Dismal dreary prairie
A dismal sheen 
illuminates a flock of birds as they fly 
on keen to lead, others been between 
descending, then ascending in the sky so high. 

Further yonder’s visible a shore lined ocean 
seemingly living as waves seem to breathe 
and tides come in motion 
leading to believe there’s fish beneath. 

A river’s flow finally expediated 
travelling from prairie to sea much cheered 
past homes dilapidated 
and fields of corn cleared. 

The next of kin’s akin 
to wear clothes spun & made 
for the occasional merry din 
or a picnic in the shade. 

On that far prairie 
in fair weather every day’s the same 
as God’s creatures are free 
to go as they came.
Drifts amidst clifts
The breeze gently drifts 
seemingly slow 
amidsts clifts 
to knowingly go. 

Then a storm uprist 
raining a full cup drop 
with the mist being trist 
in dull & hollow doleful stop. 

What was last now is first 
perchance engaging in penance 
as mecifully clouds do burst 
not chargning no pence in trance of penitance. 

Cleansing water’s an element sent 
meaning no less as waters bless 
turning lament to sentiment 
trespassing in the silentness. 

Drifting winds do so with constraint 
billowing in innate figure of speech 
not bothering to exercise restraint 
as the wind the fair breeze pauses to teach.