Your days are numbered

Number attributes.


Noght, zero or nought was not known to the Greeks, accordingly 0 has
little tradition of number mysticism. Null is derived from Latin nulla
figura  meaning not a real figure. The Mayans independently achieved
an understanding of 0, representing number pictorially with the sign
of an empty oyster, also meaning hollow.


The Pythagoreans called 1 monad, thinking of it not as much as a
number in and on itself, but as the prime cause of all numbers. The
German mathematician Kobel wrote, Wherefrom thou understandeth that 1
is no number, but it is a generatrix, beginning and foundation for all
other numbers”.

Geometrically 1 represents the point, a curious figure since it has no
dimensionnnn of its own but by its very existence it defines a
dimension. One represents present, here and now & the same curiosity
appears in time as in space: now is constantly coming into existence
and immediately ceasing to exist as a new now takes its place.Like a
point of no dimension 1 of time has no dimension of its own, yet
defines all eternity.


2 is the fist number, according to interpretation of Pythagorean
system while others await 3. It is female while odd numbers are
male.In most cases multiplication does more than mere addition, yet 2
+ 2 = 4 and 2 X 2 = 4. Greek reservations about numberhood thought of
it as a beginning and end with no middle.

A curious number pattern of 2, 6 and 12 is found in the story of
Romulus and Remus, mythological twin founders if Rome . Since they
could not decide who was rightful King of Rome, they prayed to the
gods for an answer. Six vultures descended to Remus & he claimed the
throne. Then 12 vultures descended on Romulus , which led him to
assert that his claim was twice as strong. After a bitter argument,
Romulus killed Remus and became king. 6 represents stability, harmony,
marriage and concord. The discord of 2 is subsumed by the harmony of 6
to produce 12, the resolution of the discord.