I had a dream that was so vivid as if it was real. I dreamed I was in this place like a dental surgery, I know it was some doctor’s rooms, the doctor had an assistant and told me to get in this box with a lid like a dome, the size of a coffin and as soon as I got in I had no recollection of what happened as soon as I put my head down. This coffin-like box almost like a time capsule was aerated & ventilated & the gases helped me to go into a state of deep relaxation. I awoke when someome opened the lid. I dreamed this continued for a few days where as a form of treatment every morning I would go in this medical room into this coffin shaped box as some form of medical treatment. Everything’s fine and if it wasn’t the clock would fall off the wall, not that I have a clock on the wall. In my dream I also met a guy who was doing some art, but can’t remember what, though he seemed to have drawn shape of some kind, maybe concentric circles, though I can’t clearly remember.  Anyway, I also saw some children playing  with toys & a green plastic bowl that I wanted to wash and pour water into & also a magazine cover about teachers that go out rather than teach (maybe a msg for myself), the women on there were black, nut fair with straight hair. Anyway, after some time I did not want to go back in this capsule as I was feeling claustrophobic & was worried someone would not open the lid again. I was walking underneath something similar to a bridge then I woke up and it was morning? What do you think is the meaning of that dream? it’s maybe ’cause I’m claustrophobic & need more space & worry too much & if I meet someone else that’ll be cool and I must not worry about people that run me down ’cause they’re only jealous. I was really down & just needed someone to be around so maybe the dream shows how God’s angels work and sometimes send beings in non-human form to console us. Also I think the dream about healing is good as if somewhere in the universe there are some beings in addition to God who do things for the greater good of mankind.