Sunken friendship in rejection of altruistic affection

Sadness & sorrow may return and remain
When affection elusive yearning to obtain.
At night and day the tender heart may yearn
For the sweetheart’s imminent safe return.
For golden steps to come a prancing
Wishing woefull far from the din to go dancing.
Though noble born in life lead now weeping
Met with scorn as mirth is solemnly sleeping.
In doleful melancholy while others sing merrily
Over times’s folly as winter & spring break matrimony.
The warming sun over the tree may be cheerful
But far below the tearful squirrels hover fearful.
Although what at first glance may seem ornate & neat
Reflects a dwelling hounded by recompense incomplete.
Fine is the morning as the dejected doth weep & cry
After loudly sounding battle to sigh good bye.
Where once there were promises made by an altar
Blossoms will wilt as threads & men falter.
Wood chopped not good still serves blacksmith purpose
Inasmuch as sunken treasures valued below the surface.