Commonly confused words

accept except

accessary accesory

accessible assessable

adapt adopt

advice advise

affect effect

aggravate irritate

alibi excuse

all together altogether

alternate alternative

amount number

anticipate expect (except)

aural oral verbal

beside besides

boarder border

born borne

brake break

broach brooch

cannon canon

canvas canvass

cession session

check cheque

civic civil

coarse course

compare contrast

complement compliment

contemporary modern

contemptible contemptuous

continual continuous

council counsel

credible creditable credulous

defective deficient

defininte definitive

**delusion illusion

dependant dependent

derisive derisory

desert dessert

discover invent

disease decease

disinterested uninterested

draft draught

dual duel

economic economical

effective effectual efficacious efficient

elicit illicit

eligible illegible

elude allude

emigrate immigrate

eminent imminent

ensure insure

envelop envelope

especially specially

exceedingly excessively

exceptionable exceptional

fact factor

farther further

flaunt flout

foregoing forgoing

formally formerly

forth fourth

hanged hung

historic historical

hoard horde

idle idol

imply infer

impracticable unpractical

ingenious ingenuous

intelligent intellectual intelligible

its it’s

judicious judicial

leant lent

lead led

less fewer

licence license

lightening lightning

loath loathe

loose lose

luxuriant luxurious

masteful masterly

may be maybe

meter metre

militate mitigate

moral morale

new knew

notable noticable

official officious

pray prey

persecute prosecute

personal personnel

precede proceed

precipitate precipitous

prescribe proscribe

principal principle

prophecy prophesy

quiet quite

raise rise

re-cover recover

re-form reform

review revue

right rite

scarce rare

seasonable seasonal

sensual sensuous

sew sow

shear sheer

sight site

solidarity solidity

stalactite stalagmite

stationary stationery

stimulant stimulus

there their

threw through

to too

translucent transparnt

were where

weather whether

who’s whose

your you’re