Sounds pretty good to me,
How about potential customers registering online instead with your site via paypal whereafter you could pay commission?
Seems feasable, well worth a try.

Subject: hii hercolena

its me , how are u :0)
i told you that am on the verge of starting a new company, well it is almost done and i have named it Email Idiots what we do is provide email ids and domains for small and medium companies, organizations and groups,

for example :

lets say you have a small company or organization by the name Penta , what we can do is….

provide a static website for the company and also 2000 email ids like ankem@penta.com which can be used by you and your employees. Each email id will have  6GB space and the email id’s will be hosted and serviced by google so it will be same as using gmail. And for all this our charge is only 35 british pounds negotiable

our marketing phrase :

We were idiots when we started our company without our own domain and email ids but now we want to remain the last idiots in the world and want to share our lessons and experiences with you so that each one of you understands the importance of having your own domain and email id.

So dear friends don’t be satisfied with a general email id for your business, get your own domain and email id from us  :0) Email Idiots :0)

so tell me what do you think about the idea ? do you think it will workout,  i want you to join in as a marketing manager for your country ..are u interested ? u can work part time from home and you will get your commission on the business you bring to our company from your area.

All you have to do is advertise about us in your area, get the requirements from customers and forward it to us, we will create the domains and email ids and sent it to and you can distribute it to the customers.Once that is done you can collect the fee from the customer keep your commission from the fee and send the remaining amount to us, its that smile :0)
May be this way you can make a extra buck to finance for ur next vacation :0)

if you r interested then do let me knw i will create an official email id for you which will look like this one  ankem@emailidiots.com