Quotes regarding general knowledge question and answer submission

Expected questions may be met with unexpected answers.
Why would the earth travel round the sun?
A planet moves in orbit from day one.
Where is sand found?
Wherever rocks have been exposed to weather on ground.
How do plants in the soil grow?
There are elements conducive just so you know.
What could a cloud be?
Condensed water vapour, if not a tree.
What’s a hurricane’s eye?
Very low centre pressure region, I spy.
What would you say are caverns?
Big caves hollowed out of limestone tested as taverns.
And what’s satire?
Making literary fun at amongst others attire.
I’m still puzzled why corn has silk.
For the plant to produce seeds while you drink milk.
So what’s magma?
Liquid undreground rock dogma.
Still wondering how fast does the earth move?
As perihelion 18.8 miles per sec to get in the groove.
Stars were formed how?
A huge ball of bright, hot gases anyhow.
Can sound travel through water?
Yes, travelling per second more than one and quarter.
mmm why does cactus have spines?
These prevent loss of water due to lines.
What’s gases?
Tiny particles move more freely than jello & molasses.
How’s a banana tree grown?
Plant pieces of rootstock in holes to make yer own.
What’s olive oil?
Olive oil’s from olives, so what’s tinfoil??
Do the other planets move like the earth?
They do and have even prior to your birth.
Where d’ grass seeds come from?
Grassed reproduce my means of scattered seed prom.
How did the cave men make tools?
With hammer stone as they were no fools.
When did plants appear on earth?
More than two millions years ago’ll astound mirth.
How far is a star?
Four and a half light years, that’s far.
Why’s there on life on the moon?
There’s no atmosphere to have people ov’r to tea & spoon.
What’s the highest mountain?
Mount Everest (and d’ya know what fountain?)
How do mushrooms grow?
They’re fungi rising above ground below.
Why’s the earth’s centre hot?
There’s radioactive heat in the core, so why ever not?
How groweth trees?
Roots absorb minerals and its flowers attract bees.
How’s copper obtained?
It’s found in nature even when it rained.
How much does the atmosphere weigh?
About 5171000000000000 ton, as much now as yesterday.
Why do pine trees stay green all year?
Waxy coating prevents evaporation, never to fear.
What’s a weed?
Unwanted plants you may not need.
Why’s earth gravity different from space?
Away from earth’s gravitational field: better to race.
What makes a beautiful sunset?
The particles spread light reflected not to forget.
Why does water evaporate?
Since liquid exposed to air becomes gas, ain’t ‘t great?
Do hyenas really laugh?
No, not even at it’s old friend giraffe.
What’s an eel?
Elongated fish so smooth to feel.
Why does baby kangaroo stay in the pouch?
This marsupial doesn’t want to step on mom’s toe, ouch.
Why do birds sing?
To attract a mate of for anything.
How does a caterpillar spin a cocoon?
With threads of sticky fluid hardened afore noon.
Why can’t the ostrich fly?
‘Cause it’s too big and couldn’t should it try.
How can fish smell things?
With their nose to sniff out thingamajings.
Do all fish lays eggs?
Most do, others wish they had legs.
How can flies walk upside down?
On padded sticky claws sees you smile instead of frown.
Do insects have a heart?
They do that ache when you depart.
What’s a vulture?
A large bird of prey in nature.
How do owls hunt?
With talons and jaws that aren’t blunt.
How do bats use radar?
It navigates by sending bouncing signals from afar.
Do polar bears hibernate?
Since it’s cold to hibernate’s simply great.
Do fish ever sleep?
They do rest, but do not bother with eyelids to peep.
How did hippopotamus get it’s name?
It means river horse and is nice for a game.
Why do bees dance?
To get other bees to gather nectar & music given chance.
How do jellyfish reproduce?
With patterned reproductive organs & no jello refuse.
Can animals communicate?
In a variety of ways from early to late.
When did reptiles first appear?
About 300 million years ago, not citing precise year.
What were first fish?
Jawless fish and even tuna fish is a lovely dish.
Why do peacocks have fancy tails?
Males try to convince they’re more handsome than snails.
How does snail get shell?
It’s a mollusk skeleton, if all’s well.
Where are blue whales found?
In seas the world over, though not on the ground.
Why do cats have whiskers, hey?
To help the cat hunt or play.
Why are dolphins intelligent?
They understand what humans meant& respond like a gent.
How do parrots talk?
They imitate Pretty Polly, also Jack and the Beanstalk.