People who make relationships break up are cruel by causing the rejected person

 to be all



Beware of people who try to manipulate you with lust and control you and still came to

relish in seeing the next person alone, miserable and suffering, although you should

 try and

avoid such people.


Do not take the bait from those Jezebels who don’t care to rip your guts out

to use you after you got hooked and they reeled you in. They wait for prey

like scavengers.


Even if there are no Jezebels with you now, it is best to be advised not to engage

in adultery, fornication, debasement and sexual

perversion again.


I watched on tv what some people would find funny, this guy being told

by 3 people in a  row, thank you for last night, dirty little

secrets are known to God, so count yourself out from such lists.


I a person came and asked you for a favour and you do so

begrudgingly, though their whole attitude is they thinks they’re so

lovely/whatever andevery other person is  so ugly/whatever be comparison,

 that’s why whoever would you for them without thinking twice,

don’t bother doing any such person any favours.

You’re not obliged to and it’s better to cut people like that out of your life for good.


I won’t be surprised if you are having some such problems.

 You and I know that sort of setup is disaster.


It is one thing to love a person unconditionally,

even though they’re a real doofus/fuddy-duddy/whatever,

that’s why you don’t want

people tricking that person into thinking they love that person, but they don’t, they only

love what that person does for them, it’s another thing banging your head against a brick wall,

don’t waste your time. None are as blind as they who do not wish to see.


Sure you could use telepathy, but your own thinking is more important to you

than all the rubbish that comes to perverted minds, ’cause of putrid people with

dirty habits.


You can carry on wasting time in relationship indefinitely, though, afterwards, one goes

back to whoever and the other to whatever, who wait patiently,

behind the scenes.


It can mess up your life to find imposing people,

That you are too polite to tell off, but, because of their greed,

You don’t have need such people.


It is easy to read minds. Just watch a couple youtube vids on the subject!


Then it is easy to tell is people must’ve bluffed you.


Imagine the person you’ve bestowed your affections on,

 breathing down this sweet thing’s neck ,asking

a phone number after having impressed that person.

Do you still feel as infatuated?


Those people you cared about,

 must’ve thought they’ll come right with whoever were at the

whatever party, then settled for the one at whatever other place.

youI can’t believe you were

such a fool, knowing what you know now.


You thought your last visit meant something to the person you had a crush on,

 but that person had such a nice

weekend before, doing whatever with whoever

 and met so many nice people since,

that they couldn’t give two hoots.


To them you are just one of a number of people taking them out to nice places on

Their  adventures. You’re tired of sitting around on the sidelines. No

more so long on, so long off. screw those people.

Who needs them anyway?


You know that person made a mistake this time,

coz the person they’re with has their

whoever wherever, but you’re in with them on the long haul and will just

do the best you can. I’m telling you, stop wasting your time.


Do you know what struck as odd? Supposed whoever must’ve been impressed

With whatever they threw around at some occasion and that that person enjoyed

Whatever while you’ve been suffering. Don’t bother to see that person again.

Do you really want to wait around for a person until they have need for you again,

If they ever do?


Possibly you fell  asleep and woke up now with your heart pounding and upset. You don’t

trust that whichever that did whatever.


That’s strange, ‘coz that’s not what you were told.


You would never be interested in their prospective partners

and you would never accept favours from them, but,

if that is the type of people you let yourself suffer from, God will punish them.


You  get two-faced people that come here to ask you for favours

to act like the next person didn’t

give them. It may be yours, but you couldn’t refuse. Maybe you even relent to get

such people out of your vicinity. People like that make me sick. They make you

sick, I would say you should hate them, but that would be unchristian.


It is binding on the conscience of those people who dropped you

that they shouldn’t enter into relations with others who vowed

in church to have taken whoever UNTIL death do them part i.e. Not to

canvas you when he’s whatever!


When you think of that person, your heart warms, then you know you love that person.


At least that person saved you the hassle. Some time ago, if those people asked you

 for your  last

and it meant you having to go without you gave them, but do not

do this after people dropped you!


You know they did the next person favours,

 but it’s their foolishness and you are free to do as you



They can carry on picking up all conspicuous characters. You have better things to do

than sit around waiting on/for them.


You don’t care what they do, only for you.


Personally don’t buy the story.


So next time those people

Ask you, say no, ‘coz they’re selfish and greedy.


Or so said.


You possibly know that person is with another, ’cause of whatever reason,

but it’s ok, coz those people need them more than you.

Or do they really?


They can carry on doing whatever it is they’re doing.


If they are  evil and caused you nothing but tears, God will punish

them. Just so you know. Did you ask God?


Sure you that is a nice person, but consider the last escapade as the last

straw. You’ve continuously warned whoever about their habits.

They’ve given you sleepless



And you were stupid enough to believe them when they said they meant being in a

relationship with you.  Remember God will never foresake you, even when people do.