Serve Jesus
Serve Jesus in determination to remain obedient to His lease

In choices to make when time comes;

Act decisively in situations requiring trust becomes

Bringing about release.

Gather strength to make right decisions treatise;

Readily forgive device sums;

Use your time and energy in God’s service beating drums;

Obtain power beyond what is normal with ease.

God-given courage,

boldness and ingenuity

Make for practical observation.

Put forth your entourage

Of best efforts overcoming obscurity

Into integrity and assured elation.

Use thoughts and actions

that would be acceptable Christian transactions.
Good news

By respective good news

Pray to God for helpages.

Trust in Jesus to provide everything you really need in Hebrews

By viewing privileges.

Have strength to resist doing what is wrong or abnormal

and gather strength to do what is right.

God will provide power beyond what is normal

Obeying and trusting God will bring bright

happiness and many blessings defying explanation.

Be sincere when making an apology commensirate

accompanied by determination.

Neither avenge yourself not compensate

by comprising of compromising rightful principles:-

Remember beautiful and meaningful word participles.
Fear of God

The fear of God is associated providence

not only with wisdom, but with joy from above,

peace, prosperity, hope, love,

longevity, hope, trust and confidence.

Peace is more important than proving innocence

In who is right and who is wrongly cast.

Compare your smallness with the vast

starry heavens declaring the glory of God’s omnipotence.

Blessings come to those who favourably love

And respond to avengalising work with us.

Walk in God’s truth obsessed;

See reasonableness reflecting wisdom from above.

Rely wholeheartedly on Jesus;

Respectfully be receptively blessed
Fill your hearts

Fill your hearts with joy mine.

Make peace in judicial

Welcoming wisdom’s discipline

and accepting its humility is beneficial

as doing so leads to contentment, advance residual,

rejoicing, accomplishment and glory of livedom.

Sprout righteousness and praise gradual

In moving towards wisdom.

Before glory there is humility and temperance

With unique effect on mind and heart yards

As fear of God includes acceptance

and adherence of God’s moral standards.

The meek ones are blessed eached

By the good news that Jesus preached.
Effort to progress

Make an effort to progress pledge;

Be respectful of feelings .

Positive attitude helps gaining knowledge

and make spiritual progress kneelings.

Apologise and go in peace abod;

See the folly in becoming a lover of pleasures

rather than a lover of God

advocating pleasant, clean saying treasures.

Impress with honesty and good conduct in song.

The heart of the righteous meditates so as to answer yet;

Discern right from wrong.

Do not say something you will later regret.

Continue to comfort brokenhearted;

Make Jesus your God and do true worship once departed.
Direct experience

Direct experience of life

Make good decisions that enable your effort.

To stay on the path of life

Show appropriate words of hope and comfort

and works of faith and contentment on occasion.

Learn the secret of contentment and live by it;

Open way for further communication.

Genuine contentment is found in the fear of God lit;

Make good decisions that enable your whole

Soul to stay on the path of life.

Feel sorry for the lonely and poor and save soul;

Do not fret over barriers that may hinder your strife.

Teach proper values and abilities

Even with limited capabilities.
Look forward

Look forward to upholding God’s name in festivity

and sovereignity for all eternity afore.

Preach the good news on a scale never seen before;

Enjoy spiritual conversations and join in spiritual activity.

Eternal benefits exist in acceptance of Christianity;

Walk straight in the way of understanding

With thoughts and feelings really helping

To heed advice in permanence and brevity.

Cultivate such qualities as righteousness and loyalty;

Be content with less.

Have consideration for person;

Experience joy and living divinity.

Recognize power of Godness;

Be progressive instead if worsen.
Advice and opinions

Advice, opinions and controversies

Support Bible truths.

Jesus is the light of the world odecies;

Choose difficult puths.

Express sympathy to individual couths;

Follow and comply with council.

Know the truth and the truth will set you free sooths;

Improve spiritual.

Provide wellspring of reliable advice eventual;

Fulfill duties service of the true God ruse.

Start a wonderful new life that will last trustful;

Jesus anointed you to deliver good news.

Bring together all near and dear wise

As it is oft necessary to apologise.
One at a time at any one time

Platform for promise premise in platonic premises

Build a foundation for future success by oath
With resurgence in religion in certain areas.
You are the undeserving beneficiary of bountiful growth
That will clarify important issues.

With heartfelt sincerity receive God’s love wilfully:
Overwhelming evidence reflects overwhelming mediocrity
Remain blessed as narrow margin maintain monopoly.
Thus duty exists to deliver sobering message.

Consider crucial figurative proportional portions proportioning
Appropriated on account of taking account tracts.
Speak plainly and accomplish everything!
Recognise basic facts!

Doubt you will find anything more extraordinary seest
Extreme forms not being extremist seeking will of God unraw;
Neither the smallest letter nor the least
stroke of a pen will disappear from God’s Law.

until such time as all has been accomplished – understand issues:
Whoever proclaims and practices God’s goodness revisions
Have consequences of contributing factor dues
To recover from severe conditions.

Prepare proclaiming as surely salvation is coming resilience
Directed towards fulfilment of interest –
Eye-opening in-depth experience
Yielding pure pleasure of exciting attention and surprise best.

Reluctantly assign preferring alternative explanation sending
Ineluctable mystery surrounding origins of theory
Progressively associate until completion of pending ending!
Sometimes take with a grain of salt in all its glory.

Believe that the universe is governed by law set by Creation;
Respond to orderly change to effect improvement;
Be cautious and follow precaution:
Principle of introduction recognises candid movement.

Profer to prefer offering plain and practical advice
On possible and probable imaginary illusory illustrious illustration.
Be confident, defensive, defending and supportive vice
Achieving goals with accuration.

Take responsibility for own actions, elders and youths –
Crucial questions answered ironically question validity.
Find perspective and locate truths!
Pray for guidance navigating path over right course of originality.

Adapt concepts if you please
Pertaining to noble cause revisions.
You need to understand understanding the need to finally bring peace!
Strength of relationship will carry you through decisions.

Find abundant evidence of correlated existence odd;
Receive messianic promise that the earth will be blessed.
Reach out and reach up to God!
Be delivered by great miracles confessed.

Time and manner of observance
Do not inadvertenly leave out or omit allowance!
Simply seriously be aware of evidence and beware of sample providence
as you can believe the Bible being God’s inspired Word instance.

Make radical changes complicating platonic;
Learn and explore exciting timations.
Contain patriotic heroic, stoic, harmonic mnemonic
Thus building on foundations.

Use receptive moments for positive instruction purely
As fulfilment of promises;
Act lovingly, swiftly and surely
Fascinating participatory comparisons.

Knowledge, excitement and love surmise
Beyond today focus on vertical thought.
See the world through God’s eyes and you’ll be wise!
Grown more in spirituality and love unbought.

Receive God’s blessing full of hope;
Best explanation is simplest yen
Fulfilling role requires courage, perseverance and love tightrope –
This is marvellous to make a bad day good again.

Do God’s will and live unobsolete;
Plan for the future –
Join together for stability to completely complete;
Find the truth and one found find out more and practice the truthure.

Knowledge of matters and important issues
Mark authenticity embracing claim;
Insight eye opening wishes
Impact on future decision and plans same.

Dominant empires aspire for greater
than you can imagine and further than you can perceive!
Treat with greatest care appropriately more often than not, not forgot
or forsaker;
Challenge deceitful theories unbelieve.

Experience and memories can never be taken from your ripen.
Accept God’s Word by proclamation
and amazing things will happen.
Grant amazing creation duration foundation.

Set a goal to decipher awaiting fulfilment;
Welcome success few or any;
Consult with consent;
Be conscious of fulfilling enduring destiny.

Great motivators to turn around
Hear about ethic, knowledge, culture and art and listen absolutely
to every single person respectfully irrespective of differences sound
Viewing matters irresolutely.

Believe in ultimately choosing your own destinied obligation
To majestic future with peaceful days and sunny bays indeed,
Harbouring amazing impact on overall determination:
God speed indeed in times of need!

Similar situations indicate improvement –
Reconstruct allowance including minimal procession;
Lay the foundation and build to a finish with more effort meant
than a mere wish! Behold, the day of the Lord is coming intercession.

Follow your heart rather than your mind to arrive at spiritual truth!
Truly motivate compelling yourself to changes evolve;
Reasonably reason about reason together without as much as sooth
an unreasonable tether! Finally resolve.

Claim to explain through and through.
Divinely believe;
Maintain a positive attitude and seek God’s help to see you through.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life perceive.

Peaceful and glorious tomorrows arise –
Agree on the meaning of terms;
Compile ideas, keep what is essentially good and become wise;
Be kind in the passing of time earns.

Conquer with peace pervading the earthly devotion;
Show believing opposite takers;
Exclude hypothesis from emotion;
Learn from history and become peacemakers.

Believe in reconciling requirements and need.
Do not unjustly criticise as it is wrong to point out wrongs!
Building blocks to help succeed
Reflect change from the world’s songs.

God reigns in supremacy over His supreme legacy instance.
Have a proper understanding of Scriptures;
Explain important origins and prophetic significance.
Fill the world with love effectures.

Have spiritual observance and integrity surmised to be
summarily love and devotion. Improve your circumstances circumspect
and reduce your worries unburdening in prayer see –
Share everything with others and follow in formidable footstep.

Jesus says, love your enemies,
bless those who curse you,
do good to those who hate you and pray for these
who spitefully use you and persecute you

Dramatic trends affecting
your receptive respective perspective
indulge clearly in practiced lending.
Have a special love for each another irrespective.

Be as the Bible says of love ful:
not selfish or self-centred, kind, humble, forgiving,
not easily angered, respectful,
trusting, positive and hopeful living.

All true love ultimately comes from God who first loved.
Introduce to wide range of possibilities rest;
Live by the Word of God alcoved;
Establish absurd encirclement policy encompassing everything but interest.

Celebrate the life of Jesus Christ not lessening;
See not as are, but as could be inciting.
Pray for blessing;
Explore reuniting.

Be truly grateful to God true.
The key to making it happen is focusing on potential;
Let God’s Word hold a fascination for you;
Fold over issues essentially providential.

Maintain a balanced perspective quirks;
Emphasize completion from stem to flowers;
Bear testimony to the magnitude of Christ’s works
In goals absorbing message directed by thousands of hours.

Preach to gospel of peach holding the message to turn lives around;
Teach gratitudioudness;
Dwell in righteousness abound;
Transform the world in gloriousness.

Aim higher in goals and standards;
Praise the Lord’s blessing pool.
Have a sense of destination upwards –
Do not profess to be wise and show yourself to be a fool.

Adventure in best and hardest days of life;
Stand firm in wear;
Teach diligently when rising up rife;
The Bible provides perspective not found elsewhere.

Teach, train and nurture gifts and talents.
God cares more for you than you fully know right.
Create the best moral climate lents;
God is about love an light and spiritual delight.

Support each other and working together is essential issuance;
Seek God and His way of life’s college;
pray daily and read the Bible to discover meaningful pursuance.
Spiritually ground yourself in knowledge.

Platform of teamwork and respect once again successfully building;
Perpetually demonstrate literal enveloping.
Ignite imagination yielding;
Offer advice and suggestioning.

Process contribute to later success;
Address issue of personal growth.
Gain valuable insight less
You look for opportunity to develop yourself oath.

Remember to teach each other with integrated love together;
Increase opportunities.
Biggest joys in newest accomplishments tether;
Smile laugh steps missing iniquities.

Peace, tranquillity, mutual love, joy with each other, patience , respect
Build crucial principle;
Provide counsel for future work prior to making final decision detect
Well adjusted, happy, successful.

Follow God’s love as moral guide;
Process of gradually renouncing periodic problems and flaws.
Solve problems, absolve yourself from sin’s divide.
Godly morals come from God’s laws.

Unification dream become reality’s redress;
Prosper ensuring increasing
Appreciateion and enjoy true success
Of certainly idealistic though sential sentenial sentiments.

Common denominator for success changes
Regardless of good intentions truths’ notoriety.
Momentarily discuss in brief interactive exchanges
Recognise achievement, peace, liberty and prosperity.

Renew original promises simply in keeping with the times.
Originally promised inevitably albeit enviably becomes strategic;
Various settings and circumstances thoroughly dedicate chimes
Foretell general sphere representative of attendance analgesic.

Important secret key to human success understanding why you are here stayed
Implies never stop sharing.
Laws of attraction feature myriad swayed
Remain in charge whilst caring.

Hugely successful effort’s toy
With age and experience’s tremendous resources
that others can benefit from and enjoy
Powerfully seductive teaching courses.

Long term principles govern every dimension of life’s premises;
Consider claim that thoughts cause good.
Positive and encouraging promises
Create with each and every thought and mood.

Dwell in peace with multiple coexisting in close proximity.
Everything you can possibly imagine is yours.
You can’t succeed lest you understand God’s purpose in calamity;
God is dedicated to your success of course.

Create thought ways on unique path of joy in kind.
Create a sensation.
Understand God’s purpose for humankind;
Time is fulfilling destination.

God is always ready to help you.
Ultimately fulfil your needs and desires.
Love as God loves you;
Understand each other, sires.

Fully understand how profoundly influence life’s providence;
Nothing you do will be impossible for your tidings.
Try harder to excel, learn more rapidly, gain confidence
In aspirations for many good things.

Lavish attention and exert influence in tuition;
Help humankind immeasurably.
See massive potential being come into fruition;
Recommend intention for while of spiritual knowledge pleasurably.

Intriguing metaphor in prophecy:
World comes to prophetic crossroads.
God’s message delivered efficacy
thus bring people to repentance forebodes.
A salutation to salvation

The verses in the Bible says
The Son of God came to save in holiness.
Surrender you will to that of Jesus Christ
As it is the will of God that Heaven heist.

It is God’s will that you be saved
By Him who provided a way and thus a path paved
For appropriation of salvation
And sacrificial belief involving meditation.

Believe in good.
Simply believe thus understood.
Stand in God’s relationship
And join God’s kinship.

Repent and believe
So as your intellect and emotions in Godly will retrievel
Behold, the Lord is knocking on your door:
Through His name make right forevermore!
Well on your way

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
For by Him all things were created on heaven and on earth.
May you be blessed by the Lord in His girth
who made heaven and earth.

God said, let Us make man in Our image,
according to our likeness
and let them have dominion arrange
over all the earthliness.

The name of Jesus is wonderful,
councellor, mighty God higher than trees,
everlasting Father bountiful,
Prince of Peace.

We have been sanctified by the offering
of the body of Jesus Christ for once and for all;
Having been sanctified by His blood awakening,
you will be saved of wrath through Him herewithall.

For God so loved the world as He cherish
that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish,
but have everlasting life through One.

He has delivered us from the power of dark oblivion
and transferred us into the kingdom
through the Son of His love in whom we have redemption.
Whenever you are afraid you can trust in the Lord’s martyrdom.

Because Jesus continues forever, He is able to save
to the uttermost those who come to God through Him shod
since He ever lives to make intercession in pleading for their paths’ pave –
Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life with God.

There is not salvation in any other for these is no other name wiser
under heaven than that of Jesus by which men van be saved.
Besides the Lord there is no Saviour.
It is Christ who came that they may have life knaved.

We have redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ
and forgiveness of sins ephemereal.
Because Jesus lives so you will live also heist.
You must have the Spirit of Christ to be raised to life eternal.

Christ in you, the hope of glory inciting
Makes sure that the Spirit of Christ
lives in you by inviting
Him into your heart to heist

And Jesus will take you up in His arms’ forgive
lay His hands upon you and bless you.
No matter who you are or where you live,
Jesus loves you and died for you.

Show your love for Jesus by obeying His might
If you love Jesus, keep His commandments.
Come to God through Jesus Christ.
For there is one God and one mediator ammendments

between God and men, the man Christ Jesus to a fore –
If you confess your sins: He is faithful sprout
and just to forgive you your sins. Repent therefore
and be converted that your sins may be blotted out.

Confess your sins to Jesus and He will relieve you, your burdens taked.
He who covers his sins will nor prosper,
but he whoever confessed and forsaked
them shall be granted mercy proper.

If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Holy Bread
and believe in your heart braved
that God has raised Him from the dead
you will be saved.

For by grace you have been saved through faithful quirks –
it is the gift of God at most;
not of works,
lest anyone should boast

Only you can open the door of your heart unblocks
and invite Jesus to come in.
Behold, Jesus stands at the door and knocks.
If anyone hears His voice and opens the door to a new begin,

He will come to him too;
Thank Jesus for all the good things in life.
Praise Him for things He has done for you
and for saving your soul when times were rife.

Pray for any need you have in Jesus name.
If you ask anything according to His will he hears you.
Whatever you ask the father in Jesus’ name
will be given unto you.

Pray for one another as tradition;
Pray for those who spitefully use and prosecute you.
A prayer Jesus taught His disciples, rhyming rendition
Our Father which art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name by our brethren.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
On earth,

As it is in heaven’s girth.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts or,
As we forgive our debtor,

And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil gratification:
For thine is the kingdom, and the power,
And the glory for ever and each hour.

Whatever you ask you will receive from His might,
because you keep His commandments from end to start
and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,

with all your soul and with all your mind.
That is the first and great command of spiritual wealth
And the second is like it, though behind,
you shall love your neighbour as yourself.

Now abide faith, hope, love, these three,
but the greatest of these is love even when greeting adieu.
Tell your friends what great things the Lord has done for you and me
and how He has shown compassion towards you.

By your fruits your will be known:
The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy and peace too,
long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,
self-control on your own.
If you forgive men their trespasses your heavenly father will also forgive you.

Trust in Jesus Christ and He will put your name in the Book of Life.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life wise.
No one comes to the father except through His trife
God will wipe every tear from your eyes;

there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying too;
and there shall be no more pain for the former things have passed away.
Behold for He who sits on the throne makes all things new.
Jesus has gone to prepare a home for all who believe in Him as it may.

Let not your heart be troubled by any feature;
you believe in God, believe also in Jesus that where He is you may be also.
Go into the world and teach the gospel to every creature.
He who wins souls is wiser than a doe.

God will never leave nor forsake your adage
For God shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.
Jesus is with you always even to the end of the age.
When you are a darkness the Lord will be a light to your dismays.

Call to the Lord and you will be answered clearing shrouds;
Watch and pray for you do not know when the time is.
Behold as He is coming with the clouds
and every eye will see His timelessness.
Non-reversed reverential rhymes based on Bibliical verses

Will all this ever end?
Who will the flocks tend?
Who will the shirt mend?
Who will God send?

The meek will possess the earth and find an abundance of peace.
People will be able to live forever in perfect peace and happiness.
God will wipe every tear from eyes sees.
God purposed for humans to have a marvellous future splendidness.

God saw everything He had made and it was very good without flaws.
God is your God who teaches you to benefit yourself a trife.
Free will should be continuously used in the right way to obey God’s laws.
Only God’s rulership can bring peace, happiness, perfect health and
everlasting life.

The upright will reside in the earth God precides over
and the blameless will be left over in its sway.
Take in knowledge of the only true God dover
As this world is passing away,

But the will of God remains to stay.
A treasure trove from God’s Word of love in rhyme time

Will all this ever end?
Who will the flocks tend?
Who will the shirt mend?
Who will God send?

The meek will possess the earth and find an abundance of peace.
People will be able to live forever in perfect peace and happiness.
God will wipe every tear from eyes sees.
God purposed for humans to have a marvellous future splendidness.

God saw everything He had made and it was very good without flaws.
God is your God who teaches you to benefit yourself a trife.
Free will should be continuously used in the right way to obey God’s laws.
Only God’s rulership can bring peace, happiness, perfect health and
everlasting life.

The upright will reside in the earth God precides over
and the blameless will be left over in its sway.
Take in knowledge of the only true God dover
As this world is passing away,

But the will of God remains to stay.
Repentance remittance

Increase your love for God and draw close to His love;
Blessed be God and the Lord Jesus Christ
God’s Word comes from above
and is very helpful to hearts that seek right.

God’s mercy is great above the heaven sent
and His truth reaches to the clouds in endlessness;
God is the giver of every good gift and perfect present
God’s mercies are new ever morning in His great faithfulness.

Repent and invite the Lord Jesus Christ to dwell in your heart’s layer;
Whoever so desires let him take the water of life freely,
Come to know how to approach God in prayer;
Come to the Lord all who are burdened really

and heavenly laden and you will be given rest and made whole.
Believe in all your heart in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul
And with all your mind and he will make your broken heart whole this hour.

In times of trouble you will experience God’s help in part;
The Lord will manifest Himself to you and impart
His own joy and peace to the believer’s heart.
Harmonise your life with the standards set out in the Biblical heart.

Enjoy wonderful fellowship with the Lord’s grandour.
God will give you everlasting life devoid of resentment.
Surrender to Jesus your Saviour and Lord in all His splendour.
The Bible contains truth truths that give enlightment.

God demonstrates His own love towards us even if we pretend;
Be liberated by Bible knowledge’s effort.
God loves you to the end;
Teaching of the resurrection gives comfort.

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son
that whosoever believeth in Him may not perish,
but may have everlasting life won
Follow the Godly principles and in the Bible cherish

that show how to live in a way that brings physical benefits.
The Lord loves you with an everlasting love in trible
and draws loving kindness unto you as befits.
Apply God’s councel found in the Bible.

Great is the mystery of godliness cout;
Promote happiness and self-respect.
God is full of love and truth;
Apply God’s Word uncirucumspect.

Confess that Jesus is the Son of God and God will abide by you;
Be a happier person.
The Holy Spirit will come upon you
and the power of God will overshadow you even is situations may worsen.

Find inner peace and contentment and give hope as a lamb’s fleece;
Jesus is wonderful, councelor, mighty Godly passion,
everlasting father, prince of peace.
Cultivate such appealing qualities as compassion,

joy, love, peace, kindness and faith sublime;
Hear Jesus, God’s beloved Son in who He is well pleased.
You are in the stream of time;
Jesus is the resurrection and the life eased,

no one comes to the father except through Jesus’ girth;
Prophecies show that God will transform the earth into paradise
By Him all things were created that are in Heaven and on earth,
visible and invisible devise.

It is best to progressively begin with basic teachings paved;
God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ sooths;
Jesus is the door and anyone who enters by Him will be saved
As you continue you will be better able to take in solid truths.

Jesus is able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him.
Understand scriptural references;
Obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ from Bethlehem –
You are in Christ Jesus who gives you righteousness,

sanctification and redemption bright.
Give thanks to the Father who has qualified your cove
to be partakers of the saints in the light:
God has deliver you into the kingdom of the Son of His love.

The son of man came to seek and save those who have been lost – delight!
Walk in love as Christ has loved you and given Himself to you;
Walk in the light as God is in the light
and have fellowship with one another anew.

Rejoice in God through Jesus Christ waved
through whom you have received reconciliation;
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved –
Your faith is the victory that has overcome the world by Salvation.

The work of God is that you believe in Him who he sent same.
Believe that Jesus is Christ, the Son of God in verses
that believing you will also live in His name;
Have treasure in Heaven and follow Jesus.

Whatever a man sows he will also reap;
He who practices righteousness is righteous just as God is righteous again;
Jesus is declared to be the Son of God with power keep
according to the Spirit of holiness by resurrection.

Behold, Jesus lives and is alive forevermore;
The Lord watches over everything sensed and feeled;
there is no creature hidden from His sight of yore-
Nothing is secret that will not be revealed.

God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble;
The Son of Man will send out his angels as per His Word;
The righteous will go into eternal life singing from mumble;
Love has been perfected in us for as He is so we are in this world.

So then each of you will give account of Himself to God’s furore :-
Know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in deliverance
that though rich for out sakes became poor,
that you may acquire a wealth of spiritual abundance.

The free gift of God in the gift of grace
by the Son Jesus Christ abounded to many;
Grace abounds much more by preface
than a thousand score than any

so that grace may reign through righteousness into
eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord who won’t let you fall;
Give witness to the resurrection of Christ Jesus in who
You remain and great grace be upon you all.
Trust in the Lord

Deal with experiences, instinctively yearning for certainty.
God’s true message is one of love for all eternity.
God pours a great amount of good into your life to bask.
God knows what you want before you ask.

You are God’s beloved child with whom he is well pleased.
You may imagine yourself being able to think yourself eased
into health, happiness and prosperity believing.
If you open your hands in giving surely they are open for receiving.

God’s love can fulfil your life in a wonderful way
as He holds the key to a kingdom for you today.
You have a choice whether to enter that door to right and good.
If you believe the Holy Spirit fills your heart as it should.

Cleansing yourself of guilt releases you.
What are you giving of yourself too?
Despite worldly poverty in essence you own God’s kingdom
given unto you by Him who so loved you His own

that he sent His only begotten son into the world for you not heedlessly.
You can use joy, health and abundance of all good fearlessly.
It is in accepting and giving love that you find happiness.
Maybe uncaring people have hurt your feelings in the past carelessness,

maybe you feel guilty about having done untowards,
something you may have regretted afterwards,
maybe you feel that you have been wronged premise,
or unfairly treated, maybe you feel that an injustice

has been committed towards you, maybe…
maybe you can leave all this in the hands of God to be–
let God take justice, come into the Lord, unto He
and all you who are burdened are set free.

Do not let hypocrites put you off making you feel
that you are doing them a favour accepting God’s mercy for real–
that decision is yours and yours alone.
Ultimately highest good will come about in your life by grace of God’s throne..
Raise your consciousness, raise your expectations

To be alive is to have love and peace finded.
You do not have to be spiritually minded.
You do not have to be the best Christian abod.
These are God’s gifts to you. In times of trouble, think about God.

When you have problems, think about God.
When you need love, wisdom and truth, think about God.
For what is God other than love, wisdom and truth?
In essence, yet so much more sooth.

People judge unfairly, but God lets not these things pass
without noticing as God is everywhere, surpass
having created all things as little as the petal of a floral train.
You need love to flourish as surely as the flower needs rain.

Yes people may have disappointed your verses,
but oh what a friend you have in Jesus.
You may feel those who you cared for have let you down,
that no-one appreciates your efforts or notices your frown,

that you can never turn back the clock
to regain a moment of thoughtless action amock
that you may regret until your dying days ever,
you may feel: forgive yes, but forget never,

but, oh, what a friend you have in Jesus.
Never mind those who feel they are better than you versus.
Because they sit on church benches on a Sunday
idly praying for you who don’t and thanking God in dismay

that they are not like you, poor sinner,
pity these people for they are deluding themselves to be a winner
as you too are God’s dearly loved creation lurch
and whether you attend church

for fear of being judged by hypocrites
or sitting in the pub and saying God bless you incites
thus conveying the message of God who you know
where good church folks fear to go,

God loves you too and has a plan with your life to begin
unbeknown to you for having placed you in the situation you are in
and facing the circumstances you do now in furore.
Things will not get better only in the future

when you have made peace with the Lord –
things will get better for you right now unbored
as you are reading this as maybe unwittingly
the Lord is already at peace with you non-ommittingly

and will not let you fall or abscond
or test you beyond
what will be and befit
to your ultimate benefit.
Everything you wish for

Faith may not move mountains every time you wish for it,
as if that as the case what a changed place this world would beit.
But it sure helps to no end.
Don’t be discouraged, dear friend.

You may ask yourself what is the purpose of your existence in giving.
What is your reason for living?
What do you have to live for?
Just know that God is there and whatever you wish for

will be granted to you in prayer and hymn
maybe just not quite the way you intended, all in good time.
God created a captive for your heart that dreaded society’s instincts away –
ponder on these words than came to me upon waking morning day –

how would you interpret them in your life for a start?
The Holy Spirit willingly takes up residence in your heart
and can be kept there by faith,
so also a person you love can be said as being captivated by your sayeth.

Society instinctively wishes to categorise.
Yet God stretches out his hands many wise.
It does not mean because a person once took a course of action
that person should be categorised accordingly for the rest of earthly
days fraction

and furthermore that if a person decides to accept God obediently
that that person should let go of everything immediately
as then who will yeast the bread of life, who will work the fields?
A gradual transition may yield greater dividends with not preaching yields

but maybe a casual remark in conversation on accord
that could lead your friend to the Lord,
thus passing on God’s wondrous kingdom.
Be the silver lining of the clouds random.

of disillusionment and disappointment
you see overshadow enlightment
other’s lives with might.
Be a shining star in your own right.
Trust advice

Trust me when I tell you that as much as you advise people in mind
on grounds of mistakes you’ve made you will find
those ill advised to insist on making their own mistakes.
Why? What to do? What gives and takes?

Remember, you can only advise a person, ahem.
You cannot live their lives for them.
Advise, but make allowance for mistakes on reflection.
And still love unconditionally as love is seeing beauty even in imperfection.

But more so love yourself as God loves you, as it were,
remembering to not only love your neighbour
but to love your neighbour as you love yourself?
For how can you love your fellow men if you do not love yourself?

And that, my dear friend, is easier said than done.
However, do not be discouraged, dear friend one.
You are God’s perfect creation through whom His light shines
to appoint the rest of His earthy creation divine

that we as humans have been appointed over.
Come to the Lord in all things and thank God for a clover
in anticipation for spiritual blessings heeds
as well as providing for your physical and material needs.

Believe and you will receive!
Inconsequential consequences
You may feel that you do not understand your situation
and the way forward seems obscure arbitration
deprived of light at the end of the tunnel.
Relax. Feel God’s blessings pouring over you in a funnel.

Breathe a sigh of relief. Say a silent prayer.
It has been granted, since where you are, so God is there.
Place your hands in God’s hands.
You may feel nobody understands,

that people are using you or may have taken from you
what is rightfully yours or may have made excessive demands on you.
God commands what is right and sees to you and over you stumbles,
His creation. God will lead you through these times of troubles.

Trust in the Lord to open the way for your rites
as he had opened up the sea for the Israelites.
God’s hand will lead you and hold you from falling to rust
along a path of faith as in Him you trust.

You have a choice to turn your world from a winter of sorrow and gloom
as seasons change to the light of God’s love loom
into a spring of radiant joy-filled transformation.
Love others regardless of appearances’ fascination.

Some may be old, but that’s ok.
Some may be fat, but that’s ok.
Some may be ugly, but that’s ok.
These are all measured by man’s standards away

though in God’s eyes all of creation is perfect as God willed endlessly.
Do not fear heedlessly and needlessly;
there is no need for paranoia and ungrounded fear.
So what if the worst happens, you hear?

Indeed, when things are at their worst they can only get better.
Picture for a moment your greatest fear fretter
and what would happen had that occurred?
Would that really be so bad after all? Possibly, by word.

Yet, bear in mind that God will lead you in good stead
through whatever lays ahead.
God will lead you over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
God will work his way around problems you encounter in particles.

As gold is refined so you will become too.
As coal has the capacity to become a diamond so you have too.
As a caterpillar eventually can turn into a butterfly so you can have voidable.
Accept that transitional difficulties are unavoidable

and do not complicate your life unnecessarily with
clouds of worries and doubt adrift
for on the horizon is God’s rainbow after the storm,
the promise of good things to come in pending morn.

Open yourself up to loving
where you may have built a wall around your living
after being hurt in the past and let go of that invisible boundary.
Let go of your doubts you’ve been holding onto so steadfastly

and fall into God’s grace and you will be fine eternally.
You are perpetually aspiring as perpetually
as the seasons signify that always after winter comes spring’s sphere
so with inevitable change having brought you here

and remembering God is near the consequences of God’s grace
is an indeciperably higher new beginning as ace.
Bless you as you accept
God’s gifts bestowed on you; recept.
Experience God in you
You feel that you do not understand your situation
and the way forward may require even more obscure participation.
In time you will face fear as you have done in past protocol
of matters beyond your control

such as anger, envy, unfair judgement, hostility, violence,
corruption in many other instance.
Leave these matters in these hands through which God will guide you, you see
as with plain sailing through a rough sea.

You may have experiences deep trouble.
You may feel anguish. Hand all your difficulties to God on the double.
Do it now. There now, ready, steady.
Isn’t that a weight off your shoulders already?

You may feel why have others succeeded when you have not?
Why hasn’t the sky fallen down yet on those who have wronged you and forgot?
Why are your enemies prospering?
Why is life so unfair and withering?

You may be asking yourself, why me, God?
Why is everyone picking on you, you poor sod?
Why are you being made the scapegoat for others wrongdoings?
Why do you have to take sole responsibility cooings

for things no going quite as they should suppose?
Why do so-called friends so readily rub your nose
into what they have and you Don’t, but would?
Remember, God encompasses all good

and will give you all blessings in due course
as He rightfully should, of course.
Life is full of surprises install,
some great some small,

so what would be left in beginnings
if you receive all your blessings
at once but through God herewithall
you have gained all.
Be a part of God’s kingdom

Conscious restoration of the self is unnecessary
as you feel isolated from church going believers who vary.
Faith is as simple as a conscious decision to allow God true
into your life with the freedom of will he has given YOU.

Having been created in God’s image
you are an expression of God’s love pilgrimage
as fondly as a painting may be viewed by an artist wild
or a book considered by an author or a sandcastle built by a child.

God leads you into righteousness,
confirming God’s infinite love for you healing your broken heart and
where your dreams have been dashed, your aspirations have clashed
and your inspiration has gnashed.

As friendship endures even in absence floundaries
as love known no boundaries,
as a connection can remain with those never seen again,
so God cares for you and for all men.

Accept God’s promise with no exceptions by your brow.
God is working in your life right now.
God’s grace can never be depleted plentiness.
Free yourself by practicing forgiveness.

Liberate yourself from feelings of anger and resentment.
Acknowledge the good in others and overlook mistakes and shortcomings lament.
Aspire to build a treasure in heaven by leading others to the Lord you know
wherever you may go.
From anger to a manger

Live your life for God in your thoughts, feelings, words and work observance.
Your greatest influence is not inasmuch preaching to an audience
as simple interaction with others and acceptance rather than condemnation.
There’s no need to fear, to be paranoid or to experience anxiety in examination.

You may be angry with your circumstances or feel blue;
You may feel bad about what others have done to you,
taken from you, accused you of, cast you as a stereotype of,
indeed you may feel the whole world is against you scoff

and who knows you may even be right,
but rather than expanding energy on disillusionment with all your might
and discouragement look not outwards,
but upwards to God; not around you, towards,

but inside you to find the Holy Spirit in your heart.
For if God is with you who could be against you, sweetheart?
And even if people are against you they will sadly come to realise befriended
that their ill wishes for you can never go as far as they would have intended

knowing God is with you and knows your despair as so His Son was killed
yet was without sin, all for your redemption so God willed
and for any other person even those who have wronged you with wits
willing to accept His grace and even hypocrites

who feel compelled to judge you as they feel akin
God’s church is only for those without sin –
pity these as heaven straddles all boundaries and sentiments of joy imeptions
in forgiveness and acceptance could be shrouded by such misconceptions.
Live trusting

Live your life trusting unto the Lord Almighty from above.
Inspire others as you are warmed by God’s love
thus fulfilling God’s purpose in your life by trace.
Recognise God as He fills your life with His miracles and grace.

For to God belongs the kingdom, the power, the glory,
the majesty and the victory inasmuch as in history
He has bestowed these gifts onto you His kin
having appointed man to rule over His kingdom.

The earth does not belong
to certain people and not those who do wrong,
through right of ownership or revelation,
but to all God’s creation.

You have been created in God’s likeness in whole not part
in spirit, mind, body and heart.
God’s omnipresence envelopes you
whilst God’s omnipotence empowers you.

Accept blessed moments in your life and be blessedly
leading others to Christ not forcefully,
but with a kind deed or a gentle word or girth
as the gentle rain penetrated a more willing earth

more than hacking away at it sleek;
also turning the other cheek
when faced with aggression
knowing people act the way they do in oppression,

because they may have been hurt in the past
so if they are projecting anger unto you it won’t last;
this is merely a cry for help that will go unheeded
if you project the same anger back rather than providing what’s needed.

Instead endeavour to brighten the lives of others as Moses in the reeds
with thoughtful words and deeds.
Your health may leave little to be desired
and you may be suffering from physical ailments feeling tired.

Your body is of this world,
but your spirit surpasses illnesses
so trust in the Lord asking for Him to grant you merciful being
and release you from your suffering.

The last thing you feel like doing may be to smile.
If you come across a person that is depressed by a mile
the worst thing you can do is to tell that person to cheer up
for such denotes inconsideration to a cherub.

Rather share with how God has touched your life in instances
under similar circumstances.
We are all human and therefore falable
so being honest about your shortcomings is preferable.

This will not make you any of a lesser person
as more respect is to be gained for the person
that respects another despite their shortcomings
than looking down on and belittling the next person’s belongings.

Rather try and help the next person up with an encouraging word’s sun.
God’s gift of grace to you will not lessen any more if passed on.
Blessings to you will not increase by envy nor diminish by giving and
good deeds;
in all things be spiritually enlightened this letting God’s light
shine through your needs.

May the rest of your life be the best.
Pointers to a better life by being prepared for inevitability

These pointers will hold you in good stead
as throughout the coming year you tread:
Have peace in the knowledge of God’s divination.
Picture a peaceful kingdom in your imagination.

God delights in loving kindness, judgement and righteousness.
Become acquainted with the marvels of creation and consciousness.
Spiritually transform yourself with love heist.
Accept the glorified Christ.

As righteous you are raised to everlasting life like evaporating dew.
Allow the Lord to heal you.
As a human being you are important in God’s eyes.
Realise God’s purpose in your life tries.

Personally and directly communicate with God seeking clues.
Honour basic values.
Don not display bias against the downtrodden,
Do not unnecessarily use violent words shodden.

Base your convictions on Christianity.
Do not treat people more like objects than like human beings in profanity.
Do not dismay your friends, but observe.
Accord people the prestige they deserve.

Do not belittle whatever it takes.
Do not spitefully point out mistakes.
Do not do mischief for various reasons.
Believe in the sanctity of being made in the image of God in aoo seasons.

Do not provoke causing discouragement.
Influence with a driving force disparagement.
Do not unfavourably compare through a trellis.
Be zealous, not jealous.

Do good to all in unity.
Respect Christianity.
Bless others notwithstanding networth.
Recognize freedom, opportunity and human worth.

Have confidence to take a risk.
Face daunting challenges brisk.
Trust Christ to reign over mankind with nobility.
Practice perfect righteousness, mercy and humility.

Be ambitious from strangers to residence.
Be advantageous in realizing self-confidence.
Surpass power, be empowered by your Saviour.
Engage in constructive behaviour.

Advance quickly in appearances.
Regard preferences.
Be reminded of cooperation perceived.
Be truly thankful for what you have repeatedly received.

Increase ties that matter to wits.
Do just about anything you want within limits.
Support ideas net.
Admit defeat.

Increase potential.
Do not be resentful.
Do not be vengeful.
Increase opportunities plentiful.

Secure freedom beyond the curtain.
Look forward to the future, however uncertain.
Feel good about yourself.
Focus on gathering heavenly blessings rather than material wealth.

Do not be caught by foolish and harmful desires.
Do not be dragged down ires.
Keep the good times rolling.
Hope for the best strolling.

Receive indicative authority rhymes.
Harbour hope even in troubled times.
Remember that God will not forget you, waif and knafe!
Develop a strong faith.

Be knowledgeable of minor & specific detail ignoring insubordinance.
Provide clear evidence.
Be moved by compassion.
Heal the sick with passion.

Redeem your life to decency.
Show loving kindness and tender mercy.
Seek understanding and find faith moderate.
Be considerate.

Present pertinent facts.
Be righteous before God and present tracts.
Be blameless in the commandments and ordinances of the Lord.
Be remarkable in faith on your own accord.

Describe service.
Do not make claim without evidence.
Emphasise God’s miracle working power.
Know that nothing is impossible through God every hour.

Instill order and efficiency.
Be like the shepherds watching over their flocks with proficiency.
Do not be afraid for Christ is with you to guide you and me.
Purify completely.

Complete projects with foresight.
Embody the sun whist being a shining star in your own right.
Realize that longer travels requiring reservations
do not necessarily lead to better destinations.

Behold with joy.
Show concern coy.
Display determination.
Celebrate ceremonies with participation.

Prepare for circumstances when these occur.
Observe events demur.
Do not give yourself to negative tendencies,
but negate positive traits and leniencies.

Adhere importance to fascination at best.
Imply patient endurance in interest.
Avoid temperamentality.
Think before acting with impulsivity.

Let go of inner anger regarding the past.
Display a positive attitude and attributes last.
Neither spitefully retaliate nor seek revenge.
Teach mercy and forgiveness arrange.

Expressing love can be done by extending a helping hand winful.
Do not be self-centred and sinful.
Be motivated by love, respect, kindness and compassion.
Come to repentance with permission.

Hope for good divination.
Pray for salvation.
Don’t do nothing!
Do not stir up anger in anything.

Show tenderness, mercy, kindness and forgiveness undesperate.
Be patient and continue to be lead by God’s Spirit.
Make social changes contributing to reigning of justice and peace.
Conform to principles and confirm beliefs as you please.

Restore God’s kingdom beyond words.
Lift up spirits, not swords.
Endure in peace and harmony solicitice.
Yearn for faith and earn justice.

Be filled with knowledge of the Lord as the waters filling the sea.
Have an intention of restoring as far as and beyond what you see.
Realize that and equitable system may not be enforced by might.
Profoundly conclude what is right.

Have peace in the knowledge of God’s invitation.
Picture a peaceful kingdom in your imagination.
God delights in loving kindness, judgement and righteousness elation.
Become acquainted with the marvels of creation.

Spiritually transform yourself with love.
Accept the glorified Christ’s trove.
As righteous you are raised to everlasting life’s glorious hue.
Allow the Lord to heal you for true.

As a human being you are important in God’s eyes.
Realise God’s purpose in your life in regards and goodbyes.
Personally and directly communicate with God anews.
Honour basic values.

Don not display bias against the downtrodden,
Do not unnecessarily use violent words shodden.
Base your convictions on Christianity.
Do not treat people more like objects than like human being’s profanity.

Do not dismay your friends with a swerve.
Accord people the prestige they deserve.
Do not belittle as your faith shakes.
Do not spitefully point out mistakes.

Do not do mischief for various a reason.
Believe in the sanctity of being made in the image of God unheathen.
Do not provoke causing discouragement.
Influence with a driving force disparagement..

Do not unfavourably compare.
Be zealous, not jealous and care.
Do good to all.
Respect Christianity however small.

Bless one another.
Recognize freedom, opportunity and human worth discover.
Have confidence to take a risk. Face daunting challenges.
Trust Christ to reign over mankind. by mileages.

Practice perfect righteousness, mercy and humility.
Be ambitious omitting fragility.
Be advantageous in realizing self-confidence.
Surpass power unto deliverance.

Engage in constructive behaviour.
Advance quickly. towards your Saviour.
Regard preferences.
Be reminded of cooperation in past and present tenses.

Be truly thankful for what you have repeatedly received.
Increase ties that matter perceived.
Do just about anything you want within limits.
Support ideas by bits.

Admit defeat.
Increase potential neat.
Do not be resentful.
Do not be vengeful.

Increase opportunities.
Secure freedom, unsecure iniquities.
Look forward to the future, however uncertain in itself.
Feel good about yourself.

Focus on gathering heavenly blessings rather than material wealth.
Do not be caught by foolish and desires harmful to health.
Do not be dragged down strolling.
Keep the good times rolling.

Hope for the best be you pauper or sorority.
Receive indicative authority.
Harbour hope even in troubled times.
Remember that God will not forget your chimes.

Develop a strong faith believing God’s tale.
Be knowledgeable of minor and specific detail.
Provide clear evidence.
Be moved by compassion to deliverance.

Heal the sick; lessen strife.
Redeem your life.
Show loving kindness and tender mercy.
Seek understanding and find faith warming you like a jersey.

Be considerate creating pacts.
Present pertinent facts.
Be righteous before God aboard.
Be blameless in the commandments and ordinances of the Lord.

Be remarkable in faith’s evidences.
Describe services.
Do not make claim without evidence.
Emphasise God’s miracle working powerful providence.

Know that nothing is impossible through God’s leniencey.
Instill order and efficiency.
Be like the shepherds watching over their flocks at night provide.
Do not be afraid for Christ is with you to guide.

Purify completely
Complete projects indiscreetly.
Embody the sun whist being a shining star in your own right.
Realize that longer travels do not necessarily lead to better flight.

God-given destinations, ahoy –
Behold with joy!
Show concern,
Display determination as you learn.

Celebrate ceremonies as it were.
Prepare for circumstances when these occur.
Observe events. Do not give yourself to negative tendencies waits,
but negate positive traits!

Adhere importance to fascination.
Imply patient endurance in interest creation.
Avoid temperamentality.
Think before acting with impulsivity.

Let go of inner anger regarding the past distributes.
Display a positive attitude and attributes.
Neither spitefully retaliate nor seek revengefulness.
Teach mercy and forgiveness.

Expressing love can be done by extending a helping hand.
Do not be self-centred and sinful, understand.
Be motivated by love, respect, kindness and compassion.
Come to repentance advising against oppression.

Hope for good for all nation.
Pray for salvation.
Don’t do nothing, don’t fear danger.
Do not stir up anger.

Show tenderness, mercy, kindness and forgiveness.
Be patient and continue to be lead by God’s Spiritideness.
Make social changes contributing to reigning of justice and peace.
Conform to principles and confirm beliefs without cease.

Restore God’s kingdom abiding to His words.
Lift up spirits, not swords.
Endure in peace and harmony.
Yearn for faith and earn justice accordingly.

Be filled with knowledge of the Lord as the waters filling the sea.
Have an intention of restoring and be free.
An equitable system may neither be enforced by might nor magnitude.
Realize that and then profoundly conclude.
What God does for you and what you can do

God requires you drawing Him close in prayer.
Cope with problems and find happiness beyond compare.
Worship God as He gave us life.
Be mindful of the glory of God even in strife.

Jesus taught us the truth about God’s deity.
Maintain integrity.
God performed miracles above many church steelpe.
Feel pity for and help suffering people.

You rightfully belong to God, as you probably knew.
Avoid sinful practices that will harm you.
Uphold God’s sovereignity wise.
Live forever with God in paradise.

Do what God requires of same.
Sanctify God’s name.
Be faithful even when downtrod.
Speak humbly in prayer to God.

Do not be selfish try what may.
Prove that you mean what you say.
Please God with more than mere emblems.
Encourage solving minor problems.

Struggle against tendencies to do wrong notwithstood.
Do not mislead into falsehood.
Speak the truth regardless of mood.
Love what is good.

Do not purposefully do what is bad.
Rely on God’s help in prayer when sad.
Celebrate God’s presence in your life.
Abandon what is not pleasing to God rife.

Realize that you owe your life to God without flaw.
Do not break God’s law.
Do not consider yourself to be better than others trife.
Live by the Bible in everyday life.

Take the lead.
Provide comfort and guidance in times of trouble or need.
Be kind and patient.
Find joy in helping.

Do the things that God requires of you.
Take time and effort to get to know people and God.
Have a purpose in life’s stealth.
Do not compensate for deficiencies by accumulating health.

Care for the earth.
Draw persons closer to you and God to ease emotional pain to mirth.
Firmly resolve differences to a brighter foliage.
Search for the depths of God’s wisdom and knowledge.

Cultivate understsanding tall.
Work towards what is good for all.
Let your relationship with Christ be more
than just a passing incident in your life tenscore.

Command observance of the Lord’s commands.
Appropriately observe work’s reprimands.
Perform miracles as many as grains of sands.
Join hands.

Realize significance of words’ rendition.
Be in a healthy spiritual condition.
Know that you are anointed by the Spirit.
Be aware that you have heavenly hope inherit.

Be compelled by your conscience subtractions.
to stop partaking in undesirable actions.
Make wise decisions, oh do.
Accept God’s good gifts for you.

Transform responsibility into balanced behaviour.
Develop appreciation for your Saviour.
Desire to please God, don’t lurk.
Be equipped for every good work.

Do not follow the crowd just for the sake of visibility.
Teach good habits and a keen sense of responsibility.
Your success depends on how you have molded our heart’s residuals.
Do not be alienated by God by wrongfully well meaning individuals.

Aim to be greater and aspire to be perfect in spiritual wealth.
Do not compete with others than yourself.
Follow the worship of God as would a homing bird.
Heed God’s voice spoken through the written word.

Share the message about God who does not relinquish.
Neither create confusion nor anguish.
Promote Scripture.
Do not object to what Jesus has to tell you with rapture.

Be true, useful and justly spared.
Be prepared.
Do not do gross misrepresentation as an endeavour.
Have hope to live forever.

Relish joy and lasting happiness.
Be worthy practicing trustworthiness.
Do not allow bad practices to happen in oblivion.
Start being interested in religion.

Have a positive effect without being overly demanding.
Be understanding.
With faith, determination and integrity earn admiration.
Engage in chaste conduct without intimidation.

Do not dissolve relations for trivial reasons.
Express appreciation in all seasons.
Be surprised and allow yourself fascination given.
Live in hope knowing your sins have been forgiven.

Go in peace exercising faith in everlasting life’s appearances.
Share love and enjoyable experiences.
Define commitment, just.
Create a bond of trust.

Develop life-long friendships to heaven’s gates.
Encourage your mates.
Express positive feeling.
Make time for others unreeling.

Seek advice and resolve issues afore you depart.
Hear the good news about Jesus and take it to hear-t.
Understand Scriptures and that the Word was God self.
Gain understanding and insight rather than wealth.

Encourage and build confidence.
Accept salvation as a gift from God’s providence.
Help others to be saved off a ridge.
Acquire accurate Biblical knowledge.

Respect moral standards.
Endeavour to better your personality and moral standards.
Do not be a forgetful hearer, but do God’s good work without lessening.
Act wholeheartedly leading to blessing.

Make provision for forgiveness.
Arrange to manage crises.
Restore your relationship with God’s present and past participles.
Avoid immorality and adhere to principles.

God holds the key to understanding yules.
Apply Scriptural rules.
Devote yourself to God in encumbrance.
Eliminate problems with God granted endurance.

Faith, obedience and loyalty will triumph in obedience to God.
Enlarge and improve your expression of faith to God.
Exalt in Jesus.
Jesus listens to your prayers within reasons.

Do not commit injustices. Appreciate contentment.
Be grateful that God is willing to forgive and forget lament.
Show the beautiful qualities distilled;
superior thoughts and wonder God has instilled.

Realize that wrongdoings damage relationship by turnings.
Do things free from murmurings.
Replace discontent with gratitude.
Do not allow a tendency to complain be an unchecked sptitude.

Faith in Jesus enables you to have a clear conscience.
Do not harbour resentment whilst in reminiscence.
Develop fine qualities with propensity.
Retain faith in times of advertisy.

Put up with another and forgive one another freely.
Show compassion and forgiveness really.
Rather than capture attention rescue faith’s ransom.
Win hearts and save souls for God’s Kingdom.

God will grant you the priveledges you so earnestly desire.
Wholly serve the Holy God so as to perspire.
Work hard to control persistent weaknesses.
Do not allow yourself to become disgruntled friendlessness.

Develop your relationship with God by worship.
Endure hardship.
Find and revanquish vanished joy in celebrating salvation.
If your past sin distresses you remember Jesus forgives in divination.

God sees your plight and hears your prayers.
Where people let you down God lifts you up stairs.
Show loving kindness and affection.
Although calamities are many God delivers protection.

Do not reflect a brazen or contemptuous attitude.
Do not engage in loose conduct’s magnitude.
It is nor for man to judge yourself.
but this comes unto the Lord Himself.

There are no conditions for God’s mercy
other than acceptance of His graceful courtesy.
Search for enlightenment as much as elation.
Do not follow misleading information.

Work according to God’s purpose understood.
Proceed to do good.
Believe in inspired expression.
Share Biblical teachings by confession.

Attend congregations if possible.
Practice caution where reprehensible.
Do not use harsh words or imitation
that cause pain and worsen a situation.

Let your words be beneficial
like a gentle rain the soaks the ground superficial.
Do not let your anger be like a torrent
that sweeps away all in its path sent.

Do not just listen to what you want to hear with confidence.
Welcome attendance.
Protect guidance.
Show outstanding eagerness on every occasional remittance.

Make an impact increasing residuals.
Deal fairly with individuals.
Dedicate your life to God’s omnipotence.
Take pleasure in God’s presence.

Bear in mind that the stone
that the builders have rejected from the throne
became the corner stone.
Make a personal dedication to God and God alone.

Lead your heart unto the Lord.
Serve God by submitting to His will sharper than two sided sword.
Accept God today without delay on your own accord.
Be righteous. Life is a gift from God on a clean spate and record.

Care about a stranger.
Show concern for well being as would He who was in manger.
Be grateful for efforts however small.
God a friend to all wants to be your friend and’ll never let you fall.

Be true to you

You have a friend in God and are richly blessed.
God teaches you how to be happy and secure, not stressed.
God is far more powerful than you knew.
We need to listen to what God has told us to do.

God will support you in times of trouble too.
God will help you and encourage you.
God’s friends do what is pleasing to Him.
To be pleasing to God you must learn the right way to worship Him.

God’s Word contains the truth as God never lies.
God has great power and is wise.
God is not only loving, but generous, thoughtful and kind.
Do good things for one another keeping God in mind.

Live according to the righteous ways of God.
Love and respect one another as peas in a pod.
Do not commit injustices, oppression, guilt or hatred by days.
Live united in harmony with God’s righteous ways.

Do not love pleasure rather than God whose here.
Know that the kingdom of God is near.
Be a good person who always tries hard to do God’s will.
Change your ways and become God’s friend still.

Do not hurt people or be given to pretends.
God also created angels who are your heavenly friends
Whosoever want to learn about God’s truth
Should worship God in harmony with truth.

Allow God to guide your life and solve your problem.
Learn more about Jesus from Bethlehem.
Practice what you preach.
God cures the sick, even if not within reach.

Do not look down on those who are poor or downtrodden brothers.
Talk about God to others.
Share the good news about God’s kingdom with others.
Respect the Bible and have love among yourselves that covers.

Use and honour God’s name as you may.
Practice the true religion on earth today.
Friends should have love amongst themselves from above.
God is a God of love.

God and His angels are powerful trends.
God is eager to show His strength on behalf of His friends.
Love your enemies and pray for those prosecuting you.
Avoid doing bad things that displease God anew.

Be a friend who can be admired and respected.
Be good and upright, not dejected.
Walk in God’s path set above.
Go on walking in love.

Be helpful to others without irk.
Do with your hands what is good work.
Be physically and morally clean in rightfulness.
Cleanse yourself to perfect holiness.

Treat others with love and respect applaud.
Continue loving one another as love is from God.
Render to all their dues.
Talk with and listen to your friends in soft hues.

Do not gossip idly, but say good things about your friends to others there.
Persevere in prayer.
Be inspired by the Scripture that is inspired by God’s stances.
By reproving and setting matters straight comes improving circumstances.

Walk with wise people and become wise despite quirks.
Consider one another to incite love and fine works.
Encourage one another hither.
Give as you have justly resolved in your heart as God loves a cheerful giver.

Base friendship on love, as ye know.
As your love for God grows, your desire to serve Him will also grow.
Observe God’s commandments as these are not a burdensome plan.
Listen to God’s teaching so as not to be like the man

who foolishly built his house on sand.
Do God’s will as this will show that you as a disciple of Jesus stand.
Whatever you do, work it at it wholeheartedly as to God and not to men.
What ever work you do, no matter how lowly, take pride in it again.

Raise your eyes to the Lord and raise your expectations.
Take effort to make and keep a friend without necessitating invitations.
Become and remain a friend of God and be richly blessed.
Enjoy freedom from hopelessness and marvellous freedom in God unoppressed.

Open your hand and satisfy your desire for God wanted.
Everlasting life will be granted
to you as a precious gift in worship
for seeking God’s friendship.

If you do not have time to do and learn
all the things you want now or for yearn
you will have all the time in the world
having the gift of everlasting life unfurled

and all unbeknown to you will be revealed to you in God’s own time.
With everlasting life you will come to know sublime
the talents of God’s friends and recognise their fine qualities
so you will be their friends too with deities.

Do not judge by outward appearances as these may be deceiving.
Seek the true beauty within believing
and seek fine qualities in a person
below a less than favourable exterior win

as these are what are of importance too
and every person though seemingly lesser is superior to you
in some way regardless of how small or have some knowledge or insight
and in this way you can learn from them and thus take delight.

Love your friends and they will love you with mirth.
In eternity you will have time to befriend everyone on earth,
not only living now but also from past and future generations.
Furthermore with the gift of everlasting life fluctuations.

Your love for God and friendship will grow stronger as the centuries pass.
Hope, don’t mope

You may be concerned about catastrophic consequences
of climate changes on the environment’s encumbrances.
The reason for changes are attributable as natural phenomena on earth last.
Consider that the earth has undergone substantial fluctuations in the past.

Factors vary significantly under human influence permissible.
Simulations enable experiments in ways otherwise thought nigh on impossible.
Recognise that prospects are potentially probable rather than just
wishful thinking.
Address root causes and consequences while retaining hope unsinking.

Set mandatory limits of precise present models at core.
Allow maturity to rise to the fore.
Spiritual problems call for spiritual solutions to see.
Fill the earth with the knowledge of God as the waters covering the sea.

The Spirit of God settling down on you is one of wisdom and understanding,
counsel of mightiness and knowledge notwithstanding.
Take in the knowledge that leads to everlasting life appeasing.
God has arranged all things on this earth in an aesthetically pleasing

and precise manner from the greatest to the smallest elements in elation
and beings in all of creation.
Understand signs that convey needs.
Even a plant can calculate the amount of nutrient feeds

to obtain from the soil – how much greater are you in kindness
to who God has subjected creation too having been made in His likeness?
Produce an abundance quietly, cleanly and beautifully.
To be sure your enormous potential is simply amazing truthfully.

Spread a message of compassion and love.
Serve as intermediaries as would a dove.
Undisputedly observe immediate effects sance regress.
Become a model of enacted progress.

Appeal with activities in each and every region.
Express you will based on religion.
Even the forces of nature are no match for the magnitude of love’s courages.
Express heartfelt gratitude for privileges.

God will open for you the floodgates of the heavens
and pour upon you immeasurable blessings.
Encourage by displaying love and affection.
God will solve your problems without objection.

Do not become overwhelmed by the task that lays before you.
Remain joyful and willing in a sustaining experience true.
Work with faith and reliance touching hearts to receive.
God will enable you to accomplish what you want to achieve

and bless you beyond words surreal.
Be pleasing to God and give thought to how your actions may make God feel.
Give God the credit and worship due to Him.
Learn to pray so as to be heard by God in hymn.

Understand God’s qualities and requirements undowntrod.
Have a true understanding of God and a close relationship with God.
Learn how refreshing and liberating Biblical truths really are.
You will benefit from learning the truth about God by far.

Knowledge of God can only make you a better person.
Promote awareness even should circumstances worsen.
Respond well and perform when needed.
Understand the moral responsibility that God has imposed on you, pleaded.

Invent incredibly amazing support systems fine.
Present evidence of design.
Accept no for an answer – respect another’s wishes and opinions.
Control wrong desires and resist temptations.

Do not let craving for acceptance becked
or yearning for forging identity left unchecked.
Train your conscience as you would a compass
to make wise decisions and resist a pull to pass

as of those of a magnet to distort your moral judgement in objections.
Identify temptations, determine likelihood and take actions.
Control your urges rather than have your urges control you in defeat.
Great love for people should be evident in everyone you meet.

Share the Bible’s comforting message with all who will hear.
Prove to be righteous without fear.
Speak a thousand proverbs.
Know the truth in matters such as God unperturbs.

God is interested in mankind and is not far off from each of us.
God teaches you more than the beasts on the earth cus
and makes you wiser than the flying creatures of the heavens.
The instinctive wisdom of birds though impressive brethrens

does not surpass that of humans, thus you as a human strengthens
are even wiser than the flying creatures of the heavens.
Appropriately examine the wisdom of God in creations
and your faith in His ability to provide sound guidance

will appropriately grow, yet you may not fathom the universe knew
with its billions of stars, yet God uses His great power to sustain you
and expects you to do according to and to abide by His will.
Acknowledge the power that you receive from God still.

Hope in God and trust in the Lord and you will regain power,
mounting up with wings like eagles above the highest tower.
Desire to do God’s Holy Work and He will give you His Holy Spirit
to help sustain you – just ask for it.

With God on your side you can endure any trial
and gain strength to do what is right and regain a smile.
Lavish love and attention.
Heed the urge to act in a loving, altruistic manner’s mention.

He that does not love does not know God as God is love.
Display noble qualities that reflect the yearning in your heart to give love.
Love will motivate overlooking failures and focus on the issues at hand.
Set a time to discuss issues as for everything there is and appointed time band.

Follow thought with your promises unreeling.
Do nor presume that you know what another is thinking or feeling.
Endeavour to understand another’s feelings and thoughts on matters in songs.
Be flexible and reasonable as there are no absolute rights and wrongs,

but merely differences in opinion and various ways of solving problems stelp.
Solve problems and accomplish much good by praying for help.
Love one another as God has loved you.
Make informed choices, please do.

Mirror the Word of God in your deeds and actions.
Be conscious of spiritual needs and reactions.
More accurately convey expression of affections.
Present ideas accurately and with understandable protections.

Communicate the correct sense of word desired.
You deserve nothing less than the message that God inspired.
Be moved by others as empathy creates valuable insight.
Empathy attracts, therefore comprehend circumstances in plight.

God is compassionate and understands you more than you’ll ever know.
Be a true companion and provide comfort during distressing times though.
Be a perfect reflection of God in whose likeness you were created.
Listen carefully and remain elated.

Practice self control and determination that’s not crude.
Comfort comes not only from your words, but from your attitude.
Vent your feelings by communicating openly and honestly without lament.
Allow your companions expressions without interruption or judgement.

Exchange encouragement and depend on prayer voices.
Promote communication and become aware of choices.
Become a source of comfort that others can draw upon.
Prove yourself to be a true companion in times of distress to rely on.

Be righteous in the eyes of God.
Help whoever has no helper or is downtrod.
Be as perfumed oils various
Being permeating and precious.
Make each day count

The Bible sheds light on aspects.
The bible reveals a glorious prospect God respects
has promised of a resurrection courtesy.
Please God in His mercy.

Present truths revealed by God.
Render sacred service to God.
React favourably once and again.
Your faith will not be in vain.

Be strengthened by the wonderful prospect
of God’s love and wisdom with no defect.
Sustain a close relationship with God bearing strong faith as it were.
Call and God will answer.

Value counsel from God just and true.
Keep integrity and look forward to what God has to offer you.
Delight in sharing God’s Work sance imperviousness with imperiousness.
Gain and restore life in righteousness.

Do not fail to thank God for his loving kindness therwithall.
Realise that time and unforeseen circumstances befall all.
Do not muse about life’s injustices same.
As God is love exalt His name.

There is a marvellous prospect in you being called by God to share
with Jesus in God’s heavenly kingdom.
Be prepared to give all for God’s kingdom.
Take steps that require courage towards Him.

Be sincerely interested in plights and offer condolences wise.
Although you cannot undo wrongs you can apologise.
Be strengthened by God’s Spirit to endure ordeals; do not feel
downcast by trials.
Take pleasure in difficulty knowing God grants strength-walk as a wise whiles.
Present you at present

I present you with a good wishes bouquet
to wish happiness for you every day.
May thinking of all the joy you shared
Bring happiness, knowing someone cared.

May you receive blessings from the heavens above
As well as consolation by finding love.
I wish your prayers are answered suitably fine,
Than you may have good health in wine and dine.

I wish you success today and throughout the year
And all the best of good things that you hold dear;
A little present rewarded as wonderful as you,
Adventures and good life under clearest skies of blue.

I wish you friendly greetings as liberty partakes
In recognizing good and evil competing at the stakes,
Also good luck in new beginnings as congratulations
And wisdom in capturing moments regardless of decisions.

I wish you a special day for every hour, every season
And peace and goodwill even for no apparent reason;
Good fortune, honour, faith and favourable returns,
Best turns in developments and no resentment mourns.

I wish in greetings ‘d be good to hear from you,
Sailing with providence heeded by the ablest crew;
Sweetness and cookies as sentimental reminder,
Fulfilled promises and unrivalled expectations kinder.

I wish you good company and opportunity for solitude,
Fortuitous decision making & bright understanding of good;
Preservation of power, perseverance though difficult,
Candlelit nights and sun-dried flowers to fragrance your quilt.

I also wish you good times, decorating, fulfilling, achieving
Being successful though in minority not ceasing believing;
Opportunities for your dreams, truth and continued success,
And a smile upon your face reflecting much happiness.

I wish that you may be welcomed wherever you may go
And in many golden days not be met with opposition’s throe;
Warm reminders of many a special occasion,
Quiet when needed, gratification, satisfaction and a standing ovation.

I wish you wisdom more pageable than a library,
Special expectations in releasing expectations through indications to
the contrary,
Great ideas, lavish gifts, overjoyed abundance and fun,
A rainbow for every cloud and after every storm, a pleasant sun.

I wish you a good morning, good day and good night,
Success and a long life and candid bravery eliminating fright,
I wish you a gentleman, a lady, a receptive church, good leisure,
Lit fires and added delights and discovery of surprises to treasure.
Thoughts for consolation through trying times

Find joy in pain,
remembering sun shines after rain.

Fear not even the stormy night,
Knowing you’ve a friend though not in sight.

No friend you know is perfect so
Forgive and forget, discard arrow&bow.

Friends are not friends who never fail,
But never tire of listening to repetitive tale.

If you feel in pain and your heart’s been wounded again
Would it be difficult in fleeting joy a smile to feign?

Take courage:
The night passes as morning comes,
New flowers blossom where a bee hums.

If you’re living in fear,
Please know that I’m near.

You can trust in me
Like a dependable mountain,
May friendship replenish you
Like an eternal fountain.

You may feel tired,
You may feel sad,
Remember my cell’s wired
& life ain’t all that bad.

You may fear failures,
Or experienced rejection,
Calling in vein lures,
Don’t worry, few’s perfection.

For the tears you’ve flooded aspie,
For the light that has left your eye,
May your spirit exult in upward motion
As you experience relief and elation.

Bless you; be happy at work and at play,
Light dispels darkness,
Mercifully faith confess,
Brings more wisdom from day to day.

Time brings relief,
Much like sunshine after rain.
Indeed there is a time for crying,
Yet also to be happy again.

If you feel abandoned and alone,
If you feel sick&despondent please phone.

The sun always rises again,
Please accept my sympathy to alleviate your pain.

Friendship can make for a golden day,
Togetherness can make more sunny a bay;
However sad you may feel, I wish you a good day.
Hope is a rainbow over clouded horizon today.

May peace unfathomable descend on you
So that you find pleasure where once you were blue.

May my words pacify your dreary mood,
Abandoning desolate thinking in reminder of good.

When storms surround,
Blessings still abound.

Come sorrow and sadness,
Hurt and pain,
Friendship brings gladness
As every cloud brings rain.

The joy in friendship says I’m sorry
To watching, waiting and ridding worry.

Your soul may be weary at this time,
Landscapes may seem shadowed devoid of hope;
Oh, would it serve any purpose of worth was one dime
Adding to failures not trying to pitifully mope?

Please accept my condolences through this trying time.
Trust in the Lord as people do fail as do hope sometime.

Dear friend,
Your heart may feel cold
With noone on whom to depend.
May this here serve your broken heart to mend.

Do you feel like you’re drowning in deep despair?
Please know that I’m there & my friend, I do care.

Keep your spiritual light shining bright
Over a world otherwise devoid of light.
Try with all your might to alleviate plight
By being a star in someone else’s night.

You may have tried to call
And feel abandoned by all.
Feel free to phone me herewithall
To discuss your problems, however small.

Have peace and rest
Knowing God knows best.

Ends of pervading weeks arrive,
Bringing rest&peace, you’re still alive.
Winds even got to rest, as then do waves;
Conquer with might destiny as it paves.

You do not know every hour,
Nor have you sampled every flower.
You perhaps have not found love
& have been evaded by blessings from above.
You query meeting & forget greeting,
Yet you exist in this time, however fleeting.

You’ve tired while there’s a storm around you.
You’ve grown weary as troubles surround you.
You’re almost home, you’ve almost reached your destiny
For not without reasons are trials on this part of eternity.

Your long suffering sadness exists.
Joyful peace longingly desists.
Merciful happiness is amiss.
Take comfort, you’ll soon have bliss.

You appear small
In a world encompassing all,
Wondering what path to follow
To escape the sleepy hollow.
This is the only life you have on this earth
With your choice being whether to behold sorrow or mirth.

Not now, but one day,
You’ll discover the purpose of every tear.
You’ll comprehend, though not today
Why your very existence has brought u here.

One day you will meet again:
Trust in God and thus enspire your brethren
To not look down on another,
But rather take pity treating all as brother.