Major search engines and directories

Yahoo!, Google, MSN, AOL, Overture, Excite, Lycos, iWon, HotBot, DogPile, Ask Jeeves, WebCrawler, MetaCrawler, InfoSpace, Netscape Search, Alltheweb, About, Alexa, Go, Looksmart, NBCi, Search King,, Espotting, EarthLink, ScrubTheWeb, Mamma, Teoma, Altavista


2nd level search engines and directories

WhatUSeek, WiseNut, ICQ, Euroseek, Go2net, Enhance, Gigablast, Vivisimo, ExactSeek, Nation, Wired, Surfwax, ixQuick, Infontware, Fazzle, infoGrid, ZapMeta, Finger, MetaEureka, Aeiwi, EntireWeb, Jayde,


General Search Engines

Turbo10, QueryServer, CurryGuide,, B Central, API Links, CanLinks, 2Kcity, Aesop, Allestra, Beamed, Coyotesearch, CozyCabin, Goto411, Hidden Street, IdoFind, Imarvel, Info Apex, Intel Search, Jblue, MixCat, NerdWorld, NetSearch, Newwebstuff, PrimeFind, Raging Banners Search, Search Ave, Search it, SurfGopher Directory, TureSEarch, Try America, Turnpike Emporium, Voyager, Web Trawler, 1CokeMKG Link Page, 1TennPuters Link Page, Aatrax, AdWebZone, classified2000, Cognigen Telecom, Emailpromoter, F10, Multilinks, Netrogenic, Submit One, Super P, The Rail Links, Traffic Wave, TrueMoney4u, 911Hits, FFA Farm, Link2U


UK Specific Search Engines

Yahoo UK, Google UK, MSN UK, Netscape UK, AOL UK, Mirago, Abacho UK, Wanadoo,, BBC, Doras, FindOnce, Excite UK, Foundya, HotBot UK, Official Site Register, Search UK, Spark Search, searchengine UK, Selu, UKDirectory