answ. To how r .u q. etc.
Call Clon – rec. i1 hotm inv
Combine free translation service – into 1 linked web page
Search engine with syllables
Reg. humor website
Reg. wtilike
Devise Everyman’s Search Engine for lesser known free sites
C. (Poems)
CREATE Reg. / signup 4 pet 4 em with reasons & recommendat.
Reg. recommendat. (with link)
Management (Miss Mang. (WOM. Lib.)
Create Best Freebies Links Webpage
Read Northern Light & Kama Sutra -> affiliate program
Add link to – (become affiliate) on own site
C. (for funny pics)
Ebay advertising

C. alicein1 123r f em re. ref. link
C. affil. Progr.
WRITING (ho@myw)
Search eng. :
Publisher to geocities
Design widget – sit with/on ur fav celebrity that super imposes uploaded pic of person over/next to celebrity/lookalike (using source code from morf (metmorphosis/for img transforming program) to person/celecbrity
C. source code for all discontinued domain names
Shareware – Time O Chaos Shareware –Desk Calendar – devise similar wallpaper/screensaver that looks like real desk calendar
C. how to uncompress gmail file in unknown format (with extension for winzip)
Make toolbar where type h & full http appears then
Sell. Dom. N. – transfer dom. Nm. To buyer – transfer

design many more letters font styles
des. Pr. 4 et up mail servers
set up site for converting wr to html – share fav. Places on own map 4 free
create site – soc. Netw. Add ons to enhance profiles, msgs, etc.
search (with ecards, wallpapers, skins, cursors)