If I don’t timelessly reply to any blog comments, it’s coz I’ve been trying to catch up with my hi5 messages harriet oliver, I have about 5000 unread messages on hi5, if I don’t respond, people think I’m upset with them, this social networking is taking up too much of my time now, I’ve met some great people, but it is just too time consuming, how about meeting online, just dress casually, haha, don’t expect fireworks or miracles and turn your OWN pc on, don’t be too disappointed if things don’t go perfectly, let’s just meet online and whatever flaws or mistakes we encounter we can try and write off as a network error, admittedly it may not be perfect, but at least we would have met on the net and even if it is not that great would have broken the ice and can meet regularly thereafter on subsequent occasions doing lots of fun things together, like hacking some crummy sites, just kidding. If you rely on this blogging site, you’ll have to see here, but if you have a social networking id feel free to search hercolena, any suggestions what’s a good  social networking site?
What do you think?

What, Do you think?


What do, you think?


What do you,             think??????