Dreamy & dreary clouds

So the weather collaborated in relatively dreary
particles cognate with moon in what’s considered weary
resourceful brilliant interaction that exudes
an ambience that mere dreamy modesty excludes.
\Anthromorphosis oft eludes those seemingly in the know
requiring wonder at such wonderful sights yet to show
presumable reflecting vandalism as perfection before
wondering wandering scholastic perceptions bore more.
\Predicted occurrences assisted in prophesies of divine
since multiples not held by me widely belongs as thine
approaching discoveries mention of materialistic good
that in paradigm shift was deduced to have withstood.
\My benevolence exist as challenges for my many foes
who in not being extremely accurate overrate with woes
humanity’s teaching falling where previously arose
significant natural understanding everyday as chose.
\Learning equations demonstrated sprinking discontent
with uncommon start executing steps peacable&turbulent
basically building universe acceding to the throne
understood communication studied by act of being lone.

Unpunctuated relevant development

Relevant development were kept as phenomena slept
oblivious of rainbow rejoicing though clouds wept
in irrverent efforts for raindrops not to retire
from parting clouds to fall amidst in like desire
\falling faster than a climber ascending hills steep
were those conclusive situations arising from sleep
parting with fun realising in culminating dismay
that array of drops in ocean went astray as river sway
\perturbed by passionate gentlemen in whose palm
a trickle of water in baptising served as balm
sequentially saving insignificant water from obscurity
knowing promise of God’s love despite man’s infedility
\in such life looking back eratically in ever increase
as a storm wind erupts from a once gentle breeze
signifying inconsistencies of man’s perfect success
progressing development rather being content with less
\resulting in woe & begone tales if wailing & woe
casting assunder upwars ambitions as these do go
questioning contributinos of relatives’ rejoice
when friends are more faithful & committed by choice

There are those who chose

Direct contrast of good enough isolated those
who reinterpreted philosphy of reality as they chose
in pending inquisitiveness of inquisition in sight
inquiring at interdict of mountain’s valleys fright.
\Such closed interpretations question lost affections
burdening memory’s temperamental temporal recollecions
preceding issue of ultimately refused untimely hearse
theorising lost potential simultaneously timid&terse.
\Foundation of problems in relationship don’t matter,
illustrated by developed compliments & idle flatter
heeding pixed points granting success in participation
overcoming existing reason superior to inclination.
\Accusations received summarily pale in insignificance
to implied remarks, measures&principles of cognicance;
value represented by numbers of members in an audience
are marginal to forces manifesting in recognicance.
\Unrecognised straightforward spirits bravely reckoned
neither development nor contributions to that beckoned
by surreptitious hinting of favourible promises told
in choosing the wrong option unwittingly not behold.

Previously rational and right

What has previously been known as rational & right
now is a mere refuting glimmer of a previously bright
legacy of dissimilar popular queens between kings
and heritage of angels indifferent to clipped wings.
\Words travelling as such in troubled verse transverse
extremely impeded current thoughts in terse converse
rationalist symblism of Christianity’s Bible divine
in reflected good association of blessings do shine.
\Self imposed spectrum of light encapsulated in dream
cast shadows of perceptions akin to trout upstream
swimming against the current in season and in view
of fishermen wanting wonting in such selfish in lieu
\of fact that these floating examinations evaded regal
grasp as waves deterred determined talons of an eagle
opting rather for an ironical olive branch now made
with bark and trunk of neighbours thus betrayed.
\Should it be no wonder then that infinity casts aside
such evaluations inconclusively made by foolish pride
and would cause for right be radiated to yet another
slumber indefininitely in dynamic dreaming undercover?

The width of the meridian collquially referred to as Meredith

Friendship all over the world explores the width
and breathes of bereaved brethren of broad Meredith
in colloquial referral to the meridean as we know
in crossing catching day later than noticeable throw.
\For this fair maiden was a banquet prepared by the way
with later tables festively adorned with a bouquet
of nocturnal blooming gardens of presentable flowers
watered by classical tears over diverse lost hours.
\Is time of such nature that can’t regain intertwined?
Would intuitivity grant moments simultaneous inclined?
Would experiencing time’s passage momentarily declined
cause determination succeeding observing rest reclined
\in such manner as to play with issues due to education
always content with natural forces view of propagation
in unprecendented progression again set up to begin
depression of leaving a mysterious unified meridian?
\Numerous events, problems & prodigies inspire philosophy
as do man’s stealing a day causing much atrocity.
Do past experiences now known summarily add lustre
to what is not widely know in an unabridged cluster?

Oh, who would?

Would that promise o’new year speak o’life transformed in front of
fireplaces with decorations so adorned or in more humid …

Harmony empowered

When is a better time for harmony to be empowered
than at that exultuous time where time’s deflowered
during respectable spectacle of calendar’s excite
of old year meeting new open to all without invite?
\Requiring compare wonder at devotion throughout motion
equation of new year being greater than old by notion
realising pleasures can be occupied treading on grass
despite man’s furtive preoccupation clock to surpass.
\Time’s procession don’t seem straight surfaced beneath
relationship of seconds seconded by predicted belieth.
Movement of surprise & dismay’s triumphant never chant
appear as shooting stars & fireworks unanimously haunt.
\Fate is not premeditated though prayers are meditated
stilling anxiety instilled in poor thus agitated;
congratulations are in order as church bell’s melody
ring in a new year oblivious to forgotten tragedy.
\Kindly remebering of good gains wisdom’s wary flight
of conflicting deliberate choices that could delight,
time and again the passing of a year senses into bliss
of cautious selective discarding of many a dark abiss.

Upon a new year dawning this very morning

Upon new year dawning this very morning would imagery
of personalised destiny approaching appear’s treachery
maintained as priveledge throughtout your life rather
than losing ingenuity and wonder at memories’ gather?
\Effect of mastery of current situations in creation
of destiny signifies participation&resultant elation.
Thinking of&pondering on obstacles new lately run deep
in accompishing pursuant failures accending the steep.
\Expansion of family to friends might raise opinions
regarding knowledge by default of proposed dominions.
Pain of transgressions committed dissolve triumphantly
as new year’s resolutions are vowed&woed defiantly.
\Satisfaction with religion is linked to an omnipotent
traditional affair in life accomplishing magnificent.
Such is the rainbow of hope pleasing above the cloud
of a year gone by amidst splendid celebrations loud.
\A miraculous year of hope awaits alike abrasive & mild
as prize pudding complements compliments & herbs wild.
Random dancing upon solid new foundation of universe
encapsulates forgotten&yet to be introduced in verse.

Would you learn isolation to borrow?

Would you functionally learn isolation to borrow
professing headlines of newspaper printed tomorrow
selfishly seeking interest in slightest splendour
paradoxically pitying disgust of domestic grandeur?
\No outcome of time is more trying for virtue frail
than tempestuous temptations as friendships fail,
but new year furtively escapes shallow firmament
in determined progression displayed as ornament.
\Would spending more time with relatives in motion
of faith be relative to upheaval & checked commotion,
but that spending a little too much be a candid lesson
and sending of messages to allies be akin to treason?
\Is it that first day would flower’s fragrance enhance
and that dancing a ball today would pleasure enhance?
Be it that this day of 1 January have nough wrought
expose of length of time as thought of afterthought?
\The answer to why the new year’s passing is invisible
and to why compex mysteries are solved in time reliable
or why at twelve in one place the world would sway’s
to be found in time difference&sprout depend on decays.

Because you’re given to not forget

Because you’re given to be sure of what you not forgot
it’s to present the present with bunch of forget-me-not
that’s absolutely essential if not quitessentialy true,
should you perceive the world & wish future to pursue.
\Because your original expectations last year shattered
and sure enough unanswered questions were scattered,
you now know that culmination of events in moderation
are luck at throw of dice not given to much persuasion.
\Since you cannot accurately determine the opportunistic
apprehended by constant apprehension of altruistic
you practice oblique comprehension that thus inhabit
every year’s passing without notice becoming habit.
\Due to poet’s & politicians quoted & misquoted
you may in uncertain correspondence have noted
that resolutions serve revolutions to inhibit,
as fading memories pose statuesque as museum exhibit.
\Resultant of serious regard to situations humorous,
you may stop behaving naturally appearing glamorous,
drinking from flask of liquid presumably intellectual
of life’s water in determining prophecies perpetual.

Limited options of opinions

It is sad, but true that years bring limited opinions
over overt lost last time & divided differing dominions
that nobody believe & world leaders do not bemourn
grieving over mistakes in a long year’s sojourn.
\Man could in gaining popularity regard above society
as appearing charming though ravaged by iniquity.
Secrets of peace are contrary to those who languish
as languid politicians inflicting much anguish.
\Oh what a shame that denounced attendance opinions sway
in show of cultural heritage that basically betray;
fanatical manners actually understood blesses
mortal man’s reputation with reckless religious tresses
\giving rise to anger, mistrust and melancholly
foreseeing a new year of unforeseen folly.
Oh,wouldt be better if menre less pretentious I whisper
Cessation of intimidation & violence quiver & whimper.
\Would’t be said that new year’s waste of time instead?
What’d happen if mere mortals stopped toiling forbread?
You will never see the old year again that’s gone under
an overprotective world heralded out assunder thunder.

Searching to conceal

The new year has revealed a search for concealing
those failures of old year that were stealing feeling
describing a perceived unachieved countenance
as the old year in parting with the new romance.
\Never would it be thought such beautiful hymns voice
would be sung by angels who by choice rejoice
at evidence of God’s creation all the while saying
that God’s always at work while mankind’s playing.
\As the universe changes still we have strawberries
and also continued growing of coveted berries & cherries.
Yes, admittedly though some time change is common,
change is sprinkled with constants as pancake & cinnamon.
\The new year once again displays forbidden & permitted.
Journey through time & creation’s with seatbelts fitted.
In sleep old year’s glory may’ve parted thoughtlessly,
forgotten by savouring interest in new year passionately
\exhibiting and intuitive change of enjoyed perspective,
experiencing the world after few moments as reflective
so that now the material has the immaterial suspended
& connection with befriended old year summarily ended.

Never ending clocks run slower

Never ending clocks run slower under a shooting star.
Music in meeting impressions are strummed with guitar.
Those’ve hummed new year’s tunes in couplet time double
never both near & afar have that difference of trouble.
\Timeous meetings cause elation ignoring imperfection
celebrating places in contemplation of affection.
The only thing of importance are unclimbed mountains,
disturbing knowledge by defining washing fountains.
\Impression of subconscious & unconscious rejection
can only be truely appreciated in conscious connection.
Your memories lift you to a higher level distinguished
since your new year promises of setbacks relinquished.
\Inherently at precise time you develop new technique.
Your behaviour becomes orderly: ordinary, but oblique.
Entirely strange ideas now appear illustrating sensuous
as renewed perceptions are frustrating arduous.
\Learning about ability to transcend time in nature
results from self-awareness as you do fully mature,
all the while marvelling at yet unconquered recognition
of what really does not exist in startling premonition.

Fate knocking

Fate knocking at door
does not distinguish or discern between rich & poor.
Both wise & fool
all have to attend life’s school.
The real world is marginally unpredictable
inhabited by humans both loving & despicable.
God is indisputable reality,
yet not always understandable in totality.
What is right under sun does not add up right at all
as equaliser death cause rich&poor,wise&foolish to fall
Perspective is dominated by reality.
Global view is nominated by totality.
Fate is marginalised
as deeds are not tidily categorised
as the righteous does not always get good
nor the wicked bad as they should.
Transitory, unsubstantial nature of things
leads to chasing after wind in elusiveness life brings.
Life lived as gift from God
ascribes joy & prosperity as peas in a pod.


The overly righteous tries
to appear extremely wise
deceptive to some
yet receptive to none.
Wisdom is preferable to folly
yet sadness is disguised by jolly.
The wicked draw conclusion
by implicitly creating illusion.
Life’s circumstances ascribed to God are axiomatic.
Eat&drink,be diplomatic as sad&sorrow is symptomatic.
Sorting through the past you cried.
About the little things in life you tried.
Time was gone & would never reappear.
Reminding inevitable change has brought us here.
Both good & bad has made you sad.
Knowing what you need & what you had.


What is accomplished as shadow
will reflect from light significance to know.
In certain instances pointing out incongruity
Requires a fair amount of ingenuity.
It’s incongruous man’s work may advantage some not know
&may be destiny but contrary to expression reap as sow.
It’s incongruous that nothing’s achieved from joy mean
as no man can know benefit of toiling multiplying dream
Wisdom ironically lacks power to preserve&alter fate
Even though for time may preserve&guide before too late
Significance of life as it were must be found in life
Discovery will only be possible when disregard strife
Life does not merely transpire as man would fashion
with relative value of wisdom evident in compassion.
Better a poor and wise youth songs to sing
than he who still does not have an inkling
as old and foolih king.

Natural number glide

As gravity’s numbers capture do though nature glide
simulated matter&comprehension is assimilated aside.
Far beyond universe occurs enormous fluttering,
achieving quantifiable coincidental cluttering.
\Perceptive news is limited by means of pale vale
idealising profound writing as defined unfound tale.
Dimensional asteroids encapsulating telescopic lance
beyond realm of conceptualised notion thus enhanced.
\Sequencial repetition of natural transitions crown
with geometric gemstones of realtional alchemy blown
out of proportion to extraordinary leaps enquired
partially obeserving expired particles so inspired.
\Apparently chaotic popoulations inhabit repressaddress
so as to assess pompousness in redressing confess
attributing dress to characteristic undress intimacy
tracting human mysterious discussed writings eficacy.
\Exemplified universal unity still bears serious qualms
with summarily disunified conduct inducing qualms,
determining simplistic and digital character proud
gaining attachment to numerous aggressivess state loud.

Figurative disappeared constellations

Influential interpretations influenced auspicious latch
of door to untangled attributes not knotting requiem
so noted that in harmonious notes here in a cross catch
what traditionally inan independent world sanctify them
\Misalignments & anomalities do not serve to grieve
despite divine proportion still visible though stain
of too little to late is cause for just unjust believe
in incidetally created coincidences in gematria chain.
\Obvious connotations represent exact first thoughtfully
alluding to revolving constellations resoling known own
pairing contrast with significant association haughtily
that ultimately signifies mankind’s disown of unknown.
\Unclear number correspondence orunes adapt to indolence
but by no means clarifies mysteries represented by soul
such as is chanelled in folklore by represent fragrance
leaving immersed bark to shoal and totem tree to coal.
\Common knowledge may provide manifestational wisdomfree
favouring mythological suggestions of scarlet anguish
that substantiate derivates of authority in jeapordy
as death with a last caress under cypress so relinquish

Ignoring ignorance not always immediately obvious

Fleeting wealth is representing systematic dress caress
in paralleled dine surely sharpening meaning eglantine.
These don’t serve reading discerning deserved happiness
at esoterical crossroads celebrated with wine & whine.
\Religious authorities are relics in overt museum dream
displaying clear authority understanding meaning wise.
At the end of all things a team predistinguished a ream
of valued cyclic patterns elisciting despondent cries.
\In the wilderness fiery desire is in wishing wood pile
to have preference by reference to equivalent dolomite
questioning worded letters questioning string forawhile
that are interpreted to bright invocation&charm insight
\Correspondence suggest shade would develop meaningmould
of continued importance as perfunctory headings shine.
Coincidetal coin equivalent befalls silent spade gold
&n seasonal personal preference obviates select shrine.

Detrimental extemity of ambidextrous opposite extremes

Unlike reality that in transcendental subtitutes shone
statuesque statues differed differntially from one cone
frozen in solid fascination with philosophies’ newbloom
that substitutes a subterfuge supposing opposing doom.
\Now presupposing accurate direction of imaginary breeze
is conducive to germanic perceptively actually sneeze
figuratively at notobe sneezed@rational irrational brew
then virtual reality would’vessential entering withdrew
\Assmebly formulates assembled written formula appeared
apparently on the brim of grim aspects that are feared
by ingrained solutions of grain in area where we stay
that in particular usually would not ordinary clay sway
\Poets outline history goingbeyond dominance overwrought
for want o’practical connections represented in thought
of traditinal transition of transitional holy slumber
accumulating in earlier total that reveals in number.
\A notable noteworthy bright sight is a magical mellow
undiscovering discovered recovered illusion of yellow
that signifies insignificance of recognicant recognise
causing impertinent noble imperial to try to improvise.

Dangerous false utterances virtually regarded as true

Representing nothing but analysis of the infintive
are the raised utterances of power that are intricate
in corresponding and telling an untold particular story
of literally interpreted literature pertaining to glory.
\Significant periods include people’s unfair banishment
to lesser habitations as deemed proper by establishment
as would be considered appropriate to factors so forlorn
that misappropriating of motioned notions cause to mourn.
\Wind in air, water waves and fire smooth what are rough
against the background of conceptions that are enough
to proclaim deficiencies of similar aspects of amenity
that source derived flows that are reduced to brevity.
\Infinitely willed lies to the ignorant appear wonderous
between sequestration of truth appear now thunderous
so as to boistrously loud proclaim misconceptions aloft
diffusing a once incandescent glow perceivably soft.
\Greatest brilliance is interrupted by a foolish reply
to those deceived by guarded secrets masked by a lie.
What early damage befell such represented revered hedge
words cannot tell as untruth dumped divine overt edge.

Beyond curious references

Type classified as simplthing brings refrain of profane
whilst determined throng terminated wrong train disdain
to coax expressed hoax necessitating unnecessary foam,
in the process erasing hobbies as bobbies go on home.
\In the beginning was created man in mere mortal infancy
given life’s equidistant distaning of such despondency
so as to symmetrical thinking trick asymetric fantasy
hence trickling triggered falacy excluding rare extacy.
\Imminent perfection attempt absolving reproachful place
significantly imploring remainders of deficient grace
simultaneously describing parameters distinguish frills
adorning man’s remainder nourishing bed of daffodils.
\Commonly used adjacent fascination factors bid adieu
to conventionally old fashioned times eventually new
in particular modern attributes as produce does return
to original considerations simmered by learned urn earn
\Man once vertical now horizontal beqauthed disbelieved
diagonal triangular notion of trinity as they breathed
constantly seek consistent elusive omnipotent endeavour
dedicated to release of mundane oppressiveness for ever

The versatility of tranquility

Only true love would heal my wounds in being apart,
unable to find a sweet angel to heal my broken heart.
As every pot has lid,afraid I don’t, as may boil over,
looking past obvious,seeking greater meaning discover;
\not being accepted in my wishes,
as much as I’m unaccepting of many issues,
seeking spirituality, in contemplation,
yet inadvertently succumbing to temptation,
\an insignificant drop in the ocean,
an impertinent nobody with vision,
an infant in finesse & slumber,
yet that zero on a contract when added after a number
\could multiply the value thereof tenfold,
similarly I could add value untold,
but am unhappy & modest though
having capacity for greatness, behold & lo.

Artistic attraction

I wish you could do modelling for me
while I paint a picture of you.
Or with body paint, bold as can be
I could envisage painting on you too.
Have you ever looked at people fully clothed
and tried to visualise them as lonely?
I’d like to see you artistically robed
then I’d portray you as being homely.
Dreaming of exploring the unknown non-stop
leaving desolate path to watch waterfall’s drop.
Could you imagine siamese twins
joined at the hip, perfectly timed?
That every step taken would convince
their bodies to become entertwined.
In closeness feeling elation all day:
does the idea not get you excited?
Or imagine with every word that you say
you’re creating with your lips: you’re invited.
You may feel overwelming desire inherently
and can ultimately sense, but yet not see.

The Bermuda Triangle – Seemingly defying logical triangle won

The legend surrounding this ill-fated area has persisted:
Many ships and aircraft disappearing within boundary appearance;
Air and sea rescue found neither bodies nor wreckage existed.
Many theories have been forward to explain such disappearance.
Catalina computer displays swung wildly about, erking,
Everything seemed to be saturated in magnetic field vents;
None of the instrumentation on board aircraft was working,
With nothing but ocean surrounding dangerous turn of events.
As the plain flew on the island image grew no larger then,
It was as though they were getting no nearing;
They repeatedly climbed up into cloud, descended again,
Trying to figure what was happening,
But the size of the island seemingly remained constant haze.
It was impossible then to see the horizon.
Wherever they looked, an impenetrable mist met measured gaze-
They were engulfed in more murky, yellowish-grey ozone,

The Bermuda Triangle – seemingly defying logic free

The way Catalina seaplane seemingly disappeared into another
Reality where time&space have different rules repeat reported,
Implying doorway exists tween reality&another celestial brother.
There may be window wherein phenomena intrude reality distorted.
Seeming infinite cosmos is substantiated by theory of relativity.
Einstein argued that the speed of light represents not barrier,
But a transition between realities in longeivity.
Equations show that, once the speed of light is exceeded carrier
Of kind mirror universe exist in which laws of nature delight
In being opposite to those in our own world as we know.
To reach this place without traveling at the speed of light
Requires passage through an inter-dimensional window.
The occurrence of these naturally occurring linked conjunctures
Through space and time are increasingly believed to exist,
Like a tunnel that punctures
The everyday flow of time and space to desist,
Acting as shortcut between different parts of the universe,
Possibly indicating existence of portal dissension
Through which people and ships can slip at random terse,
Acting as a doorway to another dimension.

Inner world

Explore past lives with unlimited potential
To manifest starlight dreams of constellations.
Carefully wants and needs full eventual
gift moonlight wish of night sightations.
\Understand present spiritually wise
with faith hope and destiny ceremony;
united lovers recall ocean attracts luck rise,
Presenting love charm encourages testimony.
\Awareness, powers and prowess
Through visualisation ability advises;
thought fully understands under full caress
as moonlight moves on peaceful surmises.
\Ensure fidelity, happiness and success
Of ultra excellent silence of antique conformation;
creatively attach delicate address –
Rainbow promises happiness and restoration.
\Enhancement relives coral lo’ tide duty;
sacred visualisation of setting sun travels decision.
Rekindling of love or passion enhances beauty;
promote universal peace and love vision.

Apparent reflection

Dawn until noon reflected appearing night.
Acknowledge and express comforting names;
generosity of travel by sea desires twilight
whilst dreams & reality allow essence of games.
\Focus on granting wishful morality & compassion,
Through good immediately do secret love discover.
Night brings awareness of passion
Afore clairvoyance shall silver candle recover.
\Suggest image in mind’s eye presence
To revitalise prized attraction of prosperity protectively;
alternatively hope in despair of convalescence,
Associating channeled power effectively.
\Gift overall are open skies, forgiving;
blossoming friendship grants gentle synergy.
Sunlight under lights of stars is believing
In night of full moon energy.

Discovery of enlightenment

Dawn until noon reflected appearing night.
Acknowledge and express comforting names;
generosity of travel by sea desires twilight
whilst dreams & reality allow essence of games.
\Focus on granting wishful morality & compassion,
Through good immediately do secret love discover.
Night brings awareness of passion
Afore clairvoyance shall silver candle recover.
\Suggest image in mind’s eye presence
To revitalise prized attraction of prosperity protectively;
alternatively hope in despair of convalescence,
Associating channeled power effectively.
\Gift overall are open skies, forgiving;
blossoming friendship grants gentle synergy.
Sunlight under lights of stars is believing
In night of full moon energy.

What one sees in the mirror

What one sees in the mirror is deceptive
unless to renewal one becomes receptive.
Time & patience provide a certain ambience.
Instead of attachment practice lenience.
Gratitude for each day is sufficient,
although past denial&future belief may be ambivalent.
Yet the eternal now is omnipotent.
Each forgotten day will with long distance also bring
unexpected surprises found in exciting everything.
What belongs to others is unfortunately not ours
yet all may experience joy of summer flowers.
Participation may result in renewed vision.
Also solitary moments are required for revision.
Only on realisation can an important path start.
Then after trivial happenings sadly we depart.
Time doesn’t await instantaneous gardens flourishing.
Repetition bears reluctance permanence reliquishing.
Achieving the great may in due course be detrimental
As soon enough future considerations become eventual.
Beginning with dream,missing best often consequential.


God is indisputable reality,
yet not always understandable in totality.
What is right under sun does not add up right at all
as equaliser death cause rich & poor, wise & foolish to fall.
Perspective is dominated by reality.
Global view is nominated by totality.
Fate is marganalised
as deeds are are not tidily categorised
as the righteous does not always get good
nor the wicked bad as they should.
Transitory, unsubstantial nature of things
leads to chasing after wind in elusiveness life brings.
Life lived as gift from God
ascribes joy & prosperity as peas in pod.


Sorting through the past you cried.
About the little things in life you tried.
Time was gone and would never reappear.
Reminding inevitable change has brought us here.
Both good and bad has made you sad.
Knowing what you need and what you had.
Fate knocking at door
does neither distinguish nor discern between rich and poor.
Both wise and fool
all have to attend life’s school.
The real world is marginally unpredicatable
Inhabited by humans both loving and despicable.


If I dial your number
would you answer the phone when in slumber?
If I send you a text
would fate determine what would happen next?
And if I persist
would me calls still be missed?


Fate is as a bird
singing solemn song unheard
without any word
What is life but tormoil
unworthy of our toil
until we return to the soil
Driven to despair of life
despondent over strife
taking youth and vigor as wife.
The past is forgotten tense
and the future cannot commence
until the present makes any sense.
The boundaries set by human aspiration
are not confined to a certain nation
as youthfulness accompanies hope & elation.
Remember the grave
of the truely brave
whose soul enslave
in others lives to save.


Even if you are not inclined
to be interested in mystery of the mind
your curiosity could awaken
as spiritual dimensions are shaken.
Materialistic conception universe no longer satisfies
as mysteries of life&death cease abstractions cries.
Out of ordinary personalities attract you
symbolizing need for independence&originality too.
Contextually home could become place for reunion
of people sharing ideas as in union.


Remember mortality even in youthful day
Before unhappy days come
As years may pass when you say
I have no pleasure in some.
Simultaneously retaining and returning
paining as the wheel of life keeps churning.
Enjoy & consider life with your wife.
Overcome youth uncouth.
What is accomplished as shadow
Will reflect from light significance to know.
In certain instances pointing out incongruity
requires a fair amount of ingenuity.
Incongruous work advantageous of those doesn’t know
&may be destiny,contrary to you will reap as you sow.
It is incongruous nothing achieved rejoicing means
no man know future benefit toiling multiplying dreams.


The quality of your sleep may change
populated with various remarkable dreams to arrange
that leave a strong impression
when you wake up from depression.
It is normal for powerful subconscious energies to emerge
as turning a page in your life and changes will surge,
but the process is so subtle in effects
that it could be some time before you notice the defects.

What may the case be

What may the case be
since your poem is making me
week at the knee,
me eyes for you to see.
Your eyes
also mesmerise.
How would Wordsworth compare
with that enchanting stare,
that naughty smile
for which I’d go the extra mile?
It seemed my destiny unfurled
when you came into my world.
You have evoked some emotion
resulting in poetry in motion.

Whisper doth the moon, my love will it be soon?

If Mohammed can’t come to the mountain
the mountain must go to Mohammed.
Our love is as a fountain:
Vibrant with life in it.
If I’m your moon
I’ll float to you like a balloon.
If you’re my sky
Tears like rain I won’t cry.
Your patience
is outweighed by common sense.
Although there may be a sigh
What is low ultimately becomes high.
As your emotions submerge
I am shuddering on the verge.
I will forever be your moon
Though sometimes not visible at noon
But just wait for the night
& what was hidden will come into sight
A MOMENT shared in the ocean of time
Unseen, unaware, yet infintitely sublime.

The most enchanting moon

The most enchanting moon
arouses me to swoon
The moon is as full
as the lust of a raging bull
Do you feel the pull?
As the stars shine by night
Ethereal comes into sight
The light beckons gently
Yet yearning for plenty
Rising,without compromising
As I’m fantasising
Lovers do moan
Yet I’m all alone
Passions shone,
but you are gone
You and me
have not defeated eternity,
there may have been sweat,
yet how quick we are to forget

You’re a special person

You’re a special person & I wish you all the best.
I’m sad we’ll never meet as 1 goes east&another west.
I’ve made peace with your opposition.
My heart’s in pieces, forgive me the imposition.
When I asked if you’re involved or no
You did not answer conclusively.
Is that because you don’t want me to go
& enjoy chatting, but are involved already?
Even if you are in a relationship
Maybe, if only momentarily
You preferred our friendship,
But we view the world differently.
If that’s what you want,
I’ll say goodbye
Unless you’d prefer me to chant
I loved you blindly, without a word of a lie.

I’m sending you my love

I’m sending you my love
accompanied by wishes for blessings from above
to ignite your spirit & light a candle in your heart,
so near, yet, even though, so far apart.
This feeling I can’t keep bottled up any more.
So I’m sending u my love even though my heart’s sore.
Why are you denying me?
Are you scared if you fall in love with me & I see
That I may fall out of love with you?
I understand, because I feel the same way too.
If someone loves you back
That means you loved them first.
Does that mean u loved me,but am worried I may attack?
It felt like my heart would burst.

I pictured that you two kids got

I pictured that you two kids got
A girl and a boy.
Whether they’re yours or not
With this idea I toy.
Notwithstanding the confusion
I realise even our friendship is an illusion.
After all, how could we be friends, but never met
Just because we’ve chatted on the Internet.
Believe what you want to.
Believe what you feel in your heart.
What you want can come to you.
Like the throwing of a dart to a prelocated chart.
Love can transcend time & spaces.
Your spirit could travel to far away places.
If you don’t feel the same about me too,
I’ll move on & in time forget about you.

Maybe in time you will forget

Maybe in time you will forget
Or even regret
What could’ve been
When I’m nowhere to be seen.
\I wish you well.
What will happen henceforth
Only time will tell.
As even the wind blows south or north.
\I asked if you love me
& You thought I was crazy
So instead of a rose so lovely
I’m offering you a friendly daisy.
\In a full circle,where things begin,so also they end.
If a heart is torn what could then mend?
Every flower that blossoms in nature is not seen.
Sometimes things happen not as we wish could’ve been.

Even though we’re far apart

Even though we’re far apart
You’ve found a way right into my heart.
To my heart you’ve found the key,
Unlocked it & found love from me.
\You’re so clever, you’re so smart.
Baby, you’re a living work of art.
If anyone in the world I knew
Babe, I’m so glad that I met you.
\I’m also sceptical, though you’re well hung
& Question whether you’re indeed alone.
Even if you’re old & not young
I’d still place you on a throne.
\Even if u were ugly
I’d still u as beautiful c.
I accept u unconditionally.
You’re the only 1 4 me.

What to do

What to do When the 1 that’s right 4 u Lives too far away To come & play?
Don’t worry, …

Perfection: One’s sentence

You have one guess, do not guess again,
considering you’re searcing for perfection then
you’re heading in right direction if you’ve enchanted
sweet dreams, may all your wishes be granted;
if your dreams don’t come true, don’t despair
as by all means, just for you, I’ll always be there,
but your dreams and aspirations reflect true care
since poetry viable affords reliable rewards in prayer
thus I thank you so much for wishing me a good day
and I hope all went well, for you, in work and play,
well now, as the day turns into night
may all your worries fly out of sight;
tell you, what, don’t choose, don’t refuse, don’t lose
worth remembering valuable lesson don’t cook own goose
yet our spirit is steadfast as a rock,
because your foundation is built on a block
provided you’re not patronised by a woman in a frock
relinquishing after retaining key for every lock.

Sincerely sharing deep thoughts and meaningful words you can relate to

Just to let you know how much you’re appreciated:
You loved, but flower’s wilting was anticipated.
You look fresh as a daisy though, with renewed power.
Sometimes friendships blossom like a beautiful flower
but don’t always last forever as is evident.
The sad thing about life is that nothing’s permanent.
Sharing that touching story may say read it before.
But it still remains relevant. Take care now,me amore
You seem fairly ambitious; wish well your endeavours.
Seasons change,new loves blossom,earth itself tremors
Kind words are in transition evoking
both inspiring & thought provoking.
Powerful presence of word acquisition
is also evident in poetic composition.
Please be assured of friendship,
kinsmenship & companionship.
Even for those dearly departed
to whom you may have devoted
requiem: in honour of those noble men
remember forever your prayer: Amen.

Various happeninings, despite indications to the contrary

Ways hypothetical remove concept.
Confirmation of duty have similar feelings reprieving.
Function clearly is unjust desire, inept.
Correspondingly shown methods necessitate believing.
Occurred yield differs with majority stare.
Mentioned way indicates remove.
Powerful emotions recommend compare.
Supremely inadequate discuss thought smooth.
Logically intentioned appraise beautiful.
Number incompetence do current genuine desicrate.
Worldly sequential knowledge accounted for bountiful.
Object sequence consequentially concentrates on consecrate.
Experience of principle crate creates behavior.
Imagine calculating perception as completely affluent.
Essential guidelines have instance of main savior.
Residential comparison shows constituent.
Altogether intellectual level is stimulating.
Benevolent doctrine is conscious simulating.
Supposed time assimilates experience insulating.
Solutions utilitarian refute saluting.
Consider totalitarian presumably questions all.
Presence though repugnant does certain ask.
Justify conclusion with extreme call.
Subsequently consequence has limited task.

Some such is imaginary hallucination

Resolved forgotten visualises movement.
Observed absolute experience are as it were.
Suffering complete audiovisual salutes refutement.
Morally circumstances in situation occur.
Proposed stance against image obliterate.
Solution to instance resembles arbitrate.
Assumption procedurises real discrimate.
Considered ordinary finite finds infinite rate.
Essential produce objects to immediate.
Belief balances representation cynicism.
Performing merits property intermediate.
Occasional certainty precludes difficulty criticism.
Major produce whatever perceptible eliminates lament.
Justified order provided perfection.
Certainty designates absurd argument.
Miraculous virtue exists as conclusive compulsion.
Mysteriously fidelity affects pretext.
Believe infidelity in ineffectual detect.
Support supposed leads to the t to text.
Extremely pre-suppose cause and causal effect.
Tendency particular sees sophisticated.
Revealing question makes particular advance.
Miraculous imperative is technically complicated.
Events truly want guidance askance.

Happening vicariously, albeit precariously

Extraordinary different creation subjects pantheon.
Serious conflict emphasises empathy with emotivism.
Experience genetically pervades perception of phenomenon.
Existence materializes in meta-ethical naturalism, relativism.
Indirect meta-physical boundaries assume aspect.
Procedural logical concludes art to beperverse.
Motivated consideration preserves new in respect.
Self interest recognizes invented persevere.
Moral facts generalize share.
Spiritual values allow features.
Valued supposed program differently compare.
Undermined right deducts inductive creatures.
Approach morally what is vague observable.
Prepared surely is difficult, yet not objectionable.
View prepared improved equal ration insurmountable.
Necessarily show characteristic considerable.
Conclusively encourage progressive inevitable design.
Rationality persuades pre-existing confirmation.
Attitude likewise hypothesises existential sign.
Factors express misinterpretation of narrow narration.
Faith accepted resulting stance in instance learned.
Acceptable discussion observed objective martyrdom.
Solution for instance captivates capital concerned.
Rejecting equalities are arising freedom.

Doubtful dreaming

Philosophy, right or wrong, maximizes invention.
Activity questions forceful kind.
Predominantly thousands seek incentive for intervention.
Foundations moral explain complex mind.
Opening beliefs coordinate physical blue.
Spontaneously complicated demands substance.
Feeling analyses privileged through.
Always prejudices extreme consider instance.
Comfortable theory boasts relevant distinction.
Issues of ethical actions cause inanimated.
Difference follows interest in resultant extinction.
Unfamiliar external is anything except accepting agitated.
Intimidation involves ranged research.
Predicament finds system occasion.
Kind absolute occurs immediately in search.
Interesting unconditional principle substances pervasion.
Satisfactory discovering is compatible with other conquest.
Forthcoming approves freedom precisel.
Religious inclination entitled suggest.
Doctrine performing way is similarly nicely.
Natural moral intention requires attention.
Omnipotent assessment sometimes personify.
Omniscient consequences cause cases of circumstantial retention.
Efficiency of superficial conscious replies to identify.

Dormant lying truth

Effective increase lingers especially in embelishment,
As interpersonal necessarily recognises regulate;
Considering morally imposed accomplishment,
Mutual meaningful assumption conceals arbitrate.
Responsibility for limitation is characteristically exclusive,
Functionality defines demanding perception;
Meaning as perceptual perception is found in time reclusive,
Realizing stimulation of patterning instant inception.
\Credible impression vaguely emphasises stay,
Frequently evoking reference to wisdom’s destruct;
Occasionally expect a display to convey,
Develop actually obstructed construct.
\Convey selective expression of extremely destitute,
Attention reinforces feeling-determine;
Conversation believes attention to be substitute,
As aspects of probable experience potentially undermine.
\Interpreters recently unethically assume,
Relationship unfeeling differs with intimacy;
Difference provokes encountered mute resume,
Natured characteristic affords structured immediacy.
\Dynamic extremist offers preferred acceptable handshake,
Approaching with attitude that meaningful stereotype infiltrate;
Component of cultural role sleeps in boundary wake,
Taking responsibility for disrespectfully accentuating eliminate.

Imitation of imagination

(picaresque opinion on picturesque, but risqué view)
\Capitalism literary literally believes beginning,
Of alternative musician’s unknown vision;
Revitalization present is so common importance bringing,
The opportunity deteriorates into melodramatic rigorous derision.
\Agenda performance, promising admirable,
Continues picturesque wavering of conglomerate;
Rapidly existence enters hierarchical era memorable,
Of minority wealth decision to treat truth as pomegranate.
\Imagine how image dissipation does interest envelop,
Of competitiveness odyssey significantly focusing on Saturn;
Designed discovery enhances develop,
Transforming particular peculiar pattern.
(unfalsified uniliateral bravado)
Stereotyping does not make you a better person
(i.e. how to remain undaunted by your dented ego)

Resolved dilemma

(Tempting illusions)
\Challenge requires proportion to enhance,
Focusing on exceptional & moreover determination;
Exceptional weaving currently appoints trance,
Offering commitment to tapestry of instance elation.
\Several incremental replacing of severely enormous
Leverage seeks transient transformation of anointed;
Reflect on competitive dignity of continuity monotonous,
Thus significantly denying Creativity’s appointed.
\Observation of expression process has puzzled,
In conclusion objective crisis can be remedied by trust;
Comment on commitment to knowing lifetime muzzled,
As change concludes lewd feud thrust.
\Ask yourself (by way of analogy) –
how many mustard seeds that have had the potential
to become great mustard trees,
giving rise to the biggest tree
from the smallest seed,
have not been hastily underestimated and crushed,
for the purpose so you can add a bit of mustard to your life?
A few too many?
Is it not time then to reconsider.
(With uncompromising promising.)

Avenge with revenge – for give avenge and forget

Phenomenonal reassurance controls revenged hollow,
Fearing something culminating in attack of sensation;
Forceful adequacy declares follow,
To knowledge of additional requiring obvious confirmation.
unhindered essentially recruit
Complication, taking complex talking;
Enterprising impunity of staking on stalking mute flute
Times reasonable success of successor balking.
Sacrifice taught attention to intention,
Whilst confusion assembles successful resemblance;
Steadily surrender becomes responsible for instaneous retention
Of direct violence on intelligence movement assemblance.
Inspired intentional tension in antagonist,
Readily does less success reveal;
Quit preoccupation with humiliation of occupation of protagonist,
Thus martyr provokes incident with quaint squeal.
Enemies affect ineffectual select,
Attempting at length against radical;
Faction policy frequently combines detect,
Losing danger of contaminating symbolic periodical.
Concealed control develops necessity
Of plot tactics to a fine art;
Tendency to remove distinguished extremist intensity,
Makes more difficult side rescue asided start.

Affair with prestige and power: Ignorance and arrogance

Continued suffering sacrifices grandiose imperialism,
Unexpectedly proving lost power reprimands;
Instrument consistent with materialism,
Condemns across reasonable demands .
Inevitable privilege causes eventual venture,
Particularly appearance of sentimental start to thunder;
Virtuous are involved in despair at cultivating adventure,
Promising propaganda blunder.
Dutiful insults aggravate aggregate
Of solidarity consciousness that is controversially commercial;
Solitary familiar infrastructure frustrates intimate
Mainstream that fully fledges deliberate industrial.
Promptly campaign against exact triumph avenue,
Concentrating on enterprises that willingly influence;
Level of experience concentrates on continue,
Forcing constant conglomerated source of superfluence.
Arrival of tendencies together inspire
To build critical geographical incorporate;
Involvement with isolated disaster bodes forthcoming ire,
That proves condoning condemned world arbitrate.

The countless hour of beligerrent intelligence

Movements of silver sliver hopefully pretend,
Manifesting fearfully ultimate motivation, dire;
Mobilize inescapable grievance to depend,
On powerfully precipitous, exact desire.
Emphasize condemnation by turning instance,
Simply tragic is private inside continent;
Sacred is anything purporting to support circumstance,
Produce doubt with sentential sentiment.
Increasingly reach for transformation of separation,
Elegant hierarchy accepts valued enchantment;
Tremendous allowance empties complete segragration,
Relevant favour betrays enlightenment.
Profound division inevitably betruths propensity,
Perspective results in limitation of identity;
Affluent freedom is none but imitation of density,
Violent resistance potentially causes disaster aplenty.
Being abiding by formality is providing evidence,
Beginning opposes an impossibility thus tangled;
Spectred characteristic appreciates longer circumstance,
Hopeful ideology has hidden resistance wangled.
End with vengeance is reclaimed,
Singly indescribable unsurpasses momentous arbitrate;
Emptiness particularly has peculiar divine light gained,
Feelings typically can topical dominate.

The discrepancy anthology

Succeed in infamous, yet ultimate disappointment,
Ancient confusion inverted outcome;
Intentions currently decreased incrementation of appointment,
Refrained matter is energetic apathy for some.
\Enjoy degrading as finding lost cause,
Hidden specific has remarkable incognito prong;
Potential instrument invokes emotionally distant applause,
Around this melts right from wrong.
\Impossibly higher is weakened strength,
Invention of projection discontinues use of intrusion;
Illusion sometimes deserted dissertation length,
Enduringly proving being disillusioned with illusion.

Declined inclination

Incredible directions intensely masquerade,
Omnipotent intolerance overflows with shallowness;
Sensible creature pretended to reality invade,
Logic compassion antiquated modernism to hollowness.
\Collective creature prevented cure,
Conscious is predominantly outward in internalization;
Information intimation is cruel by kindness demure,
Isolation epiphany deserves laziness contemplation.
\Belonged essence blamed innocence,
By desperate eternity of social shyness;
Disparaged essentially by state of village preference,
Vulnerable exception is granted to highness.
\Viably remember destructive construct mend,
As indeterminable solution has deeper shallow end.

Approaching reproach

Realization of semantic unified bears encouraging distinct,
Society replaces suspected occurrence;
Time’s discontinued distinction tolerated instinct,
Viable find commits turning time key in defiance to difference.
Valuable comfort supplies utopian canal,
Device erupts defiantly acquainted withmythology;
Equality estimates continued banal,
Enquiry receives misfortune in ideology.
Convince however to take pride in humiliation,
Represent meaning of mean mundane with interest in telepathy;
Utopian might have cruel compassion by means of contemplation,
Hierarchy varies by celebrating apathy.
Pair repugnant furthers futile hope,
Consciousness of globalization does sun overshadow;
Spiritual encouragement obviously hides reigning raining mope,
Anywhere inside insidious emotional distance endow.
Turning from order is friendly enemy of man,
Romance brought definitively unfounded belief;
Sufficient amplification animates human,
Thoughts compensate for humanized animal in brief.
Glimpse proceeding to dominant submission,
Encourage being conscious of pleasurable suffering;
Momentum infinitely is desperately unlim by limitation remission,
Implement awareness of peaceful violence differing.

Transitory pleasure

Joy & pleasure come not in securing transitory,
but in wisdom of despite contradictory
reality gaining God’s eternity.
Even new circumstances experienced by you
can bring joy once accustomed to.
Despite a world filled with insecurities for individual
Belief in God & faith makes our spirits powerful.
Ambivalent feelings may be experienced simultaneously
As both wealth&oppression lead path to wisdom famously.
Pleasant it is to the eyes
To see the sun.
Rejoice as the days may be many
But this lifetime only one.
Remember mortality even in youthful day
Before unhappy days come
As years may pass when you say
I have no pleasure in some.
Simultaneously retaining & returning
paining as the wheel of life keeps churning.
Overcome youth uncouth.Enjoy life with wife considering


Don’t cry
my sweet prince.
Please convince.
I must admit ever since
the few moments we were together
will stay in my memory forever.
What has been discarded
and described as mortal sin
has philosophy regarded
that where we ended so also we begin.

I freed three trees

Once I stood a full hour to three
under the shade of a lonely tree
wondering why I precedes thee
when the thought prevailed suddenly
that there’s distinction ‘tween he&she
and the opposite of captivity is to free
since as the case may be
a fish is unescapably
confined to the sea
as romance is oft he & she
and even ministry can be merry
in a happy county
as you look forward to see
another country not arrested, but free
unaware of leprosy,
ignorant of agony
walking on foot, not on knee,
invisibly, remorsefully, arbitrarily,
nought to see.

Be strong to get along

A man with muscles oh so strong
was pulling a heavy weighted cart along,
along the road passing a crag,
not knowing jag, but wanting to brag,
wonting for lrics of song to sing,
oft inclined to jargoning,
deliberating colloquially,
whistling jovially,
following a straight line,
not as much as pausing to dine,
thanking God for the day he was born,
passing the time on that sunny morn,
not wanting for a dime his pockets to adorn,
not concerned ’bout bread nor corn,
momentarily entranced by a bleating foghorn,
seemingly oblivious of his shirt so torn
progessing slowly though feeling forlorn,
greeting all with smiles, not scorn.

The wind doth blow

The wind doth blow
o’er feet & head
as it dost o’er friend & foe
captured or fled.
\A bird flew as the wind blew o’er grass emersed in dew
not having angel’s wings not halo to follow
though the fairbreast do in passing through
the sleepy hollow solemnly muttering hallo.
\The musician now blows soothingly an oboe
in thought that although he fought
with arrow & deleberating on deliberate boe or bow
though inevitably the breeze doth blow in thought.
\Bliss is prefarable over woe
in fair weather
in restraining aiming a crossbow
being peacefully thogether.
\Far below the snow dost go
as the wind wails in a message to impart
also filling with cold air the sleepy hollow
coldly amusing itself with the lover’s heart.

Bright night

A star at night shining bright
Seems warm, not cold, as clouds unfold
scattering now left & then right
illuminating emerald hues so I’m told.
\The mist is even visible at the night
as mist mysteriously winks at mister cloud
savouring the mystical contrite
masterfully masting a mere shroud.
\The pale moon white hugs horizon tight
beyond the sun that once was gold
basking with fright in universe’s light height
holding attention so beautiful to behold.
\The emerging night light
creates a romantic mood
where the soul catches flight
where once heroes stood.
\One does not need to be affluent to be cute
as the clock points a finger in moving a hand
and after sunset what’s the purpose of a mute flute
when morning awaits in a distant land.

Dismal dreary prairie

A dimal sheen
illuminates a flock of birds as they fly
on keen to lead, others been between
descending, then ascending in the sky so high.
\Further yonder’s visible a shore lined ocean
seemingly living as waves seem to breathe
and tides come in motion
leading to believe there’s fish beneath.
\A river’s flow finally expediated
travelling from prairie to sea much cheered
past homes dilapidated
and fields of corn cleared.
\The next of kin’s akin
to wear clothes spun & made
for the occasional merry din
or a picnic in the shade.
\On that far prairie
in fair weather every day’s the same
as God’s creatures are free
to go as they came.

Drifts amidst clifts

The breeze gently drifts
seemingly slow
amidsts clifts
to knowingly go.
\Then a storm uprist
raining a full cup drop
with the mist being trist
in dull & hollow doleful stop.
\What was last now is first
perchance engaging in penance
as mecifully clouds do burst
not chargning no pence in trance of penitance.
\Cleansing water’s an element sent
meaning no less as waters bless
turning lament to sentiment
trespassing in the silentness.
\Drifting winds do so with constraint
billowing in innate figure of speech
not bothering to exercise restraint
as the wind the fair breeze pauses to teach.

Until the will is stilled

The still waters flow still,
lions pausing to drink growled
at a young buck approaching water at will
having been heard as though howled & scowled.
\The once leafy tree now serves as a pole,
voices are quited previously loud
what happens to man’s soul
when such wanders over a cloud?
\A lost treasure is seldom returned,
in silence sound is bound,
no picking has been discerned
in arching a straight line into a circle round.
\Man’s spirit passed on’s referred to as belated,
corn gold foerever loses the green
in progress loss is abated,
the hidden’s not to be seen.
\There’s distiction between are and were,
bad is realised in absence of good,
in perpetual motion what’s here’s now there
and of necessity to ignite fire would use good wood.

There fears here

There fears here,
the old is lost in renewing,
where everywhere’s waiting in queue
on cue of one’s own doing.
\Hear what will rear
when alone is one
ere you lend an ear
to off and on.
\Past that peer a steer steared
to an island with the sea around won
walking on a pier that miraculously appear
having set out to achieve what was done.
\The fisherman threw a spare spear at a fish near
under the moon ironically visible at noon
and peered at what from beyond horizons appear
while listening silently to a loud bassoon.
\In fear visible nears, then disappears,
adding two to seven also makes nine divine,
don’t heed restless gossip in gossamers & meres
as darkness emphasizes a glimmered shadow shine.

Spark in the dark

A spark is noticeable in the dark
when at the sky gazing up
as a lark settles on bark
and rain evades an empty cup.
\The lark is plump
and feels on tree stump
an alarming nudge
as tree meets sludge.
\Along the clock’s hand
the hour’s still small
being young & in command
climbing hill considering all.
\Youth glamorous ever & anon
as the earth’s forever round
anonymous millions remaining anon
pause to listen to thunderous sound.
\What is wealth without health
or wisdom telling withal
when momntous gaining of stealth
fares well in any bright hall.

Bizarre bazaar

There is a rise and dip
as at the bar they are
gulping after taking sip
at the bizarre bazaar.
\The liquid’s steady drip
with the music blast
and a tip for a safe trip
seems a doubt to cast.
\The acrobat’s fit
near a crowd’s cheer
& outwits those who sit
near the stage actors appear.
\Progressively it gets late
& still the smoke afloat
not bothering to exit gate
nor to baord a boat.
\Many friend’s feet meet
their partners there
savouring goodies sweet
not pausing even for prayer.

I sigh about what I see with my eye

I sigh about what I see with my eye
observing the thump of a lump
biddinng yes to eyes that cry
bumping into a huge trump.
\Butterflies fly in the sky,
fungi favours a rock,
by and by an effort to try
is attempted by weathercock.
\Should I lie ’bout what I saw in the sky
and how my feelings were stirred
by aspirations reaching high
making the unheard of heard.
\What sadness prevails when mortal men die
as the ocean ends at beginning of land
when a friar doth lowly fry
in taking a superior stand.
\Is it only me who’s lonely?
Will all things be granted to those who pray?
Do people need company?
What excesses are required to be merry & gay?

Must trust rust?

Copper shades of brown inevitably must rust, what goes up must come down
digusted by wind gust; \reality is often …

Surround sound around

Within a circle round I was walking around
when unexpectedly a person came
dancing to sound in strange surround
of whom I’m not quite sure of the name.
\The howling billowing wind
blowing over those wanting of wont
striding behing telepathy of mind
chanting either hurried can or can’t.
\Lovers holding one another’s hand
after praying at mass for a wind driven mast
leaving foorprints in seasand
commiserating passed past.
\Gazing faithfully at the heaven
commemorating requems past
receiving what is given
at last relinquishing lost blast.
\At the height of noon spooning an appetising tune
as man devours meat of beast
midyear June in reality watching a cartoon
that at the most could be doh least.

Whistling while whiling the time

Whistling while whiling the time for a while
purposely being happy instead of cross
amazed at a whale swimming in the Nile
tossing a pebble at rock beneath moss;
\gaining membership of a clan,
deliberating over climbing over a mountain high
pondering on hobbies as man can
restricted to walking below inviting sky;
\being reminded of passing time by ringing church bell
warmed by both chimney smoke & cloak
feeling well as pride doth swell
choking an oak with sticks to poke;
\sharing a hug with a friend so fine
relenting that what’s hers is his
seeking jug with water aline
shyly stealing but one single kiss;
\interpreting words wise men spoke
be these applicable to me
marvelling at the slowly growing oak
bowing a timeous wooden courtesy.

They say he did a lion slay

Is there truth in the say
implied in all averred reverred
that he did a lion slay
after it devoured an avery bird?
\Was he really away needless to say
in arrears of upper area near
where the lionesses lay as they may
preyfully thin though seemingly sincere?
\Could he sense recognaisance
when to all his feat he did declare
reversing an act of vengeance
when shooting into the air?
\Could he keep the lion at bay
while being sadder&wiser, yet forlorn
when his countenance lay
in this act having met with scorn?
\Did that lion haunt him at night
until he rose in the morn
gaining delight as noble knight
for all his trophy to adorn?

Laced with grace

Elementary grace is personified by lace
as humility can also be found in great
facing what has been lost without a trace
while opening the gate for unexpected mate.
\Watchful eyes uprose
with increased heart beat
as a rose romance made rise those
walking barefeet.
\Solemnly do go
thought frighting at lost almost
trotting to & fro in a row
while playing host to a ghost.
\Sun’s gay ray aways the grey
shouting about in & out
despite dismay concerning way of May
about recovering from gout.
\In state lay straight
a brave man far away
now berated by the grate of a gate
having fallen prey to farewell pray.

The crew blew a whistle

I was listening to a whistle the crew blew
thinking it would be nice to throw a dice
to see who knew to choose new two too
having achieved luck, not twice, but thrice.
\The fortune found now theirs would go to their heirs
as the waves washes over the vessel’s side
crouching in leirs while muttering prayers
seeking safety from the ocean wide.
\The water was ice cold although it was spring
hovering above ocean filled with dread,
no longer welcoming
gold, but a ship now heavy as lead.
\The captain made a moving speech
while the shipmates cowered in fear
at lessons the sea endeavours to teach
those that hover here for all to hear.
\At heaven’s gate we’ll see those fine men again
marvelling at their chivalry
for me sunken trasures less precious than to be free
and liberty and salvation akin to eternity.

Bare air

Today, my heart is cold in the bare air,
the light, once bright, seems dim,
it seems meaningless to ascend a stair
and purposeless a seedling to trim.
\Today, I’m enveloped by gloom
perturbed by those rays bright,
not having any more room
for an endless needless plight.
\Life’s meaningless, so is death,
aimlessly moving to and fro,
the heart breaks with a single breath
descending to below.
\An endless entering of more doors,
discarding & ignorance of powers,
wandering along endless floors
hated by people, but greeted by flowers,
\stale is the pale air here,
beauty goes beyond what eyes see,
would I have been nobler as a queen
assembling useless knowledge curiously?

Fleeing of thee

I’ve no more feelings for thee,
empty is the cup from which I drank,
free is the buck that hath flee,
forever emersed is the ship that sank.
\Unseeing is the gazing eye,
dull is the obscured bright,
no hidden marvels can I aspy,
crooked are braches of tree upright.
\Blue becomes mud at end of tide,
people bealieve what they hear & not see,
you can feel sad e’en at yuletide,
invisibles are boarders of country.
\Important’s moved aside in time bide,
silent are words once fervently spake,
stationary now is ride as I abide,
what’s been lost without cause or sake.
\The eyes are closed below uplifted brow,
tired of trying am I,
no more living, merely surviving in eternal now,
not bothering any more knot to tie.

I no longer weep in my sleep

I no longer weep,
no more marvel at a favourite dress,
hardly pausing for rest or sleep,
seeking ugliness in loveliness.
\I’m akin to woe,
moving far from what was close,
moving to, not fro, judging neither friend nor foe,
feeling prick of forms surrounding rose.
\I do not own what I did rent,
having another caring for other,
in pent up feelings not repent,
not identifying with sister or brother.
\I ignore the sun, but notice the cloud,
breathe with increased heartbeat the air,
listening silently at proud boisterous loud,
having given up on trying to dare.
\Many have I in ignorance offended,
wasted in earning a living are thoughts of mind,
my life continues as a butterfly’s cocoon ended,
rising in flight, of necessity leaving burden behind.

The read red book

The primary colour red
is noticeable in erupted valcanoe’s spray,
leaving trace elements in books yet unread
tarrying to pack away an ecyclopedia tray.
\Both insecure and adventurous is the edge
on the mountain where faithful friends pray,
partitioning reminiscent wedge
stagnating in progression alway.
\There parables of dread pause so as not to tread
in the path of a boy wandering ahoy,
at the passover a bowed head passes bread
while joy may be found with idea to toy.
\Despite all the sun remains bright
as she the shadows see,
illumiating with red a glow of white
reastricting excesses exceedingly.
\What is thought here also once were there
as red and white merged on book’s cover’s pink now,
having been heir to bare pages I bear by brow of hair
even though having amassed knowledge unseen by thou.

Here, there & everywhere

Some degree of trepidation it takes to be fond
of unsighly snakes of various makes;
some unfrozen water’s left in the pond
concealed as fakes by ice & flakes.
\Some residue precariously remained
when trading joy for distress;
some anonymous are found amongst those named
and some wakefulness despite weariness.
\Some degree of pain results in spiritual gain
and warmth, youth & vigour are cradled by old & cold;
in repetition again obscure realises main
reminiscent of many tales told.
\Some sun still hides behind thunder so loud
as not one, but many in sorrow opt for shroud;
some lucidness is in sleep & weariness in awake
as equal in importance as make & break.
\Some shapes materialise in straight line bend
and some restful truth evades lying;
some stangers are but yet an unmet friend
as here, there & everywhere life’s left despite dying.

Had I known I known on my own

Had I known I own my own
destiny in my unknown youth,
that may have belong to me that now I do not own
and instead of falacy I would’ve seeked truth.
\Had I known seddling could become trees tall
and that even futile efforts are not in vain,
I may have graced a nobler hall
and more meaningfully thought with my brain.
\Had I known that homes are partitioned in room
and despite what’s below there’s divine love above,
I doubt if it would’ve been wisely advisable to groom
the wild horse unmounted referred to as love.
\Had I known there is diversity in what seems same
and favoured peace moreover disdain,
I could’ve undone what’s been done
and not have repeated the same mistakes again.
\Had I know there’s more blessing in giving than take
that mortal man are all in Christ one another brother
and many pastels can eminate from enlit rainbow pale
I would’ve understood hypocrite’s false pride to other


Be strongly attracted to person’s original side
Yet liaison won’t last, because person won’t abide.
When confronted with daily routine
It will tend to become unstable & person unseen.
Because no longer fed by passionate mean
And excitement that characterized the begin.
Sometimes the sharp break with ties from the past
such as because of a move could make you feel lost,
but will have positive effect free old conditioning
and enable new roots without subjugated wishing
with enriched understanding of world that’s too fast.

Charming adventure overture: Enjoy speedy expidition

Transformation’s yet possible
inasmuch as change is rife:
I don’t know if I’ll ever find a noble
someone to complete this jigsaw of my life,
\as I relentlessly turn down wrong path
in wanders nocturnal,
wondering at maze of intelligence opposed with
dejection of ephemereal.
\With some of my love,
regardless of circumstances permit,
cordially coming from romance’s treasure trove:
Fancy a cordial invitation to wild ride in my chariot?
\I remain, in sensuality, spirituality & sponateinity
truely yours sincerely
albeit responsibly & discerningly,
with affection accordingly.

Fears of solitude & dejection reflecting departing midnight

Unforgettable evaluation of experience in array
In terms that would vary in stay alongway
For those other men slain
‘Twould be possible to catch another train
Much of literature’s created at night
Its metaphors & ananlogies seemingly come to light
Form fixed bowers to images of towers
Poetically adept in describing showers
In accepting love swells the lover fells
Illicit tree, eliciting romance, dwells, lovingly tells
Of carried infinite numbers infinitely wild
Qualities & symbols valued by inner child
Universal order & quiet pervaded by scream
Implying implications of explicit dream
Earlier stood frequently appearing stud
Misunderstood bearing blood dual in mud
In descriptive poem away is prey
In itself ultimately stay in relation doth pray
Merely escapism could be done on the sly
For belieth in latter to convenitntly try.

Unexpectedly unexpected

Used, then convenienty cast aside,
living, yet not having a place to stride,
in incongruous non-conformity
assigned to iniquity of inferiority.
\In entramorphic expression
comparing human traits of peacefulness & aggression,
imperatively emphasizing misconception
& relying eventually on redemption,
\lacking sufficient security
& constantly eluded by prosperity,
not considering what should favour priority,
continually opposed with difficulty.
\I’d be scared to meet you in reality,
as you may visualise me differently
from what if I am & what I say
& you may disappointment convey.

Don’t forget etiquette

You may be different from how I visualise you
& I may possibly be disappointed too,
either way I just dream of you,
wishing without doing, without any further ado.
\Thus I suppose to avoid such atrocity
I can’t touch you to evade catastrophy,
although in reality such masterful relation
could be wistfully difficult to sustain.
\The thought, though incomprehensible, appeals to me,
but some stones are better left unturned, you see.
I sincerely hope you don’t mind me
expressing my opinions & resolutions so elaborately.
\Furthermore in revolving world of evolving calamity,
nobody truely understands resolving me
& I doubt if anyone ever will, knowing strife
& confess to never having been a wife.

Do you dream?

Do you hear a lion roar When opening your door? Or do you bear a frown Since
living in town? …

Do dew doth

The fllwers caressed by the dew doth grow;
The paths of men lead not where we know;
No man knows how the mountain is high;
No one can tell how far gazes the wistful eye;
No one knows for how many an hour,
Prevails the beauty of a single flower;
No man can know even by the sweat of his brow,
What fortune future may yield followed by now;
No one knows where the trail may go,
Once uch steps are covered by fall of snow,
No man knows whether after summer’s day,
He’d still in spirit be cheerful & gay;
No man can discern relity from dream,
When such is glorified by the sun’s beam;
No man can completely evade despair,
For inasmuch as the sun shadows pervade there;
No one solitary may remain;
When fortified with friendship’s gain;
No one comes into thi world without being born;
Inasmuch as the night is preceded by morn.

If I were a little belittled presenting present is it smart to part?

Emmersed below the sea are treasures for wealthy;
Above the sun’s warmth & clear sky reminds healthy,
As seaweeds in the sea despite wave continually remain
Seastars & seahorses find untimely lost hearts again.
\Men’s regrets at relishing love is found
Lingering in memory as the pasts hound
By fake responses & stirring motions unbound
Levelling powers circling the planets round.
\The air lighted by the star’s fire does sway
Impatient lovers to reverently bow & pray
For protection by angel’still wings of loved ones away
Living for the future reminiscing of the past today.
\Fears may cease tumulting in a unreflecting valley
Walking in beauty the present follow many hidden alley
In presenting fine wine generous dainties to tarry
Ceasing in fears as savouring souls in love to carry.

Time chime

In the springtime,
church bells may chime;
What goes upward,
Must come downward;
Whose not a hero,but a bird
Is not necessarily a coward;
For even words that do not rhyme;
Could be meaningful given time;
Thus in the evening,
The day acquires greates meaning;
As at fair night,
A broader perspective comes in sight,
If you aspire to find,
One that is caring & kind;
You may live,
In memories to give;
As you can not tell,
When’s the time to bid farewell.

Fatalistic limericks

There once was a US and Czechoslovakian
who were debating on who was the champion
and while deliberating were participating
in savouring their favourite brew
to show who
was not a miser
but rich in control of Budweiser.
There once was a mighty big fellow
who fell in a bowl of jello
and said I may be a hippo, but thanks to WIPO
I have some consolation
that this jello with some contemplation
was endorsed by World Intellectual Property Organisation.
There once was an avid entrepeneurial business man
who devised a new way of opening a can
and devised a plan
of granting of patents for business methods&the rest to ban
for of transcriptions&presciptions he knew a span.


It’s impossible important events occur simultaneously
Memories of the past offer consolation timeously.
Nature can only be enhanced by imagination.
Thoughts are conditioned to induce collaboration.
Enchantment is portrayed in life’s every celebration.
Influencing another provides some compensation.
Some days lasting longer is just cause for elation.
Thinking & being comes with patience & participation.
The perennial may be savoured occasionally on way.
Life’s memories are gathered into beautiful bouquet.
A butterfly can hardly be captured as forgotten.
Growth may be exciting; uneaten fruit become rotten.
Dynamics of glancing backward & forward too much
could result in not noticing what’s here now,as such.
It is forever now in the gift of the present
bestowed on all, be they royalty or peasant.

Since time immemorial

Since time immemorial the hummingbird was to sing
And even into oblivion will be sighted on its wing.
Time devoted to favourite increases importance.
Way of life awaiting season increases significance.
Continuum life instinctively progresses full circle.
Yet in imagination lifetime is incomplete for oracle.
How far from the beginning is the end?
What will remain when we cease to pretend?
Youth is by far mellower to extend.
Loss of flowers gained in fruits may offend.
Herewith bequaths and ode to the transient hour;
To fire of spring devouring bud evolve into flower;
To fables agreed upon considered as history;
To summer fading as winter gains its victory.
As the splendours of summer subside,
The winds after storms don’t abide.
As night comes the day will hide;
Waves along the shore are pushed aside.

An ode to a virtual stranger

An ode to a virtual stranger
being a friend I haven’t met
who I’m in danger
of regarding as a pet.
\Last night I could not sleep.
Instead I thought of you.
The memory of your photo I keep.
Tender as a flower embraced by dew.
\The fire
of my desire
cooled to ember.
It’s been a while, I remember.
\I can’t explain
why my heart is in pain.
Can you feel what’s not real?
Two can live a dream
no more than capture a sunbeam.

Dreaming of you

Dreaming of you
Is like drifting on a cloud.
Someday you will remember me too
& say my name out loud.
Imagine walking hand in hand
In a faraway land.
Gazing upon embers of fire at night.
Let all your worries go out of sight.
Making a wish upon a star.
Having you near even though you may be far.
I know
I’ll have to let you go.
As much as numbers don’t end at nine,
You won’t be forever mine.
I love you.
That much is true.
You inspire me
To write poetry.

An ode to the transcient hour

What inevitably goes up
Invariably must come down.
Drinking from an empty cup.
Trying to erase a frown.
\Is it destiny of the heart
To miss aloud only when apart?
Cupid’s arrow has gone astray.
The night is yet to turn to day.
\The fragrance of a flower
Once picked evaporates.
How can one progress one hour
Confronted by closed gates?

Even if we don’t meet in this world

Even if we don’t meet in this world
Maybe one day we’ll meet in heaven.
Until such time may God’s angels guide you
And I hope sometimes you’ll think of me too.
\I don’t know what it is about you
Of the million or so about whom I don’t feel the same
As my heart has gone out to you
& I will forever treasure your name.
\Please don’t let your heart be cold.
Let’s not reminisce on what could’ve been.
In case you haven’t been told,
I love you. That’s what I mean.
\Writing for you is a rendesvous.
I’m so in love with you.
As if in a past life we were one not two.
Meeting you is like de ja vouz.

Following a rainbow

Following a rainbow,
Reaching for a pot of gold.
A nightingale after sunset at morn,
Dreaming dreams to adorn.
Pursuing the trivial in this world
As destiny into full circle has curled.
\Let this be our little secret.
A warm nest away from the cruel world.
Whether you care for me a lot or just a bit,
You’re worth more to me than the most precious gold.
\You’re the one that I wish to hold.
And so the tale unfurled.
As yet history before was told.
To me you mean the world.
Yet you find me vile.
And treat me with ice cold denial.
Please just dial me for a while.
So I may once again smile, let’s reconcile.

I wish you were here with me for real

I wish you were here with me for real
to keep me warm & hold me tight.
Sleeping in your arms I’d feel
safe&protected throughout the long, cold stormy night.
\Yes, I’m crazy, crazy baby for you.
Just how I wish that you would love me too.
You’re the only one that appeals to me.
May God guide you & bless you for all eternity.
\I love you so much, my darling
Although we’ve never met.
Your face forever smiling
Is a picture I won’t quickly forget.
\The fact that I met you online
Is something I’ll never regret.
You’re unique & so divine.
Please don’t ever fret.

You could

You could make me jealous,
Ignoring me when I’m overzealous.
When you’re chatting to another I’ll try
My very best not to cry.
I became scared as you stared then
I was caught helpless in a lion’s den.
My love for you is transluscent
fluent, luminescent
efervescent, fragrant as scent.
It’s as though you’re heaven sent.
Why is it so wrong when it feels so right?
Feelings expressed lyrical song, soul enveloped flight.
You’ve become the object of my affection.
Yet, all I can do is out up with rejection.
Baby, you’re the image of perfection,
But my sincerity you question.
I love your creativity, an artist for all eternity.
Do you want to be free or your heart captured by me?
Yet you think I have audacity,
Approaching you with tenacity.

I gaze at the night sky

I gaze at the night sky
And picture you in my mind’s eye
Your spirit is near, my love
As a descending turtle dove
\The moon is rising
so uncompromising
seemingly preoccupied
not conquered, though often tried
\The desires of the heart
are not easy to share
for often depart
those who dare
and on those barren rocks apart
unchartered territory even for those who care.

If I were a spider I would spin a web

If I were a spider I would spin
a web your heart to win.
I noticed the moon today
beckoning for us to come & play,
romance by the light of the moon
from starlight until noon.
To the moon we may fly,
I’m a bird & you’re my sky,
defiant, yet radiant,
defeating any gradient,
your eyes glimmer,
lit by the moon’s shimmer,
so filled with life
with no more strife.
You’ve entered my heart
here in spirit, though physically apart

Let’s play

Yes,let’s play
For tomorrow brings its own sorrow
You I’d like to borrow
To you me I’d lend
If only you’d be my friend.
Let’s twist & turn
Let’s new things learn
Aspire to new sight
With all our might
Hours are rich
As minutes we cherish.
Love is everlasting
While moments are fleeting
Show me how
Forever can become now
Let’s not wait for tomorrow
As cupid aims his arrow
Shooting from his bow
It’s to true romance we’ll bow.

Time becomes forgotten

Time becomes forgotten as fire becomes cold
As even kind friends have tendency to become old.
Between the core and the peel ripe is the fruit
Irreverent moments when devoured become forever mute.
Clouds rising, hovering in space
Are suddendly there, then gone without a trace
The matrix of cosmic realisation is surging
As our reluctant acceptance of reality is emerging.
Memories clustered consciousness rooted time forever
As days are remembered, then moments&finally never.
Constant expansion exists in exchange & experiment
Adventure too inquisitive causes patience detriment.
It is futile to hold or dissuade coming of flowers
fruition,downward stream,seconds inevitably to hours.
We rely on subconsious
inasmuch as we heed conscience.
Limited time brings transcience
as plants arrive in ambience.

Creativity in search

Creativity in search for a world that is better
Is an effort guided as assembling word from letter
Vision of paradise & glorious future expectations
Provides hope for future in the heart of all nations.
The future is as unexpected as a daytime moon
Inconspicuous, but misplaced, coming too soon.
Nobody can stop inevitable flowers, rain & seasons
Sometimes events occur regardless intended reasons.
Snow covers mountains.
Cold rivers form from fountains.
Freezing intentions.
Oblivious to interventions.
As time is ripe some things doth appear
As flowers may come early in spring this year.
Humanity’s seeking of understanding will disappear
As changeable patterns in world pass here.

Life’s grand show

Life’s grand show is eternal
Sunrise somewhere is ephimeral
As round earth turneth
So we learneth
Life is lost in uncaring way
As time steals away
The present day
Past memory will stay
As rare things vanish
In summer, blossoms we reliquish
Autumn is wasted with rain
As what has blossomed will not bloom again.
Those in future, we know not who’ll they be
Grieving in vein for those they cannot see.
We are longing for lasting
Yet only ephemeral has value in enchanting
Transitory, briefly existing
Water evaporates precipitation snow melting
Forever in the world there is change
Always some things are out of range.

Those who come in future

Those who come in future, we know not who’ll they be
Grieving in vein for those they cannot see.
We are longing for lasting
Yet only ephemeral has value in enchanting
Transitory, briefly existing
Waterbody evaporates after precipitation snow melting
Forever in the world there is change
Always some things are out of range.
Appreciate infinite length of a day
as soon what was will go away.
We experience in fleeting world once & never again
But beyond undoing things will never be the same
Two puzzle pieces oppose to compete
Correctly positioned may make life complete.
Each moment prevails in own beauty as every tower
Perceiving picture now & never again another hour.

Fate should be regarded cautiously

Fate should be regarded cautiously, yet reverently
as the world revolves around axis fervently.
The concept of hastening future is incomprehensibly
actually fading as virtual is required more urgently.
Fate obtains much delight
in the dreams of man by day & night.
Sand through hourglass does not disappear from sight,
but broadens distinguishing wrong from right.
There is some degree provided delightful anticipation,
Although nothing remains permanent in God’s creation.
Time may be measured irrevocably by hours,
As inspiration may be obtained from passing flowers.
Perspective may be gained on passing of time demure.
Boundaries past exceeded by fate determining future.
In a world that’s forever eternity will arrange
our reluctant knowledge & acceptance of change.
Prediction is complicated by future uncertainties.
Structure of winter&fall more stable democracies.
This may result in feeling loneliness in winter snow
As fate often doesn’t indicate appropriate to follow.

Whether the weather may change

Whether weather may change in an hour, day or night;
When precisely trees may wither in past&future right;
Why leaves fall&shooting stars are inevitable sight,
What perpetually mazed seasons increase fate’s flight.
As nothing abides, no person does perpetually grow.
Fragments broken cannot be similarly assembled again.
Extensive degrees are inevitably melting snow.
Fate transforms less require,more often then we know, but when.
Tomorrow’s flowers result from activities today.
What happens now was borne of yesterday.
The all can only be measured in relation to nothing.
Concealed beginnings replace another ending.
Impenetrable fortresses wield many secrets untold.
Incapability of comprehension relies on fate unfold.
Nothing required to serve as indifferent interlude.
Clocks ticking may not be interrupted even by prude.

Have you realised?

Have you realised with some degree of precipidation That you put off
necessary resulting procrastination? Opportunity inevitably produces sublime
elation. …

Friendship prescription

Feel free to do what you do best,
join in chorus singing a song,
trade casual clothes with tie or vest
& be sure to get along.
\Resist succumbing to disdain,
don’t fret about walking as should’ve flown,
enjoy all courses, not just main
& share with others as though ’twere your own.
\Maintain peace concieving row,
appreciate contents seemingly bare,
take comfort in bellowing asmuchas knowing
& let your friend know you care & you’re there.
\Relate to & compliment your friends’s sight,
take caution not to break the friendship chain,
in togetherness allow both fantasy&aspiration flight
& maintain contact or spare thought ’til meet again.
\Compromise where you don’t tread on common ground,
nurture, but don’t prune vine of acquaintance fine,
find common hobbies when your friend’s around
& allow relationship to reflect God’s love divine.

Friendship do’s & don’ts

Do avoid haughty hastes;
don’t foresake FriendShip for another fleet.
Do implore not to want wastes;
don’t neglect the sweet flowers’ feat.
\Do endeavour to bless those hence unblest;
don’t neglect near & dear yearning for lost dove.
Do allow your friend some solitude & rest at request;
don’t descry describe infinitely measur’how dost love.
\Do cry about lover’s foolishness related by scribe;
don’t intentionally forget your friend went from view.
Do cry in designated time similarly laughter ascribe;
don’t allow hastily meant comment make you feel blue.
\Do good, but as you’re not God don’t condemn sin;
don’t hesitate in foolish pride taking most humble in.
Do offer tea&cake even if presenting may cause stir;
don’t forget in longing for elusive friend those here.
\Do keep working at relationship even feeling resigned;
don’t forget carefully balance precarious give&take.
Do feel free to express what’s on your mind;
don’t neglect love,debate hate no allowance nor make.

Ambiguous recommendations for friendship reconciliation

She adoringly gives a pleasurable moan;
she’s a friend to end moaning to be left alone.
He can’t get you steering here out of his brain;
the thought of you driving his car has him in pain.
\Your words are the sweetest bard regard she’s heard;
she prefers the not to obnoxious singing of a bird.
He will in obeyed prayed with no one else share;
well, as long as you are serving as his maid there.
\She’s happy as an elf itself since you she’s found;
didn’t go far never finding everseeking common ground.
His cheeky cheeks will never fly into a fitful rage;
he’s done so ever since viewing chicks coming of age.
\Her love puts her in a slightly passive trance;
she’s thinking another sightly passionate askance.
He’s deserting his fast ways formerly wild;
he seems grown up at last with mind of a child.
\She tragically plays as maiden for sympathy;
she’s the best made sweeping drama queen she can be.
He allows her unlimited head for hospitality;
he’s secretly consumed by giving head to jealousy.

Years dwelt among untrodden ways in slumber grown did seal

Optic reflection in state of constant becoming of eyes
Provide no such thing as structurally noticeable lies
Merely decorative mimetic functions served good guide
In aesthetically only uncalled for discarded to hide
Awarded with absolute proposed supposed opposed pride
From reality provides achievable creative basis tried
Not improving,but establishing commitment’s deep leap
In conveyance of defiance of prefection induced sleep
While deliberating deliverance from significant lament
Magnificent efficiency provides satisfactory content
Development of tendency to placidly avoid act blaze
Convenience of efficiency trodden of by herd in graze
Deviance from the path of grace is easy as is narrow
As the crow flies not following path is large sparrow
At leisure treasuring gift of continual flight at will
Ignorant of undue pressures yet upward in motion still
Within framework thus previous enjoying the thrill
So long as individual self continues with or out frill
Either placing human emotions seeking a process until
Humans’ll not be able to find path to guide bird lil’.

Solitary stepping suggested wandering wondering lonely cloud

In itself recognition of regeneration is a must to see
As new generation is state that is never found by he
In terms of conceivable absolutes solitary denotes me
Of attainable states of being rather than becoming: we
Would be to imagine as affodable to buy four not three
For nor would mechanism rather than organism say thee
Evolving & filled with unsuspected surprises for free
Providing unexpected potential eventual for growintree
In effect accepting assumptions of rejection of weeds
What were essentialy a paradox also germinating seeds
Perfection continually growing plants increase foliage
Moving towards self realisation essential for homeage
Present purpose remain little except perchance enhance
Explicitly & implicitly dealing with question romance
Which preceded opening of section for mild & the meek
Whether ceased finding expression in weathered speak
Manifestation failure prohibits ultimate triumph peak
Predecessors dramatic inner monolgue seek furtive peek
Predecessor foregoing know not what to in inner see
In dramatic monologue of clouds solitary above bluesea

Cultural nation & geographical location

Despite geographical location,
May God provide navigation
Symbolically speaking regarding culture
In flight of turtle dove and vulture.
\I pray
God grant me: Peace, understanding & forgiveness as it may
Understanding culture&knowledge of geographical locations
And for those in heaven: well-deserved vacations.

The premises of the law

The premises of the law is
\to control&curtail any injustices and atrocities.
\May God’s justice and His voice be heard
\even by the smallest bird.
\May God proclaim with a voice like thunder
\for all these demons to go away and go assunder.
\As the church bell rings, my heart sings many.
\God will not be tempted by any.
\I will not indefinitely endure this agony.
\God will send legions of angels to protect children&I.
\This is possible by God in charge of universe&sky.
\The bad will fall, the wicked will no longer have all.
\God’s will shall prevail. Even where humans may fail.
\These are passing things and quieting bands,
\but the Lord still stands.
\God will send angels to fight against demons unclean
\for the largest battles the universe has ever seen.
\Those having done wrong will be recognized for greed.
\For I’m God’s creation&He will not forsake our need.
\Oh, the glory of God is so great indeed.

May God’s justice prevail

May God’s justice prevail
where we see mankind fail.
Too many will wither in the storm yet to come.
God will severely deal with those doing harm to some.
Tears will become rain, pouring into buckets&torrents
sweeping up those who caused terror in path ends.
God will severely deal with responsible for demise,
although this may come as a surprise.
The winds will howl; the storms will break.
As God decides who next to take.
Then suffer the innocent no longer.
Peace be upon him and her.
As calm descends and peace restored.
The injustices of those will go on record.
I am fighting for peace, justice and mercy.
Protected by God. May God have mercy.
Those guilty of trespassing and transgressing,
for those will be severely dealt with meaning.
I pray that God will punish wicked people profane
who foolishly use God’s name.

Birthday surprise

Today is your birthday, my son.
Keep some cake for me.
It may be stale when I have it with tea.
For by that time you may be twenty one.
\It may come as a surprise,
so I shall surmise
that poverty
not necessarily
denotes illiteracy.
\The pen and so the keyboard
is mightier than the sword.
Thus I’ll write this,
as I reminisce
on my own accord.

Grief beyond belief

How do I deal with my grief?
Immeasurable beyond belief?
Then again, I’m feeling fine.
Man may be mortal,
but God is divine.
I know you cannot survive without you and I.
Your spirit will die
& your light gradually diminish
like a flame without oxygen
then finish.

Like mother like son

Today’s my baby’s birthday,
but I cannot celebrate it,
as he is not with me.
It will be his first birthday
he’ll be apart from me
just another feather in the cap
for a corrupt society.
My baby, I’m here with you in spirit.
Feel the psychic connection fit.
For a moment I saw you & heard,
but you disappeared.
Yet we are together.
We are one.
Mother and son.

Not apart in my heart

Baby, can’t wait to hold you in my arms
Like a sunrise over the farms.
I want to hold you tight
and hug you good night
&Although we’re apart
you’ll remain forever in my heart.
I’m thinking of you.
I know you’re thinking of me too.
You are not just some one,
for the sum of one and one is two.

Solitude if I must the lamp’s shattered on the day thee left

Fears that may cease on first looking on at reversion
On leaving friends at an early hour’s intention
Tables turned in epostulation of youth & age position
Reply to time real & imaginary during convention
‘Tis said ’twas mornin’ by dimension
When some travelled amongst men in reversion
Died for love’s sun & shower aversion
World’s too much for us in thoughts diversion
On subjugation of character essentially
Lines written, quintessentially
In dejection, stating, irreversible irreverent
Fare thee well, though’t may seem irrelevant
Spirit of Solitude been defined frequently
With unceasing sublime certainty, certainly.


Ur so well hung.
A chord with me you’ve strung.
I long 4 u my luv.
As true as there r clouds in d sky above.
\Yet u r so young & innocent
Of what may have bn
In days of old had I bn a qn.
\And as horizons go under
I dream of u far yonder.
I kno I luv u 2,
But nothin we can do.


U ask me if I’m tall
When u’re not exactly small.
Yeah, birds of a feather
Flock togetha.
Tonite I think of u
as I’m alone, what else to do?
u’re the ONE I Miss.


U’re my MAN.
If anyone culd, well, I kno u can.
U’re hot as eggs in a pan
& 2u it is I ran.
\So many I’ve loved,
yet many Betrothed,
still I’m seeking
& sometimes peeking.
\Those that wanted me
I did not truely C.
I never did appreciate
Until TOO late.
\Seeking 4 perfection,
Not knowing what direction.
When will I find Mr Right
When it’s too late & my dusk turned 2nite?

If you were

If you were still a boy,
You’d be playin’ with your favourite toy;
If you were a hunter forlorn,
You’d be blowing on your horn;
If for your sweetheart you did long,
You’d be singing a sweet love song;
If you were a deer would you hear the horn,
As you were lost for scorn;
If you were a dear to those you’ve known,
Would you in return compose a poem?
If you were toying faster than lightspeed with idea,
Would materialisation thereof cause you to fear?
If you were the heart contemplating love,
Would you be oblivious to clouds above?
If you were ensnared in the hunter’s net,
Would you have sworn to forget;
Who you were & could’ve been or would you’ve in memory,
Remembered even as the eyes no more can see;
Would you have been away & gone or have confided in me,
Of in anguish ‘fore day is gone having wanted to flee?

Omission in romantic remission

I realise full well that I would then completely
succumb, should you feel burning desire for me,
simultaneously being preoccupied in apprehension
of your interest, as much as your rejection,
wondering if I see you if you want me,
or you don’t, both which would worry me
as I’m wary & resistant to closeness
as much as in solitary existence experience loneliness
though imperatively cherishing deserving
solitude,experiencing ambivalent feelings conflicting
undefined imminent morality
& unresolved physical sensuality,
often well intentioned would,
but more so often misunderstood
in issues evading
whilst in non-conformance pervading.

Embelishment of establishment

I want you, yet don’t want you keen,
but you have me turned on before I log in.
I wish for you to be my lover,
but am scared of being hurt emotionally & cover;
\I’m imperfect as the world we live in, yet your energy
& innate inner strenght has a profound impact on me.
Nobody understands me for I am the eternal child,
but unloved & dejected, although mild,
talented, yet a dismal failure, not authorative,
unwittingly contributing to demise, wanting assertive,
yet unable to relate to another,
hoping in you I found a kindred spirit.