Stay mean – keep ‘em keen.
A whole host of hosts announce animation annotation
Why do we dismiss the core as unimportant, just because it is not consumed
by us?
Hipnopost serves as relational data model.
Relational database constraints are a glittery oracle went back home.
Cartooncarton will impress compress/s /compress.
If you replace all comes with cums, you’ve safely practiced Microsoft
Screensavers often create TheAbsolutelyUNclickable webs.
Eye charts are top of the charts.
Computerized eye testing system will not attain eye sprain.
An improvised paper clip for no paper clip is spring type of staple comb
like peg.
A lockable laundry basket with built in fragrances/deodorizes/dryer may make
clothes smell nice at the throw of a dice.
Laundry smell absorbent like stove top absorber when you are tired of smell
of damp clothes in laundry basket will go from damp to revamp.
Liquid for erasing printed matter is akin to an inflatable first aid
Tshirt: Normal is T-shape including sleeves, now A-shirt shirt in A shape –
body flattering, shoulderless, easy swing; V-shirt in shape of V i.e .
broader towards to and tight waist fitting – body hugging Easy Tuck – if
clothes hold such possibilities why do humans carry limited probabilities?
A medicine bottle with attached measured top/spoon or medicine bottle that
is square at bottom – top is smaller elongated round – turn over – fills up
to 5ml – retained in lid (based on principle of tot measured from inverted
bottle has a capacity of 12960 years.
If people think you are bad, it doesn’t make you bad.If people think you are
cad, it doesn’t make you a cad.If people think you are egad, it doesn’t make
you egad.If people think you are a fad, it doesn’t make you a fad.If people
think you are glad, it doesn’t make you glad.If people think you are had, it
doesn’t make you had.If people think you are irad, it doesn’t make you
irad.If people think you are jad, it doesn’t make you jad.If people think
you are clad, it doesn’t make you clad.If people think you are a lad, it
doesn’t make you a lad.If people think you are mad, it doesn’t make you
mad.If people think you are nad, it doesn’t make you nad.If people think you
are a pad, it doesn’t make you a pad.If people think you are qad, it doesn’t
make you qad.If people think you are rad, it doesn’t make you rad.If people
think you are sad, it doesn’t make you sad.If people think you are a tad, it
doesn’t make you a tad.If people think you are vrad, it doesn’t make you
vrad.If people think you are whad, it doesn’t make you whad.If people think
you are xad, it doesn’t make you xad.If people think you are zad, it doesn’t
make you zad.If you think you are bad, it doesn’t make you bad.If you think
you are cad, it doesn’t make you cad.If you think you are a dad, it doesn’t
make you a dad.If you think you are egad, it doesn’t make you egad.If you
think you are a fad, it doesn’t make you fad.If you think you are glad, it
doesn’t make you glad.If you think you are had, it doesn’t make you had.If
you think you are irad, it doesn’t make you irad.If you think you are jad,
it doesn’t make you jad.If you think you are clad, it doesn’t make you
clad.If you think you are a lad, it doesn’t make you a lad.If you think you
are mad, it doesn’t make you mad.If you think you are nad, it doesn’t make
you nad.If you think you are a pad, it doesn’t make you a pad.If you think
you are qad, it doesn’t make you gad.If you think you are rad, it doesn’t
make you rad.If you think you are sad, it doesn’t make you sad.If you think
you are a tad, it doesn’t make you tad.If you think you are vrad, it doesn’t
make you vrad.If you think you are whad, it doesn’t make you whad.If you
think you are xad, it doesn’t make you xad.If you think you are zad, it
doesn’t make you zad.Repeat: If you think you are________________it makes
Definitive tearjerking is in order for depressed mortals.
If you want advice from someone who has made all the mistakes (and has
hopefully learnt from it), I can give you. However, if you want advice from
someone who knows everything (or thinks they know everything or professes to
for that matter) I can’t.
The book of sad stories, nostalgia and regret is based on conflict of
interest where both sides had merit.
The rats in the piano is indicative of remorse and guilt.
Chicks from rotten eggs follow fish down the drain.
The forgotten bird in the cage elicits a slap on the cheek.
The cricket captain is no less a flying insect than the flat bird.
Interrogated worms deserve the unaware credits.
The unseen scorpion on the carpet evades the beggar in the coffee shop.
Inteprid and decrepid white feathers keep quiet.
Soup for supper may encompass a gift for the treeman and a lesson in
The remorseful dog rents no family rooms.
Dog biscuits don’t have problems with cateracts.
Just put interpretation down to experience.
Buffalo lunches are served to the rat through the window.
Cathedrals have neighbours.
Bad report s, if and buts obliterate donuts after school.
If daycare’s out meaning you’ve cooked your goose and you’ve counted your
chickens before they hatched, you stepping on thin eggs. Dat’s all, yolks!
Enlist envisaging doing over a prolonged period of time, that never
Beautiful is the flower, but stale is the smell. Appealing is the fruit, but
bitter is the taste.
Life is nothing but a series of broken dreams, false hopes and faltered
I am finding the net to be the novice’s handbook to untried, but foolproof
methods of procrastinating.
Enjoy peaceful ambience of surroundings.
Only gross ineptitude has stood in the way of vast intelligence.
People visited in past have passed problems.
It has taken me over 40 years to realize why there is no such thing as love.
Shadowns cast downcast shadows.
Developing in theory (compare enveloping) is related to snail mail.
A step back in time may not rhyme with the recalcitrant browser.
I iterate about the unobliterated irritated overrated inveterate vet.
At least to the picture I’ve formed of you in my mind from the picture
you’ve formed of me in your mind I am transferring my thought or what part
thereof is relevant to you to this here about 4 by 6 cm screen in conscious
Try to pull yourself together as hibernating won’t save problems.
It would be was living in a Eutopia a perfect forgiving non-judgemental world
where no one made mistakes least of all not us.
If we have to believe Proverbs, it seems sometimes better to die at
birth than living on this troubled earth and how God provides for
those who care about Him, that a friend should not be visited too
often, that curses only affect those deserving of and will fly away
like birds that don’t settle and can accept when a friend hurts you,
but when your enemies hold you close be careful.
I prefer one that’s openly hostile than syrupy sweet disguised hatred.
Every word is like a cloaked dagger in feeble attempt to kill with kindness.
Sleep deprivation induces disguised hostility.

Don’t allow people to get you under with sly, deceptive, ostensibly
well meaning canivery to make you look like the bad person and them
look like the innocent victims.
Emotions of arousal and excitement are like open floodgates washing
over you as your heart beats wildly against my heaving breast.
A dream can sometimes be so vivid that you look in the mirror
expecting to see reflections corresponding with dream attributable to
for instance lying in bed and truth in stance.
For someone that may be ill intentioned you thus pray for that
person, be careful of evil or that someone wishes harm or a self
focusing reflection of concern for suffering worldwide .
Suffice to say that reality is only a dream, though a bad, vivid dream it is.
Resolve difficulty that’s interesting in relation to your dreams.
A common aim is to avenge ancestors.
Incidentally incidents pertaining to dreams goes to show that
these may materialize in unexpected ways.
Visualise for the umpteenth time sans sense being unsure whether this
implies polite disinterest or denotes dislike.
Kindly clarify if your preference is for dreams and aspirations of an
actual relationship.
If you are of opinion that your requirements for whatsoever reason are
not being met kindly elaborate as agreement with your opinion is not
a necessity, but understand you may require someone more on your own
level if you are not happy at all with the current situation that
some may attribute to plain bad manners.
Re. my dreams it means something about the higher self i.e. cognitive
idealism being afraid to get in touch with the lower self i.e.
primeval instincts and urges.
Much like you humanity harbours unresolved feelings of anger at others
for wrongs. Neither you nor I are to blame for being a victim of
circumstances. Accept that and the fact that the fate of people are in
God’s hands and that you can influence the world even if imperceptibly
to a positive trend just in your behavior. You are in control of your
surroundings. Ignore those aspects that make you feel scared or if
possible see how this can be changed for the better as favourable
circumstances make you happy, but unfavourable circumstances allow you
to become a stronger person. Let that be a lesson for you not to let
other people’s spiteful actions in the past continue to make you
unhappy at present as only someone that’s desperately unhappy with
their own life will attempt to make the next person unhappy. You are
my dear friend and I just want you to be happy as I try to be happy
despite derision. As is said in Proverbs 15.28 gossip is spread by
wicked people. They stir up trouble and break up friendships.
Also re. what upset me about people that run me down I take
consolation in Proverbs 17:5 You will be published if you take
pleasure in someone’s misfortune. Also Proverbs 18:12 says it is
better to meet a mother bear robbed of her cubs that to meet some fool
busy with a stupid project. So aren’t you happy you met me and have a
blessed day?
What you are thinking and feeling makes for an enjoyable fantasy
world and coming to terms with reality may spoil it.
If you had limited time reconsider what you are doing now. If you had
to rate another, do as you would had you been applying your own
If you could choose to be alone on a deserted island you would
have chosen to be by yourself.
Intuition easily analyses conclusion as being to blame for
inevitable circumstances.
Adapting to circumstances acknowledges life’s unadaptability in what
would be a whirlpool should directions be accommodated for all things
to go as all prefer, however, going with the flow will still get you
somewhere even if completely downstream from where you may have wanted
to be.
Although things don’t always work out, anticipate things work out
generally without being overly analytical.
When you expect things to work out and they don’t, not analyzing the
situation may have prevented matters from not working out.
Since all flowing streams and rivers run over smaller and meander
around bigger obstacles going with the flow will as surely work out as
all rivers run to the sea.
If you are wiling to accept things don’t always go the way you would
by going with the flow in unexpected direction you move towards what
is to your ultimate benefit and don’t stagnate. Even if you were to
stop going with the flow to analyze things you’d realize that though
all rivers lead to the sea diversions by obstacles only temporarily
give the appearance of things not working out in the current current,
be it in deep or shallow water, in a refreshing ambience or
overwhelming torrent in a predetermined path through it though it may
seem as incomprehensible analyzing the direction your life is taking
as it would be attempting to manipulate course of events resulting in
interrupted flow much as fluidity of liquids is as continuous as
granules of sand in a sand hour glass that may not go the way you
want, but do so in line with the force of gravity.
RESUBMIT AL REFUSED REFUTED Apart from lethargic apathy and despondency.
I’m of opinion the sudden onset of pains are a psychosomatic deterrent
from going to where you don’t want to be as you are becoming
increasingly reclusive.
Travelling over rocky slopes and over a highway many people in line
help find my way back through the least bit surprise climbing through.
Remember circumstances don’t make you. You make your circumstamces.
Your environment doesn’t control you. You control your environment. If
people belittle you they are projecting their own insecurities onto
you. If people mind your own business your life is of more interest
than theirs. If you are scared of something see what could be
effective means for the situation to be remedied. If you feel people
are cruel allow them to be so to their own detriment If possible set
an example worth following. If not realize nobody’s perfect and making
mistakes allows you the advantage of experience.
You can’t always have what you want, but you can want what you have.
Bear in mind the wheel of fortune turns slowly, but it turns and that
wisdom is worth more than wealth and integrity more than vanity and
empathy more than apathy and caring more than callousness. What will
be will be regardless so don’t waste your present regretting the past
and fretting over the future. Nobody, but nobody, can determine or
dictate to you what you feel or think, no less change the person you
You will live to see your enemies come to a fall. Forgive them. Then
still stoop to help them up. Now that’s true greatness.
I don’t bother sharing words of wisdom with those who take me for a
joke, but do with those who can benefit therefrom.
On the net it doesn’t matter what you wear.
Sports car with limited function compares to page by page search
engine. Or imagine saying that’s a lovely house 3000 ks away but you
must be stopped at every block along the way. Or there are x amount of
sales items available, but must browse all before taking the one you
want. Or there’s one million cars to choose from at dealership, but
must go to each and every dealership.
Fat approach, analistic approach, atalistic approach,fatal approach,
stic approach, roach approach and coach approach all go to prove that
analyzing and anahalism is not that far removed.
Your opinion on higher self being afraid to get in touch with lower
self, higher cognitive idealism, lower primeival instincts and
sexual urges, jiva atma and param atma, body and soul is in a state
of mere oblivion.
Indulging delight won’t indulge in a disparaging dialogue about
sensing the seemingly enigmatic philantrophic resentment towards
humanity in light.
Such are the nature of lies that people sometimes, more often than
not, foolishly, believe such misantrophosies.
Inversely chronologically first from something old, something, new,
something borrowed, at Times( font, that is) something blue (or red
for that matter for purposes of old thus untold.)
By fair use the following include excerpts from expert work for
purposes of education or citation – but criticism? Heavens, no! thus
Respecting Intellectual Property.
I’ve compiled a comprehensive if somewhat incomprehensible list of
things I’ve considered doing and a. got around (and didn’t make much
success of it) to b. almost got around to (though it did not quite
work out) c. never got around to (for some reason or another) d.
seriously considered getting around to, well, in a roundabout way,
that is (but may have regretted had I and so had not wasted my time
doing what I may have wasted my time procrastinating putting it off –
now how off putting would that have been?)
Thought for the day: Only gross ineptitude has stood in the way of
vast intelligence.
If integrity, health, wealth or happiness in a brighter hue, in this
here life we did pursue, surely all of these I’ve found in you, a
friend found far and few that is forever true.
Beautiful is the flower, but stale is the smell. Appealing is the
fruit, but bitter is the taste.
The only solution is absolution.
So many dreams never realised. So many ventures never materialised. So
many things I did not realise. So many wishes it was not wise.
Omission of sedition elaborates on the old proverb, “There is always
reward for doing good and retribution for evil; either comes in due
Revision of ideal vision presupposes submission in remission.
Time is not foreseeable. Reward for doing good should not be expected,
yet good is never done in vain. In making and maintaining friendship
every possible care should be taken in demonstrating every kindness
simply as an act of love. Any person will render affection in return
for kindness, with negative, adverse attitudes being no exception.
Thanking cordially is also a good manner of conduct.
mphasis and sincerity indicate strong beliefs. Should you be impressed
and have questions to ask, such should be conducted politely.
Even if you are not able to speak the same language as your friends
they understand kindness and friendship and therefore do your best for
Although it’s natural to consider oneself clever and wise, care should
be taken in considering oneself superior over other creatures, since
all are created clever and wise as according to their own nature.
Whenever others are met, kindness should be bestowed and these
regarded and treated as equals. After reading this I hope you will
take care of guests and newcomers in your place of residence.
You should not mind entertaining and tolerating a guest in your home
for a while, just as you yourself also like to be invited as a guest
by others. Should you have accommodated a person as a guest essentials
should be provided by means of a good place to live in, beautiful
surroundings, food, beverages and entertainment of every possible
It is your duty to guide and correct others and not to treat others
unkindly even if they do not do what you would like them to do. Be
kind, hospitable and generous and realize that all deserve to be
treated in a dignified manner.
The world is of a passing nature, thus to find a virtuous heart is as
much a reward as finding a seeked treasure. You may go out and meet a
friend and bring him back as a guest.
Your thought should be likened to a clear spring so your conscience
may be at ease and practice affection during a person’s stay as well
as departure.
Be oblivious of any undue criticism of another’s character so as to
refrain from partaking in gossip, when dreaming do so joyfully of
happy hours spent doing good to others.
Refrain from complaining and arguing as such actions serve no purpose
other than upsetting, but find peace and comfort knowing that
ultimately there is no need for worry as God has everything under
A lavish display is no more impressive than simplicity. Running and
walking will still take you along the same path, though longer, or no
longer pausing to observe, inasmuch as some fruit are better peeled
and others left unpeeled, all according to its own God created
To have achieved something worthwhile does not imply having
accumulated materialistic fortune, neither decrees nor degrees of
scholarship, as more achievement is attained without prejudices and
In the Analects Confucius says, “A young man’s duty is to behave well
to his parents at home and to his elders abroad, to be cautious in
giving promises and punctual in keeping them, to have kindly feelings
towards everyone, but to seek the intimacy of the good.” Also, “Where
gentlemen set their hearts upon moral force, the commoners set theirs
upon the soil.”
Do not ridicule, condemn or appear judgemental with remarks such as
referring to actions as being ridiculous, frivolous, common,
sentimental, idle, sleepy, unstudious or immoral. Should another pass
callous remarks, do not take exception to such foolishness.
Be on the alert to render help and not just to lend a hand, but to
give a hand to those both near and far, remembering to value even
friends from afar.
Summarily, remembering these memorable words uttered and immortalised
by Confucius, “Clever talk and an artificial countenance are seldom
found in the conduct of a truly benevolent person.”