Admiring quotes:

 Fatigue may be of some intrigue when you dream or so it may seem. When you’re feeling tired, you may get wired or be hired to be admired or simply retired.

Friendship quotes:

Unfortunately there’s a hospitality delay in entertaining a friend boisterously loud uttering in jealousy shadows to a sun’s ray meaningfully ending in being overly proud. Inevitably there’s many places like home saying to your friend such as their opinions to sway in excitement mistaking bubbles with foam awaiting the day when we reconciles with they.

Habitually interfering badly of innocent spake those casting friendships & relationships askance testing gullibility as in Eden did snake not bothering to fathom reality or admitting to trance.

Some degree of trepidation it takes to be fond of unsighly snakes of various makes; some unfrozen water’s left in the pond concealed as fakes by ice & flakes. Some residue precariously remained when trading joy for distress; some anonymous are found amongst those named and some wakefulness despite weariness. Some degree of pain results in spiritual gain and warmth, youth & vigour are cradled by old & cold; in repetition again obscure realises main reminiscent of many tales told. Some sun still hides behind thunder so loud as not one, but many in sorrow opt for shroud; some lucidness is in sleep & weariness in awake as equal in importance as make & break. Some shapes materialise in straight line bend and some restful truth evades lying; some stangers are but yet an unmet FRIEND as here, there & everywhere life’s left despite dying.

‘Twould’ve been different to differntially remain same being met by haughty exiting limo in disdain taking foolish pride in a shoelace honestly done seeming though refusing friendship for acrynomous gain.

Ironically man with a winding brow of sweat toils for mother, mistress or friend to eat. Even though prolonged words are coming tempered human nature resorts to running.

Fears that may cease on first looking on at reversion in leaving friends at an early hour’s intention, tables turned in epostulation of youth & age position reply to time real & imaginary during convention.

If integrity, health, wealth or happiness in a brighter hue in this here life we did pursue, surely all of these I’ve found in you, a friend found far and few that is forever true.

Some moments in life are far more treasured such as a precious pearl in the ocean of time enhanced only by friendship true measured as fate doth createth beautiful inspiring rhyme.

Get well soon:

Repetition bears reluctance permanence reliquishing. Achieving the great may in due course be detrimental as soon enough future considerations become eventual.
Beginning with dream,missing best often consequential.

The future is as unexpected as a daytime moon, inconspicuous, but misplaced, coming too soon.

Nobody can stop the inevitable flowers, rain & seasons. Sometimes events occur regardless for intended reasons.

Roses can no longer be gathered in winter’s snow; only by evening we can appreciate splendid day glow.

Deserts wait far yonder for rain for all eternity; milestones,  not moments, foresaking you and me.

There is a kind of immorality in absolute power of eternity. Flowered mountains have caused rock fall. Perpetually changing environment influence all. Some plants flourish in conditions where others don’t. Some humbled attempt to quit, while others won’t. The tides doth diminish & rise again. Pyramids have been conjured through writing of a pen. Since time immemorial the hummingbird was heard to sing and even into oblivion will be sighted on its wing.

Along the clock’s hand, the hour’s still small, being young & in command, climbing hill considering all. Youth glamorous ever & anon as the earth’s forever round, anonymous millions remaining anon pause to listen to thunderous sound. What is wealth without health or wisdom telling withal when momntous gaining of stealth fares well in any bright hall.

Those words that were favourite & surely well meant bestowed on less wretched & free could create content though having fiercely by compass at will may’ve been inaccesable in mountains unsummitted still.

On subjugation of character essentially lines written, quintessentially in dejection, stating, irreversible irreverent fare thee well, though’t may seem irrelevant.

Well disguised fiction is what we tend to believe as fate lacks eclipse & tends to deceive.

Often well intentioned would, but more so often misunderstood in issues evading whilst in non-conformance pervading.

More effort’s moulded in chopping wood than being scolded for being cold though could. You wish your day’s filled with events many ought being inspired even if not having any a penny.

As the tree had withered so the bark be as a bird without wing and he without she. Mistaken prey captured by the heart may even when ceased employ charitable start.

Tempt fate until the day is done. Endure the cold to appreciate the sun. Fate could be cruel, but also sublime, offering as present part of time.

Good evening messages:

Roses can no longer be gathered in winter’s snow. Only by evening we can appreciate splendid day glow.
Deserts wait far yonder for rain for all eternity; milestones, not moments, foresaking you and me.

If your dreams don’t come true, don’t despair as dreams & aspirations reflect true care.
Don’t choose. Don’t refuse. Don’t lose.
Your spirit is steadfast as a rock. Your foundation is built on a block. You’re not patronised by a woman in a frock. You have the keys for every lock.

The fragrance of a flower once picked evaporates. How can one progress one hour confronted by closed gates?
The moon is rising so uncompromising seemingly preoocupied not conquered, though often tried.
Desires of the heart are not easy to share for often depart those who dare and on those barren rocks drift apart unchartered territory even for those who care.
Improvise! Life’s infinite variations can assist you in meeting your aspirations.
Relief is attainable for your life to become sustainable.
With perseverance the seemingly impossible may become possible.
With the right attitude you can put more hours in your day for work and play.
Planning properly today may make a brighter future tomorrow possible. Don’t waste time regretting yesterday when what happened is insignificant and demure by comparison of your finest hours you’re still to endure.

Look beyond what you may perceive and look forward to what you may achieve. Ambition is not altogether as difficult as it may seem. Just dream.

If you just dare your life may be truely beyond compare.

Sustain your body & life & experience abundant lack of strife.

Do you wish your dream’d come true beneath the sky so blue? Do you wish your basket to fill with daffodils on the hill? Do you wake at a sprightly morn? Cherishing the corn? Or are you merely wishing to be there overwrought with too many a care, wishing not for harm, but rather to play on a farm? Or are you still here, only dreaming of those waters crystal clear?
Who you were & could’ve been or would you’ve in memory, remembered even as the eyes no more can see; would you have been away & gone or have confided in me, of in anguish ‘fore day is gone having wanted to flee?

Good morning sms:

There’s nothing quite as special as receiving a smile as it puts a smile on my dial & makes my day worthwhile.

One does not need to be affluent to be cute as the clock points a finger in moving a hand and after sunset what’s the purpose of a mute flute when morning awaits in a distant land.

Upon new year dawning this very morning would imagery of personalised destiny approaching appear’s treachery maintained as privilege throughout your life rather than losing ingenuity and wonder at memories’ gather?

Candle lit, candle bright wishes you a sprightly morning  after a weary night.

Glowing wore glowing than the morning star, even from afar, none other than the far flung sun can overshadow the morestar.

With petals of roses & grass with dew I wish an extra special good day to you. I wish you joy & happiness too. May your blessings be many & troubles few.

Good night sms:

Direct contrast of good enough isolated those who reinterpreted philosphy of reality as they chose in pending inquisitiveness of inquisition in sight inquiring at interdict of mountain’s valleys fright.

Kindly remembering of good gains wisdom’s wary flight of conflicting deliberate choices that could delight, time and again the passing of a year senses into bliss
of cautious selective discarding of many a dark abiss.

Thou servest as appear in worship today, sensing hearts mention with good intentions doth say, since man so immortal dispose & change fear loneliness pervades as sometimes the dear’s not near.

Better blessings: May all blessings descend upon us. May all that is good come our way. May eveything become progressively better each and every day.

Are you inspired when really tired by your dream mood whether bad or good?