Far away is what appears to twelve as dodecahedral cathedral.

Background is obscured by domino stacked trees medieval.

Level grass create insinuations of suppressed upheaval.

Oracles in abundance have subsided to slovenly evil.


A landscape in itself creates many tales of woe compromised.

The promises of what can be lies in scenery thus prized.

Grass mown left asunder for an akward while

Has a tendency like neglected duties to pile.


Pictures as representational causes contemplation o’spirituality

Likened to individual that deliberate on respective individuality

Not conforming with plural prerequisite after contemplation

Much to the dismay o’those divulging grassroot sequestration.


Below surface ostensibly visibly bare lies alchemist mystery

Of unfound purified sectrets and unfounded discovery.

Paradoxically parallel lines fine tune irregular geometry

Of horizontal landscape against a horizonyet in infancy.