Humility and wisdom

Believe it or not looking thourough a peephole,
there is no intuitive interpretation of apathy for most people.
Boredom and disinterest in what is considered a fascinating topical
provides a new language of poetryand a new voice for fickle.

Push away rock of apathy, blocked disinterest and clocked experience
into fog of apathy and disinterest that surrounds institutionalised religion
personified in sermon petrified of the church of the living dead
so that nce again an attitude of smug apathy prevailed not unlike heavy lead.

Disinterest and carelessness, all wrapped up together
causes an apathetical downgrade in the life of tether,
thus party will miss or ignore obvious signals of essential disinterest
envisioned in entire apathy hierarchy, but off charter as to waht’ best.

New era in the treatment of schizophrenia envisions
a time when the treatment of rudimentary visions
such as disinterest, apathy and withdrawal are alleviated.
This means spread of ignorance and apathy is obviated.

This could explain both disinterest in local election
and interest in outside media that does not favour retention
that explains both disinterest and the appeal of the rest
to curve learning as a ticking time bomb of apathy and disinterest.

People are private; many, culturally despondent, exhibit apathy.
Psychological and educational testing disregards telepathy.
This could be responsible for total disinterest in life adn philantrophy
noted as jokes, poems, stories, unreasonable reasoning and philosophy.

Distractions disinterest; not thinking of is apathy.
Cynicism towards and owned disinterest in own disowned government
displays voter apathy in disbelief of vote mattering difference.
Disinterest and bisexuality has undertone of apathy indifference.

Factors were cited, including recited budget cuts to differentiate
budget, disinterest and the emergence of memory disseminate
that were apathy and pathetic poetic sympathy
in refusing to vote for the donkey or the elephant’s trumpetting symphony.

During the caucus is emerging new forms of patriotism sobriety
that despite widespread apathy, disinterest and ignorance in society
portrays apathy with which we greet this ongoing holocaust
some of mere counterparts have decayed in large city locusts.

A casualty of apathy and disinterest is thriving,
alive and the most exuberant testimony of the surviving,
possibly reducing daily dose of apathy, negativity and disinterested symphony,
resultign in multidisciplinary approach to treating disinterest and apathy.

Diminished grooming and hygiene
indicates a disinterest, perhaps even a boredom, with the seen.
In proposing to confront this apathy and cynicism uninvited,
indifference of religious and ethnic disinterest is ignited.

Apathy and inability all over the country
decided to publish a transcript of controversial legacy.
Woman mistakenly accused of mischievously punching air
lowers current disinterest almost verging on apathy as a dare.

Since which we believe presents
a putrid undercard that takes place in front of sparse consents
there is throughout the arena a malaise of apathy and disinterest
that spreads like the plague not laid to rest.

Officials confronting apathy with war wizardry
address the apparent disinterest of citizenry.
The apathy is so great that, as far as can be remembered
suspected middle class has society dismembered.

Sisinterest is shared by counterparts in other large cities’ recission;
the face of budget cutbacks and apathy developed a vision;
the problems of cultural disinterest, apathy and self destructive behavior
continues for cynicism is inclined towards disinterest in a saviour.

Voter apathetic people do not believe that their vote matter adn fret
at campaign that to date has been characterized by general disinterest.
To ovserve humility, political leaders will have to
overcome apathy and growing cynicism in wisdom new.
Interest and obsession

Every time something peaks interest above all else,
that may become an obsession such as movies or even bells.
Deliberation on what obsession is this time, realisation dans like a trap
that fixation fades only when coming to the limits of my interest in rap.

Obsession with interest rates outweigh worries about energy costs,
helping lift the stock market to new highs and hots.
Obsession among incumbent members protective
veils promotion of self-interest under the mantle of collective.

Is an obsession with re-election at the opression?
There’s a real danger of making documentary about an obsession.
Of course, if the obsession is sexual,
more interest will be generated than general interest textual.

An intellectual tour is designed to suit everyone,
so show off your synonymous sense of interest and fun.
Here’s how the romance is shaping up on private practice
love interest: obsessed with ex-love: malpractice!

New television obsession developing this season
and for years, now developed into an obsession for some reason.
Erotomania personifies a love obsession desire,
putting a whole new slant on the saying crazy in love love fire.

But perhaps the most interesting are those obsessed with love futronic.
Part-time electrifying romancers are fascinated by all things electronic
and has a special interest in particularl likes
showing an interesting obsession, and a collection guarding hikes.

Or possibly it is obsession that there’s nothing wrong with as breeze in mist.
To spend the time to keep a lifestyle based on it, is not just an interest.
It’s an obsession.
A dangerous obsession, yet again.

The progressive intelligent shows no interest in that question.
The real obsession of the left is in gaining power or, at the very
least mention,
from love of beloved inviting the obsession with origins original,
regaining interest to attempt putting this round shape back to nil.

Brighter future respect about having an obsession is quite normal.
Well it’s as certain an interest as few have with a bill.
Obsession is not only historically unfounded, evasive position ordinately,
but higher interest rates follows heightened interest obediently.
Luxuries and necessities

Popular perceptions of necessities, comforts &luxuries
have evolved throughout time’s centuries.
Luxuries are used as symbols of status to symbolise
distinction made between luxuries and necessities rise.

Today’s luxuries become tomorrow’s necessities.
Services are not merely luxuries, but obcessities.
Your hands and feet will have never looked so good.
Necessities and luxuries of mate preferences set the mood.

Inequality, nonhomothetic preferences and trade indicates a gravity approach
and necessities work well in analysis when restricting the analysis broach.
While imports of luxuries increase with importing country
high-tech products indicate new necessities of bounty.

With the recent explosion of consumer products
whether these are considered luxuries or necessities destructs.
Excellence par excellence portrays luxuries or necessities
as scribes, professionals and decline of mass media build cities.

What’s really important is the value of a value system up ahead.
Values are not luxuries, but necessities, not the salt in our bread,
offering a full range of products and service jargons
as things cost, whether there’s value in those costs how to find bargains.

As you get older and can distinguish between necessities and luxuries,
the next step
for financial education, featuring lesson plans, tips
and activities indicates difference between luxuries and necessities
believing that all these things are not luxuries, but necessities.

Relish yourselves in those luxuries at every opportunity.
Information about the office and its services does not imply impunity.
In case of necessities, not luxuries, adversary system of descent life,
households must eschew all luxuries and donate that part of their strife.

Money you’re spending on luxuries, not necessities, should be given away.
Boating destination videos from harbour rendezvous in sway.
You conscience has luxuries and necessities for your home,
necessities and luxuries or vice versa regardless of where you roam.

When asked about luxuries and everyday necessities
a partnership list may include luxuries and necessities.
Values are not luxuries, but necessities you don’t see,
being not the salt in our bath, but in the seven sea.
As you believe, so you can achieve

Believe you are Able, then you Cain do anything Ably.
Believe you are Intelligent, then you will think Logically.
Believe you have Potential, then you will Succeed.
Believe you are Fair, so you will act Justly in Need.

Believe you are Kind and treat others with Respect.
Believe you are Unique and accept yourself as you are though not Perfect.
Believe you are God’s child and pay no heed to self-righteous hypocrites.
Believe in the Lord and accept Salvation rites.

Believe that Christ died for you;realise ill intentioned are those
proclaiming perfection.
Believe that it is Acceptable to make some and if you do, learn from
them no to mention.
Dreams and aspirations

Oh, to dream…

How boring and even benign would life be
without the ability to dream and ability of foreseeability.

Oh, how inspiring are aspirations…

The future is unbeknown and man caught in an eternal present
plans in a furtive event for the future when the future never happens
as we live in an eternal now, inescapblebound to this existence,
sharing a bond with the past, yet how noble planning regardless for the future,
aspiring to greater heights in defiance and ostensible ignorance
of the ever turning wheel of fortune.

Oh, how awe inspiring are inspirations…

Inpiration, much like many other things is momentary
though complementary
to complimenting earth, nature
and our very existence on this interlinked planet.
Everyone is beautiful and special in some way

Everyone is beautiful, etc. in some way.
Everyone is special, etc. in some way.
These characteristics though not necessarily
physical may include spontaneity, gayety,
longeivity and patience in case of opposing brevity.
Beauty inspires love nesting a precious resting soul dove.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
and exalted on special occasions,
such as Valentine’s Day.
Gifts may be bestowed on the loved one to denote feelings
of love and affection, being accepting despite obvious imperfection.
Beauty can be expressed in thoughtful special words,
by kindness, courtesy and compassion.

Gifts may be given as a beautiful gesture either both bought
or made or morally by encouragement or a kind word or being supportive
through difficult situations or witholding snide remarks
even when these may be called for on occasion.
Masterpieces are created portraying
how artists observe and relate to beauty,
created in instances yet immortalised in certain instances.
Special occasions in itself can be beautiful,
as are furtive though innocent glances.
Some bodies are beautiful,
some are beautiful because of an inspiring inner nature,
others for artistic reasons, all for reflecting God’s creation.

It is beautiful to show someone
you really care and brighten their day.
Life is beautiful if you do not harbour feelings of hate or remorse
and constant dictation by a nagging inner conscience
as confession is as simple as a prayer.

Public cities and streets are beautiful wherever these may be located,
charming in unique appeal.
All over the world singles in need of love are special
in their grandiose affections
and motivations.
Those who share a trusting bond may share secrets
and ability to keep shared secrets are beautiful.
Decadent smoothness is special.
Selected presents though bought for affordability are special
considering sentimental value.

Author’s publications are especially special in expression.
Sunken into depths of despair and despondency

Are you feeling down?
Has your face given way to a frown?
Has your flowers wilted to a dismal brown?
Don’t you ever wear a crown?
Do you feel that in problems you drown?
You’re not alone. Use this bitter experience to relate and comfort
others in similar circumstances.

No happiness, no money no love

Feel being ignored

Pass, next?

This concludes this poem about:

Carnivores ashmores sophomores (huh?)

And more…
Monday to Friday make every hour count

Monday early to bed early to rise happy and wise
Tuesday continues journey in anticipation of week ahead
Wednesday is the middle and well worth considering
Thursday is like little Friday
Friday has expectation of a well deserved weekend
Saturday is yours to do with as you please
Sunday spare a thought for your creator and ponder to pray as God sees.

Yeah, I’ll have one of those.

Ok so what do you like?

Vacations or staycations
Peaches and cream or figs and yoghurt
A sunny beach or snowy slopes
A bright morning’s sunrise or a moonlit night
Silence and solitude or being free as a bird in flight?
Whatever your preference or your likes,
life is accomodating to diverse interests and promises
to be full of pleasant unexpected surprises.
Being unhappy

Being unhappy

Life is often not as we’d like it to be.
Sometimes you wonder why did this happen to me.
Apples do not grow from a pear tree.
Thorns go with figs as sweet as can be.
Roses remain fragrant depite their thorny territory?
Why shouldn’t these prinicples apply to you and me?

Eternally bond to the present

As much as you object you’ve been given a present of the present.

This present is not returnable, not refundable and not negotiable.

So take it and make the best of it.

For every step you take towards the future remains inescapably bound
to the present.

Life is what you make of it, whether you adore it or resent.

Don’t be afraid:

At times you may feel afraid.

At times the sky may appear dark and dismal.

Now and again you’ll endure stormy weather.

Occassionally you may experience failuers.

Oft you may taste disappoinments.

Ask yourself?

What’s there to be afraid of:
If you worry you die.
If you don’t worry you die.
You only die once.
God has planned your future.
You cannot change your destiny.
So just live life from day to day.
There’s no need to be afraid.
People can hurt you,
but they can’t steal your soul
as this belongs to God.
So don’t be afraid.
Just hope for the best.
Life may be a test,
but if you fail today,
you may succeed tomorrow
and if you don’t
you’re just another statistic.
Whole fragments

The whole is a composite entity.

Fragments are what remains as an oblique reminder of what could’ve been.

Just do it

Do not hesitate.
There is no time like the present.
Tomorrow may be too late.
Procrastination is the thief of time.
A stitch in time saves nine.
Prevention is better than cure.
A job done today is better than leaving it for the next day.
Evasion creates dissuadance.
Eminance encourages dissidance.
These shoes are made for walking

These shoes are made for walking

Be upwardy mobile.
Do not stagnate.
Attempt to make progress.
Repress regression.
Be well on your way to fulfilling your destiny.

Taking vs setting examples

Your part in life no matter how small is not insignificant.
Those small deeds of kindness may go unnoticed, but are a blessing.
You may try and fail and try and fail again, don’t give up.
It’s easy to talk, advise and advocate,
but more formidable and admirable setting examples.
Even if you don’t win, you’ve participated.
Even if you make mistakes these are still of merit rated.
To say the idle word is easy,
but to set an example is a efat well accomplished.

What is good or honourable really?

Would you say doing good is:

Going to church to look good to society
To criticise other for their mistakes
To appear better than the next person
To appear better by being condescending
To complain about others and point out their shortcomings.
Surely some fools have perceptions of life that are really shortsighted

Surely this attitude that could only be hurtful emotionally is uncalled for.

Who would go to church being condemned
and having to compete with righteous people
who declare themselves perfect and without sin.
Why is it that those who are not blameless
are only too ready to cast the first stone.
Is this what God would have wanted?

So how is it possible then to be truly honourable?

Go to church with the intention of not only praying for others,
but by encouraging them in an accepting way to attend
and not condemning them if they don’t as only to God is the judgement
Be accepting of others and overlook mistakes in an effort to do good,
avoiding even so-called constructive criticism.
Elevate the next person to the level of recognising their innate abilities,
regardless of how small.
Endeavour to uplift others spiritually
and treat them with respect in acknowledging their dignity by refraining
from idle gossip an uncalled for unsults as well as unnecessary slander.
Compliment others and point out their attributes,
for all are better than others in some way considering unique God given talents
and none is as great as he who stoops to help a lesser being.
Transforming/transposing thoughts to words

Thoughts can be transformed into words by means of:



Dedicate yourself to:



Have you been unappreciative of:

small blessings
tokens of affections
little miracles along the way?
Be appreciative and greatful of the sun, moon and stars
and all things that brighten your day,
also appreciate mishaps as these serve
to highten appreciation of better times,
let not despondency control your life,
somewhere someone is worse off than you,
somewhere someone has less than you,
somewhere someone needs appreciation too.
Gently does it


Gently does it.

Aggression serves to achieve little.

Good better best

Be good at something.

Then better those efforts.

Strive to become the best person you can possibly be.

Easy does it

Take it easy.

Take it slow.

Take it in your stride.

If it’s bound to happen, it will.

If not, it won’t.

Time waits for no man.

Time however waits on man.


The fact that the world we inhabit is subject to changeability is inevitable.


Few can foresee the future and weather reports are taken more
seriously than words of a prophet.

What is love?

Love is…

Love is a feeling.
Love is a connection.
Love is a frame of mind.
Love as an uncontrollable emotion.
Love is like little waves in the sea.
Love is a thread adorning the tapestry of life.
Love is a gift from the Almighty Above.
Love is a rare treasure trove.
Love unreciprocated results in broken hearts.
Love true can lighten spirits even when feeling blue.
Do try this at home

Act as fact.

Beat feet.

Care if you dare.

Do unto.

Easy peasy.

Follow high and low.

Give and live.

Hope like the pope.

In and out’in.

Jump sugarlump.

Kill time, not a dime.

Lust, don’t rust.

Muse over use.

No to oh.

Over to rover.

Ponder over yonder.

Quiet spite.

Rose suppose.

Say your way.

Trust if you must.

Undo to do.

Vote by note.

Wax tax.


Y Ysen Why Wry.

Zip flip.
Do you feel










Immorality and immortality

Immorality and immortality

Man is a mere mortal.

God provides us with immortality.

Man is tempted to immorality.

Resisting such temptations invites life eternally.

If you’ve done wrong you’re not condemned.

Jesus is a reminded that God loves you to no end.
Perfunctionary poems on ten topics at random

At random

At random


Via aggression

Is wanton.

Random happenings

Random happenings

Much like life

Harbouring events of strife

Imply concealed beginnings.

Random thoughts

Random thought

Unthought of

Unfought love

Can’t be bought.

Random events

Random events

Once caught

Are notorious for havock wrought

As sought laments.

Random occurrences

Random occurrences

Are as unpredicateble

And unforeseeable

As frequent disturbances.

Unexpected random

Unexpected random

Occurs sans prior warning

Such as mourning

At sad mortal kingdom.

Random expectations

Random expecations

Once unfulfilled

Or as happened thrilled

Defy further explanations.

Hardly random

Is hardly hard

Nor hardly soft lard

Softly wantom.

Random stardom

Brightens the sky

Momentarily in passing by

As cry for wisdom.

Random boredom

Is met with scorn

For once forlorn

For always seldom.
Some things are gone, yet not forgotten

Gone is sand transformed to rock,
dried flower petals adorn a frock,
eroded beaches don’t grow peaches,
deserted beaches,
fertile soil left after an eruption,
seconds that have elapsed in consumption,
trials and tribulations once accomplished,
accomplises that have turned into enemies admonished,
unforeseen past events and participation
as well as past participles arbitration.
In passing

Flowers bloom and wilt after a mere season.
Snowflakes melt for no apparent reason.
The sandcastles wither as waves dissipate.
Some initiate while others graduate.

The rock formation is corroded by ebb and tide.
Most things pass as few abide.

Even you on this earth will not stay,
But as all other things will eventually pass away.

Passing things in nature I’m sure you can imagine why
Are not unlike fleeting emotions that at times can make you cry.
In the nature of appearing by coincidences,
Coincidental happenings are much the same in certain instances.

Spare a passing thought for both stagnant as well as transition
In the process of literature in educational transmission.
Storms pass, yet the force of nature lingers.
Much of earth’s disruption is partaken by man’s less than adept fingers.

Balance of natural equilibrium in conservational concern
Gives thanks to mother nature as un timely novice and timely intern.
Natural synopsis testifies to passionate collection
Of lush forests seasonal much like ubiquitous affection.

Fiery passion displayed in quick temper
Has power of tempered selfishness damper.
Notes playing in places reiterate
Long forgotten symphonies of composers both unknown and great.

Integral playing and practicing of a game
Creates skills in a situation that by being altered does not remain the same.
Indeed it is second nature to be aware of a wary natures
Until even youth passes as while flowers wane man matures.

Insects pass by flowers momentarily attracted,
Then go about their business, once again distracted.
Transition can be as fulfilling as a roaring fire satisfied at destruction
Or as disruptive as the inner earth like a kettle on a furnace boiling
other in eruption.

Draft constitutions embracing radical concepts represent with will at will.
Thunderstorms once tired ultimately become still.
Timely waking hours cyclicly give way to sleep.
Magazines now bearing articles of interest become good for waste paper.
Once a week comes the weekend such as all facets of time end with similar caper.

Senses perceive momentarily,
In the next second again following the contrary
Rungs on a ladder are only of use on the way up or down.
Sadly many a smile disappears to give way to a frown.

Ironically on any side there is always the other side.
Conversely oceans as serving many a purpose do also landmasses divide.
Tossing a coin can be lucky yet unless on its side the flipside’s obscured.
Man’s aside with health insists on much research to end illness in
search of a cure.

Time passes relentlessly and waits for no man.
Artificial things are just as fascinating as reality as a ban.
Noon comes and goes and in twelve hours welcomes midnight.
In between rivers are flowing with fish habitated though not in visible sight.

Art honoured today and fame of importance as it may
Provides highlights on a calendar, yet do not last forever, oft not
even for a day.
Classics and modern compete side by side.
Enjoyment and ease provokes forbidden nature of even most timid springtide.

Constant and variable, together and asunder,
Water in continual motion of fountains, rain and thunder,
Something marvelous in nature sometimes creates temporary platform
Foundational in opposing rebelliousness in a tendency to conform.

Enjoyment of food and beverages and consumption as well as time
consuming interest
Serve purpose obsolete once used as a solution proferred ends problems to rest.
What is worse eventually becomes better, what’s less may even become more.
Valid becomes void as terribly important becomes insignificant to the core.

Of interest becomes a bore, planning goes towards an event or even a four score,
Unawareness gives way to awareness in discovery of recovery advancing to furore.
Passing productivity displaces laziness, focused feelings also
simplify complicated,
Wrong slackening depreciation results from what is underrated.

There becomes big what once was small,
Partially in part for once and for all,
The end of a road can be blocked by a brick wall,
Up and running social interaction due to fights come to a fall.

Merriment becomes sadness as laughter intermittently cried,
People once part of this earth as a matter of necessity in the great
scheme of things died.
Life end in afterlife, quite can also become severely outspoken,
A great deal of respect can be gained from a gratuitous token.

Time passes, paths have a tendency cross, here moves to there,
Spiritual nature progresses, faithful and disgraced alike at times
pause for prayer.
Domination depends on submission, every passing season reshapes wondrous earth,
Factual evidence also contradicts fictional lies, sadness may also
entertain some mirth.

Library archives attempt storing what has been gone and is almost forgotten,
Behaviour though habitual through experience is proven as ripe fruit
become rotten,
The simple skyline ending at the horizon still continues though not in
due visibility.
God’s divine nature continues in Holy Trinity, solitary attempts
invite fleeting solidarity.

The wind and the rain go and come again, perennial justification in
passing will gain,
Intuitive feelings perceive emotional pain, bending straight solution
spectacle’s disdain.
Romance courts nature of passing love, universe consistently
constantly revolves evolve.
Imagine microcosmos invisible to naked eye, watered by determination,
no longer dry.
What if?

What if the sky wasn’t blue?
What if wishes didn’t come true?
What if there was no me and you?
What if you didn’t know your left from right shoe?

What if you did less than you attempted to?
What if you lose patience without further ado?
What if all animals were in the wild instead of in a zoo?
What if your preference was for old as much as new?

What if one and one didn’t add up to two?
What if summarily distracted you used also rather than too?
What if a cow went woof instead of moo?
What if you preferred to say hallo rather than adieu?

What if you steadfastly refused to join a cue?
What if you were late in contravention of a curfew?
What if many was just as important as few?
What if you preserved instead of opt to renew?

What if you declined pressing charges so as not to sue?
What if your commitment caused for bone and sinew?
What if the morning grass lacked a cover of dew?
What if blossoms withered rather than grew?

Would you be here reading this poem or praying on a pew?
Passed passing

Friends may come and friends may go,
weather changes and it may snow.
Paths traveled on are perhaps uneven,
yet true friends never stop believing
in each other and overlook imperfection
fortifying downcast mood in affection.
So taken for granted, yet so essential
is the gift of friendship quintessential.

There are days when the sky’s not clear.
Some days you’re missed more than others in year.
On occasion life is not as we’d like it to be,
but even as time passes you remain dear to me.
Dreamtime with inline rhyme

Make time to…

Dream about a person or team.
Survey a landscape or plan an escape.
Reform on issues forlorn.
Enjoy the small things life brings.
Be enterprising as well as compromising.
Take up challenges and aviod binges.
Make clear references though not in paranthesis.
Observe in hindsight what’s not evidently bright.
Take comfort in presence of those around you saying how do you do?
Define concepts as percepts.
To be target driven as ariven.
Communicate at any rate.
Increase and appease.
Be dynamic or mimic.
Swim in the waves exulting in freed slaves.
Diminish problems and lessen whims.
Examine influences and consequences as you’d do with mash and minces.
Pause for an hour to appreciate a simple flower.
Ride on the creset of a wave and feel brave.
Provide frameworks and overstep quirks.
Compare if you dare,
Repair without a care.
Ponder why not to squander.
Lessen despair by increasing repair.
Make an impact stating fact.
Observe without nerve.
Process transactions, not sanctions.
Invite a friend to fly a kite.
Be competent as evident.
Look past apparent different.
Point out issues tactfully that won’tcall for crying on tissues.
Respect over moderation adulation.
Begin to focus on more than just hokus pokus.
Emerge on the verge.
Promise returns and cool what burns.
Keep promises on premises.
Represent a present.
Try and exceed average leverage.
Increase volume staying in tune.
Analyse, that’s wise.
Rank not just a bank.
Grow in what you know.
Be successful and your life eventful.
Define then you’ll be fine.
Show concern of discern.
Overwhelm with your view like new.
Advance even if just in steps for a dance.
Strive from this moment onwards not for mere rewards.
Etch finer lines as lessen fines.
Continue to renew.
Achieve in that what you believe.
Further farther.
Boggle the mind and leave behind.
Do lots more and don’t be a bore.
Go everywhere beyong compare.
Estimate how to arbitrate.
Remit applications and omit inclinations.
Mushroom personal growth to betrothe.
Accept that you cannot always be the world’s biggest and richest except.
Value information foundation.
Differ a sliver.
Write all right.
Tell someone they’re beautiful being truthful.
Cheer up a sad person so as not their plight to worsen.
Pursue fundamental nature of changes as fate arranges.
Increase standards and decrease ignoratn words.
Come together like birds of a feather.
Be enthusiastic not sarcastic.
Access no less.
Follow suit in pursuit.
Practice your talents as it warrants.
Perform on a platform in good form.
Exercise compatibility sans irritability.
Be engulfed by hype and still enjoy tripe.
Approach to coach.
Give way every day.
Create your own freedom and not martyrdom.
Show interests in work and rests.
Respond instantaneously though blamelessly.
Make certainty of the uncertain opening closed curtain.
Associate with myth.
Assist rather than resist.
Ferret out information formation.
Specify why not to cry.
Deliver without a quiver.
Act accordingly whether you’re saving or on a spree.
Engage in orderly affairs for your heirs.
Provide a range of services instead of disservices.
Approximate before it’s too late.
State facts in support of statuesque artefacts.
Surf the net, just so you don’t forget.
Combine your thoughts with these of mine.
At time to feel forlorn and to reconstruct what’s torn

There’s a designated time in the universe for everything:

A time to limit, a time to expand.
A time to rise, time to lower and lend a hand.

A time to maintain, a time to abandon.
A time to develop, a time to rest at random.

A time to communicate, a time for silence.
A time to kiss your enemy, a time to concede wins.

A time to spite, a time to please.
A time for respite, a time to tease.

A time to process, a time to confess.
A time to do more. A time to do less.

A time to dominate. A time to captivate.
A time to plunge. A time to resurface straight.

A time to maximise. A time to minimise.
A time to diminish. A time to optimise.

A time to sacrifice. time to insist on rights.
A time to be selfish. A time to be concerned about plights.

A time to be big. A time to be small.
A time to care for a special one. A time to love all.

A time to add dimension. A time to simplify.
A time to advocate egalitarianism.
A time to exult.
A time to default.
A time to be accepting of imperfect humanism.

A time to enhance. A time to simplify.
A time to criticise. A time to dignify.

A time to produce. A time to use.
A time to relent. A time to refuse.

A time to demand. A time to give.
A time to die. a time to live.

A time to survive. A time to admit defeat.
A time to lie. A time to walk on your feet.

A time to compete. A time to not.
A time to remember. A time to concede you forgot.

A time to struggle. A time to champion.
A time ro organise. A time to allow a flexible condominium.

A time to be the same. A time to vary.
A time to progress. A time to tarry.

A time to invade. A time to pervade.
A time to brighten. A time to fade.

A time to question. A time to define.
A time to roughen. A time to refine.

A time to relocate. A time to stay.
A time to be persistent. A time to sway.

A time to provide. A time to consume.
A time to end. A time to resume.
When the time is rripe

When the time is ripe for certain things,
these’ll appear as blossoms in many springs.
Humanity sought to know such as mirth
as changeable events on this earth.

In passing dissidence
are stagnant illusions of permanence.
Fictional trips
occur as the world revolves around eclipse.

In present content
future strife came & went.
In artful purpose of setting time
wrongs & rights writes as rhyme.

Roses gathered in winter
are less likely than those of summer to wither.
In evening’s mean
is evident grace of day that’s been.

Yonder lies eternity throne
in passing yet another milestone.
is omnipresent in totality.

Environment change cannot be dissuaded
as many humbled unquiet dissuaded.
Time wasted in awaiting
fills memories with relating.

You instinctively know
where the dice will fall at throw.
Such is imagination
that it encourages participation.

Importance of every day’s wait
is a repetition that is seldom late.
Every day life celebrated in abundace
can serve times of remorse & trouble to influence.

The clock ticks away with temperance
uncovering shallow endurance of man’s perseverance.
Attachment to past
will seldom last.

Distance between this & that place
is measured as a solitary pace.
What will remain of seasons
is a myriad well-intentioned reasons.

In transient hour seek repentance
slowly towards penitance.
There is no escaping this troubled life
no more than a man plagued by a quarrelsome wife.

Beginnings concealed
opt at end to be revealed.
Procratination of journeying round circle
reliquishes forever opportunities unfound.
Anticipation provides hopeful days.

Boundless perspectives can be viewed in multiple ways.
Prediction of future weather
is as ostensible as an animal’s hide removed from leather.
No flower fragrance we know abides.

Earth eternally shows her various sides.
Stolen time passes anyway.
Change unwished for certainly results in dismay.
Time of finite nature
assists this fleeting world to mature.

Two puzzle pieces obsolete
placed together make puzzle complete.
Never again we see friends as they were,
as in growing old cares do deter.

One day at a time takes far too long
to call emerging matrix of melodious song.
In constant exchange
there’s no holding back change.

The conscious day achieves little
for those searching to belittle.
A gloriuos season will cover with mountains
what were previously sprouting intentions
lead by fountains.

At times memories gathered do disperse,
looking backwards few events elucidate verse.
In not doing things right
is lost opportunity as it might.

As we exist through God today
destiny continues relentlessly on her way.
Discarded gems hardly diminish in value
so do not fret if someone undervalues you.

Continue to dream,
though life’s as bad as it may seem.
Tempt fate until the day is done.
You have to endure shadow to appreciate the sun.

Fate may be cruel, but is also sublime
offering as present part of time.
Be it as it may

May the winds blow for you as a gentle breeze.
May the sun warm you by day when you pray on your knees.
May the rain prosper your harvest and refresh you too.
May the Good Lord guide you, bless you and protect you.
May the eleventh hour bring a miracle for you in discression.
May the circle complete to perfection in your direction.
May your guests find you in hospitable employment.
May your activities bring you entertainment, pleasure and enjoyment.
May God provide for you even during unemployment.
May the moon light your way after dark.
May your path be laden with flowers and a grassy park,
May your fears be relayed.
May you seldom if ever feel dismayed.
May your anxiety be appeased.
May your karma be pleased.
May any door be opened for you in affirmative.
May a cul-de-sac still offer an alternative.
May seed you plant flourish.
May your rights be respected to nourish.
May your waters flow smoothly in ability.
May the ocean’s waves treat you with tranquility.
May you remain humble even if king or nobility.
May narratives be of interest to you harmoniously.
May the music you listen to be met receptively as being melodiously.
May time prove to be ample and sufficient sans deletion.
May your stock never diminish to completion.
May your visions be remarkable and able.
May your secrets remain just that fable.
May your structures be stable.
May your games be victorious.
May you live for all eternity in God’s kingdom glorious.
All these blessings I wish for you.
And I pray to God above to grant you countless others too.
Angel @ heart: 100 wise sayings

The fact that people always want to get the last word in legit
does not mean that word is of any substantial merit.
The absolute truth may not necessarily be just that small.
Acessibility based on set criteria does not amount to accessibilty at all.
To go live elsewhere does not necessarily denote
a substantial change in circumstantial inferences of note.
Attributes of worth may on occasion be met with mirth.
Elements are as uncontrollable as man’s temper from birth.
Action necessitates thoughts inasmuch as observing converse
interpretation is both credible and incredible verse.
Time span immeasurable can be oft irrepairable controversy.
Well meant content can be misconstrued as fallacy.
The height of one’s career is not at the pinnacle of understanding,
but at the moment of realisation of other’s predicaments on landing.
Interviewing oneself seeks honesty deployed desertation.
Equivalent of positioning is pausing in intrepid motion as
motivational interpretation.
Media may or may not pose suitable medium that fails.
Submitting broad perspective is less preferable than omitting details.
Relations may prove to be less lasting than friendship occassions.
Methodology consists of methods, methodical considerations and hallucinations.
Target driven approaches are best geared at a specicfic audience.
Title entitles one to incredible credibility accordiance.
Width is inevitable as height is incredible.
What is in the background is equally important to what is ostensibly visible.
Machines can replace human function, but not thought process combined
with emotion.
Technology is more reliable than man as a whole, but still lacks a
soul devotion.
Blogs about frogs and dogs do not supersede those on gods and demagogs.
Borders are not there for division as much as setting boundaries blogs.
Model behaviour has resultant saviour objection.
Margins apart from being marginal has major function
of underlying without essentially trying at lying instances.
Padding is provided by insight into moral concequences.
Power can be obtained in various ways least not being prayer.
Exploring the depths of one’s conscious and subconscious there
can prove more productive than exploring the world per se.
Width sets parameters though lacking in depth by dimension today.
An opera appreciated is a worthwhile memory creation.
To browse the physical body arouses fantasy and relation.
Points to consider whither when met with undue unjust opposition.
Caffein stimulates the body, prayer stimulates disposition
of the spirit and philosiphy simulates both these elemental concepts.
Cascading waterfalls do not fall to their demise decepts,
but continue to flow as does human demeanour despite setbacks.
And is just as important word as or designating chosen tracks
that is a necessity essential to culminative addition passed.
Style only lasts for a while, though duration of virtues are unsurpassed.
Brevity of life whether now or in longevity
becomes insiginificant measured comparable to the great scheme of eternity.
LIfe whether colourful or bleak, exciting or oblique nonetheless
may at times not seems worth living, yet continues regardless.
Perseverance is poignant proving determination eventually succeeds all
odds at mayhem.
External flow symbolises emotions as we know them.
Property belongs to a person for a brief while
and is not proper in designating indefinite ownership style.
Various impersonations of concerns attract worms as compost do in
conserved habitats.
Printed matter enhances understanding just as much as the spoken word habits.
Rules not adhered to relays principles whilst inducing fears of disruption.
Selected attributed and those met with random disruption
seldom distribution prevents random transformation.
Specific validation improved relation.
Compliance is embedded in reliance.
Conversation is expressive of elation; participation is impressive in
recreation alliance.
Captivated captions expressed optionally can enhace and enchant
significant iota.
Formations of a sound foundation is essential to establishing quota.
The input of friends does not compare to that of foes in credibility.
To label a person is akin to assiging a season regardless of credibility
of changeable weather condition.
Opposition loads delirious acquisition.
Passing is an achievent that in passing could be deceivement.
Comparison of people distinguishes traits as judgement day awaits achievement.
Creation was not just at the beginning and continues relentlessly even
to today.
Dissection parts parts in part as partition in dismay.
Multiple interests are as good as commitment to one ability.
Fixed narratives contain elements of variability.
At the bottom is just what will return to the top in the turning wheel
of fortune.
Images are recreational images of creation perfection opportune.
Saving for a rainy day means depriving on a sunny day alert.
Also sheets though not indispensable bring comfort not overt.
Faults are merely acknowledgements of possible improvement.
A hand intact is as good as giving a hand in movement.
Watching occurences without seeing in observation blinds insight.
Noteable differences are essential in differentiation sight.
Joining hands in togetherness is only momentarily trust.
All things are fleeting as all eventually return to dust.
There is not one person that can completely be trusted detect,
not even oneself, as nobody’s perfect.
The very imperfections that are pondered on and deplored
are the very one that facilitates uniqueness explored.
Imperfections is essentially aspiriring originality to compete.
Learning process commences with realisation that knowledge is incomplete.
Meeting can temporarily enhance otherwise fleeting relations.
Auditioning for the stage of life is not a prerequisite for reservations.
To wait may imply implications of being too late fraction.
Procrastination detracts from immediate satisfation
though anticipation could justify such inactivity to conduct actual
actions momentarily.
Minimised actions mimics summary greatness summarily.
The world could be a much better place,
but would it really still inhabited by mere mortals of the human race?
Dismal coverage of same material pervades originality.
True greatness comes from within withering. ability
Making a concept simple promotes understanding.
Simplifying actions alludes to something that demotes comprehension
Your heart only belongs to you and no other
although you convince yourself differently to your brother.
Nobody holds the key to your heart,
but you and this should not arbitrarily be dispensed of in part.
Awesome and awful seems similar and indeed are discipline.
Substantinal doses of education can have the same effect as medicine
on precription,
in moderation, when required as enscryption.
Traits that are admirable are humility, compassion and without saying
Why the act of belittling others is a seeming prerequisite for degradation
in enhancing self image defies comprehension and is reprehensible.
None is as great as he who stoops to assist a lowlier being despicable.
Ascending is just as easy as descending in general patronised pattern boulders.
Lifting the spirits will incite a feeling of having a weight lifted
off shoulders.
Whether you laugh or cry, what is important is that you try.
Of siginificance is the right tone of voice not wry,
the right tone in melody amd being attoned with intonation askance.
Love literally has a myriad definitions of which most important is acceptance.
Reality is probably just a virtual fantasy compromised
by generally contributing to it’s own demise.
You can make each day a happy one by the loving things you do,
sharing hopes and dreams and making wishes come true.
Love denotes acceptance of imperfections doubles.
Strength is cultivated in handling troubles,
carrying heavy burdens, holding and witholding opinions through trials
when appropriate and a simple smile.