Expected questions with unexpected answers
Why would the earth travel round the sun?
A planet moves in orbit from day one.
Where is sand found?
Wherever rocks have been exposed to weather on ground.
How do plants in the soil grow?
There are elements conducive just so you know.
What could a cloud be?
Condensed water vapour, if not a tree.
What’s a hurricane’s eye?
Very low centre pressure region, I spy.
What would you say are caverns?
Big caves hollowed out of limestone tested as taverns.
And what’s satire?
Making literary fun at amongst others attire.
I’m still puzzled why corn has silk.
For the plant to produce seeds while you drink milk.
So what’s magma?
Liquid undreground rock dogma.
Still wondering how fast does the earth move?
As perihelion 18.8 miles per sec to get in the groove.
Stars were formed how?
A huge ball of bright, hot gases anyhow.
Can sound travel through water?
Yes, travelling per second more than one and quarter.
mmm why does cactus have spines?
These prevent loss of water due to lines.
What’s gases?
Tiny particles move more freely than jello & molasses.
How’s a banana tree grown?
Plant pieces of rootstock in holes to make yer own.
What’s olive oil?
Olive oil’s from olives, so what’s tinfoil??
Do the other planets move like the earth?
They do and have even prior to your birth.
Where d’ grass seeds come from?
Grassed reproduce my means of scattered seed prom.
How did the cave men make tools?
With hammer stone as they were no fools.
When did plants appear on earth?
More than two millions years ago’ll astound mirth.
How far is a star?
Four and a half light years, that’s far.
Why’s there on life on the moon?
There’s no atmosphere to have people ov’r to tea & spoon.
What’s the highest mountain?
Mount Everest (and d’ya know what fountain?)
How do mushrooms grow?
They’re fungi rising above ground below.
Why’s the earth’s centre hot?
There’s radioactive heat in the core, so why ever not?
How groweth trees?
Roots absorb minerals and its flowers attract bees.
How’s copper obtained?
It’s found in nature even when it rained.
How much does the atmosphere weigh?
About 5171000000000000 ton, as much now as yesterday.
Why do pine trees stay green all year?
Waxy coating prevents evaporation, never to fear.
What’s a weed?
Unwanted plants you may not need.
Why’s earth gravity different from space?
Away from earth’s gravitational field: better to race.
What makes a beautiful sunset?
The particles spread light reflected not to forget.
Why does water evaporate?
Since liquid exposed to air becomes gas, ain’t ‘t great?
Do hyenas really laugh?
No, not even at it’s old friend giraffe.
What’s an eel?
Elongated fish so smooth to feel.
Why does baby kangaroo stay in the pouch?
This marsupial doesn’t want to step on mom’s toe, ouch.
Why do birds sing?
To attract a mate of for anything.
How does a caterpillar spin a cocoon?
With threads of sticky fluid hardened afore noon.
Why can’t the ostrich fly?
‘Cause it’s too big and couldn’t should it try.
How can fish smell things?
With their nose to sniff out thingamajings.
Do all fish lays eggs?
Most do, others wish they had legs.
How can flies walk upside down?
On padded sticky claws sees you smile instead of frown.
Do insects have a heart?
They do that ache when you depart.
What’s a vulture?
A large bird of prey in nature.
How do owls hunt?
With talons and jaws that aren’t blunt.
How do bats use radar?
It navigates by sending bouncing signals from afar.
Do polar bears hibernate?
Since it’s cold to hibernate’s simply great.
Do fish ever sleep?
They do rest, but do not bother with eyelids to peep.
How did hippopotamus get it’s name?
It means river horse and is nice for a game.
Why do bees dance?
To get other bees to gather nectar & music given chance.
How do jellyfish reproduce?
With patterned reproductive organs & no jello refuse.
Can animals communicate?
In a variety of ways from early to late.
When did reptiles first appear?
About 300 million years ago, not citing precise year.
What were first fish?
Jawless fish and even tuna fish is a lovely dish.
Why do peacocks have fancy tails?
Males try to convince they’re more handsome than snails.
How does snail get shell?
It’s a mollusk skeleton, if all’s well.
Where are blue whales found?
In seas the world over, though not on the ground.
Why do cats have whiskers, hey?
To help the cat hunt or play.
Why are dolphins intelligent?
They understand what humans meant& respond like a gent.
How do parrots talk?
They imitate Pretty Polly, also Jack and the Beanstalk.
Still time stood still

Time stood between dreams and present psalm
to exercise control over destiny’s belief system.
Unique destination of fascinating realm
exists in present knowledge doctrine.

Summers imagine centuriesof vindication anon
whilst future pervading attracts similar souring.
Observe changing natural phenomenon
of desires entangled in cycles that endeavour devouring.

Realisation of reality appears as destiny
considering conclusion to wounded location.
Structures touches spiritual humanity
in theology, philosophy and psychology realisation.

Abolish banishment of blisfulness existence
as by simple comparison remains the soul.
Practical sparks literally opaque resistance
encountered in discovering sources of advanced whole.

Dimension searches historical principles sought
in sleep forgetting beautiful mystic distress.
Providence of ignorance has mysterious relationships taught
in temporary wealth jubilation as lamentation tress.

Misery controls fortune entity
as attaining goodness bestows benediction.
Floating compassion has attachment to sanctity
of fruit, flowers, roots and trees indiction.

Favourable breezes in the distance appeared
as remembrance of forgetfulness shining.
Promote brilliant illumination thus steered
to illusory associations painting glimmering.

Illusion of intellect is possible and probable
as is pure liberation of transcendental sanctities.
Beginning of astrology is relection on portable
subconcious memory of unconscious fantasy entities.

Higher state of conscience and consciousness
consoles liberty of liberation succession.
Bliss of time and space in eternal viciousness
in evolution is revolution against perfect interest in opression.
Circumstantial tail

Remember: circumstances don’t make you.
You make your circumstantial instant.
Your environment doesn’t control you.
You control your environment.

If people belittle you, they are projecting
their own insecurities onto you by compares.
If people mind your own business, your electing
is of more interest than theirs.

If you are scared of something, see what could be
effective means for the situation to be remedy meant.
If you feel people are cruel to see,
allow them to be so, to their own detriment.

If possible, set an example worth following.
If not, realize nobody’s perfect
and making mistakes allows you willowing
the advantage of experience prefect.

You can’t always have what you want, lowly,
but you can want what you have, tenscore.
Bear in mind the wheel of fortune turns slowly,
but it turns and that wisdom is worth more

than wealth and integrity more than vanity
and empathy more than apathy
and caring more than callous vicinity.
What will be will be regardless of empathy

so don’t waste your present
regretting the past
and fretting over the future unsent.
Nobody, but nobody, least, nor last,

can determine or dictate to you by far
what you feel or think,
no less change the person you are.
You will live to see your enemies sink

or come to a fall.
Forgive them for berateness.
Then still stoop to help them up to stand tall.
Now that’s true greatness.

I don’t bother sharing words of wisdom
with those who take me for a jokind disidence,
but do with you, as you are now in poem kingdom
‘cause your reading was not mere coincidence.
The nature of nature, unusually demure

Regional hibernation sufficiently does conditions further
as worlds generally develop into common prey, latent,
except remaining somewhat herbivorous in ferver
as several discomforts stagnate to predominantly lesser extent.

Species usually display marginated display of destination
warm, before relatively undoubted, though seldom proposed.
Regions adaptions to aquatic of endangered population
has protection of a species gregarious, similarly supposed.

Particularly internally distinguish between usual frequency chimes,
being sensitive to sufficiently regard widely characteristic believe,
characteristically adapting specimen’s illusions, however, sometimes
as conditions aggressive do maximum confrontation leave.

So surfaces suffice to say an extremely aggressive extinct greeting
that remains landed a necessary, though a somewhat distortion of proportion,
as temporarily territorial withdrawn royal region plunges meeting,
staging approximately solitary transparent ground distortion.

Although protrusions of terratorial ventures in crevice turn to ember,
species’ territory usually encounter wingspan wish-
a phenomenon different in differential expanding of member,
congregating related ingenious indigenous cho i-fish.

Familiar certain nocturnal nestlings require an extent remote,
as sheltered intervals of wooded comparison of both sexes cause frustration,
considerably threatening larger-longer, however taking solace in fishing boat
that secretes secret common experience of magnificent algae migration.

Magnificent metamorphosis obtains grasshoppers that incubate group
of approximately daytime leaves, flower & fruit, while pretty flamingo sways
differently, yet differentially in reason in small, powerful, peaceful & friendly scoop,
although subtropical easily nowadays is said to be noways.

Distinguished reasons average appearance and disappearance of notoriety,
in active doctrine of predominant species remaining in region
of mate-animation that is of terrestrial – water release – leaves variety,
offering ornately omniverous environmenthat is something legion.
Pieously pitiful

Everybody triumphantly underline perplexity;
Give passionately of beautifully intertwined mind.
Time has personality of dignity and respect for complexity;
Sometimes hesitation confirms, whereupon remind.

Glance efficiency, regardless of deficient pretend;
Modest defiance has alliance with equal.
Hope glistening can to impressionist extend;
Preconception welcomes affection despite affliction sequel.

Challenge expression vicariously & gregariously in approach;
Unique element is fragment of landscape.
Artistic entitlement approaches reproach;
Discovery eradicated ironical contempt of happiness in escape.

Temple brutally combines dazzling tradition;
Landscape vigorous is richly glowing.
Visit soft enthralling contemporary rendition;
Forest intriguing in integrity is still understanding overflowing.

Odyssey divides distance, both mysterious nefarious;
Difficulty exudes honestly, yet hesitatingly.
Said courage enduring is alluring & delightful in various;
Essence of passionate has educated enthusiasm debatingly.

Energy essentially emulates identity obsoletely;
Achieve elusiveness of goodness even if in miniature refutement.
Gross mountain slopes honestly & completely;
Disclosure of stillness for a moment has movement.
The countless hour of belligerent intelligence

Movements of silver sliver hopefully pretend,
Manifesting fearfully ultimate motivation, dire;
Mobilize inescapable grievance to depend,
On powerfully precipitous, exact desire.

Emphasize condemnation by turning instance,
Simply tragic is private inside continent;
Sacred is anything purporting to support circumstance,
Produce doubt with sentential sentiment.

Increasingly reach for transformation of separation,
Elegant hierarchy accepts valued enchantment;
Tremendous allowance empties complete segragration,
Relevant favour betrays enlightenment.

Profound division inevitably betruths propensity,
Perspective results in limitation of identity;
Affluent freedom is none but imitation of density,
Violent resistance potentially causes disaster aplenty.

Being abiding by formality is providing evidence,
Beginning opposes an impossibility thus tangled;
Spectred characteristic appreciates longer circumstance,
Hopeful ideology has hidden resistance wangled.

End with vengeance is reclaimed,
Singly indescribable unsurpasses momentous arbitrate;
Emptiness particularly has peculiar divine light gained,
Feelings typically can topical dominate.

Realization of semantic unified bears encouraging distinct,
Society replaces suspected occurrence;
Time’s discontinued distinction tolerated instinct,
Viable finding commits turning time key in defiance to difference.

Valuable comfort supplies utopian canal,
Device erupts defiantly acquainted withmythology;
Equality estimates continued banal,
Enquiry receives misfortune in ideology.

Convince however to take pride in humiliation,
Represent meaning of mean mundane with interest in telepathy;
Utopian might have cruel compassion by means of contemplation,
Hierarchy varies by celebrating apathy.

Pair repugnant furthers futile hope,
Consciousness of globalization does sun overshadow;
Spiritual encouragement obviously hides reigning raining mope,
Anywhere inside insidious emotional distance endow.

Turning from order is friendly enemy of man,
Romance brought definitively unfounded belief;
Sufficient amplification animates human,
Thoughts compensate for humanized animal in brief.

Glimpse proceeding to dominant submission,
Encourage being conscious of pleasurable suffering;
Momentum infinitely is desperately unlimited by limitation remission,
Implement awareness of peaceful violence differing.

Succeed in infamous, yet ultimate disappointment,
Ancient confusion inverted outcome;
Intentions currently decreased incrementation of appointment,
Refrained matter is energetic apathy for some.

Enjoy degrading as finding lost cause,
Hidden specific has remarkable incognito prong;
Potential instrument invokes emotionally distant applause,
Around this melts right from wrong.

Impossibly higher is weakened strength,
Invention of projection discontinues use of intrusion;
Illusion sometimes deserted dissertation length,
Enduringly proving being disillusioned with illusion.

Incredible directions intensely masquerade,
Omnipotent intolerance overflows with shallowness;
Sensible creature pretended to reality invade,
Logic compassion antiquated modernism to hollowness.

Collective creature prevented cure,
Conscious is predominantly outward in internalization;
Information intimation is cruel by kindness demure,
Isolation epiphany deserves laziness contemplation.

Belonged essence blamed innocence,
By desperate eternity of social shyness;
Disparaged essentially by state of village preference,
Vulnerable exception is granted to highness.

Viably remember destructive construct mend,
As indeterminable solution has deeper shallow end.
The dormant lying truth

Effective increase lingers especially in embelishment,
As interpersonal necessarily recognises regulate;
Considering morally imposed accomplishment,
Mutual meaningful assumption conceals arbitrate.

Responsibility for limitation is characteristically exclusive,
Functionality defines demanding perception;
Meaning as perceptual perception is found in time reclusive,
Realizing stimulation of patterning instant inception.

Credible impression vaguely emphasises stay,
Frequently evoking reference to wisdom’s destruct;
Occasionally expect a display to convey,
Develop actually obstructed construct.

Convey selective expression of extremely destitute,
Attention reinforces feeling-determine;
Conversation believes attention to be substitute,
As aspects of probable experience potentially undermine.

Interpreters recently unethically assume,
Relationship unfeeling differs with intimacy;
Difference provokes encountered mute resume,
Natured characteristic affords structured immediacy.

Dynamic extremist offers preferred acceptable handshake,
Approaching with attitude that meaningfully stereotype infiltrate;
Component of cultural role sleeps in boundary wake,
Taking responsibility for disrespectfully accentuating eliminate.
Immeasurable secrets – unfathomable truths

Widely magnificent display occurs sealed;
meaningful acquisition immediately aids dexterity.
Insistently command having identity revealed;
nuanced classical guess processes authority.

Knowledge is treasure to intrepid enthusiast;
resurrection of ancient literary admires perpetration.
Sensible cultures drifted convincingly like gymnast;
culturural perspective treasures explanation.

Patterned equal impact played intellectual;
lively appearance accesses possible surmise.
Enterprises sometimes convey thinking ineffectual;
circling determines cultivation of unique realise.

Suggestions produced ambiguous iniquities;
injustices suggest future anomaly of change direct.
Impress accompanied graceful opportunities,
puzzling shored originto superficially end detect.

Spontaneous gifted supply delighted eroticism;
rational quality dares ambiguously considered spy.
Extravagance leads to unexpected stream mysticism,
gleaming extraordinary complex imply.

Sense exotic memorable effect of welcome;
Feats of ingenuity have novel speculative majority,
provoking new world ornamentation for some
creative information enabling interpretation dexterity.

Providing drift apart poses possible genius virtually;
accorded repeatedly to satisfaction of creature.
Relationship wonders turned actually;
expression actually is usually adventure.

Cultural inspiration scripturises humanity;
happening in particularly illuminating reams.
Manifestation through genius provided insight recently
Into aesthetics of specialised determined themes.

Imply that mostly genius does redemption pattern mope;
emotional intimate intimidation is possibility.
Imperial many times over respects light and hope;
development different is otherwise versatility.

Rare in this way follows ruined reason gleaning;
something characteristic specified something.
Legitimacy of love for characteristics processes;
development of knowledge recognises meaning.

Resulting wonders of the world doth flying keepest;
arrangement is merely truthful consciousness.
Vanished is everything that required entirely deepest;
essential is meaningful function of subconsciousness.

Merely artistic achievement will sailing resemble;
material admiring of paganism doubts contemporary.
Wondrous works authentically assemble
variable daily fascination with the elementary.

Achieve own rightful motives with expert event;
Attitude towards latitude makes capable circumspection.
suitably generated reflexes supremely circumvent
divided categorising of rising immense direction.

Characteristics constrain transformable
talent for unsure figurative feeling meantime.
Relating suggests ultimately responsible
provision of kind evolution revolution rhyme.

Deserve praise for undesirable persuasion,
promoting intrinsic pretension.
True spirit deserving of inclination
discovers clearly perspective on civilisation.

Intriguingly challenged is appropriate evidence
structures that experienced connection yield.
Historical prejudice anxiously judges excellence
of relational contrived world instructing shield.

Well-suited strive for achievement to involve;
thereby antiquity implies implausible translation.
Remaining possibility sometimes revolves
amenity, restriction and completion.

Negotiation reflects paraphrased tenor;
promise has dimished admonished bringing.
Perspective in respect to conceited manner
is sumptuous way to achieve fascinating.

Explanation generation encounters distance;
imagination religiously sells utopia selection.
Repeatedly discuss tumultous significance
of collectively miniature latest election.

Especially solved recognises profession;
express planetary communication ignorantly.
Distance perceives admonishing possession;
museum combines exhilarating persuasion currently.

Winding roads present liberating participles;
majority and minority magnify magnificent idea of neurotic.
Tramped snow remembers principles;
existence records whether exotic.

Fleet valuable has uniqueness absconding;
movement to receiving bestows speculation ability.
Different moods such as tenderness are bonding;
particular existence ultimate achieves versatility.

Adorned escarpments reveal languish;
circumstances evidenced prediction.
Castles explain reasonable cultivation of anguish;
viewed curfews suddenly remember ember indiction.
Inner world

Explore past lives with unlimited potential
To manifest starlight dreams of constellations.
Carefully wants and needs full eventual
gift moonlight wish of night sightations.

Understand present spiritually wise
with faith hope and destiny ceremony;
united lovers recall ocean attracts luck rise,
Presenting love charm encourages testimony.

Awareness, powers and prowess
Through visualisation ability advises;
thought fully understands under full caress
as moonlight moves on peaceful surmises.

Ensure fidelity, happiness and success
Of ultra excellent silence of antique conformation;
creatively attach delicate address –
Rainbow promises happiness and restoration.

Enhancement relives coral lo’ tide duty;
sacred visualisation of setting sun travels decision.
Rekindling of love or passion enhances beauty;
promote universal peace and love vision.

Dawn until noon reflected appearing night.
Acknowledge and express comforting names;
generosity of travel by sea desires twilight
whilst dreams & reality allow essence of games.

Focus on granting wishful morality & compassion,
Through good immediately do secret love discover.
Night brings awareness of passion
Afore clairvoyance shall silver candle recover.

Suggest image in mind’s eye presence
To revitalise prized attraction of prosperity protectively;
alternatively hope in despair of convalescence,
Associating channeled power effectively.

Gift overall are open skies, forgiving;
blossoming friendship grants gentle synergy.
Sunlight under lights of stars is believing
In night of full moon energy.

Collective wisdom restores for a day,
increasing gentler inspiration movement.
Encouraging impressions can sunlight sway,
Preceding night of full moon improvement.

Rest for opportunity of infusion elation;
Increased spontaneously positive healing.
Spirit guides and angels in formation
rose to golden sunlight with music sealing.

Discover truth initially transform into light handle;
reenergise with encouraging, imaginative protraction.
Recite respite for caring candle,
Unrestricted growth attains attraction.

Excellent is untouched and undisturbed
spontaneous reliance on visualising lucky rainfall tuition.
Faithful love naturally occurrs meaningfully unperturbed;
good fortune results from memory, patience & intuition

In slumber settle ancient place found in sea, yawn
-‘Tis the hour before dawn.
The righteous nation that is keeping

Faithful conduct may enter;
Prove your faith with appropriate works toy.
Have the same confidence today centre;
Commend rejoicing and recommend joy;
Moreover love God’s righteous nation deduct –
Be able to trust waif –
God too loves his nation because of faithful conduct;
Prove your faith.

Be modest elected;
With God’s blessing you will be mended,
supported and protected.
Be understanding and not easily offended.
Indication of well supported
inclination to ongoing peace staith;
Effectively shoulder responsibility.
Prove your faith.

Trust in God in all times in eternity;
Respect confidential talks.
Display modesty and soundness of mind lividity;
Give permission walks.
God is the rock in all times banner,
both definite and indefinite staith.
Do all in a dignified manner.
Prove your faith.

Enjoy continuous peace with God;
Support each other here –
Those who trust in God,
suffering tribulation, need not fear.
You will have joy that goes far beyond this day;
Release God’s people from spiritual captivity near;
God provides salvation so you may
Prove your faith.

For those who turn to His light
God guides your path right;
The path of the righteous one sayeth
Prove your faith.

Be joyful and rejoice in the salvation by Him

Acquiring knowledge of God
is an ongoing satisfying journey.
Faithful ones will be bathed
in God’s light for all eternity.

Harmonise life with God’s righteous standards.
No hope could be more glorious –
Turn to God’s pure worship
Strengthened to resist notorious.

Use religion as solid rock foundation.
God promised that those who listened
to Him would survive.
Plan and undertake glistened.

We who love the light can learn much –
Spread much good.
Salvation provides that walls of a strong city;
Share in joyous mood.
Even in broken and crushed

Confidently look forward to time may;
Right the wrongs if possible.
Eagerly await the day;
God is merciful and gracious,permissible,
abundant in loving kindness least
and perseveres in preserving the truth perpetually.
How blessed we are to share in that feast,
Eager to help spiritually.
Given everything we could ever need applaud,
Walk before God.

in spiritual sense lesson;
enjoy spiritual feast dance.
Safeguard your heart and walk as a wise person.
Remind of abundance;
Understand explanation
Available in God’s promised world suns –
Real truth gratification –
What a relief that will be for those dear faithful ones;
What God foretells always comes true downtrod –
Walk before God.

Words of the psalmist are comforting indeed.
Place complete confidence in God providence
and the promises recorded in His Word the Bible in need.
Listen now to an even more wonderful promise.
Get to know God;
Long for the day when the benefits of Jesus’ sacrifice –
Really get to know God.
Fully apply to obedient and faithful mankind thrice;
achieve seemingly impossible forgot –
Walk before God.

Beyond human capability with God’s help in rhyme;
Pointing to glorious time –
Everlasting life implies taking knowledge, ain’t that odd,
of only true God –
Walk before God.
Reflect on the love Jesus has shown towards thee

God exercises power;
Goodness and pleasantness flower;
His enemies are forced to acknowledge
God’s powerful works knowledge –
Strong and beautiful –
God restored them merciful
and reinvigorated them with His spirit emotion,
Unyielding in devotion.

Surpass love remission
whereupon set out to fufill mission
to preach good word infallible;
Give glory to the God of the heaven unfallable.
Tender affection
Recognizes powerful work of God on this occasion;
Pray with Holy Spirit occasion,
Unyielding in devotion.

Integrity of true worshipers
Remain in God’s love whispers;
Vital today to walk in the light;
Be attentive all day and night;
Remain in God’s love might;
Rich blessings await those who walk in the light.
Distinguish between right and wrong commotion,
Unyielding in devotion.

Walk in God’s light giving.
God knows your heart and is forgiving.
God will heal your heart emotion,
Unyielding in devotion.
Follow such council

God is faithful and trustworthy;
Pray to God to strengthen you;
All the things that He purposes come true;
Divinely provided accurate worthy,
knowledge strengthened too,
Renew activity anew
Add meaning.

Keep walking in the light sample;
Apply suggestions;
Receive God;
Be a living example;
Fine example;
Contemplate doing good contestions
Add meaning

Ongoing program;
Acquire skills brothers;
Your humble effort will benefit others;
who have been richly blessed gram;
Benefit others not deceiving;
Carefully study God’s Word retrieving
Add meaning

Accomplish more today than tonight;
love exists between Jesus and anointed Christians;
Apply in your life directions;
Remain in the light;
Add meaning;
Words fulfilled

Have greater fulfillment –
Spiritual light is of the utmost importance;
Let your light shine before men –
Faithful Christians brighten darkness for meek ones omnipotence,
Thus giving them the opportunity to gain life.
Come and let us walk in the light of God like a pup;
Look out for opportunities to expand power.
Raise up!

Provide spiritual light for any
who sought to serve God faithfully.
Prophets were precious indeed;
They have not known and they do not understand blissfully.
God is causing light to shine for the sake of the meek ones,
Shining as illuminators in the world’s overflowing cup.
Do what is right
Raise up!

Reflect spiritual light based on God’s Word;
Wish to do what is right;
Such light gives meek ones hope;
Pursue course that please God sight.
Assist them to have relationship with God.
Issues affect us like horse’s giddyup –
Maintain integrity.
Raise up!

Avoid spiritual pitfall –
Come out victorious event;
It is precious all;
Remain God’s faithful servant-
God has done many wonderful things
and these have been recorded in writing, yup!
Such pondering will fill your heart brings;
Raise up!

with love and appreciation for God’s hand;
Increase self respect, ther’s no way but up –
God will bring you into the promised land.
Raise up!
The one who is having pity on them will lead them

By the springs of water He will conduct them.
Testify evidence of the power of God over strife;
More satisfaction in serving God when
Enjoy meaningful life.

Feel secure.
Righteous will rejoice in God and take refuge in Him.
Fine description of spiritual paradise;
Come and let us walk in the light of God all seein’.

God is the source of light,
Giver of the Sun for light by day synergy,
statutes of the moon and stars for light by night
Release into space vast quantities of energy

Some in the form of heat and light –
Sunlight sustains life on earth tight;
Cannot live without spiritual light
any more than can live without physical light.
Security that only

Knowledge of God’s Word can give;
Only God can save the earth live.
Show appreciation for hard work utility;
Give lessons in love and humility.
Spread message far beyond;
Have close relationship with God abscond.
Justice, fairness, impartiality debutes
Are noble tributes
Only in the Lord.

Crucial part of spiritual paradise:
Be correct in things said wise;
Don’t just be faithful – be faithful and just!
Completely trust in God not unjust;
Face all challenges and fright.
Always do what is right;
Look to Him for support.
Life take dramatic turn port
Only in the Lord.

Take place declaration;
Imagine situation.
Testify to the wonderful way –
Compose thoughts and pray to God come what may.
He has supported them perpetrations
in the most difficult situations.
Proclaim proclamation as God speaks to you;
God promises to be with His worshippers too
Only in the Lord.

Even in the valley of shadows
Obedient selfless spirit belows
Is confidence in God’s readiness to support us spectacle:
Amazing miracle –
Only in the Lord.
Consider the Bible

Enjoy spiritual paradise wistful,
Reasoning and reasonableness
Directed to do so by God’s kingness –
God is all powerful
Transformed by making mind over here;
Speak words of God;
Do good as God did good
as doing so will bring you good cheer.
Prove yourself to be good

and acceptable and perfect will of God gate.
Go forth and so forth spur;
Miracles will begin to occur.
Humbly cooperate;
Take time rage.
Live clean moral lives sways
and do God’s will in other ways.
Retain courage.
Prove yourself to be good

Willingly submit to Christianity;
Have hope of surviving;
Build spiritual paradise reviving.
Apply in your life what you learn from the Bible dignity;
Do not be displeasing to God.
You will be able to enjoy all God’s gifts forever;
Receive unexpected blessings endeavour.
Every good gift comes from God.
Prove yourself to be good.

Contribute to own happiness of late;
Have right attitude.
Give full support aptitude;
Maintain beautiful state.
Imitate fine example

Promote peace and unity selves;
Finally find
Love among yourselves.
Distinct words and worlds mind
Submit to Christ.
Indication of knowledge of depths of religion
Truly love one another heist.
Knowledge that there will be a resurrection.

Realise certain rights and responsibilities inhibit;
Take courage avenges.
Pray for support of the Holy Spirit;
Face challenges.
Conduct with care;
Adore sincere believers vindication.
God’s purpose prepare;
Knowledge that there will be a resurrection.

Cultivate quality sorry;
Special religious devotion.
No longer worry;
God’s Holy Spirit will be poured out upon you potion.
Deserve full cooperation story
To God and to Jesus be the blessing succession
and the honour and the glory.
Knowledge that there will be a resurrection.

The might forever and ever:
Enjoy unity that is difficult
to comprehend until you experience it never;
Experience aspects wilt
Position of responsibility in detection of affection –
Knowledge that there will be a resurrection.
Knowledge by itself is not enough

To bring about peace foretold,
Act on what he learns,
Do your best to truly please God untold;
Cultivate fruits of the spirit yearns.
Realize strengths and weaknesses seemingly
and give council and encouragement accordingly.
Contribute to spiritual paradise.

True Lord protocol:
Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness heaven-sent,
goodness, faith, mildness, self-control:
Messenger of covenant –
Strive to cultivate such qualities;
Represent God utilities.
Contribute to spiritual paradise.

Do no unrighteousness nor speak a lie.
Saviour who is Christ the Lord,
Timely direction try.
Draw timely conclusions in heart accord
First of the fruits of the spirits is love.
Meditate on words and draw strength from above.
Contribute to spiritual paradise.

Face challenges frivolity;
Apply Biblical principles in daily life not despise;
Understand hardship enhances quality;
Contribute to spiritual paradise.
Heartfelt thanks for deliverance

Public ministry
Come to think differently;
Fulfill Jesus’ words vividly.
Love of God enforces desire to continue ministry –
Good news of the kingdom will be preached some –
Let your conscience be your guide;
Know how to be happy tried.
Hope overcome.

Impress by joy and zeal;
Embrace truth college;
Appreciation for Bible knowledge;
Participate every day; feel
Bible is true and is God’s Word, unless
Rather than being downhearted be thankful to be alive,
Not satisfied merely to know basics of religion, survive,
Make progress,

Learn about God and His will as revealed in the Bible,
Grow close shape life togetherness –
Knowledge frees from things that rob of happiness.
Please God noble
As the truth will set you free,
Divinely instituted –
Learn about everlasting life restituted –
Important things and attitudes to see.

Enormous relief!
Benefit from learning work –
Truth frees quirk.
Surrender out of love for God brief;
Jesus one for all times obtained rise
everlasting deliverance for us, surely.
Knowledge of God is closely
associated with paradise.

Live to do God’s will understood;
Earth will be filled with the knowledge of Jesus see
as the waters are covering the very sea.
Do not forget to do good.
Cultivated by positive thinking

Enjoy peaceful life lengths;
Focus on personal strengths.
Law of loving kindness end.
Still God is your friend.
Lead to happiness:
Few would deny that an optimistic view lacks worthiness.
If you cannot trust God as you must
who else can you trust?

Of the future add to happiness test:
Give God your best!
Such optimism has to be based on fact,
Spiritually healing and refreshing act;
Not just on wishful thinking.
To honour God brings rich blessing:
Optimism closer to God unrust;
who else can you trust?

Use more powerful word like hope,
Welcome expression of love, don’t mope.
Favourable and confident expectation
Rise ise to welcome exclamation.
Happy anticipation of good
Display of wisdom and discernment could
for God’s marvelous work and creation thrust;
who else can you trust?

Hope is more than mere or more elation –
an optimistic view of a situation.
Enjoy intimacy with God gust;
who else can you trust?
God is with you

Whatever imperfections fright,
Be modest in walking with God laboriously.
Genuine love know;
Try hard to do what is right;
Exert vigorously.
Support us when we do so;
Loyally support.

Jesus has shown mercy to those fearing Him.
Value modesty and humility
True forgiveness, decision,
Undeserved kindness and hymn.
Learn to see yourself through God’s eyes utility;
Humbly recognize position;
Loyally support.

Knowing that He views those who love Him
as desirable and that He has confidence in pray,
praise intimate relationship with God hymn,
them even though they
may view themselves as unworthy,
enjoy peaceful life surthy;
Loyally support.

Can do much to enhance personal happiness
Hope is vital to happiness.
Under divine inspiration and elatedness
Positive optimism purport.
Loyally support
Keep spiritual things in first place

Global preaching work being accomplished
Evidently happiness wished.
Fierce self control, lovers of good, fear God steerly
More clearly.
Stay awake and keep your senses;
Possessions are not the secret to happiness.
Jesus is wisdom personified while
maintaining simple lifestyle.

Keep in expectation of God’s day suits;
Devote time to spiritual pursuits.
Inherit God’s heavenly kingdom reelings;
Vital to happiness is feelings
of personal dignity or self worth beitude –
Surprise with fine attitude.
Explain how Creator feels about us smile
maintaining simple lifestyle.

With passing of time
His view is more important than any human sublime
In immortality of the soul above –
Very personification of love staid:
Do not be afraid-
God looks at us without prejudice or malice-
In this turbulent world enjoy peace palace
maintaining simple lifestyle.

Only by experiencing God’s Work see;
Sees us for what we are as well as what we can be;
Views those wanting to please Him as precious while
maintaining simple lifestyle
That will be surpassed

Do not easily be dissuaded or discouraged
As abundance is significant.
Mercifully God let right hearted ones survive –
Really important!

Imagine anticipation
In relationship with God score –
May not enter into temptation
Those who view life as little more

than an opportunity to amass wealth
essentially miss out on life freely –
Be sound in mind;
Lead simpler life materially.

Be vigilant with a vie to prayers;
Leave room for spiritual things endless.
Short period of time –
Far more likely to find real happiness.
Look forward to time

Reveal depths of appreciation
Through transcendental meditation or introspection.
Take delight in reading gratification
and associating with God’s Work protection.
On every utterance coming forth eternal,
Have power beyond what is normal.
For some questions only God can answerable –
Faithful and discreet able.
Insight is especially timely today-
Unbridled curiosity may.

Proliferation of theories about life’s purpose perpetration
Honour great tribulation trappy;
God knows what will make us truly happy.
Truth of God’s Word is the Bible scolds;
Knows what the future holds.
Share information of course:
Unleash God’s full force
Better than thrilling and motivating illusion
Of expectation and conclusion –
Unbridled curiosity.

Reveals inspired book this
Unmistakable message that God is
in absolute control of matters
that affect His people patters.
Strike responsive chord
in rightly disposed individuals accord
Inspiring happiness –
Examine own faithfulness.
Joy intensifies such when fullness –
Unbridled curiosity.

Allow Bible truth to enter life dear;
Face future without fear.
Truths guide life generosity –
Unbridled curiosity.
Never dream would return

Continue considering
Natural desire for state to continue gain.
True happiness involves relationships with others;
Meet responsibilities;
Humans are gregarious by nature returning;
Truly sustain
Being appy only if we feel loved and love others spurn.
Never dream would return.

Unprecedented richness
That is fundamental to such love leads,
Jesus taught of relationship with God:
Benefit from God’ befitting Word spiritualness.
Happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs.
How true are the words the Word of God
will last for time indefinite earn.
Never dream would return.

Created in God’s imagedom
Is an effort to find out what future holds pale.
To degree cultivate divine attributes exclude.
God’s purpose discern
Love, justice, mercy and wisdom.
God’s prophecies will never fail;
Spiritual needs include.
Never dream would return.

There is a need to have meaning in life creeds –
Eagerly find out mourn:-
Satisfy spiritual needs:
Never dream would return.
Realise that whatever obstacles can be overcome

Happiness is a state of well being unfold
that is relatively permanent arranging.
Be blessed with blessings of peace foretold
Characterized by emotions ranging
from contentment to deep and intense joy.
Bring glory to the name of God; enjoy!
Find such a precious gift.

God is coming forth;
Happiness is not for sale voice.
Viewing al the light from God north
gives you reason to rejoice.
Make peace in friendliness –
Very purpose of our life is to seek happiness.
Find such a precious gift.

Joyfully preserve God’s standards last.
Examine, purify and discipline minds and hearts;
Be undaunted by what happened in past –
Peaceful, clean and loving thoughts parts.
Share more fully in sustained work;
Encapsulate in hearts real feeling of love for God lurk.
Find such a precious gift.

Figure out growing seeds of truth with humble hearts covetable
With no intention of ever leaving
What is true, of serious concern, righteous, chaste, lovable,
well spoken and virtuous in praiseworthy receiving.
Find such a precious gift.
Preach good news

Preach good news and make disciples who yearn

To progressively review material.

Listen, in order that you may learn immaterial

Of determining opportune time for doing task learn.

Come to know Jesus’ love and justice that does not spurn

and the benefits of living in harmony essential.

Preach the good news in greater fulfillment providential.

Join in worshipping the true God earn.

Make public declaration mature

about demure and faithful –

Be strengthened by friendship

With respect for sacred nature.

Be deeply grateful

to Jesus for changing hardship

and difficult times to periods of lasting blessing –

Blessings of good news lessons increasingly not lessening.
Heartfelt prayer

Offer heartfelt prayer, don’t refuse

To learn about how God’s kingdom twirled

that will bring about a new and better world –

Respond to the good news!

Make eternal dignity of man a reality obtuse;

Profess to reverence God furled.

Consider matters wherein strength comes curled;

Publicly praise God in praise use.

When confronted with a demanding task

procrastination may present a viable solution –

do not put off intentionally and habitually

doing something that should be done to bask.

Draw near to hear resolution!

Decide when to do a task faithfully.
Would have

Howst would you have them do unto your devotion?

The meek will inherit the earth with eternal life fountain.

Never give up through association;

Worship Jesus at His holy mountain.

Little by little Bible’s truths certain

will touch your heart and move you to change

From day to day telling the good news pertain

to salvation by Jesus whom a manger arrange.

Restore proper dignity on the range;

Enjoy sweet Christian fellowship in participation;

Restore thoughts and intentions of the heart strange;

Declare amongst the nation!

God’s glory and wonderful works are for us.

Be filled with the knowledge of Jesus!
Universal education

Universal education and no armed force oppression

Balance sleep mechanisations

and ward off exhaustion and depression;

Heed warning signs and follow instructions.

We are all equal in God’s eyes observations.

Achieve positive results;

Respect Christ’s holiness scintilations

In upholding dignity for all adults.

Obtain faith held in equal privilege, disregarding faults.

Reflect God’s glory as much

As realize that things are only transitory cults

As much as it is comforting to feel someone’s touch.

Perfect holiness in God’s fear!

Do unto others as you hear here.
Relationship with God

Your relationship with God is something sacred.

Turn idea of human equality into a reality;

Prayer plays an important part in acred

maintaining of a close relationship with God in vicinity.

Grant equality to those considered below;

Think seriously about matters emotion.

Fruits of spirit, fine qualities are holy acts now

of conduct and deeds of Godly devotion.

Hope solve problems!

People are really equal –

Hold privilege to hold name of God on sacred emblems;

Get to know God and the Bible better in sequel

Of egalitarian society based on common oblivion,

but practice pure world religion.
True worship

Promote true worship throughout commodity.

Support is important!

The hand of God is good upon your instant.

Wisely care about own spirituality

as well as those of friends in totality.

God’s name is great and fear inspiring. Holy, persistent

Speak words of appreciation constant;

Prove yourself to be worthy of holy visibility.

Give heartfelt commendation;

Look for opportunities to commend.

You are God’s temple

and the spirit of God dwells in your accommodation.

Gain happiness with no end

From accurate Bible knowledge simple.
An outstanding example

Set an outstanding example that supersedes

generosity and courageous guardianship.

Bring much more than service needs

With self-sacrificing attitude on behalf of true worship.

Support true worship breeds;

Turn to God in prayer same;

Serve the true God concedes;

Take delight in fearing God’s name.

Keep yourself in God’s love tame.

Give assistance to those in need of esprit.

Participate personally in upholding God’s name

With harmony and a good spirit.

Be interested in arrangements!

Do not leave God for other engagements.

Approach without interruption!

When have free moment look at words renew.

Be firm in determination

To regain recommendation of courage and continue.

Neither governments nor things come to pew

nor powers nor height nor depth can separate laments

you from God’s love that is in Jesus Christ our Lord true:

Keep as few God and His commandments.

Acknowledge that from God work had been dome lents;

Lay detailed plans of import.

Advance true worship with positive comments;

Invite support.

Be attentive in prayer and in sing;

Let every willing heart bring.
Do not disturb

Do not disturb delicate complying;

Practice wholehearted generosity –

Results are gratifying!

Convince of innocence sincerity;

Delight seremoniously;

Use time and energy in God’s service.

Maintain course continuously;

Effectively control device;

Apply wise council efficacy.

Make effort principle;

Participate regularly

Being able concise, clear and practical.

Lead meaningful and happy life pure;

Apply advice and be equipped for future.
Divide time

Divide time naturally:

Value wisdom even when there

is lack of appreciation for prayer.

Appreciate accumulation of skill and ingenuity;

Cultivate true faith gratuity.

Factors come into play beyond compare –

Be careful about speech and actions fair;

Decide what annuity.

Search questions about the truth participation;

Meet well-established criteria of accuracy.

Cultivate ability to use wisdom to succeed;

Check the time without a moment’s hesitation.

Feel indescribable Bible prophecy

With joy and great inner strength in need.
Devote attention

Devote special attention to mention

Wholeheartedly love balm;

Relive principal time contention;

It is wise to remain calm.

Gateway to knowledge realm:

Hope in God, be courageous more

and let your heart be strong psalm.

Acquire skill to find out what mean, not ask for.

Value life and enjoy it in a wholesome way of yore

Despite transient nature of time’s sky azure,

interested in measuring it lore;

Stand firm with hope sure.

Cycle of seasons, phases of the moon,

succession of day and night all pass soon.
Light is sweet

The light is sweet and it is good

for the wise eyes to see the sun carefully

Rather than believe all rude –

consider steps more ruefully.

Have love among yourselves fully

In spiritual goals and valued moments.

Show great love skillfully;

Execute graceful languid movements.

Enjoyment of living laments

Can the noblest of all bother –

Fight the fine fight of faith elements –

Get along with each other!

Do not be overly concerned

with what others say learned and discerned.
Enjoy life

Enjoy wholesome things in life’s begin.

Romance may blossom quickly in sensations,

but wither when reality sets in.

Balance obligations –

There is greater cause for concern

than mere disappointment see.

Physical, emotional and spiritual dangers discern.

It’s very easy to pretend to be

something you are not.

Heart motivates to do good;

Stay in touch with friends and loved ones forgot;

Preach good news and proclaim rights as would

that prophecies may be fulfilled;

Make responsible decisions willed.
Act wisely

You should act wisely increasing

Reduction of stress and anxiety.

Give your word sobriety;

Take benefit from simply decreasing

frequency of everyday activities deceiving.

Light to moderate quintessential activity essentially providential

Prayers should be thoughtful and reverential.

Accumulate minutes of moderate activity upheaving.

Do not hold back good;

Live a healthier and longer life, poor sod.

Be content with having sustenance and covering;

Be more active in manifesting love of God understood.

Be in fear of God!

Strive to maintain good habits and recovering.

Wisdom has advantage over folly deduct;

Achieve emotional health

By maintaining high standard of conduct

And energy level stealth.

Hard work skillfully done can bring satisfaction self;

Apply general guidelines to most people with timidity.

Show appropriate honour and wealth;

Engage in vigorous activity.

Relationships are more important than brevity

of material possessions.

Prevent accidents, the glory belonging to His name instinctively;

Allow pursuance by ascribing to Jesus’ lessons.

Bestow mental well being

On those in responsible positions, believing.
Similar conclusions

Reach similar conclusions:

Pretty, appropriate and good.

Increase self-esteem and renditions;

prevent anxiety and stressful mood.

Recognize God-given rights as would

Have gained benefits.

Make life truly meaningful rites understood;

Be active as befits.

You have free will to make choices wits;

Break free from your sedentary lifestyle

Being lasting happiness that never quits,

But lengthens mental alertness by a mile.

Allude to and show giving attitude

That balance and flexibility allude exude.
Problem-free life

Lead problem-free life as, yet unlike, peas in a pod.

God will bless loving assistance security;

Pray constantly to God;

Acquire new and far reaching authority

Able to discern thought and intentions of heart. Wait:

The Bible is inspired of God and beneficial

for teaching, reproving, setting straight,

disciplining in righteousness residual.

Take time, energy, preparation

and use of personal resource.

Get enough exercisation;

Live meaningful life of course –

More realistic, more enjoyable –

Love one another unavoidable.

Encourage congregation:

Mystery still has no equal fellowship;

Restriction causes no hardship;

Enjoy strengthening fortification.

God promises to undo harm resulting from sin fornication

and to eliminate effects making earth into a paradise worship

just as He had purposed in the beginning king and kinsmanship

for us to be beloved and faithful child of God formation.

Discuss God’s parables seen.

Maintain positive attitude about

possibility of sharing truth befits.

Have warm bond between;

Make declaration of hope stout.

Receive spiritual benefits.
Cultivate relationships

Cultivate warm personal relationships here.

It is vital to pay attention to warnings redress

As likely candidate appear

At appropriate address.

Prepare, seek out, accept and confess

without undue exceptions and duly manifest;

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of God’s grace duress

By fulfilling obligations lest

Contender for title of acceptance never abated at best.

Exclusive enterprise bevy

Desire to share the jest

Of praise not unlike the sound of heavy

rain falling on leaves cluster

in elegant diffused luster.
Precious lands

Precious lands will soon overflow

with the fruitage of peace call.

Bring orderliness for community to know

and advocate equality for all.

Thank faithful followers efficient;

Encourage learning truths suppose;

Teach so as to make fit or proficient.

Anger does not achieve God’s righteous purpose –
overcome opposition and gain favourable notification.

Learn how to control resolved

By showing affection.

Explain what is involved

In really knowing what to want in life still –

Try solution at will.
Make new efforts to communicate

God will provide power even

under the most difficult circumstances flight

that succeeds benefit right.

True spirituality comes from seeking and believin’

knowledge of God through diligent study of the Word unheathen

and applying such knowledge anointing;

Probe below the surface pointing

to the real meaning of current event seethin’.

Prove to be a real support fraction.

Right to peace of mind and safety

Offer sincere and appropriate apology.

Enjoy God given life with peace and satisfaction.

Power beyond is not that of ours but of God’s trinity –

Trust fully in God’s analogy.
Making peace

Strongly force towards making peace;

Get to know, please and love God, dearheart,

With zeal and genuine love to please;

Request that Jesus may grant you an obedient heart.

Realize often say chart;

God has always existed and always been wise,

Depicting the Son of God as wisdom is appropriate d’art

since He is the one who reveled God’s will devise.

Encourage development of a more spiritual hymn

orientated disposition and manner of life coordinates.

Do not submit to a totalitarian regime

that successfully indoctrinates

majority of the population.

Promise to restore elation.