Adventurous ventures


Patents/business ideas you may like to have a go at

“They were so impressed to find a business that echoes their passion for quality, efficiency and professionalism, that they invested in our CD.”

“You can rely on the same famous standard of service excellence with the added backing of technology, products and expertise.”

All__________object/objectives are backed by our pledge to provide service of consistently high quality

· Small sponge building blocks

· Roller ball front massager

· Low cost building blocks

· Export indigenous plants/trees/local wines/local products, etc. (see local factory)

· Import cheeses, cold meats, etc. (Belgium)

· Postal delivery services/post office

· Woolworths Club

· Export Eskom to neighbouring countries

· Plastic products to Checkers, etc.

· Deodorized bin

· Think of ways of making food go further, i.e. preserve/dry. Etc.

· Stackable cups

· Easy to assemble building material that don’t require nails

· Improvised drill

· New type clothes pegs

· Soles for shoes

· New book covers – patents

· Easy shoelaces for shoes/socks

· All-in-one panties/pantyhose

· Reversible costumes

· Talking sppons & toothbrushes

· Battery operated outside barbeque

· New match boxes

· Computers as toys

· Computer – te., calculator, TV, etc.

· Oil/petrol refinery

· Rent cargo space from Safmarine in Marine

· See freight agents

· Start business, supply cash registers, office equipment, etc.

· Start manufacturing company – also contact Shell, Total, etc. – packaged, propducts, petroleum jelly, oil, paraffin – Caltex – Andre Botha – 0828028406

· Food importers – contact re. supply to Shoprite

· Pawnshops – get prices- hi-hi & sell to King Pawn & check Junkmail ads & buy items for resale

· Combine household TV/computer with slide-out keyboard (as CD slides out), disk & VCR

· Compactable cardboard boxes

· Round egg/chocolate boxes

· New type dish scourers

· New type sanitary pads ( diamond shape, vary fragrance, etc./roll-up for travel)

· New type food packaging

· Design baths/basins

· Milk coated porridge – only add hot/cold water

· Improvised tea/coffee bags/tea that can dissolve as coffee

· Improve/improvise existing products – see shops/ library

· Improve plasters

· Painting – triangular frames, round & oval

· Shoe racks for kids ___________

· Kitchen station – 1 pillar – pull out stove, fridge, etc.

· Clingwrap – remove air automatically

· Start patent expandable cardboard boxes (concertina fashion, recyclable)

· Round chocolate boxes/egg boxes

· (see ice-cream holders)

· Ice cream fittings in fridge

· Customized gift wrap

· Semi-circle parcel carriers

· Double trouble garage doors – don’t roll up your sleeves, just roll up your doors – open sideways & roll up

· Kids’ safety plugs

· Remote control front door, kitchen doors, cupboard doors & windows – activate/de-activate – connected to alarm

· Kids book club/toys/col.

· Knitting needle based on knitting machine principle

· Invent machine for crocheting ( as for knit & sew)

· Talking spoons, etc., toothbrush/cups/drinking bottles

· Get sponsor to develop ideas & sell to manufactures/develop self

· See SABS book/book on patents for ideas

· Everything smaller, i.e. compact….

· Foldable pots for camping company – roll-up aluminium
Foldable or roll up aluminium pots:



· Disposable aluminium/re-usable pots for braais/outdoors

· Stackable/spring type cups

· Market magnetic safety pins/earrings, tie pins, etc.

· Patent new safety pins

· Enviro-friendly smoke-absorbing ashtrays

· New vacuum cleaner with added features

· (new) tap fittings

· Shaper bread toaster/ice-cream maker

· New vacuum cleaner with added features

· New suitcases (compact, easy to stack)

· Louvre windows with built in burglar guard that folds away and opens between adjoining louvers when window opens or is like spring or reinforces into glass

· Louvre windows with interlocking features

· (new) tap fittings

· Squeegee dishcloths

· Bath plugs

· Market extractor – new smoking laws

· Sell ideas to Verimark– say must get percentage of proceeds

· Adapt/adopt trade secret ideas

· New plastic floor tiles that look like ceramic

· Training toilet seats/potties/baby bottles

· Extendable burglar guards, see old floor and new

· Spring-type coil round holder

· Patent new wall & basin plugs

· Electrical plug fittings (to Durban Electricity)

· Offer cheaper alternative to prevent wires stolen from poles

· New pots/handles

· New plastic container lids

· New sealing lids

· New sealing envelopes

· New type plates

· Hard plastic-like glass