Despite the obvious disadvantages of sites like Netlog: such as not meeting the person you communicate with in person, this very same disadvantages could provide benefits and is safe to a certain extent to confide, confer, refer and share, to a degree as you feel comfortable with that particular person you have become acquainted with.


I am pleased that you found joy in reading my blog inasmuch as I have found comfort in you reading my lovely blog, my dearest blog-reader. I value you for being the wonderful person you are, kind, sympathetic, enigmatic, creative and not pretentious.  I am very shy & socially awkward person. Even if you did stammer I would not have liked you any lllllless.


Maybe you are all right, but then you in all probability don’t reside in Durban, do you? So the odds of us actually meeting would be considerably less although meeting in person would cast a different perspective altogether.  In fact although I live in close vicinity to the beach I hardly go there as often as I used to. Then again you should not limit your potential meetings either as I’m sure that the prospective companions you do meet online will not all insist on a relationship and it will give you room to compare.  I also sense a kind of spiritual connection between us, maybe more, haha, ok, I’ll leave that line for the social networking scene. Trust me, I have not learned from my mistakes and sadly the ones I loved were the ones who disappointed me most. Yes, I am very sensitive, easily taken advantage of and, needless to say, naughty or rather enclined to a rather pedantic sense of humour.


I am sorry if you have been undervalued to an extent on career and/or personal level, trust me, I know from bitter experience. Yes, your experience may be intimidating as your possibility for promotion would far exceed that of current employees after reading my blog, tehe. Material wealth is of no importance to me, I want to find love with someone who I can relate to in all different ways and that does not mean that it has to be love at first sight, indeed, love denotes acceptance of imperfections, so that, even if we may not seem compatible at a first glance, this should not be disappointing as time should be given to get to know each other instead of arbitrarily deciding after a first meeting that your expectations were indeed different from whom you meet. I may just be surmising, since you’re reading my blog, your blog reading is invaluable to me, but then if you’re interested in a relationship I’m not entirely single without complications, neither am I as perfect as I may have wished to proclaim to be. What is your age if you don’t mind me asking? Feel free to comment below – no cranky comments, ok, just this once, then. Mine’s 44.  With reference to How you are feeling: if you’re feeling low, undervalued & dejected, I understand exactly how you feel. To prove this I’m copying and pasting what I wrote on indyarocks as an idea for a “tribe” that no one has joined yet, for the sole purpose of giving you an insight into my emotions, thus herewith I copy and paste for your perusal, my dear blog reader:


For all who are misunderstood, dumped, unfairly cr (Public)

  • Why is online dating the high tech version of try before you buy?
  • Express and explain your views here.
  • Have you been rejected in love?
  • Have you been wrongfully accused?
  • Have you been made out to be a bad person?
  • Do you feel that it does not matter how hard you try, people only point out your mistakes?
  • Do you feel that people pick on you?
  • Is your real life in a mess?
  • DO people think badly of you?

If so, then this tribe’s for you, even with a bribe.
Do you feel that even though you’re in a bad situation and people may look down on you for being there, the reason for this is that you may be there for a reason by helping people in that situation with their problems? Don’t you think that if you’re not in a situation you wish to be in, there may be a reason for that too?
Do you feel lonely? Do you get a rude and abrupt response when you try to contact someone you care about? Do you always feel compelled to say, I’m sorry? Are you accused of harassing someone and you’ve stopped contacting that person you care about for fear of their abrupt response? Have you told someone something without that person listening or rather taking another’s word instead of yours? Do you tell that person who you love, but who loves another, something important a month or more ago only to be ignored? Are you living in hope that the person you care about may just contact you again? Or that that person would not be happy with the person they’re with, wishing to be with you?: You’re not alone, share your sad story of woe and rejection with others of this tribe.
Are you upset that the person who once cared for you and now does not recipocrate your affections would rather be with another than be with you? Do you feel you could have given that person what they wanted more than anything else in the world? But that person did not want you and called you bad names and chose to insult you instead. So you guess you’re not good enough, hey? You feel like nothing ’cause that person denied you. Wrong. You’re about to call it a day and say bye, cruel world? Don’t do it! There are others in your situation who share your emotional pain and heartbreak. You have friends, or if not, you will hopefully meet some with similar experiences in this tribe.
You say to yourself in a mindless dialogue, hope you are happy now. You verbalise I won’t sms you again without as much as actually telling the other person, thinking to yourself, just thought you should know. You start thinking how it’s safe playing with the little angels in heaven. Think again.
If you want to share your story, but you’re concerned, Please don’t tell anyone, maybe reply anonymously, if possible. I trust you…yes, you can trust me too. Have a good life as your fellow tribe members of which I’m the first would have wanted you to. Maybe now this unexplained love you were feeling for that person who did not want you will also go away. Do not go on a guilt trip as you pray to God to not hold you accountable for your sins. You’re perfectly sane, even though that person that broke your heart may have told you you’re insane. Remember, they may steal your happiness, douse your spirit, deplete your energy, but cannot take your soul.
You know that person that you loved and were rejected by told you not to sms him, or her if you’re male, but try to justify just sending one message as you also know he/she was wondering what’s happening with you and you don’t want that person thinking one thing when it’s the other. Don’t waste your time. It does not matter to that person either way. I know from bitter experience. There may be millions in the world, but you’re so sure that you’ll never find happiness with another. When you’ve terminated it it’s finished, the choice is yours, or you can go on living with joyful expectations that maybe whoever will soon realise the error of ways. Stop deluding yourself, people that are so self-righteous can never believe they are wrong and will get a perverted satisfaction of ignoring you and going with your friend instead right in front of your very eyes. SO please don’t message, even if you send a feint hearted message, stating, Please don’t bother to reply, or saying, You scared me the last time and I just can’t deal with more aggression right now, though your preference for s&m strangely excites you by an abrupt response and your unwitting wish for domination induced you to provocation.
Yes, you’re feeling sad and would have loved to have that special someone with you. You would have loved to have a lover, a friend to play with, a companion or whatever else your expectations for a relationship may be. Sure, it would’ve been nice, but not under these circumstances. Say, I won’t contact you again…and mean it, this time. If you’re lonely, sad or blue, this is the tribe for you. Don’t cry now. Soon you’ll be able to say  to……..Dont’ cry now, the way you made me cry.






Has someone’s words broken your heart?


Has a seemingly unthinking person’s words broken your heart and hurt you more than a knife would have? Do you send mice messages and are repaid by being called ugly names? Rest assured. You are not alone.
Don’t contact that person who does not appreciate you anyway again, after the way your feelings have been hurt. That person chose your enemies’ side and should’ve told you didn’t care about you when you first asked. You are just as unloved as I am. If you didn’t visit this tribe you may have remained just as unloved. Besides you don’t want whoever after they’ve been with whoever else. Just the thought of it makes me sick and you too, right? Why should you be threatened when you don’t tell whoever else as you were not with whoever else, anyway, you know how the story goes.
Since that Prince Charming, or personification of sensuality, or most intelligent person, or irresistible hunk, or one of a kind and irreplacable all that will ever turn you on from now until your dying days, or whatever classification it is you wish to allocate as according to reason why you placed that larger than life person on a pedestal in the first instance, don’t want to have you ’cause you’re only a whore  and nothing else, or you’re psycho and must please get help, or any other names that you’d not feel entirely comfortable putting in your CV, you feel you better end it as you just cannot do it on your own. You’ve been run into the ground to such an extent that you believe it. I don’t. I believe in your ability. I believe in your potential. Mostly, I believe in you.
Now is the time to remind yourself,
I’ve cried my tears.
I’ve lamented my sorrows.
I’m just about over it.
There’s still umpteenth tomorrows.