Strange lore, be mesmerised by my poetic words (Incredible sagas of
sages, congenial)

The precept to turn the other cheek, being inapplicable thus cause the
lawyer and priest to earn a living.

The brighter the light, the darker the shadows.

Even if you are at the bottom of a well, all is still  well as the sun
still shines at midday.

Those wishing to improve their inner sight must realise that although
the darkness pervades, still there is light.

To see things invisible at ordinary times, your thinking must be
extraordinary and to have hearing that is extraordinary, you must be
attuned to the chimes.

To see visions in dreams, you must realise life is not all as at a
first glance it seems.

God please give peace serene to those who have no peace, please give
rest to such wondering spirits that dwell the earth so that now they
may heaven enter. Please grant them rest, realising that only by your
power can  be fulfilled and earthly ueset.

There is wisdom in all things if we can but decipher it.

As miners read the earth, astrologers read the heavens; as historians
read the past, prophets read the future; as light shines on the earth,
darkeness comforts the weary, so that it becomes evident that all have
their own God- ordained purpose.