Image-editing software Photoshop’s Camera Raw plug-in

Many plug-ins intended to work with main image-editing software –
accessed through Photoshop or image-editing program

If use Photoshop’s Raw plug-in and colour-adjustments will invalidate
profile that assign afterwards

Value of third-party plug-ins (and stand-alones) is that they are
dedicated to the process, usuaaly bring special expertise are
convenient and speed up work flow. iCorrect EditLab,for exmaple,
floows the four-stage sequence mentioned in the text and ensures that
later corrections do not interfere with preceding ones.

Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in advantages as probably going to be
working in Photoshop anyway might as well start here and that it has
more sophisticated controls than most camera manufacture software, odd
though this may seem

One alternative is to restrict Raw adjustments to tonal range
(exposure, shadows, brightness in Photoshop’s Camera Raw plug-in and
then assign profile

Sharpness Slider works on same principle as Photoshop Unsharp Mask
with simplification that Camera Raw plug-in here calculates threshold
automatically, based on camera model, ISO sensitivity and exposure

Adjustments through third-party plug-ins (like nik Color Efex Pro!).
Rely on basic operation to select range of pixels and then map these
values to new range of values: hue, saturation and brightness

Third-part plug-in, Power Retouche Black Definition is distinct from
usual colour adjustments.It allows black components of colour to be
deepened independently of the colour component and compares most
closely with colour connection made on printing press. COULD perform
operation on black (K) channel of CMYK image, but with disadvantage of
having first to convert to smaller colour space and then working in
monochrome in the channel.This plug-in offers control over grayscale
range and degree of saturation in colour it affects.

Selective focus effects can also be achieved using certain plug-ins.
Use Focus filter of Auto FX’s comprehensive DreamSuite. It can create
dynamic zoom and rotation effects too. Alternatively and less
expensive options are provided by nixColor Efex’s Classic Blur, Power
Retouche’s Soft Filter and making selection in Photoshop then applying
the Gaussian Blur filter.