I’ve given up trying to apply for a proper job since the odds of me ever getting it is practically non-existing and frustrating to say the very least..

So where do you work? You don’t have to reply via comment if you don’t want to.


The fact that you are tall or short does not bother me, may just seem a bit strange when we’re walking next to each other, but then again a lot of other things in life seem strange too. Thanks for reading my blog though, but just forget about it considering the difference in size;-)
I wanna meet you to hang out with online and if we find there is some form of mutual attraction I’m sure you reading my blog could also be a consideration, so I guess I’m fine with either as well.
Contrary to your expectations there’s not really much to find out about me as I just live in a tiny little flat all by myself passing the time by reading books, watching TV, listening to East Coast Radio and occasionally playing games on my phone, in addition to having to ensure there’s no airtime on my phone whatsoever or I’ll be tempted to use all my waking hours and some sleeping ones too sending smses and generally harassing people who would not like to be bothered, so now and again I may be tempted to send a please call me, but even that did not go down very well with the latess disappointment/s I had who not so politely requested me to not contact him/them again -ever.


To date I have still not achieved happiness in a relationship and I doubt if I ever will. 
ok so let me ask you:
Where would you like to go to?
How would you dress?
Would you be disappointed?
What if you’re not happy?
What if I’m not what you were expecting?
Are you in a relationship now?
Were you in a relationship?
What are your expectations?