I don’t think I’ll ever get a proper job, looks like I’m just destinied to be a failure in life. i feel so down in the dumps, it feels like someone is cursing me with bad luck and to be sick, the arguments I’v had for no substantial reason further proves this, i’ve also had some pretty wild dreams, like men jumping up into the air and becoming angels flying, going up in a lift to the 11th floor and then down again as I did not get out in time and seeing humans in a type of oil who could not lift themselves up as there was like a roof of a jar overhead where they were lying covered in this oily substance and could not get up and asked me to pray to God to have mercy on their souls. I do believe in the afterlife, sadly some spirits do suffer and I think you should also pray to God for mercy for unfortunate souls that passed on who suffer in the afterlife for sins committed in this world.
I  haven’t bothered to go job hunting, that’s the last thing on my mind right now and i would not advise you to leave your current job now until you have a better opportunity and even then it may be tricky if your prospective employer contacts your present employer for a reference, when traces closed the offices in william campbell drive i got a lovely reference, but have been unable to secure employment since.