Sunken Friendship


Herewith I include a few poems I wrote on sunken friendship, some slightly

cynical, others rather naive.



Sunken Friendship



I saw a ship up yonder called friendship.


Favorable greetings to you very kind, devoted people and kindred spirits.


May your kindness be justly rewarded in being intrepid with keen wits.




Herewith please accept my unfailing gratitude for the privilege of your



in which I am absolutely delighted.


Thank you for setting such a fine example in praise and worship


of how kindness can indeed work miracles highlighted.




Admittedly your kindness and generosity will long be remembered


as sovereign souvenir in appreciation of your thoughtfulness, benevolence

and willingness to share from January to December.




May I also convey my very best wishes henceforth in granting you each and

every best opportune.


May God bless you as I am wishing you all the best of good fortune.




Sunken friendship


Sunken friendship in rejection

of altruistic affection

Sadness & sorrow may return and remain

When affection elusive yearning to obtain.

At night and day the tender heart may yearn

For the sweetheart’s imminent safe return.


For golden steps to come a prancing

Wishing woefully far from the din to go dancing.

Though noble born in life lead now weeping

Met with scorn as mirth is solemnly sleeping.


In doleful melancholy while others sing merrily

Over time’s folly as winter & spring break matrimony.

The warming sun over the tree may be cheerful

But far below the tearful squirrels hover fearful.


Although what at first glance may seem ornate & neat

Reflects a dwelling hounded by recompense incomplete.

Fine is the morning as the dejected doth weep & cry

After loudly sounding battle to sigh good bye.


Where once there were promises made by an altar

Blossoms will wilt as threads & men falter.

Wood chopped not good still serves blacksmith purpose

Inasmuch as sunken treasures valued below the surface.




Excess bitterness


Excess wild in being together

Entreats feat of retreat & wild paining

And bitterness resenting other

Saying away with mild child remaining.


There lurks permissible charm

In many an abode asunder

Favoring peace rather than harm

& evading rain to prevent thunder.


Many a sight initially pretty

Being few & far between

Thus greater so the pity

In weaning be from been.


Sin may oft disguise pain

Little being inferior to main

Unproductive latent thoughts in brain

Pervading once yet not yet again.


What’s not false is conversely true

Earth is a miniscule fragment of space

Doing much without much ado

Gazing unseeing at unrecognizable face.




Dying trying


How many attempts have been tried prior to died age?

How many beguiled souls have been to love akin?

How many curious folk have pried into pride of rage?

How many a wild child eventually transformed to men?


How much depths of affection has been cast aside?

How much separation has been endured from next of kin?

How much sand accompanies the ocean wide?

How much sensitivity is required to compose with pen?


How often are accomplished true feats of heraldry?

How often is satisfaction offered for excess curiosity?

How often is maturity reached upon ceasing infancy?

How often does unknown become sorority?


How little kindness is required to gratify the meek?

How little compliments bestowed may bring smilin’ face?

How little comforts are needed in living to seek?

How little effort is required to share warm embrace?


How seldom can be mistook opportunities untook?

How seldom are longings not mingled with pain?

How seldom do you pause to not just observe, but look?

How seldom are people granted a second chance again?



Foresee & see


I’m contemplating with my brain why you is no longer thee

as similar if pain could foresee evasion would see

increased sharing and minimal taking away

as it’s unpredictable how many eggs the hen will lay.


I’m considering why youths in maturity become old

sparing few compliments in scolding the cold

why some suffer as not all are equally blest

and why a hive of activity is followed by rest.


I’m deliberating on functionality of abounding sound

unaware of course of fate dished up to a child

as it is unclear why some shapes are oval & others round

why in relationship it’s not foolish, but wise so mild.


I’m wondering why some relationships were not made

disenchantedly dispelling spell as disappointed tell

and why some unemployed & homeless are unpaid prayed

as illiterate who cannot spell succumb to love’s spell


I’m envisaging celestial gathering of stars in the sky

with myriads of friends nodding in greetings a head

when illusion and dreams is more than meets the eye

with no more necessity for having fled in dread.



Dine with the divine


What rage there was as they did dine

on bread unwild and wine blended

realising come of age now is divine

Christ child who mankind offended?


If only more did heed the call

instead of delaying by staying away

from the noblest divine hall

in an array of staying sun rays.


Was spiritual food offered with bread passed by

in a divine gesture to entice those away

who mainitain seeing is believing with the eye

resolutely endeavouring to repent morrow of today.


At that last supper for a while

dined Christ & His disciples fine

and resignedly in love for man did smile

Christ with his disciples seated in line.


His glory brightening even the darkest eve

He bowed his head in imminent dread

of those who seemingly believe who would him deceive

& offered final remembrance although He could’ve fled.



Hospitality delay


Unfortunately there’s a hospitality delay

in entertaining a friend boisterously loud

uttering in jealousy shadows to a sun’s ray

meaningfully ending in being overly proud.


Inevitably there’s many places like home

saying to your friend such as their opinions to sway

in excitement mistaking bubbles with foam

awaiting the day when we reconciles with they.


Eventually time proceeds to midnight hour

as passing of time can even weaken the strong

heeding crow announcing time passing in clock tower

and not all birds flying high sing melodious song.


Unperturbed by lies are the seemingly wise

and righteous separating beloved in lost love

when sadly gazing with soul’s window eyes

are cries of dove betrothed to trove.


Habitually interfering badly of innocent spake

those casting friendships & relationships askance

testing gullibility as in Eden did snake

not bothering to fathom reality or admitting to trance



Friendship prescription


Feel free to do what you do best,

join in chorus singing a song,

trade casual clothes with tie or vest

& be sure to get along.


Resist succumbing to disdain,

don’t fret about walking as should’ve flown,

enjoy all courses, not just main

& share with others as though ‘t were your own.


Maintain peace conceiving row,

appreciate contents seemingly bare,

take comfort in bellowing as much as knowing

& let your friend know you care & you’re there.


Relate to & compliment your friend’s sight,

take caution not to break the friendship chain,

in togetherness allow both fantasy & aspiration flight

& maintain contact or spare thought ’til meet again.


Compromise where you don’t tread on common ground,

nurture, but don’t prune vine of acquaintance fine,

find common hobbies when your friend’s around

& allow relationship to reflect God’s love divine.



Friendship recipe


Measure one mile shortening friend’s abroad abode,

add love in good measure, even in flood,

lovingly dish up surprises to savour on road

and gather for simmering only good wood.


Ensure of gratitude the cup’s o’erflowing,

endeavour a rising miracle to see,

confectionery & garnishing caringly bestowing

and a dash of affection as modest as can be.


Simmering pot’s probably best sometime left unchecked,

so do not invade privacy for goodness sake,

but in the interim your table can be aptly decked

and patience exercised in a meal doth make.


Confide recipe secrets to get it of your chest,

do not fret over water lost in stem gone,

spice up savouringly tender breast

and think of original ingredient at least one.


Prepare with love providing refreshment & relief,

in generous serving be perpetually in compromise wise,

treat guests respectfully so as not to cause grief

and pray blessed senses not just be confined to eyes.



Friendship do’s & don’ts


Do avoid haughty hastes;

don’t foresake FriendShip for another fleet.

Do implore not to want wastes;

don’t neglect the sweet flowers’ feat.


Do endeavour to bless those hence unblest;

don’t neglect near & dear yearning for lost dove.

Do allow your friend some solitude & rest at request;

don’t descry describe infinitely measur’ how dost love.


Do cry about lover’s foolishness related by scribe;

don’t intentionally forget your friend went from view.

Do cry in designated time similarly laughter ascribe;

don’t allow hastily meant comment make you feel blue.


Do good, but as you’re not God don’t condemn sin;

don’t hesitate in foolish pride taking most humble in.

Do offer Tea & Cake even if presenting may cause stir;

don’t forget in longing for elusive friend those here.


Do keep working at relationship even feeling resigned;

don’t forget carefully balance precarious Give & Take.

Do feel free to express what’s on your mind;

don’t neglect love, debate hate no allowance nor make.



Ambiguous recommendations for

friendship reconciliation


She adoringly gives a pleasurable moan;

she’s a friend to end moaning to be left alone.

He can’t get you steering here out of his brain;

the thought of you driving his car has him in pain.


Your words are the sweetest bard regard she’s heard;

she prefers the not to obnoxious singing of a bird.

He will in obeyed prayed with no one else share;

well, as long as you are serving as his maid there.


She’s happy as an elf itself since you she’s found;

didn’t go far never finding ever seeking common ground.

His cheeky cheeks will never fly into a fitful rage;

he’s done so ever since viewing chicks coming of age.


Her love puts her in a slightly passive trance;

she’s thinking another slightly passionate askance.

He’s deserting his fast ways formerly wild;

he seems grown up at last with mind of a child.


She tragically plays as maiden for sympathy;

she’s the best made sweeping drama queen she can be.

He allows her unlimited head for hospitality;

he’s secretly consumed by giving head to jealousy.