This blog requires no official fitness criteria.

Just by visiting this blog alone you already would have exercised your
prerogative, jumped to conclusions, flied off the topic, run errands,
ran to the web administrator, been taken aback, dodging responsiblity
of posting replies & deliberating on whether to actually push your
luck to submit a reply.

Any other ideas for blogercising instead of criticising?

R u feelin’ lonely?

Don’t like web surfing on your own?


U can c people.

Draw pictures.

Write replies.

Insert smilies.

Form submissions.

Impress your friends.

Make meaningful connections.

All in company time.



There’s no business like no business

Is your business going down?)

It’s all about e-Quality:)

Tips for a parody rather than a paradise;(

If you make a typing error – don’t delete it – it may just be a new word.
If you make a mess – find someone else willing to clean it.
I you take something – don’t be taken aback.
If you borrow – don’t feel sorrow in returning it tomorrow.
If you use it – look after it & don’t lose it.
If you promise – appear to do it.
If you open something – don’t disclose how to close it.
If you breaks something – make sure it’s irrepairable or u’ll have2 fixit.
If you can’t – demand for help, a perfect excuse 4not doin’ it yourself.
If you switch it on – don’t switch it off again as it will save time.
If something belongs 2sum1 – don’t leave it:they’re probably bored withit.
If it’s not for you – interfere – don’t fear.
If u don’t have something good to say – say it, but only on this blog, k!

Incredulous adulous dedication

Working Working out at the gym & working up a sweat ]
Special blogger’s edition to an expert blogger

Dedication to the occasional txt blog visitor

Feel free or at a fee to post all your blogger’s
e-dications & eradications right here in this sphere:

Note: Special e-dition, so entries ARE limited:

Happy Blogger’s Day!!

To the blogger who walked 23 kms to the Internet in the snow just to
post a blog.

Who fought off mosquitoes WHILE typing a blog.

Who got up early to chop fire wood BEFORE posting blog entry

Who went to fetch water for those whose tempers flared up when reading
this blog.

Who at age 14 contributed to first blog.

Who at age 19 wrote first blog.

And at tender age of 38 tried to win an orange ipod on txt2nite in an
unexpected turn of events.

Who exercised love for blogging on a slightly lesser grade than that of royalty.

Who had a young, but experienced word usage.

Who mesmerised with vocabulary.

Who lived through the drought to volunteer a watered down version of
original blog idea.

Who conquered spelling errors to win the heart of fellow bloggers.

Who washed sweaty socks before frocks prior to blogging so as not to
intentionally offend fellow bloggers.

You are without doubt the best blogger who has ever walked this earth.

Yes, I wouldn’t lie about a thing like that, it’s not the way I was brought up.

Don’t say anthin’  more, me amore

What your blog visit lacks by sheer brevity it makes up for in
thoughtfulness, I can assure you. I’m not doing that much at the
moment, it’s like I can never get around to doing what I’m supposed to
as I’m easily distracted by blogging, i.e. let’s say you intend doing
someting, but end up doing something else instead. The weather has
varied tremendously, yes, you may plan according to the weather only
to be diverted due to weather conditions, a common phenomena. Come to
think of it, it’s quite ok to type to yourself online, but if you’re
offline at any time, don’t say anything more, me amore, let ur lips do
the talking…

k, anythin’ u say

Who in this world would you be, b, bee?
To be or not two bee? Rolling Eyes

I did not see u in yahoo.
I thought I saw ya in yahoo.
I’ve reappeared, was it at your request?
To answer your smiley blog visit lest
you should be putting my blogship to the test.
Take care, with many best blogishes, you’re the best.

Thank you so much for your inspiring blog visit, so thoughtful.
May your blogging, if eventful, be filled with all entries bright & beautiful.
With extra special blogishes for your blogging, once fulfilled, to be
Thanks for reading my blog.
I’m exhillerated.
Much appreciated. Laughing

Woha, hold the bus. mate.
What if you read me blog up when it’s too late?
Then mayb a txt would’nt b all that bad.
& I would’t want u2 read this blog feelin’ sad.
Any time’s the right time with me, hon.

I’m slightly dyslexic?
Was that 797 or 797?
44 or 44?

I’ll make sure to add you to my blog
if you have not been added already,
even if I have to do so personally. Cool

Do you really like to plan well ahead?

A. You really like to plan well ahead.
I bet you’ve got your life mapped out for the next ten years in advance too.

B. Or haven’t decided yet?

Tx again, just let me know when, I’ll diarise date for then

That’s fine if you prefer to remain anonymous on this blog. In case I
might decide to publish all my blog entries in a book. Or maybe
broadcast them on youtube.Thanks for thinking of reading this blog
during your break,yeah, don’t we all need one?Y cook if you can rather
get take aways or wash when there’s a laundromat?You’re so dependent,
I bet you’ll even type an entry in your blog yourself!
And choose something seductuve to type for the occasion in the
interim. Sounds like you’re a lot of fun – will be looking forward to
reading your blog entry.Are you online often ‘coz you read my blog
quite quickly…And have a whale of a time web surfing!Yes, your blog
entry’ll be really great.
Thanks mate.Funny that you should wonder, but yes I DID have LOTS of
FUN in this BLOG!!And YOU?
Hope ur day’s ok: see you familiarised yourself with the local
colloquial lingo.You speak the tale deliciously.Enjoy your extensive
blogging & login from beginning to jogging.Yes, I suppose if you want
a blog done properly rather just do it yourself…

Thx. 4 ur cheerful blog entry, mate.
That’s really sweet as much as great.
I’ll diarise our date,knowin it’l b 1rst rate.
Thx. 4 thinking of me blog even though you’re late.

You know, I was just looking back on my blogging history & must say
that I’d rather enjoy reading your blog entries to often brighten a
rather dull day.Should you so wish you may post now
I really do appreciate your time.

Do you REALLY want to get involved in a  relationship?

Personally I WOULDN’T advise you to endure hardship.
Why would you sacrifice your freedom to engage in a relationship?
Don’t you consider that there are more advantages to being single
instead of having to hide?
Remember, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Are you smiling?

Are you smiling at me,
Shocked perhaps,
Confused maybe,
Cool possibly
Surprised or definitely?
Wink If so,
Very Happy I’m smiling back at you.